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Questions asked to this group

Flying Bug

This just appeared yesterday afternoon. I killed around 30 and then today more appeared. This is the window in the upstairs bathroom. I am wondering what they are and what causes them. My main concern is, we have been having difficulty for the last two months with the landlord over critters in the attic, such as squirrels, raccoons, opossom and rats. Is this something coming from them or their fecas, our landlord isn't moving fast enough for our liking and wehave a 2 year old around and pregnan mommy.

Richland County SC Posted 5 days ago

Tiny black bugs

Help, we have tiny black bugs everywhere, and don’t know what they are or how to get rid of them.

Clark County WA Posted 8 days ago

Yellow jackets

I have a bedroom that yellow jackets r getting in. I have been vilagently killing them. They keep coming, I do not know how they get in the bedroom. Will the coming winter kill them? Should i hire an expert?

Chenango County NY Posted 12 days ago

Tiny bugs

I notice small tiny bugs in my bathroom tiles. I also had bug bites on my stomach and under my armpit. Two very itchy bites under my breast. I checked, spray and got fogger in my bedroom for bedbugs. I didn’t find any signs or bed bugs. They are so small and tiny. Please help me to identify them. I live in England

OUTSIDEUS Posted 17 days ago

Moth, spider, or something else?

Found this in an outside porch light. Can you help me identify it?

Dane County WI Posted 18 days ago

Need help identifying bug

Hi I bought some dvds and these little bugs where all inside of the cases. Any ideas?

Outside United States Posted 24 days ago

Small black bugs on my bedroom floor.

Can someone tell me what these bugs are and how to get rid of them? Are they harmful?

Bergen County New Jersey Posted 26 days ago

What bug is this?

I found this on my bed duvet. Only one i’ve seen and no blood spots so far. I live in New Zealand and would love to ensure that I don’t have an infestation of some kind. Hopefully these photos are enough to identify it.

Outside United States Posted 26 days ago

Spider Type

On Monday of this week (September 16, 2019) I killed a spider in my apartment (I live approximately 30-miles on the upper east side of Indianapolis). It was no larger around than a dime and ran pretty quickly across the back of my right hand. Fortunately, it did not bite me. It was completely black all over, had no antennae, but did have mandibles. (Attached is a photo of it.) The weather was in the upper 80s with high humidity, making the heat index about 95+/-. With this information, could you tell me what type or kind of spider this is? Thank you.

Madison County Indiana Posted 30 days ago

Tiny black bugs in bathroom

Any idea what this bug is? I've now found about 10 of them over the last few days in the bathroom.

Los Angeles County California Posted about 1 month ago