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This group was formed to respond to the needs of small- and medium-sized as well as backyard poultry flocks.

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Lameness in chickens

I have an 8 year old Light Brahma rooster who weighs about 10 pounds. He has deformed toes from arthritis and has developed a bad limp and acts as if he has pain in his hips. What pain medicines can safely be given to poultry? Is aspirin okay? What would be an appropriate dose?

Fremont County CO poultry Posted 6 days ago

Human Medicines Versus Poultry

Can Human Medicines Be Used To Cure Poultry Diseases?

OUTSIDEUS poultry Posted 6 days ago


THANKS FOR COMING UP WITH THIS GOOD ORGANISATION, Question is; I had my local farm for Hen and Cocks here in Uganda of about 100" hens but all were at free range system and one of the hens came back with a sign of Coccidiosis but my mind was thinking about stoning it, later the hen spreaded the disease to the all unit and they all died but i tried to treate them with aloevera as the local people told me but it couldn't do. Now what should i first apply in the room where they used to sleep be4 again i start Up another? Thanks. Thanks i am Kodo Cirus,Ugandan by Nationality and 20 yrs old

OUTSIDEUS poultry Posted 9 days ago


my chickens have wounds beneath their beaks and eyes cant even open..loss of appetite..what is the cause and treatment?

OUTSIDEUS poultry Posted 10 days ago

Chicken Bully

We have just purchased 3 rescued Chickens 3 of our other chickens have accepted them after a fortnight but 1 hen chases them and pulls their feathers out. What can we do to stop her?

OUTSIDEUS poultry Posted 14 days ago


In South Africa a new trend is to acidify the broiler drinking water, Product used is SELKO PH this lowers the ph of the water to about 4. In all reference documents Dr Jacquie Jacob this has a negative effect on the birds. Is this still correct

Outside United States poultry Posted 15 days ago

How high can chickens jump or fly for food?

I have constructed a "rat-proof" feeding station for the chickens but, so far, have only witnessed the newest-to-the flock feeding consistently there. It is a little over waist height. Will the older hens jump or fly that high to eat?

Alameda County California poultry Posted 17 days ago

Back Yard Chicken Management

Can I Feed My Back Yard(village Chickens) With Broiler Chicken Feed?

Outside United States poultry Posted 18 days ago

What ingredients should I look for in chicken feed for layers?

What ingredients should I look for in chicken feed for layers, and what ingredients should I avoid?

Shasta County California poultry Posted 22 days ago


Have a 1 yr old white Leghorn hen. Began losing weight, though eating & drinking. High steps when walking progressed to seemingly painful to walk. No bumble foot symptoms. Progressed to weakness and unsteadyness. Loss of feathers similar to molt. No external parasites seen. No egg bound symptoms. No breathing difficulties seen. Ideas of what it could be? Treatment if any?

West Feliciana Parish Louisiana poultry Posted 22 days ago