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Zinc deficiency in goats

Could you please help me understand zinc deficiency in goats and supplement use as a treatment. Zinpro was recommended by my veterinarian. If you have any suggestions on where it could be purchased in Maine.

Piscataquis County ME goats Posted 5 months ago

Silver Lace Vine and goats

Is it safe to plant Silver Lace Vine around goats?

Montague County TX Posted 5 months ago

Udder Edema vs Mastitis

How do I know if my goat has edema or mastitis? She kidded 6 days ago but her bag is hard though giving a small amount of milk which is not clumpy or stringy. She kidded triples but has since lost two. I have been supplementing the remaining kid with 4 oz. twice a day. I don't want use mastitis drugs if not necessary. Please help. Thank you.

Becker County MN Posted 6 months ago

Lilac leaves?

Our goats seem to like leaves of lilac and have not gotten sick so still not sure about the plants. My babies nibble on lilac leaves and I try to keep them from eating those leaves but still kids go back to lilac. It’s in their pen

Posted 6 months ago

Adopting Nigerian Dwarf Goats

I am wondering about some basic procedures on adopting some Nigerian Dwarf goats. I currently have three goats ( 2 female 1 male-all Nigerian dwarf). Tomorrow I plan on adopting three more from an unfit home. That being said I am concerned about bringing disease into a seemingly healthy herd. What are some important signs I should look out for when visiting the goats tomorrow? I have a quarantine area ready for them but I am unsure when I could merge them together. Are there behavioral things I should look out for as well when merging my herd? The new goats will be all three females ranging from a few months old to two years. Thank you for your help.

Weld County CO goats Posted 7 months ago

Learning about tube feeding goat kids

Hi, I read somewhere that, if tube feeding is necessary on pre-term or newborn kids, the tubed colostrum should go into the second stomach, not the first. What happens if it goes into the first? Is urination a sign that the kid could process the milk? Couldn’t find answers to this anywhere. Thank you for your time and expertise, Susanne

Navarro County Texas Posted 8 months ago

At what age should I vaccinate my Dwarf/Pygmy cross kid? Also the vial says...

At what age should I vaccinate my Dwarf/Pygmy cross kid? Also the vial says 2ml is that an adult dose or a dose for all sizes? Do I give a booster again a month later? Side question I live on the boarder of Preble and Montgomery county which office would I utilize for future questions? Thank you for this service.

Montgomery County Ohio Posted 9 months ago

Is there a way to tell if an animal has Cl or has just been vaccinate for the disease?

Could you tell me if there is a way to tell if a goat has been vaccinated for CL or currently has the disease if the health history is unknown and there are no current signs of the disease? I understand that both ways will produce a positive result and the breeder stock I am looking to purchase claims to be vaccinates. I would like to be as sure as possible, that I am not bring a sick animal into an unvaccinated herd that is clear of CL.

Somerset County Pennsylvania Posted about 1 year ago

Red sore on chest of two does

Hello, We have a small herd of 3 does and two of the does have developed a red patch on their chests within the last couple of weeks (please see images) - we’re hoping you could help us narrow down the condition - please let me know if you need any additional info from our co-op - thanks!

Multnomah County Oregon herd health goats Posted about 1 year ago

In search of Non Ultra Pasteurized Goats milk.

Good afternoon Mr. or Ms. I am a cheese maker and want to find where I can purchase GOATS Milk. I would like to find a person or persons to buy 2 gal. of Non Ultra Pasteurized milk. I live in Camden and cannot find anyone with 100 Miles. Thanks Joe

Kent County Delaware Posted about 1 year ago