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This group was formed to respond to the needs of small- and medium-sized as well as backyard poultry flocks.

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Hawk predation and backyard poultry safety

I'm curious whether you might have some resources to look at or suggestions about how to deter hawks from attacking backyard poultry...medium weight ducks, specifically. For about a year, our two ducks would roam the yard freely and our main concern was nighttime predators. However, in January, we came back home to find that one of them had been attacked and was being eaten by a hawk. We recently found out that neighbors have had similar issues with small-ish poultry. Our neighborhood is older and surrounded by well established (huge) conifers and we have seen hawks in the area for years. We moved our remaining duck into a 15 x 40 temporary enclosure, but she tends to escape and does not like being confined. We let her roam when we are also outdoors (she is never more than 10 feet from us), but are hesitant to do even this since a hawk swooped at her (within 2 feet) a couple of weeks ago. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Benton County Oregon poultry Posted about 23 hours ago

skeleton systems of duck and fowl

Please answer me,
what are the difference between the skeleton system of duck and fowl

Indiana poultry Posted 1 day ago

Strange behaviour

I have kept 6 hybrid chickens for 12 months. Despite them ruining my back garden, they are delightful pets. I soon noticed that, when it gets dusk, they put themselves to bed in the coop and all I had to do was to shut their door.

That is - until last night! When I looked out at dusk, all 6 were gathered at my back door. I went out and persuaded 3 of them to go into the coop but the other 3 huddled together in a corner of the garden and, despite offering them their favourite treat, they wouldn't move. By this time it was very dark and I had to carry each of them individually into the coop. This morning, all 6 were running around as usual.

Can anyone explain this strange behaviour and suggest if it may be repeated?


Graham Shaw

Outside United States poultry Posted 3 days ago

Given antibiotic after vaccineting chicken in poultry

Is it ok to give antibiotic after vaccination how many days after vaccination should I give them antibiotic in poultry chicken.

Outside United States Posted 5 days ago

Use of antibiotic after vaccination in poultry chicken

After how many days of vaccination can I apply antibiotic to my poultry chicken

Outside United States poultry Posted 6 days ago

Sick Birds??

Our chickens are 5 weeks old. One has been sickly for 4 days other bird were pecking at its butt. We put in a different cage. For a couple days.
Today that one died and another bird was dead too. The one the was sick had a water bubble under one of the wings. What could be happening???

Grand County Utah poultry poultry health Posted 7 days ago

Marek's vaccination for chickens in El Paso County

I am looking to start my third flock of half a dozen backyard chickens. The first flock came to my coop as adults, the second as pullets, and this flock will be less than a month old when I purchase them. I plan to start them inside and move them outside after a month or more. Most of the people selling chicks in my area don't vaccinate for Marek's, but I know my second flock was vaccinated for this. How common is Marek's in my area? Should I prioritize getting vaccinated birds? Thanks.

El Paso County Colorado poultry Posted 9 days ago

Chicken killer

Last night some animal killed 10 of my chickens Not much visiable wounds and chickens found in coup What could it be???

Clackamas County Oregon Posted 22 days ago

Never Feathered!

This is 1 of 14 chickens my hen hatched in January. And the only one different. She had an underdeveloped wing, has crooked toes, and never had feathers on this spot and similar on other side! Other than that she is a very healthy happy hen! I've tried to search similar photos with no success so decided it's time to ask someone!

What could have been the cause of these? Im really curios though about her baldness!

Hunt County Texas Posted 25 days ago


What vaccines should you use for chickens and turkeys in Oregon? When should they be given?

Clatsop County Oregon poultry poultry health vaccine Posted 26 days ago