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Questions asked to this group

Very itchy

I dont know how i got this i just know its very itchy and its hard can you please give me some insight on what it could be..

Volusia County Florida Posted 8 days ago

Help my head has big black bugs

Sorry not sure if first picture came through try again.
Thanks again

Outside United States Posted 9 days ago

Help my head has big black bugs

Can u please tell me what this is, I pulled it off my head?? First one off my head, second one out of my mouth , coughed up and last one out of nose.
Any help greatly appreciated.

Outside United States Posted 9 days ago

Could anyone identify this insect?

This insect has been spotted around windows and dark furniture and in some cases on the carpet (as depicted). I was wondering if they were carpet beetles? However, the carpet is less than a year old and gets hoovered every other day.

Outside United States Posted 12 days ago

What bug is this?

Have found multiple bugs like this one in the photo in my living room. Spotted around window, dark furniture, and lights.

Outside United States Posted 16 days ago

Black specs in home

Ma’am your not crazy I have the exact same thing. Exactly to the “T “what you have described my samples are at Clemson being evaluated I asked for David to send you my email address l.

Arlington County Virginia Posted 22 days ago

Black/grey bugs with unusual pattern

i have recently over the past few days been finding tiny grey bugs with black spots that almost look like ladybugs from a small distance does anyone know what these harmless pests are called and how to get rid of them

Outside United States Posted about 1 month ago

Found a bug in my nose

So I found this bug in my nose. It was dead when I found it but I squished it out of panic. If anyone can still identify it, should I be concerned? Thank you

Outside United States Posted about 1 month ago

Help me ID these small, annoying moths

Hi — I live up in Vail Valley and since we’ve moved into our house in 2016, we’ve had these moths. Usually they get bad at the end of summer/fall but they’ve been also making an appearance this winter. They are small & almost disintegrate when you kill them. I‘ve seen over a hundred of them already this year. I’ve checked my pantry a number of times but see nothing amiss and they are everywhere in the house. If you can identify them, please let me know how to get rid of them too. Thanks!

Eagle County Colorado moths Posted about 1 month ago

when do wolf spiders breed?

hello, we have wolf spiders in our basement. we have bug bombed the basemenst before and want to do it again. do wolf spider breed thru out the year or at any specific season?

New York spiders Posted about 1 month ago