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This group was formed to respond to the needs of small- and medium-sized as well as backyard poultry flocks.

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identifiable rooster characteristics in a chick

Can the saddle be seen in a chick? Can the cape?

Linn County IA poultry Posted 2 days ago

Headless and internal organs hen

Headless and internal organs gone. Occurred on an open pen during the day. What could have killed her?

El Dorado County CA poultry Posted 15 days ago

Undergrown layer birds

How do I manipulate the protein content of my homemade feed to make up for the loss in growth and weight at 6 to 9 weeks of age?

OUTSIDEUS birds poultry Posted about 1 month ago

egg with a tube attached and the shell is not hard,

Shell not hard and a tubular thing attached to egg. Is this normal or should I be concerned

San Joaquin County CA poultry Posted about 1 month ago

My Guinea is Laying In Winter -

My Guinea Hen who is just 20 weeks old (december 13 2019 ) is on a clutch of 25 eggs on the hill side. She has been coming back to the coop each night up until tonight She is firmly on the nest in the woods - but I fear for her life - as she is one of 4 surviving hens from 13. We have plenty of predators. So my question is -- can I move the eggs into the Coop - which has nesting boxes - in the hope that she continues to brood on them in the coop,, safe from predators? If so, do I need to use gloves to keep my scent off the eggs in the transfer?

AR poultry Posted about 1 month ago

Chicken feet and heat

Do chicken feet play a role in thermal regulation of chickens? Would chickens benefit from wading pools in hot summer? Does anyone know if they use them if provided?

Virgin Islands of the U.S. poultry Posted about 1 month ago


What is the best calcium supplement to provide free range, egg laying eggs in the tropics?

Virgin Islands of the U.S. poultry Posted about 1 month ago

formulating layers feeds from day old to laying

Hellow,am unable to use the pearson square,could you calculate it for me ,in my case i want to prepare a 100kg bags of feeds for my chicken .The only available parts are,soy beans,fish meal,maize,sunflower seeds,limestone,egg shells,cotton cake,wheat,could you send me the required amounts in kgs for each composition and consider i dont have a reliable source of soy beans.Thanking you in advance.

Kentucky poultry Posted about 1 month ago

feeding lard to my chickens

Can I melt lard and pour on the comercial chicken feed? Or should I just put it on scratch grains? Can you tell me how to apply it?

Ellis County Texas poultry Posted about 1 month ago

i want to get chickens but i'm not sure on their dietary needs

I have decided that i want to get chickens.i have a list of foods they can and can't eat but my problem is that i need to know how much protein and carbs and minerals and vitamins they need e.g. (not real info ) 60 percent of a dogs diet is protein and 20 percent is carbs and the rest is minerals and vitamins.also are there any tips you can give me about having laying hens

Outside United States poultry Posted about 1 month ago