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Farm Land Rental Rate


I am looking to lease my land out to a farmer but I am having issues coming up with a reasonable rate as I am new to the process. How do I go about calculating a rate for the land the farmer wants to lease per month. I live in Brandywine

Prince George's County Maryland farm management Posted almost 3 years ago

How To Market A CSA ?


Do you know of a resource that provides guidelines or best practices on how to market a CSA to get shareholders?

Boulder County Colorado small farm issues farm management community supported agriculture Posted about 6 years ago

What is the average size of a Texas ranch?

I have been redirected to you from various sections of the Ag Commissions offices and GLO to a question I have which I am informed that you all would have the answer. What is the average acreage size of a Texas ranch… from small east Texas to large West Texas to humongous ones like the King Ranch, what is the average Texas ranch size? And to clarify, like I had to do with the state employees, I’m not talking about cotton farms or agricultural endeavors or hog farms, but actual RANCHES… cattle ranches… for everyone I know in Texas considers a ranch to be that which runs cattle, exception being around San Angelo with sheep. State employees who drive SUV’s, eat in upscale continental restaurants, and drink latte’s only made from exotic coffee beans don’t seem to have a clue… and act put upon for the nerve of me asking.

Thank you.

Ro Thompson

Texas farm management Posted over 6 years ago

forward contract milk

Beginning Dairy Farmer seeking help in learning how forward contract milk. I have some basic knowledge but haven't done anything since college 10 years ago.
Thank You for any information

Huron County Michigan dairy cattle farm management farm marketing Posted almost 7 years ago

40 Acres in Van Zandt County

My wife and I are looking at buying 40 acres in Van Zandt county. We have family in the area and will have access to tractors and trailors, etc. The land we are currently looking at is heavily wooded with a creek, two wells and at least two tanks. We know that clearing the land will be needed. We would like to get into livestock on a small starter scale and are looking for suggestions on where to start. I'm thinking goats, possibly for fiber. What makes sense and who do we talk to? Any help is very appreciated.

Van Zandt County Texas farm management Posted about 7 years ago

Income tax considerations for drought related sales in 2013

Is there a deferral of income from the sale of cattle to 2014 because of forced sale due to drought in 2013? There was for 2011 and 2012 but I haven't seen anything for 2013.There is an extension for replacing breeding and dairy livestock.

Brazoria County Texas farm management ag finance front page Posted over 7 years ago

Covering Square Bales outdoors with a Blue Tarp

I have a few cattle.
Every year I have a lot of loss in my round hay bales when I leave them out for the winter and they get rained on. Am trying something different this year.
Have bought 50 square bales and set them outdoors on wooden pallets. Have covered the bales with thin blue tarps. Hope to buy some thicker ones next year.
should I shield the hay completely from the rain by covering them all around as I am doing now? Or should at least one side be exposed?

If you recommend partial exposure, would you please explain why?

Thank you

Brazoria County Texas pastures and forages farm management Posted over 7 years ago

Barb Wire Fence Strand Spacing

I would like to know the recommended strand spacing for wire fences for 4,5 and 6 strand fences as well as the recommended height for a wire strand above a field fence if my posts are 4'6" above grade. Also is 4'6" and good height for a low fence using a 6'6" post?

Texas farm management pasture management fencing Posted over 7 years ago

Grazing lease

How do I determine a fair price to charge a lessee to graze livestock on my land? 39 acres with a large pond, fenced. Thank you

Frio County Texas lease agreements pasture leases Posted over 7 years ago

Table Grapes on the internet

Hi, on the internet I found a website called where you can sell table grapes of different varities and get connections with importers from all over the world.
Please if you can reccomend other good website or ecommerce website where i can promote my table grapes. I have a large production produced on 371 acres of land.

Thank you very much for your reply.

Best regards.

Outside United States marketing farm management grapes vineyard economic and business management marketing farm management Posted over 7 years ago