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FS-2 starter FS-2x Starter Difference

I am trying to replace an FS-2X starter but can only find FS-2 purchased the FS-2 but will not lite the bulb. Any help would be appreciated.

Burlington County NJ Posted over 2 years ago

Pole barn insulation


I am still waiting on an answer for the below question. Are you still working on an answer? do you need more info?

I am putting a steel ceiling in my pole barn. I plan to blow in insulation and heat the barn. We live in southeast Michigan (for climate information ) and the roof is metal. Should I put plastic between the metal and the joists before putting up the metal? Thanks for a quick response .

St. Clair County MI insulation and air sealing barn Posted almost 3 years ago

Home insulation

I am putting an addition on to an existing home. I am putting 2 foam board on the outside and 6" fiberglass in the studded area. Can I or should I put a plastic moisture barrier on the inside sealing all seams and joints. Also If I do that should I vent the 2" foam board with holes at the top and bottom. Thanks in advance for your answer.

St. Louis County MN home energy insulation and air sealing vapor barrier double vapor barrier Posted about 4 years ago

Solar Hot Water system

I recently acquired a home with a solar hot water system that does not seem to be working. I have been unable to find anyone who can assist me in seeing what is the problem. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Pictures of the system are available.

New Castle County DE home energy solar hot water heater hot water heater Posted over 4 years ago

Thermostat wiring

I am replacing an old thermostat that uses "G, O, Y-W, C, R" but can not identify the "O" on the new thermostat. The new one has either "RC, R,W,Y,G,C" or "RC,R,O/B,Y,G,C". I assume "C to C", "G to G", "Y to Y", "R to R", but then I don't know where the "O" is to go? Also, Y-W have a jumper, what do I do on the new thermostat. Old model is ICM (AN7814) and new is Honeywell (TH8320U1008). Condo has large exchanger in closet that uses cold/heat supplied for entire building. Pictures provided.

Palm Beach County FL home energy Posted almost 5 years ago

LED vs sodium vapour lamp

is led light more optimal for dimming than sodium vapour lamps

Outside United States home energy Posted almost 5 years ago

Getting Your Home Ready to sell

Getting Your Home Ready to sell?

Tippecanoe County Indiana Posted almost 5 years ago

Measuring electrical use by appliances

How can I determine if it is cost effective to replace an old appliance (e.g., refrigerator) with a new and more energy efficient model? My electric bill seems extraordinarily high.

Jefferson County Wisconsin home energy life cycle assessment Posted about 5 years ago

Anchor bolts for equipment foundation

We have an equipment that needs to be installed on concrete foundation. The equipment has to be supplied by one contractor whereas the foundations have to be casted by other. The anchor bolts to install the equipment are not explicitly mentioned in both contracts. Can you please advise generally whose responsibility is to provide the anchor bolts? Can anyone give me example of similar case

Outside United States new home design and construction Posted about 5 years ago

Home Wiring

Can I replace a 2-wire line thermostat with a 4 wire?

Cumberland County Pennsylvania home energy Posted about 5 years ago