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This group was formed to respond to the needs of small- and medium-sized as well as backyard poultry flocks.

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eye problem

My chichen's eyes are getting blind, it is secreting tears, swollen and seen to be painful, it is again developing swollen like wounds on the head and mouth? What should I do?

OUTSIDEUS Posted about 18 hours ago

Backyard ducks: bumblefoot

I think two of my ducks may have bumblefoot. I have concerns about the appropriate way to treat them. It doesn't seem severe, but it's always best to get ahead of these things. Our ducks are free ranging, and our yard is mostly grass/weeds/dirt. I suspect the damage to their feet might be related to the concrete patio (although it is quite smooth) or their coop. Their coop has a pool in it, but it is surrounded by 1/4" hardware cloth, and the ramp/door of the coop is also hardware cloth. They walk in and out of the coop regularly, so I think it might be too abrasive for their feet? 2 or 3 of the 4 ducks have what look like minor symptoms, and we've caught them standing on one foot more regularly. Any advice would be appreciated.

Marion County OR poultry ducks Posted 6 days ago

Keet feed schedule

Can keets eat medicated chicken crumbles or medicated turkey starter? We have 5 week old keets and 9 week old turkeys and 10 week old chickens. We have been feeding keets and turkeys 26-28% game bird starter with Amprolium. The chickens are free range and eating medicated chick crumbles as a supplement. When can the keets, if ever, convert to chick starter? When they turn 18 weeks old we start them on scratch with millet.

Rockwall County TX poultry Posted 6 days ago

Guinea keets being raised by hens died - why?

We had 2 broody hens, so a neighbor gave us 11 fertilized guinea eggs. They all hatched successfully, The hens shared the care of the keets, and have been very good mothers. They are allowed to roam our large suburban backyard with is kept in a natural state - we us no pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizer. We have sunflowers that grow wild in the yard. The keets have had access to water since day 1 in a small container that they could access without drowning. We feed our hens organic feed for layers, along with leftover kitchen scraps such as watermelon/cantelope rinds, corn cobs, cooked rice, tortilla chips, etc. It is amazing to watch the hens call the keets to the food and then break the food into tiny pieces with their beaks for the keets. They also gave the keets water with their beaks when they were very little. The hens and keets would go into the coop every night on their own, and we would let them out in the morning. Last night I checked on them before closing the coop - and just like every night, most of the keets were under the hens, I could see several heads looking out. When we opened the coop this morning, the hens and several keets ran out, but not all. We looked in, and there were 5 dead keets. The keets are about 3 weeks old. There were no injuries or blood. Last night we were observing them and they all appeared healthy, and one was even jumping up to a perch about 2 feet off the ground. These keets have been sleeping/resting under these hens since day 1. We live in Austin, Texas. The temperature was 95 at 6 pm yesterday, and went down to 73 by sunrise. Do you know why these healthy keets died? Could they have suffocated under the hen?

Travis County TX poultry Posted 9 days ago

Diatomaceous earth and chickens respitory system damage

Hi, We are new to having chickens and have read a lot about the benefits of Diatomaceous earth in preventing mites etc. We have it mixed with the bedding in our coop and it becomes very dusty in there when the chickens do what they do. The majority of what I read is that it is wonderful stuff, but the dust in the coop has me troubled and the MSDS warns about breathing the stuff. I am inclined to remove it from the coop. Would it make any sense to have a dust bath area for them in their run with some DE in it, or no DE at all? Thanks, Ken Donaldson Corvallis

Benton County OR poultry poultry health Posted 9 days ago


How do you trim the wings to keep them from flying off?

Wake County North Carolina poultry Posted 13 days ago

Hatching fertile quail eggs

Hatching fertile quail eggs: what is required?

Wake County North Carolina poultry Posted 13 days ago

Exploring Coturnix for backyard pets.

I am considering keeping a few Coturnix as pets. Is there somewhere I could visit a flock? Are there any diseases one could catch from them? (I am about to be a nanny with a newborn grandson.) What is the minimum number of Coturnix in a "happy" backyard flock? Can they endure outside during a Raleigh winter? How would I accommodate them, if necessary? I have an area under my deck that is about four feet high and enclosed with lattice and a door. I plan to use chicken wire to keep them inside during the night and corrugated plastic under the deck to keep them dry. Does that sound reasonable? Are you aware of Coturnix for sale?

Wake County North Carolina poultry quail Posted 13 days ago

Feed Formulation Analysis

My name is Rotimi. I'm a Nigerian. Presently I'm preparing a proposal on 1000 Birds Point of Lay(week 14 and above). Feed formulation is the pillar of Egg size and Egg quality of Birds. I need a standardized feed formulation that is cost effective and mortality preventable. At the moment, my feed formulation is as follows 1) White Maize 2) Soya Beans 3) Spent Grain 4) Limestone 5) Methionine 6) Lysine 7) Bone Meal 8) DCP 9) Growers and Layers Primix 10) Toxinbinder 11) PKC 12) Protease enzymes

Outside United States poultry Posted 16 days ago

Will my Turkey chick's beak grow back?

I have 3 turkey chicks, around 6 weeks old. Today, two of them cracked their beaks at the top where their nares are (from putting beaks through the fence) and now their nares are gone. They aren't bleeding, and seem to be eating and drinking. Question is: will the top of beak where nares are grow back?

Posted 17 days ago