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chick killer

I had a hole as big as a orange beside my chicken house a 12wk chick dead an something tried to pull it though the hole what can this be

Roane County Tennessee wildlife damage management poultry Posted 7 days ago


Hello. I would like to know if we can give safeguard and ivermectin at the same time or if we need to wait between

At the same time, i would like to know the withdrawal time for each medication

Thank you


Outside United States poultry Posted 8 days ago


Do Guinea females disappear when laying my female Guinea female dissaperd and I can sometimes hear her call my Male but I have not seen her

Adams County Pennsylvania poultry Posted 13 days ago

Raising turkeys

My name is Jeanne von Borstel and I live SE of Grass Valley Oregon. We are going to raise some turkeys (just to wander around our barn yard as pets). I was reading that I should contact you and see if our area has a problem with Blackhead disease. I should mention I started my chicken (just for laying hens) a year ago. Do I need to medicate my turkeys and if so with what? Also, I am aware that baby turkeys are very fragile. Would it be alright when they get past their new stage and start looking like little teenagers, if they stay with my chickens, until they are big enough to be safe walking around our barnyard? My chickens are NOT free rangers and will always stay in the pen.

Sherman County Oregon Posted 18 days ago


All over the three counties in kenya i.e kericho,bomet and narok has an often dead in a 4th day young chick, they become weightless and all went before aweek,what is the problem?.

Outside United States poultry Posted 20 days ago


when achicken vomit blood,what kind of disease is this ?.

Outside United States poultry Posted 20 days ago

egg bound hen

I have a 1yr old hen who is walking like a penguin and starining to pass her eggs. I have bathed her in warm water with epsom salts added for 6 days now with no success. Any more ideas please.

Outside United States poultry Posted 25 days ago

Reintroducing chicken with head injury

Good evening, I have a quick question about a young pullet who was injured badly on her head/neck at about 4 weeks of age. It took about one month to heal during which time she was kept in a large tote in the house. The vet cleared her to be reintroduced with the other 3 chickens about 2 weeks ago. This is also around the time of moving them from their brooder to the run and coop. We have set up a cage inside the run for the recovered chicken. She is left in her solo cage during the day, and we let them all of them out to free range in the large backyard (supervised) during the evenings. Despite seeing her in the run all day, the other pullets (so we assume) can be very aggressive - chasing her, pecking at her, attempting to pull out her feathers. One in particular, who we suspect might be a cockerel, is ruthless. One additional thing that I imagine is working against us is that the recovered pullet happens to be the smallest — the chicks were all purchased at the same time but the other three are at this point more developed (bigger combs, waddles, feet, etc). We try not to intervene in the scuffles unless it looks like she might get re-injured or she’s clearly distressed and being ganged up upon. Recovered pullet is very distressed in her solitary cage at dusk, for some reason I haven’t yet figured out. It just seems like we aren’t making any headway. It’s been about 2 weeks since we started reintroducing her. Can you offer any advice different from what we are doing? Should we stop letting them all free range together? Any advice would be appreciated! I’m starting to consider investing in a separate little henhouse for this girl.

Tarrant County Texas poultry Posted 28 days ago

Coccidiosis and hatching eggs

Hi If a hen have coccidiosis and i take her eggs to incubate them is it transmissible to the eggs and also the chick inside? What about Marek, newcastle, laryngo , etc? Can you tell me if i can buy a book to learn all that? Anik

Outside United States poultry Posted 29 days ago


A mallard duck began to nest next the entrance of our school. The front doors constant activity scared her off after laying only two eggs. She abandoned them, and the eggs were left for 36 hours in 42 degree outside temps. Are the eggs still viable if placed in an incubator?

Warren County New Jersey poultry Posted about 1 month ago