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This group was formed to respond to the needs of small- and medium-sized as well as backyard poultry flocks.

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canola eggs

Where can i buy canola eggs

OUTSIDEUS poultry Posted 5 days ago

Rooster tail bleeding

I have a rooster who is missing his tail feathers. The area is raw, red, bleeding, black scabs and the feathers are not growing back. We’ve been dusting him but it only seems to get worse. We thought it was mites but we don’t see anything. Dusting bowls provided. We fear he is in pain. We know the hens are picking at him so he’s been separated. Photos attached. We aren’t sure what to do next.

Norfolk County MA Posted 7 days ago

Coughing hen

My hen has been coughing for 2 weeks now.  Mabye a little more.  I gave her tetracycline for 5 days but it did  not work.  I thought she could have worms so she also had dewormer too.  She never had a runny nose or any secretions.  She is a new hen that i bought and i put her in isolation from others.  I bought her at a private place from a women who only have 4 hen that she made hatch at her house.  But i know that mycoplasma gallisepticum is transmissible to the egg...  So do you think it can be that? 

OUTSIDEUS poultry Posted 8 days ago

When juvenile pullets to join flock?

I can't put the juvenile chickens with the hens until they're old enough to eat layer feed. How do I know that they're ready for the high calcium content and decreased protein in the layer feed? Do I need to wait until one of them lays an egg? I'm anxious to consolidate everyone in the main coop, because it will be less work - and I don't want to have to buy a second water warmer (winter's coming).

Anne Arundel County MD Posted 10 days ago

My bird at risk

What could cause my six weeks old bird sudden death.

OUTSIDEUS poultry Posted 16 days ago

Releasing Bobwhite Quail

Your site says to move bobwhite quail to flight pens at 6 weeks and release on a hunting preserve at 15 weeks.

If you just want to release birds on your property to increase quail population, and aren't worried about how well they fly to shoot at them, can they be released at 6 weeks?

Virginia Posted 19 days ago

Mareks Related or Something Different

I had a Cream Legbar Hen that ended up dying a few days ago. A vet did a necropsy and is thinking her symptoms are pointing to Mareks Disease. One thing the vet found however is that our 1y 4 mo old hen would've never laid eggs even if healthy due to an underdeveloped reproductive system. I can't seem to find any information on this at all. She was underdeveloped in other ways too, where her comb and wattles never fully came in and she ended up only being about 1lb 4oz, whereas the typical hen of this breed is usually around 6 lbs. Any insight about her lack of development of her reproductive system would be great to know, thank you so much for your time, it is greatly appreciated. -Nicole-

Washington County Rhode Island poultry Posted 22 days ago

Call duck delima

I got some call ducklings this spring. (June)Things where going fine. I took them for a bath at 5 days, they where dirty, in my tub. Water was baby warm and only 4 fingers deep. They all seamed to be having fun when all of a sudden one stoud strate up like a runner, fellow over on to it's back, did the back stroke then put its head under water while upside down and swimming. I pulled it out and calmed it down. After a few minutes it was fine.
Though the cource of the year, (a wherd year at that), I only have 2 of the original 16 left. All the ones that performed are died. Is this an illness? New to duck. Debby

Todd County Minnesota ducks Posted 22 days ago

What type of poultry is best for small flocks?

Hello there! I was reading your article about small turkeys. It says that technically there’s only one breed of turkey, but many varieties I guess you mean: there’s only one species of turkey, but many breeds. You may want to check your article, since at the end of it says: ask our experts! Mahalo

Hawaii County Hawaii poultry Posted 22 days ago

Coughing Birds

My birds are coughing and their poop contains water and more white substance than before, its intensify anytime the finish feeding and they start avoiding the feed, I don't know if bad feed can be the problem, I've place them on CRD medication, but I need more help and enlightenment

Outside United States poultry poultry health Posted 25 days ago