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Our goal is to teach the homeowner how to live more safely in wildfire prone areas and provide current information to extension educators for use in their outreach programs. Specific goals include assembling, summarizing, developing and delivering educational materials related to:

  • Pre-fire actions that reduce the wildfire threat to homes and other property.
  • Homeowner actions when the wildfire threat is imminent, including information on evacuation and staying to defend your home.
  • Post-fire actions pertinent to homeowners and their property.
  • Social science aspects of implementing plans to reduce the wildfire threat to your home.
Relevant discipline areas include vegetation management, the fire resistance of building materials, extension education and social sciences.

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Questions asked to this group

Wildfire ashes +water = lye?

So someone has been saying that when ashes from the fires land in your pets water bowls they become toxic in the formation of lye, is this true? I mean of course I'm not going to chance it, but I just wonder if it is just a rumor.

Contra Costa County California Posted 6 months ago

Mowing a meadow for fire safety - is it necessary?

Do we need to mow our dry meadow for fire safety? Our homeowners' association in Camp Sherman has an 11 acre dry meadow with a community well. The soil is sandy alluvial silt, with very little structure or organic material. We have been annually mowing the grasses (mostly brome and some bunchgrass) each summer to reduce the risk of fire to houses adjacent to the meadow. Over the years, mowing has damaged the soil, and cheatgrass and maresail have moved in. The mowing also helps the weeds take over by spreading their seeds. To fight the weeds, we have drill seeded native bunchgrass seed, but would also like to stop mowing to help the grasses recover and combat the weeds. Is this creating a fire risk?

Jefferson County Oregon wildfire hazard wildfire Posted 6 months ago

Shady, hilly side yard erosion.

We moved into a house 2 years ago and have erosion on one side of our house. It is shady and we are looking for ideas on how to change th landscaping to correct this.

Washington County Minnesota landscaping shade gardening lawn and turf Posted 10 months ago

Fire caulking around penetrations needed for 1hr code or am i ok to mud n tape tite for 1hr code?

Do i have to firecaulk around penetrations thru drywall for 1hr code to pass inspection or is it fine to use mud n tape as long as its tight around pipes. As i did if you See pic attached youll see what ive done please let me know if im okay to pass inspection. If you know . very much appreciated and Thankyou for your time and consideration. God bless.

Pierce County Washington building construction Posted about 2 years ago

Rebuilding a Deck

Hello, The deck I'm re-building has some larger lumber 4x12 holding the deck up, cantilevered from the house, My main question is about the stairs: Doubled up 2" x 12" ea. side for stairs stringers, is there a rating system for structual beams under stairs or joists that could be assigned to a class A , B , C
Three sides of the house are standard stucco walls, a barrier between house and deck.
High fire zone. Any Ideas would be appreciated

Santa Cruz County California Posted almost 3 years ago

WHO helps wildlife after wildfires?

Oregon has had a horrible year with wildfires but I haven't heard ANYTHING about the wildlife or who is looking after them or helping the animals. Can you tell me WHO? I don't have a lot of faith in ODFW, who normally just checks for licensing for fishing and hunting. I don't see them rescuing animals!

Clatsop County Oregon Posted over 3 years ago

roof and wall air barrier/underlayment

I'm building a shed that has to be built of non-combustible materials. Concrete slab, fire treated studs and rafters, fire-treated plywood for wall and roof sheathing, HardiPlank siding and trim, asphalt shingles.
I would typically use Grace Ice and Water Shield on the roof sheathing under the asphalt shingles, and Tyvek on the wall sheathing under the HardiPlank. I need something like those to control water and air infiltration.
Both may be combustible, but are sandwiched between non-combustible materials.
Can I use those?
If not those, what can I use?

Norfolk County Massachusetts Posted over 4 years ago

Idea for reducing damage from wildfires

I have an idea on how to control wildfires and prevent much of the damage caused by unnatural fires. Where can i submit this idea and have it reviewed? Here is the basic concept http://fourthpower.weebly.com/fire-compass-project.html

Los Angeles County California wildfire Posted over 4 years ago

Attic Vents

Looking for Glenn Nader, U of C, Cooperative Ext, Yuba City, Ca Have info for him Re: attic vents & wildfire & evacuation Jack Norcross, SDFD

San Diego County California Posted almost 7 years ago

new wildfire suppression system to protect residential and commercial property

I am developing a new wildfire suppression system to protect residences, residential neighboorhoods and commercial properties. Is there anyone in your organization who could help me find resourses to fund the conceptual design and prototype build? Also does your organiztion work with Berkley's Center for Fire Research and outreach? Do you know anyone in that organization who works on residential protection? Especially interested with UC Berklie's colaberation with their counterparts in Australia. Thank you in advance for any assistance or information you can give you.

Chittenden County Vermont surviving wildfire fundraising wildfire Posted almost 8 years ago