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do expert in multiple technologies have future?

I am working as a software engineer and familiar with almost multiple technologies due to my designation so i am on the view that pakistan is under developing country so they do not know actually what does it mean to be expert in multiple technologies. their industry here say must be expert in 1 tool like you own suppose .net .I am not worried as i have more then 3 years experiance in .net but my question is that i am familiar with many other technologies at the same time like
pyhon , android , java , c++ , vhdl , linux , c# , vba , vb.net , php , wordpress etc so do i more bright have future at UAE or europe

OUTSIDEUS technology information technology Posted almost 4 years ago

DSLR camera

Im looking into getting my first DSLR camera. with so many options i have no idea where to begin. I will mostly be using the camera for capturing everyday photos. cottage, camping trips, life in general. also wanting to trying shooting some wilderness/nature pictures. (animals, plants that kinda thing) I am willing to spend about $1000. If anyone has any suggestions or can point me in the right direction that would be awesome.
I was looking at the nikon D5500, or D5300, or even any of the D300s. I just don't know if i wanna stick with nikon or maybe go to cannon.

OUTSIDEUS photography Posted over 4 years ago

Caddy for hard drives

I need to know if a caddy will protect my hard drive damaged by WATER if I put it in a new computer. Will this water damage short circuit my new one when active?

Jefferson County CO technology Posted almost 5 years ago

power dns configuration

hello how are you ...
power dns configuration authentication and recursive as example can i use it in normal way and add domin like example.int and the cash use simple file not rely database i know power DNS use SQl and other but i need only simple file .

thank you .

UM technology Posted about 5 years ago

TESVMDI Extension

Hi. All my JPG photos and images in my PC Converted to *.tesvmdi Formart and could not Run With any programs.
Old Format : Image.jpg
Current Format : Image.tesvmdi
I try to change Extension of this files to JPG , but it not worked and not opened with picture viewer or any other image program.
Please Help me To recover my photos. i cant see my images.

OUTSIDEUS technology software computer images Posted over 5 years ago

computer Related

sam is recently oppointed as the network addministator is a collage the collage has al most 500 computer intits lab.howere these wmpule are used isolalion which causes problem for the student are unable to use the printer and scanner is the lab there form the collage administration decides to get the get computer and other decluse in the lab connent is a net network for this sam has been assigent the task to setup a network of the computer and other decices in lab while setting up the network sam has to assign ip computer and other device identify the ip address class sam should are for asssigmig the ip address to the machine in lab examplain the ip address class

Daviess County Indiana technology Posted over 5 years ago