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Questions asked to this group

what is this?

First noticed them in bathroom, mostly on window. This morning they were on ceiling outside bathroom, then I just noticed they are all over my living room window. It started last weekend.
I thought they came with my new organic mattress that has wool and smells like a barn. Is that a stretch?

Anyway, need to identify them to see if I can get rid of them or call my landlord or return the bed.

Thank you!!!

Alameda County California Posted 1 day ago

How to get rid of this black bug

This little black bug comes only at night when the light is on. It search for light and it stays around the light even the phone light is enough. Some of this fly too.

Outside United States Posted 3 days ago

Small Black 6-Legged Bug

What is this black six-legged bug? Is it harmless? It has a pointed head. I always find it around my room, usually crawling on walls and on the floor. It is the small spec - smaller than the tip of a pencil.

San Francisco County California Posted 4 days ago


Can you explain to me ..what bug is this..
It flies and notice only appears at night
Thank you for your reply..

Outside United States Posted 5 days ago


I’ve found in multiple houses here in Denver, CO, an egg I can’t identify. It looks like a lentil, very small, and often is attached on a door casing

Denver County Colorado insect eggs Posted 7 days ago


They are making me crazy,they literally imbed themselves on anything. I keep a spray bottle with Dawns dish soap & a little bleach. I do have animals that come in and out. My husband tells me bugs have to live too. There in my bathroom I spray my spray on the counters ,keep my windows seal clean. I just don’t know what more I can do.

Stanislaus County California Posted 7 days ago

Small, flat, white egg sacs

I find these on a lot of my garden plastics, and would love to not worry about what’s inside if I don’t need to. Can anyone ID these for me?
These sacks are so tightly woven, they don't display any silk filament that usually show in spiders, and are really small.

I can try to get a better picture if you need one.
Thank you!

California Posted 13 days ago

Found on windowsill

Found these on two separate windowsill in our home. What are they?!? They seem like some kind of beetle

Outside United States insect identification Posted 13 days ago

Can somone tell me what kind of bug this is?

I ordered a blanket from Amazon and found this bug. Wondering what it is so I can either get rid of the blanket or just wash it a couple of times for peace of mind.

Washoe County Nevada Posted 17 days ago

barn swallow nests

We live in the country, have a pond, and barn swallows return every year mid-April/first of May. We have a few nests on the house which they return to and they will build new ones too, but we need to power wash our house. Should this be done before they return? If those old nests are taken down will they rebuild? How can I best not interrupt their schedule as I do not want to cause them to leave. Any other tip will be appreciated. Also, it seems like we have fewer return each year. Thank you.

Marshall County Illinois Posted 17 days ago