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This group was formed to respond to the needs of small- and medium-sized as well as backyard poultry flocks.

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Hi,am Jason and kindly do ask for a guidance. I have a female turkey who is alone and have tried to look for a male but in vain...will she survive alone? Second question; can I crossbreed female turkey with cocks?

Outside United States poultry Posted 5 months ago

Repeating of mareck vaccine in poultry

Is it ok to repeat mareck disease vaccine in poultry when you buy your new dayold chicks because some times the said the have vaccinate them from hatchery, but still facing problems later.

Outside United States poultry Posted 5 months ago

Live turkey

How much is a live adult turkeys i have broad brested white they are large how much should i charge

Berkshire County Massachusetts poultry Posted 5 months ago

Lame chicken

I apologize if I submitted this twice
I was trying to upload a video.
Anyway I have a chicken who is struggling to walk. She uses her wings to help move herself along. Her right foot is becoming stiff and crooked. She is still eating and drinking fine though.

Nez Perce County Idaho Posted 5 months ago

Mareks disease

How common is mareks disease in Oregon. I live in Douglas County, elkton. I understand how is transmitted & that its virtually everywhere but am curious if anyone knows of know cases.

Douglas County Oregon poultry Posted 6 months ago

Chicken problems

Good morning! We've got something going on with our flock of chickens. They all have lost feathers and, as you can see by the pictures, the areas are quite inflamed. We've soaked them in Epson salt, bathed, treated for lice and mites (although don't see any evidence of them), to are just not able to give them relief. I'm wondering if our soil might have a contaminant that is causing the irritation?

Washington County Oregon poultry Posted 6 months ago

shed size

how much laying eggs hens in 50×50 feet shed?

Outside United States poultry Posted 6 months ago

Sudden chicken death

I don’t under why our chickens are suddenly dying, We started w 27 chicks in April and in the past month 4 have died suddenly and we don’t know why. The coop is dry, has clean shavings on the floor, well ventilated, they also have a 20x 10 exterior run w a sand floor. I keep up w the droppings. They have clean fresh water daily and clean fresh pellet food. They get some table scraps. 7 are laying eggs. Most have bright red comb, that stand tall. Bright eyes and clean tail feathers. Currently the rooster has a messy loose poo around the feathers at the vent. His comb in no longer the deep red it had been and is flopping over and withering. He lays down a lot and looks sleepy. He hasn’t crowed in a week and is no longer trying to mate with the girls. The other 4 that died were sluggish, comb pale, and sleepy eyes. No discharge from eyes or nose. I am currently treating w a Corid and today is day 6. Any help or direction I can go to solve this world be great.

New London County Connecticut poultry Posted 6 months ago

6 (3) day old ducklings disappear in 10 minutes at dusk. Who or what ate them? An owl or a rat?

My ducks just laid 6 ducklings. At 3 days old, I went into the house for exactly ten minutes and when I came out they were gone.Not a bone, not one feather, no blood. I think our resident owl did it. Some people think rats did it. Can an owl do this kind of predatory act in ten minutes?

Clackamas County Oregon Posted 7 months ago

Broiler local malawian chicken

I need to know the required space of a minimum of 500 grown up chickens. Am in Malawi

Outside United States poultry Posted 7 months ago