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Questions asked to this group

Can’t find the name of this spider

I found a beautiful large spider, south of Austin Texas, about 3” diameter (including legs) and I have searched and can find pictures but no identification. My son just bought a new house and is freaking out about it. I told him it is most likely harmless but would like to find info to confirm. Picture looks pure black but he insists it’s a dark brown. First picture is the actual spider, second one looks exactly like it that I found with no info on it.

Williamson County Texas Posted 1 day ago

Rare or not

What kind of spider is this and is it rare or not?

Outside United States spiders Posted 12 days ago

Regular spider?

This has appeared and its some size compared to many other spiders I've seen. I would normally remove them and put it outside but I'm a bit nervous of this one.
Any idea what type of spider it is?

Outside United States Posted 12 days ago


Can some one help me put a name to this tiny bug.

Cook County Illinois Posted 13 days ago

bird mites

how long will bird mites stay around

Orangeburg County South Carolina Posted 17 days ago

Tiny black bugs.

For the past few months these bugs have been covering my house. I have a pest control company that has been coming out and spraying but it is not helping. The pest control technician said these bugs are scavenger beetles but these do not look like scavenger beetles. There less than 1 mm, black and I always see them in clusters.

Williamson County Tennessee Posted 19 days ago

Are these bird or a rat mites?

Shot in the dark here... I know these are blurry photos, but any insights? I thought they were bedbugs at first, and 4 different inspectors + K9 said they’re not. Why four pest control folks? Because none of them know what to do about mites. They were all gung ho to start spraying anyway… & Their “inspections” each lasted five minutes. I live in a condo & there’s no way I am going up on the roof or sifting around the brush for nests. I did used to hear them birds chirping in my bathroom vent and I am only on the second floor. Also sealed off my laundry room vent because that’s where I noticed things were flying through. Reported suspicions to The Condo board lady who basically told me “good luck with that”...& they don’t infestation people. Well I’m here to tell you they have and they can. Not only am I getting bitten but they are flying up my nose into my eyes and I’m living out of bags. I’m getting bitten & they’re up my nose, In my eyes (same as everybody else says ) planning on sending sample to most recent pest company I spoke with who’s taking it to a lab. It won’t be difficult to retrieve. All I have to do is put something down for 1 min., turn around & it’ll be covered in array of red, yellow, white, tan & black, specs.*Shudder*

King County Washington Posted 19 days ago


I found a grey bug with black spots crawling in my bathroom what is it

Will County Illinois Posted 20 days ago

Tiny flies

I have tiny black flies with longer clear wings at my kitchen window even when closed. Im killing about 10 - 15 a day. I have cleaned everywhere. Dont have house plants. Had the same problem last year. To small to tell what they are. Where are they coming from. Im in Scotland United Kingdom.

Outside United States Posted 24 days ago

Is this a roach or a cricket?

Found this guy on top of my baseboard this morning. I’m not sure what it is!

Suffolk County New York Posted 25 days ago