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What registrations, licenses, labels, etc. do I need to have in order to...

What registrations, licenses, labels, etc. do I need to have in order to produce up to 1,000 pasture-raised, farm-processed broiler chickens and sell them, frozen, at farmer's markets in Ohio and across the river in Huntingon, WV?

Lawrence County Ohio small meat processors farmers markets Posted almost 3 years ago

DSU mobile slaughter unit

We have a pigeon farm located in Laurel, pls Forward info for renting mobile slaughter unit. Also, I would like more information regarding selling processed pigeons to restaurants and establishment outside De.

Delaware Posted about 3 years ago


I am consulting with a small, local meat processor, on the sale of their land. We'd like to try to identify a buyer for their processing facility as well. Do you have any suggestions for publications, mailing lists or other means of reaching out to potential buyers in the existing small meat packing community?

Ada County Idaho Posted about 4 years ago

Slaughtering calfs

If I slaughter a calf do I have to put it in a cooler or can I put it on ice like a pig or deer

Angelina County Texas Posted over 4 years ago

USDA loans

We currently do a lot of meat processing in our store and we are looking to expand to offer not only custom exempt processing but USDA Products. Much like Vermont Smoke and Cure. I was wondering who I could contact to talk about this. thanks Shane Dutil 518 493 2300

Clinton County New York Posted over 4 years ago


I should be very thankful if you would give a management check sheet for guinea pig farming to produce meat for human consumption. I would like you to include routine practices, feeding, health, housing and genetic improvement. This information would be very valuable to implement projects to improve the diets of people in some parts of the world.
Thank you very much in advance.
Faithfully yours
Mario Narro

Outside United States guinea pig farming Posted almost 5 years ago

Mobile Harvest System


I need info on the mobile harvest system for poultry only. My plant is going under construction and will need a unit for 2 months. Any info would be great.



Westchester County New York small meat processors mobile slaughter units poultry processing meat processing Posted about 5 years ago

Slaughterhouse Hot water use

How much hot water does a small scale (14,000 birds per year) poultry processing slaughterhouse use on a per bird or per pound of product basis?

Silver Bow County Montana poultry water slaughter facilities poultry processing Posted about 5 years ago

Mobile Poultry Processing Plant Colorado - Handling of Offal


We are planning to build a 1,200 bird per day mobile poultry processing plant and service the state of Colorado. To be operational by May 2016.

We have almost everything we need for this USDA-FSIS mobile plant but I need assistance on handling Offal on the farm. 1,200 birds = around 2,000lbs feathers, blood and in addition water that needs to be managed. Composting is a preferred option but I don't know if composting will work in the winter. Also are there any bio gas plants that can handle the volume in Colorado? Looking to handle offal and need information.



Colorado small meat processors Posted over 5 years ago

Mobile slaughter units in Louisiana

There are currently no mobile slaughter units located in Louisiana, thus the market is open. We are looking into spearheading the project for NW Louisiana and the East Texas Southern Arkansas region, and wondered if you could give us any information that would help us on our way as a very young startup. We see the need and would like to explore the avenues leading us to connect with local farmers and ultimately benifitting the region by offering beef and pork of the highest quality while creating more affordable solutions for the local farmer.

Caddo Parish Louisiana beef cattle small meat processors Posted over 5 years ago