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Questions asked to this group

What Is This Small Black Beetle Found On My Firewood.

I found a bunch of these small bug/beetles in my firewood that I just threw inside our wood bin. Are they something that I have to worry about getting through my house?

Cambria County PA Posted 9 days ago

Thousands of little black spiders

There are thousands of little black spiders that move rapidly in my lawn. I live in South Africa and they have survived the wet winter, the warm spring and the hot summer. Not scared of them, just seriously want to get rid of them.

OUTSIDEUS Posted 12 days ago

Bugs On Window Sill

How To Get Rid Of Them

Cook County IL Posted 21 days ago

Black Bug in my house

can anybody help me? my house is filled with these bugs and i have no idea what they are and how to get rid of them, pls help!

OUTSIDEUS Posted 21 days ago

Dark small bugs by glass door

Greetings, I am wondering if you could help identify these bugs. A week ago I noticed many on the floor in front of a glass door inside my home. I removed them but many came back again. Do you have any suggestion how to address this issue ? Thank you kindly, Aisha

Marin County CA Posted about 1 month ago

Bugs I can't see but feel are on me

I have what I think is mites in my motel room I can't see them but I feel them they sting and leave rashes on my legs they get into my nose and eyes my wife also gets rashes and itch I spray with special sprays and still having the problem

Cumberland County Pennsylvania Posted about 1 month ago

Little flying bugs in kitchen, how to get rid of them

What are these bugs Where did they come from, and how do I get rid of them? Are they from the guinea pigs? They are all over the house

Bergen County New Jersey Posted about 1 month ago

What are these spiders

Got lots of these spiders on ceiling at home what are they and how to get rid of them

Outside United States spiders Posted 2 months ago

Bird mite size

About how visible are bird mites? What color and would I need a magnifying glass to see them? I feel strongly that my family is infested especially after being treated for all other human mites multiple times to no avail. We are experiencing them in our nose and ears scalp and entire body. My cats have white paws and we are able to see black dots about the size of a period on their fur. I have a picture of what I believe could be a mite found next to me quickly grabbed with a piece of tape. It was extremely small I only noticed it because it was moving.

Florida Posted 2 months ago

Please help me name this spider!

I’m curious to know what kind of spider this is, it has a very distinct V on its back

Los Angeles County California Posted 3 months ago