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Questions asked to this group

Spider question

Can anyone tell me what this spider is?

Los Angeles County California Posted 2 days ago

Can you tell me what kind of insect this is

Can anyone tell me what these are? They are outside on the side of my house

Bergen County New Jersey Posted 4 days ago

Tiny black bugs with wings

These tiny bugs with wings is what I'm trying to get rid of. They are concentrated in my bath tub by a class block window. I've tried several things but i can't seem to get rid of them. There's is no grease or food even close. Is there an insecticide that you can recommend?

Palm Beach County Florida Posted 5 days ago

Tiny Dark Brown Bugs All Over Home

I want to know if these bugs are harmful and what their purpose is, as well as how to get rid of them? They appear everywhere. Kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, clothes, blankets. Please help. They do also jump when I try to catch them and aren't very fast, nor do they jump high.

Fresno County California Posted 6 days ago

Holes that come at night

Hi I have some holes that appear at night and in the morning some flying bugs black wings red tail. What it is?

New Jersey insect issues insects Posted 6 days ago

Tiny brown hard bug somewhat smaller than sesame seed

We have found many of these bugs in kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms. We have lived in this house for 20 years and I don't remember ever seeing them before. Any ideas?

Outside United States Posted 10 days ago

She's not wrong!... Mutated Dust Mites I believe just under the skin surface and do burrow

Has a scythe type of extension and are very nimble,high tolerance to trauma and are intensively prolific. Not to mention the mental torment of the knowledge of the alien presence.My case subjects have grown too healthy and are now no longer camouflaging as the once seemed to...photos of a few extracted. She has answered my question of how long can they live...that long huh.
I'm told to acquire SILVERDENE...a liquid containing silver and that that will rid them permanently.

Florida Posted 14 days ago

Tarantula death curl or molting?

I am very concerned for my brazilian white knee. Hes been like this for a couple days, and he just molted sometime last month. everything online says if hes on his back he is molting, not dying. But normally ive noticed when they molt theyre spread eagle so it makes it easier for them to molt. Everytime i check on him he moves his legs a little but not to much. Can you possibly tell me what might be wrong and what i should do? Remember i found him on his back like this

Greene County Tennessee tarantula Posted 14 days ago

Any idea what this is?

I sit out on my porch in the morning and drink coffee. Yesterday, I noticed what appeared to be a large cocoon. It wasn’t there, as far as I know, the day before. I don’t want to cut into it just yet. I’ve seen too many horror movies, plus I don’t like killing things that might be beneficial.

Wayne County Michigan Posted 19 days ago

Small bugs around kitchen window

These very small bugs (2-3mm in size) just appear around my kitchen window, window sills, ceiling above window. I have not been able to identify where they are coming from. They are pretty slow moving across a piece of paper. I clean my sink, run garbage disposal frequently, etc. There are recessed lights above sink and in kitchen but haven't seen them coming out of there. They don't seem to be anywhere else in the house. I keep the kitchen window shut tight.

DeKalb County Georgia Posted 21 days ago