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This group was formed to respond to the needs of small- and medium-sized as well as backyard poultry flocks.

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Sick Guinea Hen

The other day I noticed one my young guinea hens had puffy eyelids and wasn't as active as the rest of the flock. She was hatched this year and usually very active running all around the place but now she just sits on the fence all day. I haven't seen her drink anything and she hardly eats. I don't know what's wrong with her and I don't know how to help her. She keeps her neck close to her body with her feathers fluffed up. What should I do to help her?

Davidson County North Carolina guinea fowl Posted 1 day ago


my vaccination program for proiler is: 1day:IBV variant strain .spray 2day:clone/H120. is the vaccine in 1day found a problem by made all receptor busy for recept the vaccine of 2day?

Outside United States Posted 17 days ago

Young hen laing not sitting

Young hen laying eggs all over but not sitting.she leaves them to get cold

Chittenden County Vermont Posted 22 days ago

Adapt my hens

I have 6 chickens out of which 4 are hens and 2 are cocks I m unable to afford for their food and accommodation n take care of it please help I am from India how can I transport them to us

Outside United States Posted 23 days ago

egg cracking

which feed ingredient prevents egg from cracking easily

Outside United States poultry Posted 24 days ago

I have two hens both are molting and neither one will eat. They are fed good...

I have two hens both are molting and neither one will eat. They are fed good quality chicken feed and soft corn tortillas. What do you recommend? Thank you, Richard Hyams

Cuyahoga County Ohio poultry Posted 29 days ago

losing my flock...

What predator will leave the duck head, takes the body?

Plymouth County Massachusetts poultry Posted about 1 month ago

Avian lead poisoning.

Is the acid in a bird's gizzard strong enough to dissolve lead? There is great pressure to ban lead shot because, if ingested by a duck and then by a raptor, the raptor will suffer lead poisoning. I'm skeptical because lead forms the anode and cathode in an automobile battery bathed in a solution of sulfuric acid. Is the acid content of a raptor's gizzard more effective at dissolving lead? My hunting friends and I are confused and the games commissioners who make the rules are not forthcoming with a commonsensical explanation. Can you please help?

York County Pennsylvania poultry Posted about 1 month ago

Sex reversal

When a cock formed by sex reversal mates with a hen the probability of cocks in the progeny is

Outside United States poultry Posted about 1 month ago

bone meal feeds

what ratio will i mix bone meal with vital feeds for broilers?

Outside United States Posted about 1 month ago