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Questions asked to this group

There's a SMALL bug in my room, that's hard to kill. Please help me!

Hi! I've seen this small bug around my house especially in my room, and restroom. I always use a blanket when I do my hair so it doesn't get on my carpet and when I wanted to dust my hair off in my bath tub... I saw it. I recently found some on my blanket (where I sleep) and I'm scared it will bite me! Even taking a picture was hard since it's a tiny bug. Please I would appreciate it if you answer what this small bug wants, how to get rid of it, what exactly is it, and if it bites. I forgot to include this, it's difficult to kill!! (Please help me!)

Posted 2 days ago

Tiny red Bugs

There are there are tiny red bugs they come in to the building everyday around 5:30 am and disappear when the sun comes out, What are they and are they dangerous.

DuPage County IL Posted 4 days ago

What is it?

Tiny black bug, more oblong than round, mostly found in one bathroom 2-3/day, occasionally other spots in the house, warmer weather. Didn't see any in winter. Very slow moving.

Ocean County NJ Posted 5 days ago

Bad bug

Dear, As I am very allergic to many things and I have red very itchy spots on my legs I got scared if it's from BadBugs. So, I started to look for them and first time I saw this bugs in my room and kids room. They are so hard to see without flash phone light and they are yellowish and pretty fast, even do something like jump away from my finger. They are on window shelves, on wall around, behind bad headboard. Please help me to identify if this is bad bugs?

OUTSIDEUS Posted 6 days ago

Bird mights

What type of bird might is this

Laramie County WY Posted 7 days ago

what bug is this

i woke up and saw this crawling on my bed and i dont know what this is

Riverside County California Posted 8 days ago

What is this?

I keep finding these tiny, black bugs in my home. I am very freaked out. Can someone identify these and give me advice on how to get rid of them?

West Virginia Posted 9 days ago

Tiny bugs in our house - what are they?

These tiny bugs are light brown and about the size of a half of a grain of rice. We have seen then in the bathrooms and windows and may have come out around the time the house was power washed. Any ideas what they are and how to get rid of them?

Montgomery County Maryland insect or spider id springtails Posted 9 days ago

Wax Moths?

We get these Larvae every year. Someone suggested they are Wax Moths but we haven't any honey comes. We do have bees that like the Rose of Sharon right outside our slider door. Could they be coming from the bush?

Horry County South Carolina Posted 10 days ago

Any spider species with this abdomen outline

Any spider species with this abdomen outline.

Outside United States spiders Posted 10 days ago