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This group was formed to respond to the needs of small- and medium-sized as well as backyard poultry flocks.

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6 (3) day old ducklings disappear in 10 minutes at dusk. Who or what ate them? An owl or a rat?

My ducks just laid 6 ducklings. At 3 days old, I went into the house for exactly ten minutes and when I came out they were gone.Not a bone, not one feather, no blood. I think our resident owl did it. Some people think rats did it. Can an owl do this kind of predatory act in ten minutes?

Clackamas County Oregon Posted 2 days ago

Broiler local malawian chicken

I need to know the required space of a minimum of 500 grown up chickens. Am in Malawi

Outside United States poultry Posted 10 days ago

Permethrin and chickens

I have 5 backyard chickens living in an enclosed run area (no free range ing) who are fed healthy table scraps along with their store bought layer feed pellets and crumbles from a large bowl. Lots of the food gets scattered outside of the bowl and falls in the dirt when they eat. There are lots of some kind of larve (maggot?) that live in the area around and under the food area. The chickens will not eat these creatures. The larve look more like elongated skinny armadilloes than the wormy, white short larve I have seen. How can I get rid of these creatures. (When the food dish is moved they are all on top of the moister area that the container has left. The larvae immediately start burrowing out of the light into the soil below.) I have tried sprinkling DE on them and this has not killed them. I've poured boiling water over the area and this has not killed them. I need to find a way of killing them that will not harm the chickens. I understand that permethrin kills maggots. I have some Permethrin Cream, 5% left over from a scabies treatment and wonder if there is any way I can mix it and dilute it to kill the creatures. But I don't want the chickens to die in the process by eating what I put down in their food area. What can I do to get rid of these ??? that will not hurt the chickens? And might these ??? be harmful to the chickens? Thank you for any help you can suggest.

Fayette County Kentucky poultry agriculture fayette county kentucky Posted 11 days ago

Lameness in a hen, ? possible causes

I have a Copper Maran hen who is about 5 years old. She developed unilateral lameness fairly quickly ( over about two days ) in her left leg. She has no nasal discharge or cough. Appetite is still good. She spends most of the day sitting now apparently due to pain. Her stools are normal. I see no evidence of bumblefoot. I suppose she could have injured herself, but didn't see anything like that happen. No birds in the rest of the flock have similar symptoms. Any ideas on causes? Can gout in chickens present this way? This is a backyard flock that are pets. Any suggestions on what can be used for pain relief for humanitarian reasons? Aspirin? NSAID like meloxicam? If it was gout would aspirin potentially make the attack worse in a chicken? Thank you.

Fremont County Colorado poultry Posted 15 days ago

space required for kadaknath chicken

how much space required for 1000 chicks to brooding?
how much space required for 1000 chicken to grow after brooding?
how much area required to free range 1000 kadaknath chicken farming?

i have plane to farming in Nepal.

Outside United States poultry Posted 20 days ago

Fowl pox vaccine for ducks

Can I use the fowl pox vaccine for chickens for my ducks also?

Galveston County Texas poultry Posted 21 days ago

How long house to cover 1000 chick's

Hi, am Christopher
am living in South Africa, i just like to know how long house to cover 1000 baby chicks and 1000 mature?

Outside United States poultry Posted 22 days ago


hello my Dominican chicken as of yesterday is limping on her right leg and just laying down, she puts little weight on that leg, but she will still move and no physical issues being seen, just looking for some advice on what i could do to help her. No swelling, no open cuts or anything

Pierce County Washington poultry Posted 22 days ago

Two tail feathers

I , too, have a young female turkey by herself. The others chased her away. She only has two tail feathers. The others still come around but she is not let into their group. We have around 40 wild turkeys but this young female is all on her own. I said female but he might be a young male. I cannot tell!

Lane County Oregon poultry Posted 25 days ago

Antibiotic after vaccination

After how long can you give your chicks antibiotics after giving new

Castle vaccine

Outside United States poultry Posted about 1 month ago