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i found this red small bug biting me

please help, i found this red small bug biting me and i have bites all over my body. they are kind of itchy but not too bad, and it doesn't seem to match a bed bugs profile. please please help

Niagara County New York Posted about 15 hours ago

What are they?

I have been living with something on my body now for over a year what are they

Marshall County Minnesota Posted 1 day ago


What is this bug? About 2 days ago we noticed them swarmed around our window inside of our home. Now they have migrated throughout the house. Can anyone identify it and give me more information about it? Thank you!

Campbell County Tennessee Posted 4 days ago

What is this?

I’ve found these on my cat, and I think it’s what’s giving me a rash. About the size of a lice

Walton County Florida Posted 7 days ago

What is this? Please help me

I have a rash that started in my upper thighs then spread to my stomach, chest, arms and now my face. I have been having eye issues like watery eyes, and blurry vision. When I pull at one of the scabs something crawls under my skin, I can see and feel it. The ER doctors don't know what it is. It doesn't itch all the time and when I try to pull out the hair, something pulls it back into my skin. I asked for scabies cream medicine and applied it, it didn't do anything. I have been taking steroids for a week now with no improvement. Now, the hair around my forehead is thinning. When I pull a hair out it has clear stuff around the shaft. Please help.

Alabama Posted 16 days ago

Keep appearing near my window

Hi, so more than two weeks ago I saw these bugs appear every time I open my window curtains. I normally kill them every morning but I forgot to do so for about two days and realised that they could fly and appeared on my ceilings. I do not know what this insect could be. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Posted 19 days ago

Strange looking insects/worms found first in bathroom

Now this insect is spreading around the house. It's oval shaped, very thin and flat, with black dots at the end, it clings to the surface, stretches its body and moves. What might apparently be its head is visible only when it moves. It's size of a flattened rice grain. Can someone please help us in identifying this and let us know how to get rid of it. Is it harmful to humans?

Outside United States Posted 23 days ago

Possible Bird mite or Rodent Rat mite infestation

Hello I've been experiencing complete hell for the past few months. First it started off as a subtle itching . Exterminator came said there was no bed bugs and sprayed anyway. Several months of itching later I wrapped my bed in plastic , and got a bed bug cover for extra security from whatever is biting me. Exterminator came for roaches but I had the look at the bed , the the guy said I possibly have mites . Through out this my parents think I'm completely insane they get mad at me if I tell about how I cant sleep but I have to get up early for them everyday . I did some much research on bed bugs I defintely don't have them . I either have bird mites , rat mites or scabies . At my house we have a lot of different animals in this fruit tree. I also hear a rat or rats scurry over my roof at night I've seen one in the backyard. I see video an read stories online about it , people checking themselves in to mental hospitals , putting a mixture of essential oils on their body until they physically see them come out . I just don't know what to do , they think it's weird how I'm the only one that gets bites and is itchy . But they sleep outside in a custom room /shed. Can anyone help me I would greatly appreciate it . On top of that I live in a crazy household it get stressful , I'm thinking of just living out .

Santa Clara County California insect identification Posted 26 days ago

Basically experiencing the same black spots

I read your comment and yes we are having the same problem here. I believe them to be Mites what they look like to me. They are extremely small and very hard to see with the eye. I will gather a sample and take it in for the lab. Definitely dealing with some type of parasite that is black, elongated like a worm or something similar. Look extremely weird. Never had this problem when I could use a poison that wasn't pet safe. Now I have a cat and dog.. I have used straight alcohol spray to kill them but definitely dealing with some type of infestation. I'm dam sure seeing them and so are others in home. Definitely not dealing with a mental problem here. Thanks for sharing your story. Best wishes from Lexington

Fayette County Kentucky Posted 30 days ago

Bugs I think

I am sending a photo of these things that I got off of my cats face and eye. They are eating her and her eye is shut but when I open it it looks like they are eating away her eye what are these things?

San Bernardino County California Posted about 1 month ago