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This group was formed to respond to the needs of small- and medium-sized as well as backyard poultry flocks.

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8 month old hen has inflammation in her leg joint

I am from a small farm. One of my smaller hens who is about eight months old has an inflamed leg joint. it does not feel like there is fluid in the joint. One of my employees who was a herder said that it looks like arthritis. What can i do to help her? Should I take her out of the flock, there are about 175 chickens in our flock. Is there any oral or topical treatment i can give her? I was thinking about separating her so that the roosters don't weigh her down and so that she can get some rest. Her comb is also down so I know she isn't feeling well...thanks for any advice

Sonoma County California poultry Posted 2 days ago

ration supplements

what type of feed can fishmeal be classified as

Outside United States poultry Posted 2 days ago


What happened to medium and small eggs?

Arapahoe County Colorado poultry Posted 2 days ago

Feeding chickens soybean leaf

Can i feed my chickens soybean leaves? When free ranging they do consume grass.

Outside United States poultry Posted 6 days ago

Wanting to know whether this goose egg is fertile or not

I incubated this egg for about 24 hours . Then I broke it's shell to look for the bulls eye which is supposed to be indicative of fertility .

Is this white round spot on the yolk bulls eye ? Was this egg fertile ?

Outside United States poultry Posted 7 days ago

Wanting to pair my lone egg laying geese with a new gander to get fertized eggs.

I had 2 female geese for about 3-4 years . I just used to collect their eggs to eat as I didn't had any gander to fertilize them . About 2 months ago one of my geese died . Which left the other alone . Yesterday it started laying eggs so I thought of buying a new gander to fertilize new eggs for hatching . So I bought a new gander yesterday . These two seem like they are not going together well . They walk seperately and when food is given they peck each other , though the male is not very aggressive . Still the female leaves and go to other place .

So thinking can I get fertized eggs from this new pair in this season . As it started laying new eggs from yesterday .


Outside United States poultry geese Posted 10 days ago


I just put a one inch rock in my chickens fenced yard. It was so muddy they were black. I did this before I thought about their scratching and feet. Can I put something on top of it or should I shovel it out. It’s about 4 inches deep.

Fayette County Illinois Posted 13 days ago

Outside United States poultry Posted 14 days ago

Goose jecection from flock

We have pilgrim geese. mum and dad and 8x 5month old babies. The whole flock, starting with mum and dad, have rejected 1 female. Attacking and chasing her off. We have separated her. Why would this be and what to do?

poultry Posted 16 days ago

chicken diseases and prevention

chicken disease with following signs{laziness,sticky whitish droppings,loss of appetite,weakness}

Outside United States poultry Posted 24 days ago