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The Farm Energy Community of Practice is a virtual, or on-line, community which includes over 240 members from land-grant universities and other agencies, including USDA, SARE, NREL, Sun Grant, ATTRA, NCAT, and state and county governments.

Community members have combined their expertise to provide the eXtension Farm Energy website.  We have specialists available to answer your questions about (almost) all aspects of farm energy--from conservation and efficiency to renewable and bio energy production.

(This group currently has 9 experts available to answer questions)

Questions asked to this group

Seeking for anyone familiar with agricultural lighting technology

Hi, My name is Chen Huo, a phd student from Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. One of our industry partner, Green Energy Corp is seeking for researcher who is familiar with agricultural lighting technology. Please contact me if you know someone who does, and I would like to share more details. Best regards, and thanks for your time, Chen

Benton County OR greenhouse production lighting Posted over 2 years ago

production rate of algae fuel

what is the production rate of algae based bio diesel now days, please compare with petrol and diesel production rate

OUTSIDEUS engineering biodiesel algae biofuels Posted over 4 years ago

page errors

Hi there. I am trying to find the information I had seen previously about wind turbines for residential use and local installers. All the company pages I've tried through this database seem to be out of date and give errors. Can anyone direct me to any current information please? Thank you! Julie

CO wind power renewable energy small wind Posted over 4 years ago

Steam Turbine

9/25/2015 How much pressure will be required in PSI for a compressed air (instead of STEAM) For a turbine to produce 1 MW of Electricity?

OUTSIDEUS ag energy energy wind turbines Posted over 5 years ago

Off-the-grid sustainable farm

I have developed a sustainable farm that centers around biochar and bio-oil. I am trying to find a biomass machine that is small and mobile. I figure a machine that can process 1 ton of biomass a day would be enough to run the sustainable farm. I have been working with Kurt Spokas from the U of MN since 2009, I have developed a charge biochar that he ran tests on. Currently I have found a char machine from Biogreen-Energy in France and it appears you can control the temperature at which you produce the char or bio-oil but it uses electricity. Agri-THERM Inc. has a mobile char machine but I can't get a response from them. I also found a company, Cyclone Technology, that claims if it burns, their engines can run off it. I want to be able to produce bio-oils to use Cyclone's to power the sustainable farm. I also want the ability to produce quality charge at lower temperatures. Now if you add an aquaponics greenhouse system that can produce 25,000 lb. fish and fertilizer and 75,000 lb. produce, a biomass power plant that produces bio-oil, biochar, heat, and electricity, you have a sustainable off-the-grid farm. I am trying to make this farm a model as well as an education center. Any help you could give me would be wonderful.

Washington County MN alternative technologies and uses small farm issues ag energy biodiesel biomass combustion sustainability dimensions of farm energy biochar biofuels off-grid homestead power systems lrk Posted almost 6 years ago

I converted a 600W 24V MPPT controled wind Turbine back to 3 phase

I connected the 3 independent wires of the sator to 3 seperate cables then connected them to a Hybrid 3phase controller but it burnt out the controller after about 12hrs. I do believe the Wind turbine did not move as there has been no wind, I thought it was a faulty controller so I connected another but the same thing happened in about 5minutes....So what have I missed or done wrong????...I did test the Turbine with a meter after it was all put back together and all seemed fine, I got a reading when I turned the sator....Could I just put a 3 phase rectifier and then connect to a 24V solar controller, would that solve the problem???/...Many thanks in advance Clive

Outside United States alternative technologies and uses ag energy wind turbines Posted over 6 years ago

Wind speed increase

If a 5 mob wind enters a 3ft opening and exits a 1ft opening, how much will the wind speed increase?

wind power wind Posted over 6 years ago

biogas energy

1]There is a mathematical formulae to help estimate the amount of methane gas expected from a certain mass of substrate before stocking the digester; can you help me out with it?
2] Can you include the mathematical relation or formulae to use in sizing the digester, the gas holder and to know the daily amount of gas to be produce per day for a family of five.

Outside United States anaerobic digestion and biogas methane Posted almost 7 years ago

Biogas Energy

Use of activated carbon to help densify methane gas in terms of storage; so that large energy amounts can be transported in cylinders to a use site is a response I got in my quest for the possible ways of packaging biogas.
Can you throw more light in terms of how to generate the activated carbon and how to use it in densifying the methane gas produced.

Outside United States ag energy anaerobic digestion and biogas bioengineering methane Posted about 7 years ago

Feedstock for Biogas Energy

Can human excreta be used for biogas energy production? If yes, why? If not, why not?

Outside United States animal manure management ag energy anaerobic digestion and biogas Posted over 7 years ago