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This group was formed to respond to the needs of small- and medium-sized as well as backyard poultry flocks.

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Questions asked to this group

Chicken canker (trichomoniasis)

chicken canker soar symptom and how to treat it with drug.

OUTSIDEUS Posted about 13 hours ago

heat stress during hot weather

What type of drugs is poultry chicken needed during hot weather that curse heat stress, which will help them balance their body temperature.

OUTSIDEUS Posted 1 day ago

animal feed

please provide me with the formula of making chicken layer feed

OUTSIDEUS poultry Posted 2 days ago

Fowl coryza

Fowl coryza symptom and how to treat it

OUTSIDEUS poultry Posted 4 days ago

Poultry Diseases

What Plan Thus Scientist Have Put In Reaserch To Com With Solution To Prevent The Severe Diseases Of Newcastle

VA poultry Posted 4 days ago

How long can a chich lay eggs to maxmum

How long can a chich lay eggs to maxmum

Outside United States poultry Posted 7 days ago

other local chicken breeders

is there a way to find other homesteaders/farmers with chickens so that we can diversify our chicken breeds?

Buncombe County North Carolina poultry Posted 14 days ago

Best coop for backyard chickens

Can you suggest a coop for my backyard I’d like to have 3 to 4 chickens

Monterey County California poultry poultry coop Posted 17 days ago

mineral additive

i need some information about mineral powders that add to poultry feed such as calcium carbonate,

poultry Posted 17 days ago

Chicken attacked

I had a chicken attacked losing many feathers and leaving a bare spot above tail on back size of a baseball . What predator attacks that way found no tracts

Henry County Georgia poultry Posted 26 days ago