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Questions asked to this group

Natural remedy for spider mites on evergreen trees

We are a nursery school and are very careful about using chemicals anywhere near. How can we get rid of the spider mites and the webs that are attaching our evergreens.

Essex County New Jersey Posted about 24 hours ago

What is this?

I found this little creature on the arm of my outdoor chair in Albany at about 8 p.m. I cannot figure out what it is. Can you help? Is it "good" or "bad?"

Linn County Oregon Posted 1 day ago

Insects collecting pine resin?

Hi! I have some insects who have nested in a cabinet on my porch; they have moved into the small holes where shelf brackets would go. They look like tiny bees or wasps but aren’t aggressive; they have collected pine smelling resin (I think— it’s sticky and smells like pine tar). I’m curious what they are and can’t find anything online. Also any ideas about natural deterrent would be great. Thank you!

Multnomah County Oregon Posted 2 days ago

Is this a bug bite?

I was outside during the day at a party and when I came back home I noticed two very small (very small) red puncture rooms on my inner knees. There is no itching or pain, and they're not bumpy. Just curious as to what they could be?

Chemung County New York Posted 4 days ago

Bird Mites Infestation

Recently, some birds built a nest in the kitchen vent outside my house. The nest was removed but bird mites got in... and I was chosen as their new host. No one else in my house have mites on them except me. I took multiple showers and used tea tree oil in my shampoo and body wash like other sites suggested, but I still feel the mites crawling around. I also sprayed the house with insecticide but that doesn't seem to be enough. How do I get rid of the mites before they increase?

Philadelphia County Pennsylvania Posted 4 days ago

What is that?

Pls, I really need to know! An does it spread?

Outside United States Posted 5 days ago

Bug Id please

I am so frightened about bed bug infestation. I saw this bug last night.
Its shape looks like fed bed bug, but the color is more blackish for me than brownish. Can anyone help me identify its identification, please? Thank ahead.

Clark County Nevada Posted 7 days ago

How to keep out lizards when only security screen door is closed?

I have a security screen door in addition to my wooden door. Sometimes I open the wooden door and leave only the security screen door closed. In this case, there are gaps of an inch or two on the right and left side caused by the fact that the security screen door doesn't go all the way to the sidewalk. Lizards can enter through these gaps. IMG_20180612_191957.jpg shows an image of the right hand side gap as seen from the inside. IMG_20180612_191302.jpg shows an image of the right hand side gap as seen from the outside.

Do you have any suggestions on how lizards can be kept out when only the security screen door is closed?

Los Angeles County California Posted 9 days ago

bites or allergies??

myself and my dog have been experiencing mysterious itchy bumps recently. i experience new itchy spots both at day and night, upon putting on clothing, even freshly laundered hot wash/hot dry, sometimes after driving my car, sometimes touching nonfibrous objects (foam roller, floor mat, etc) or after petting my dog it seems. some bumps appear splotchy, irregularly shaped, with bite mark visible or pussing upon irritation. sometimes clustered, sometimes directly on a vein. some bites are small, regular shaped, no bite mark visible. hands, arms, legs most common spots. occasional itchy rashes. my dog also gets small bites/bumps, some oozing a crusty pus upon straching/biting, mostly on his legs, behind, underside. after sleeping, laying on the floor, riding in the car. i am suspecting some sort of allergen, mite or other? maybe multiple? i feel crawlies on parts of my skin i never find or see anything. have not completely ruled out bed bugs, but my dog does get spots more often than i do. cannot figure this out! thanks for your time.

Clackamas County Oregon Posted 9 days ago

Yucky 8 legged visiters

Finding these around the gardens both have had egg sacks near them.
Not sure I do not like spiders and unsure with the kids. They know to leave white tails alone a few bites later but these ones freak me out. Black with red.

Thanks kylie from New Zealand.

Outside United States Posted 9 days ago