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Will weight of a top layer of landscape rock affect a 4 ft. retaining wall?

We would like to cover a 100' x 12' front yard with a 1" layer of landscape rock. It is calculated to be 8 tons of 1" rock. We have a 4 ft tall retaining wall in front of the area constructed of slump block. Does the weight of the rock produce any outward force that might affect the structural integrity of the retaining wall? Currently the wall is in fine shape and is about 20 years old.

Pima County AZ Posted about 1 month ago

Saturated septic drain field.

I have a problem with drain field running back into the septic tank and rendering it useless. I have heard of a terralift approach that could fix my issue. They also suggest a aero stream unit be installed that claims to further enhance the terralift approach. I live in a low lying area, and have lived here for 32 yrs. Have never had this problem before. What are your thoughts on the terralift/aero stream unit approach? Thank you This problem could have started to develop last July. I had it pumped on 8/5/19. It was full again on 2/24/2020. I had it pumped again on 2/25/2020, and was full on 2/26

Clinton County IN engineering Posted 6 months ago

How to protect barrel tile openings from embers?

I have heard that barrel tile should be "covered" to prevent openings for embers to enter during a fire.
What I want to know, what is used, and where do I get it?

Marin County CA surviving wildfire before the fire Posted almost 2 years ago

radio wave spectrum analysis

We are making a robot for the bluegrass IKON category We hope to use radio wave either IR or Ultraviolet range can you lead me to any research ??

FM Posted about 2 years ago

jet well pump vs booster pump

The (old) pump in our well house (don't know how old. We moved in 3 year ago and it was already here) was going out. It was a 1 hp Grundfos pump. I ordered and installed a 1 hp Red Lion well pump to replace it. I share a well with the neighbor. He has the deep well pump and storage tank. After installation everything ran great for a while then the pump started short cycling. I reduced the flow to basically nothing from the feed line and the pump works pretty good but it still cycle occasionally. The pump feeds into the Water tech water softener then flows into the house. After doing a little bit more research I see that the Grundfos pump was a booster pump. Did I purchase and install the wrong pump and can I use the well pump or could there be other reasons for the short cycling. There is a spigot on the water line after the softener and right before it goes into the ground to feed the house. If I turn this on a little bit I can open the feed line a bit more and the pump runs very smooth.

Travis County TX Posted over 2 years ago

Water to the Atacama Desert

Solar updraft towers are now being used ( ). Why could one not use the following system to get moisture to deserts? Heat seawater with concentrated solar power. Have a huge black pipe (so sunlight will heat it) up the mountains to the Atacama desert with lower opening over the heated seawater and upper opening at the desert. this pipe will be like a solar updraft tower. This will bring moist air to part of the desert. When the air of the more moist desert cools at night dew or rain could form.

Outside United States engineering Posted almost 4 years ago

The NPT Chart and pipes

What was the reason the National Pipe Thread Taper chart was made for?

Were the numbers calculated to reduce the chance of a leak? Or was it to keep pipelines uniform throughout so the maintenance on them would be easier?

Outside United States plumbing Posted almost 4 years ago

convertible jet pump upgrade

I have a failed 1/2 hp double tube jet pump. Can I replace it with a 1hp without replacing the "jet assembly" down in the well? Same configuration,just a 1hp.

Chautauqua County New York engineering mechanical Posted about 4 years ago

Phone charger compatibility

Original charger for my phone doesn't work anymore (HTC Desire 820s) and I want to buy a new one. So I was wondering should I just make sure to buy a charger with same output V strenght or should I match the output A strenght? To be specific the output is 5V = 1.0A, so is it enough to just find 5V = anyA?

Outside United States engineering electricity Posted about 4 years ago

Marine engineering from Germany

I am currently in 12th. Should I do marine engineering from Germany or the country is just famous for automobile engineering and some other.I need to do a bachelor's degree in Marine engineering.Can you please suggest that will Germany be a preferable option.Do Germany have good universities for bachelor's degree in Marine engineering.

Outside United States science education engineering Posted over 4 years ago