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What's this bug?

Hi, I live in northwest England and found this bug whilst cleaning my child's bedroom? Should I be concerned?

OUTSIDEUS Posted 7 days ago

Please help me figure out what kind of insect, parasite, etc has infested me and is itching me like


First off I would like to thank anyone that can help me or give me some kind of clue as to what has been torturing me for over two YEARS!
In the past two years this has caused a lot of itching, scratching, scaring, sleepless nights... I could go on! It started off... I think... In my ears? My ears were always itching me and waking me up in the middle of the night due to the severity of itching. My doctor looked at my ears on at least three plus different occasions and said, "your ears are clear and fine, just a tiny bit of wax". What?!? I've cleaned my ears with q-tips and have used 2+ each ear due to all the SMELLY wax and/ or what appears to be EXTREMELY SMALL, barely visible "bugs".
Then I started having these itchy issues with my eyelashes and eyebrows, then my face, nose, hands, and upperlip. Recently in the past month it has "spread" to my neck. I know that it is NOT lice causing this! On all areas mentioned I have teeny, tiny white looking things... some areas have bigger white "things". I have noticed some "bugs"/ "parasites" look a little different from others I have spotted and picked off me.

I'm not great with words or explaining things in detail... I am hoping that someone can make sense of what I am writing and help me because I desperately need help!!! Thank you very much in advance!

Middlesex County NJ Posted 11 days ago

Sick of mites

I have an infestation of mites ...it seems that I have had all different t kinds some bite some just crawl but all annoying... now I got them that feel crystal glass on .y hands HELP. HELP
And I have tried everything

Suffolk County MA Posted 22 days ago

I have little black dots real little but they bite no mate hot or cold they ibit all the time they g

I have little black bug u cant see them unless u use a mikerscope but they bit and they get in u clothes and bit and get in beds

Marion County FL Posted 23 days ago

Tiny spiders in nose

Hello..I do have a problem..I have tiny spiders in my nose and sinuses..I was plugged up and was told by a doctor I can irrigate using kit with salt water rinse..had been doing this and seen particles in sink..thinking wow this was really dirty..until on time rinsing into sink and seeing particles..on black dot sprouted legs!! and was moving..it's not dirt it's spiders!!..at night then I felt little tickling around my nostrils while.i was sleeping and.woke me..my ears are plugged and voice box raspy..I am afraid they are breeding..I am so afraid..I might add that I cleaned a horse barn for 2 years and brushed my horse for 8..if it wasnt for irrigating my nose with the kit and salt i wouldn't have known they were there.

Wayne County MI Posted 27 days ago

Black Roach-like Small Bugs with two horizontal Stripes

around a slop sink, around the faucets, there are small, less that 1/2 inch black bugs with two horizontal cream looking stripes on their bodies. there are no noticeable body segmentations, looks like a body that is 'one piece'. i could think they are some sort of roach but they are tiny and its unlikely and those stripes make me think they are something else

Wake County North Carolina Posted about 1 month ago

Little black bugs

What kind. Of bugs are these? They were in my kitchen floor.

Texas insect identification weevil kitchen Posted about 1 month ago

Could these be brown recluses?

Both of them were found near/under the bottom wall trim inside my house, by the back door.


Tarrant County Texas Posted about 1 month ago

Eyes , nose itch and have little red dots

I was treated with ivermectin pill and permethrin cream. My dr. Doesnt know what's wrong with me she guessed scabies but I looked at the pics of scabies online and it didnt look like what I have nor bed bug bites. Idk if its mites, scabies, body lice or what
. But the ivermectin should have killed it all right? Any way I have these tiny red dots they're not raised on my stomach, breasts,arms,legs,feet and hips. I was itching terribly especially at night. And my eyes/eyelashes and eyebrows and my nose. Omg my nose inside itches like crazy. Its NOT all in my head. I can see little white dots in my nose. If I have lice or mites in my nose, how the heck do I get rid of it? Some one please help . The red dots are getting better. It's been over a week since I've been treated, but my nose and eyes!!! They itch like crazy

Nueces County Texas Posted 2 months ago

Disgusting insect crawling

What insect is this

Outside United States Posted 2 months ago