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Is there a way to tell if an animal has Cl or has just been vaccinate for the disease?

Could you tell me if there is a way to tell if a goat has been vaccinated for CL or currently has the disease if the health history is unknown and there are no current signs of the disease? I understand that both ways will produce a positive result and the breeder stock I am looking to purchase claims to be vaccinates. I would like to be as sure as possible, that I am not bring a sick animal into an unvaccinated herd that is clear of CL.

Somerset County PA Posted 29 days ago

Red sore on chest of two does

Hello, We have a small herd of 3 does and two of the does have developed a red patch on their chests within the last couple of weeks (please see images) - we’re hoping you could help us narrow down the condition - please let me know if you need any additional info from our co-op - thanks!

Multnomah County OR herd health goats Posted 2 months ago

In search of Non Ultra Pasteurized Goats milk.

Good afternoon Mr. or Ms. I am a cheese maker and want to find where I can purchase GOATS Milk. I would like to find a person or persons to buy 2 gal. of Non Ultra Pasteurized milk. I live in Camden and cannot find anyone with 100 Miles. Thanks Joe

Kent County DE Posted 3 months ago

Goat kids

Do goat kids count with limit to amount of goats allowed in county?

El Paso County CO goats Posted 3 months ago


We have a 4 month old goat. We were told she was vaccinated for coccidiosis. We wormed here yesterday and she is lethargic and has diarrhea today. Should I use a sulfate drug on her to treat for coccidiosis

Erie County PA goats Posted 5 months ago

How to avoid problems with inbreeding in goats?

I have paid for 15 goats -- 13 females and 2 unfixed males for a mission in Rwanda, Africa. I know that at first, the females can be "exclusively bred" to one of the studs, and their "daughters" could then be "exclusively bred" to the second stud. But do you have a rule of thumb, that doesn't involve complex formulas, for when new studs would have to be added to the gene pool, to avoid problems with "inbreeding"? The extreme way to avoid inbreeding, I assume, would be to add a new stud for each successive generation out from the original parents. But is there a less costly way for the mission, while at the same time not too complicated to calculate, to keep it under control? Or should I just realize, that from the other side of the globe, the only thing I can really do to help, is transfer money for them to buy a new pair of studs periodically? I won't be able to keep track of how many generations have been born, so roughly how many years from now? I have included a picture of some of the goats (and their new owners) so you may be able to estimate their breed and the length of an average generation. Any suggestions you can provide would be appreciated.

Arapahoe County Colorado goats Posted 9 months ago

type of goat breed

hi, i seen your site and looked at lots of pictures but i'm still not certain what kind if goat i have, his name is bam bam and i have had him for many years and was just curious cause every one around here said they never seen a goat with horns like his. i didn't even know what to feed him so i feed him grass and hay grass in the winter and every evening he gets some alfalfa cubes and a little sweet feed not to mention sometimes a treat like carrots, apples and he seems to like the pizza crust too lol, same thing i feed the wild mustang horse i have and both of them stay healthy and never need a vet. i know your probably busy, but if you can respond it would help. thank you for any help you can give me. > >Pan /|\

Marion County Illinois Posted about 1 year ago

One of our two goats died--introducing new goat(s) to our surviving goat...

Hello, We had two 7-year old wether goats--a Nubian and an Alpine--and the Nubian died recently. The Alpine really grieved so much, and although he seems better now, we want to get another goat. We have the chance to get two baby goats--a Nubian and a Lamancha. The woman who has them suggested it would be better to get two instead of just one so that when our 7-year old passes away, we won't have the same problem. Here are my questions: 1. If we only get one baby goat, will it have a rough time assimilating with our older goat? In other words, is it true that we would be advised to get two more rather than just one? (Frankly, I'd prefer to have no more than two total, which is why I'm asking! These goats get so big, I guess because they're wethers.) 2. Is half an acre big enough for three big goats? 3. Any info about the Lamancha goats as far as temperament, health problems, adult size? (I don't know if generalizations can be made about the breed as far as temperament, but our Nubian who just died was the more aggressive one of the two goats; the Alpine who is still with us was always the sweeter, more gentle. 4. Our main goal for the goats is for pets but also to help keep our land clear of blackberries and brush. Is there a better choice for us that might be a smaller breed of goat? Or someone even suggested alpacas, but that is probably an expensive choice. Thank you, I'm really hoping to make an informed choice!

Lane County Oregon goats Posted about 1 year ago

Nutritive meat comparison (Beef VS. Goat)

I'm currently researching the non-ethnic perception and receptivity of GOAT meat versus cow meat. Would you have any recent related references?....studies, projects, experts, etc. Thank you.

Norton County Kansas goats Posted over 1 year ago

Hoof rot in goats

We had four goats for a few years, no problem with hooves. We bought 2 does about 3 years old. They were registered and looked healthy but we were ignorant about hoof rot. They brought it to our herd. We have been treating them but not very successfully. We may have to get rid of them all and start over at some point. Is there any help we can have from Linn county extension or perhaps OSU veterinarian school? We live in NE Albany

Oregon Posted over 1 year ago