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Goats and covid

Can goats transmit covid19 to humans? Can humans transmit covid19 to goats?

New Castle County Delaware health and diseases livestock virus goats coronavirus covid-19 Posted 2 months ago

Goats and feed

Hello. I am feeding my goats hay but recently I have found some years hay is in short supply or very expensive. I read your article about whole grains and barley. How much whole barley can I feed a goat in ration to hay? I dont want to feed too much barley if it could be a problem

Outside United States Posted 3 months ago


Would activated charcoal help with binding the toxins?

St. Johns County Florida Posted 6 months ago

insect control

I was wanting info on the best/safest bug control for our goats. They spend time in our pasture and woods. We want to keep them bug clean especially ticks and lice.

Jefferson County Tennessee goats Posted 6 months ago

Pasture for dairy goat

I would like to plant a pasture for my three dairy goats to add nutrition to their diet and reduce our expenses for food. However whatever goats eat can change the taste of their milk. I live in Lincoln county, NV. I'm surrounded by alfalfa fields do I know that my soil can't be too terrible. My soil does seem to be very clay like. I found some goat pasture seeds online. It contains alfalfa, fescue grass, orchard grass, forage chicory, birdsfoot trefoil, sanfoin, red clover. Do you know how this will affect my goats milk taste? Would you recommend these in my pasture? What size pasture do I need for three dairy goats?

Lincoln County Nevada Posted 6 months ago

pasture rotation for goats

I struggled last year with a very high stomach worm load. My goats were on irrigated pasture and were not getting rotated. I have purchased the mesh, movable electric fencing and can now rotate them (total of about 3.5 acres of grass). I have a 200' x 200' pasture with 5 goats 1-9 years old. How long should I graze in one area? How long should I let that area rest before putting them back on? My plan is to grow the grass to above 3", let them graze it down to 3", then move them (maybe taking 1-2 weeks for this cycle to complete). But will this really help with my internal parasites, or is all this a waste of my time? I have been working with a local veterinarian on treatment as well, but they have been vague about pasture rotation to break up the parasite cycle. Thank you for your help.

Deschutes County Oregon Posted 6 months ago

Dairy goat eating sorghum seed

I have been feeding my Nigerian dwarf dairy goats sorghum grain that has been cooked in avocado oil for “popped sorghum”. I get the grains that didn’t pop. Similar to old maids left from popped corn. Is this okay for my goats to eat? They love it but I don’t want to cause harm to the rumen. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you in advance, Becky

Columbia County Oregon dairy goats goat health Posted 11 months ago

Zinc deficiency in goats

Could you please help me understand zinc deficiency in goats and supplement use as a treatment. Zinpro was recommended by my veterinarian. If you have any suggestions on where it could be purchased in Maine.

Piscataquis County Maine goats Posted over 1 year ago

Silver Lace Vine and goats

Is it safe to plant Silver Lace Vine around goats?

Montague County Texas Posted over 1 year ago

Udder Edema vs Mastitis

How do I know if my goat has edema or mastitis? She kidded 6 days ago but her bag is hard though giving a small amount of milk which is not clumpy or stringy. She kidded triples but has since lost two. I have been supplementing the remaining kid with 4 oz. twice a day. I don't want use mastitis drugs if not necessary. Please help. Thank you.

Becker County Minnesota Posted over 1 year ago