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This group was formed to respond to the needs of small- and medium-sized as well as backyard poultry flocks.

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Drop in egg production

My birds with the highest production of 13 crates gradually came down and on 20th July 2018 we got only 4 eggs. Total flock 400 birds. Deep liter. Consume 2 bags of 25kg feeds daily. Had all vaccine.
Please, what is the cause, best management and prognosis? Please, what can I do to improve the production?

Outside United States Posted about 15 hours ago

moved my trailer and found a chickadee nest w/4 eggs in it

should I move it from where it is on the ground (which was beside one of the tires of my trailer)
there are 4 eggs in it
if I move it to a tree - will she find it?

Outside United States Posted 1 day ago

chicken hastrouble standing up and head bobbles

i have a 2 year old chicken that has slowly starting not being really orientated,, and able to stand up at times , she seems to just lay down and kinda falls over when trying to stand ,,here head seems to bob up and down also ,, it has been a slow process ,, but is now not looking good ,,any ideas
she stil trys to eat but only when laying down but isn't real hungry ,,ive separated her from the others ,, in a cage ,, but she has not stood up in that cage since yesterday ,,

La Plata County Colorado poultry Posted 2 days ago

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Coccidiosis?

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Coccidiosis?

Outside United States poultry Posted 13 days ago

roasting soybean

what is the acceptable percent of roasting soybean meal for feeding broilers
i want more information about this subject

Outside United States poultry Posted 18 days ago

Hen or Rooster

This chicken is wandering out neighborhood and is not being claimed. It has come up over our fence into our yard.. we do not know if it's a hen or young rooster...

Pierce County Washington poultry Posted 21 days ago

Hens in barn 24/7!

.my spouse is afraid the local coyote population will go after our chickens. So he keeps them in the barn 24/7 where he has their coop. Don't they need sunshine, fresh air and dirt ?

Hancock County Ohio poultry backyard chickens Posted 22 days ago

A bald eagle is eating my chickens

I have free range chickens but a little less than two weeks ago a huge bald eagle swooped down and totally ate one. Wow! I thought it was my National Geographic moment until now he’s been back and eaten three more. How can I protect them? I would prefer not to have a rooster. Thanks Kathleen

Linn County Oregon Posted 23 days ago

Citrus pulp

Hi dear,
I am going to conduct a research on broile by using citrus pulp in feed
Kindly share citrus pulp composition and amino acid profile

Michigan poultry Posted 25 days ago

Taking care of Guinea keets

I have a female guinea and one male. Had her and mate for around 2 years. This year she started sitting on her eggs. She has 9 eggs under her. I decided to let her sit on her eggs. She gets off sometimes that i see but is staying on her eggs. Male will go out in fenced in pen or in my fenced in back yard when i open their door. If she is confined in a big enough pen with mate will she take care of keets if and when they hatch? What besides water( in safe waterer) do they need. I dont want to use heat light. Will mother take care of them if in pen confinement?

poultry Posted about 1 month ago