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Questions asked to this group

Morgellon's IS NOT A DILLUSION !

Morgellons disease has been ruled as an unspecified parasite disease by the CDC as well as many parasitologist and researchers. I am astonished that your expert is still living in the dark ages where the ignorance of a medical professional who is unable to properly diagnose a condition MAKES THE PATIENT CRAZY !

Wayne County Tennessee Posted about 9 hours ago

What is this spider?

  • I've lived in the same house in a woodsy area of Santa Clara County in CA for approx. 50 years. We have always had large black, non-web-spinning spiders inside & outside the house. They appear with warming weather in spring & disappear, except for a few sightings, in cold weather. They hang around bathrooms especially, have been found lurking underneath toilet seats or under toilet bowl rim. They climb well, can be fast-moving. In one old-fashioned tub, they freely run down the plug hole to get away. They are also prolific outdoors, living in structures or behind things stored on back patio. I try to catch them in a jar for release outdoors, or else I vacuum them up, if they're too high up on the wall. We've been forced to coexist with them, so we do. What are they? The photo from the man from Marin County looked like our type spider to me. The fact that they're large and that they travel from room to room or wherever they want to, makes them disturbing. Our house is an old wooden one on a lot with very many trees, bushes, etc., and a nearby creek. I've always been curious about what type spider they might be -- a wolf
  • spider, maybe? They travel solo, and I'm guessing we see 10 or so a week indoors. Any info would be much appreciated.

Santa Clara County California Posted about 10 hours ago

Carpet beetles?

We have these little bugs in our car. Was afraid they were bed bugs but now hoping they are carpet beetles.

District of Columbia County District of Columbia insects Posted 2 days ago

Possible Tick ?

I’m not sure what this bite came from but seems to be getting worse day one , two and Three below .....any clue to what is going on here ?!?!?

Monroe County West Virginia Posted 4 days ago

What bug is this?

Could someone please tell me what bug this is? Of is round en tiny, black with white stripes. I found a lot of them near my window in bedroom and kitchen.

Outside United States Posted 8 days ago

Bed bugs

I live at my dad's with my husband and my mom and my 2 year old son and my dad and his wife have bed bugs we live in Utah but we can't afford to pay for an exterminator to come out can u tell me if Utah has free help to get rid of them

Weber County Utah Posted 8 days ago

Tiny black bugs

I have these tiny black bugs in my kitchen and bedroom. Can you tell me what they are? They are so small I thought it was mice droppings at first.

The wings and legs are not visible to the naked eye.the picture has been inlarged.

How do I get rid of them?

Crawford County Ohio Posted 10 days ago

Indiana! Nasal Infestation

If u find that person. Just mention finger nails. Thank you!

Marathon County Wisconsin Posted 12 days ago

What are the little thing wing on my bathroom sink top

Wings and some tiny bugs in bathroom

Manatee County Florida Posted 13 days ago

Small fly id

I just submitted a question and the wrong email went in - plz respond to this email please Thanks

Atlantic County New Jersey Posted 15 days ago