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Questions asked to this group

Wasp Sprays vs. other critters

Will wasp sprays kill other animals when used as directed? Since you spray wasp nests from 10' or more, there is a lot of overspray on the ground. Can I assume that unless I directly spray a critter, that they will not get enough poison to kill them?

New York Posted 10 days ago

Mr dalton

Do u know sir of any specialist or doctor in fort Lauderdale I have a bad bird might infestion. N have tried everything n can't get them off me already paid an exterminator n he killed the majority of the population. I was wondering if u knew of any way to find a doctor or something. Thank u so much I need help badly

Florida Posted 17 days ago

Wiggly worm infestation

Early one morning numerous small wiggly worms appeared on my glass patio table. The outdoor ceiling fan above the table has clusters of white tiny round eggs. The home is in a newly establishe community, so I'm assuming the worms and egg clusters are related and are perhaps surfacing from what might have infested the area prior to the home construction. The worms were sprayed with Raid and cleaned off with boilinb hot water. Please advise on what this is and how to eliminate and prevent reoccurrence.

Tarrant County Texas Posted 17 days ago

Small bus on windows and on a screen

We moved in a new apartment ans see, there lot of small bugs on a balcony screen, some of them get to apartment through the screen, some are laying on a floor and looks like dead, but some of them are still alive. After vacuum almost all of them, new bugs appears.
We could not identify those bugs to find source, where they come from. City pest control does not work with bugs outside of apartment, but they are entering apartment and make life difficult.
I need help with identifying those bugs, source of them and how to get rid of them.

Kings County New York Posted 23 days ago

Hi what spider is this and is it dangerous to my cats?

It's quite big, brown, hairy, meaty with a bright red back. Noticed it making a slow walk towards my back door over a doormat. My cats were watching it. Looks different to ones I've seen before. I moved it onto my lawn with some paper facing away from my house so it would walk away, in Live in Bournemouth South UK.

Outside United States spiders Posted 28 days ago

Can you help identify this bug

I found this bug on my mattress and automatically assumed it was a bed bug but have done research on line and it does not appear to have a head like a bed bug and looks plumper than a bed bug.

Hudson County New Jersey bugs Posted about 1 month ago

What is this spyder called?

Found this spyder walking on my garden table this morning. First time ever I see such a spyder at my house. We reside in Richards Bay, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

Outside United States spiders Posted about 1 month ago

Hi I live in Australia and last year at the end of spring ,Iwoke one night...

Hi I live in Australia and last year at the end of spring ,Iwoke one night with the feeling of something crawling all over me .I got up and checked but couldn't see anything on my skin.about 2 weeks later I started getting bites that were extremely itchy,then my partner started getting bites and one of my son's.my eldest son for some reason was not affected.We didn't have a clue what was attacking us and it was mainly at night.To cut a long story short after reading the internet it sounded like bird mite,this took several weeks to work out and at this stage i had about 70 bites all over me ,so we went looking in roof and found multiple nests and also birds in one part of the roof.we relocated the birds and nest and bagged all old nests up and got rid of them, then had a pest man powder the roof and it seemed to work.It's spring again ,and the crawling sensation has started again!! We went searching again,and found a bird starting a nest.we got rid of nest and sealed up all the gaps in roof,but we think there could be empty nests where we cannot get to.My question is will they eventually die off without birds to live off or are we stuck with them forever if we can't get to any unseen nests.Any advice would be great,no one seems to know much about them or how to get rid of them.It is a nightmare we do not wish to live through again!!.

Outside United States Posted about 1 month ago

Dark Rover Ants

Not really a question. Just an informational fact. I have just found and identified a Dark Rover Ant crawling pin mangy floor. When I researched his on the web they had stated that its they find them in the Gulf Coast and in the south west region of the United States. I was just writing to inform you that I had found one up in the south suburb of Chicago Illinois.

Cook County Illinois insects Posted about 1 month ago

Tiny bugs on wall

Hi I have these tiny bugs crawling on my wall..the baby ones are almost translucent and I've got the photo of the bigger ones..what are these?

Outside United States Posted about 1 month ago