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This group was formed to respond to the needs of small- and medium-sized as well as backyard poultry flocks.

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Why dies the internet day they the,meats can have tape,round and hook worms.

Why dies the internet day they the,meats can have tape,round and hook worms.

Bristol County Massachusetts poultry Posted about 6 hours ago

Ivermectin on chickens

I’ve done several things to treat my 10 hens for lice, including DE, poultry dust and permethrin. Three hens have lice bad and the listed treatments are not working. I’ve read to use ivermectin. How long do I have to wait after treating to consume their eggs? My research has me finding no egg withdrawal up to 17 days per treatment. Thank you

Barry County Michigan poultry Posted 5 days ago

Worms in chicken

I am on a roll about eating cooked worms. I recently found out that my very expensive hamburger has worms in it, but don’t worry just cook it meat is pork I thought pork was safe now because they are not eating garbage, they are grain fed that it was safe, no worms, but cook it good. Now it’s the chicken, and they have worms as well. The i look into the eggs, and there is no end. I do not want to eat cooked worms. I am a pet groomer been around them a long time, and know what these worms look like, discussing.also haven’t eaten fish in 3 yrs after I found a tape worm in my fish. How will I know if my chicken has worms in it,and the eggs as well. I saw an egg someone was frying and their was a nice worm in. How can I ck a boiled egg. I always by Perdue because I’m afraid the others come china, but I heard free range chicken could carry them. I think I will become a vegetarian .at least I can wash them good.

Bristol County Massachusetts poultry Posted 7 days ago

Laying hens

My hens are pulling feathers down to flesh. How much protein do they need in their feed? What is the best feed for laying hens? They are around 2 years old. Six hens six eggs no roster.

Spencer County Indiana poultry Posted 9 days ago

Female duck change of behaviour

I recently moved to a place on a pond and have loads of Mallards who live here. I have a porch and they come up and sleep here during the summer. I’ve managed to make friends with a few of these little guys and they’ve become regulars. Mainly this couple who have been coming up for 6 months together So recently, at the end of February. The female mallard stopped coming up but the male was still around. I didn’t see her for a week or so, until she returned recently. She’s changed massively. I understand it’s mating period and was just wondering if he behaviour is normal. She doesn’t walk as slowly and gracefully anymore. She seems like she’s in a rush all the time. Her posture has changed to her head being very low down on her body, almost like she’s ducking all the time (no pun intended) and she makes a constant quacking noise with her mouth wide open all the time. Especially when males approach her, she gets very quacky! She comes up for her food and then leaves almost immediately. She always used to hang around and interact but now she feeds and leaves. Then I can see her cleaning herself like a maniac all the time and off she goes to her little island. Is this normal behaviour for a duck during the mating season? I want to understand what she’s doing. It’s fascinating. At first I was worried she was injured as she kept cleaning her tummy. But she seems fine. And now one of the other female ducks is acting exactly the same. So they’re currently sitting on my decking together, rushing through their food and quacking like maniacs! Please tell me more! I’ve linked a picture of her posture... she literally does that all the time and quacks at the same time repeatedly. Many thanks!

Outside United States poultry wildlife waterfowl Posted 13 days ago

I Snood

What age would the snood be developed on a Bourbon Turkey

Outside United States poultry Posted 14 days ago

how long til a hen is clean

How long after a hen has been with one rooster does it take her to be clean so to breed her to another rooster? How long does the sperm stay fertile inside a hen?

Harris County Texas poultry Posted 18 days ago

How to Add Weight to a Laying Hen

One of my hens is noticeably skinny. (I have 4 total hens). She has been checked by the vet and has no health issues. I use commercial feed (Modesto Milling Organic Layer, Non-Corn-Soy). They get a little scratch (about 3/4 cup for them all daily). And some alfalfa hay. What recommendations do you have to supplement the skinny hen's diet that will add some weight?

Santa Clara County California poultry Posted 24 days ago

Abandon eggs

So my polish and cochin went broody around the same time, didnt count on my polish staying the whole time so I didn’t keep track of how long she had been on them. Meanwhile my cochin is sitting like the good little sitter she is and hatches out 5 of 9.. gets up 2 days later there’s still 4 that aren't out yet.. so I put them under my polish who is still sitting on her how ever old egg, (there growing I candled them twice) the 4 hatch the next day. She gets up 3 days later.. now her original 2 eggs are cold.. (mean, meanwhile i have 4 in the incubator in the house. 2 weeks in..) so I put mommas 2 eggs in with my 4!! I candled them when they were cold, still movement! Responded to my “peep”, and they almost take up the whole egg.. what should I do now?? I don’t really have room in my incubator to hatch and incubate at the same time. And what do I do about humidity and temp and the auto turner and HELP!!!! I’m new at all this!

Nottoway County Virginia poultry embryology chicken incubation Posted about 1 month ago

Can I give vaccine straight after antibiotic

My chickens have been sick and have treated for Coccidiosis for 5 days then antibiotic for 3 days as other got sick and losing balance ! I want to vaccinate the whole flock but do I need to wait a few days from the antibiotic first before I start vaccine drops ?

Outside United States poultry poultry health Posted about 1 month ago