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Questions asked to this group

Flying bugs in my kitchen

Flying bugs in my kitchen. Photo enclosed what are these and how do I stop them from entering my windows

Lee County Florida Posted 7 days ago


What type of spider is this and is it poison?

Philadelphia County Pennsylvania spiders insect identification spider identification Posted 8 days ago

Please tell me u know what this is!

I need real help identifying this bug!

South Carolina Posted 12 days ago


Can you tell me what kind of bug this is and how do I get rid of them, they are so tiny and they are in my kitchen tried taking a closeup of them but this was the best I could do , thanks for any help

Suffolk County New York Posted 15 days ago

Can pea weevils be introduced by purchased seed

I had my first experience with pea weevils this year. When I reported it to the seed company they said that they had to have originated in my garden. Since the other two types of peas I planted (from a different source) showed no sign of weevils, I wonder if this is true. Could the eggs have been on the outside of the pea seeds or is the problem originating in my garden?

Stevens County Washington insect identification cowpea weevil Posted 19 days ago

Tiny bug in my hair

I don't think these are lice. No nits whatsoever. Just a few bugs. They are very tiny. This picture is enlarged to the maximum. Thank you!

Williamson County Tennessee Posted 24 days ago

Use of pepper spray

Is it really true that you can use pepper spray as pests killer?

Outside United States Posted 28 days ago

Is this a spider cocoon

Hiya I was in my back garden and I came across the below... I don't know what they are and was wondering if they are spider cocoons?

Thanks in advance.

Outside United States Posted about 1 month ago

biting bug drew blood and exuded an anti-coagulent

My husband was recently bitten by a bug which resembled a black grain of rice. It embedded itself in his arm and he began to bleed. I dug the thing out with my fingernail and the wound continued to bleed well after a normal cut would have. He said it didn't hurt and didn't notice when it happened until someone noticed blood on his forearm. We were outside at the time but we are truly baffled. We live in southern Wisconsin. Any ideas?

Dane County Wisconsin Posted about 1 month ago

Mud Dauber?

From reading a few of the posted questions and answers I believe I have a Mud Dauber nest here. It just fell from my deck umbrella. The spiders inside are so brilliant in varied color that I just had to share. Richmond, Virginia, mid- August.

Henrico County Virginia Posted about 1 month ago