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Rock with Crystal?

Just trying to find out what kind of mineral crystal is in this rock? Or what is this for a rock in total? Thanks!

Autauga County Alabama Posted over 1 year ago


This is a very pointed question, not a broad question.
What I want to know is the correct form of reference to a species that
is in a SUBGENUS.
(For other species, I already know that the forms of reference are
Genus species or G. species
Genus species subspecies or G. sp. subspecies
Genus species var. varietyname or G. sp. var. varietyname
Genus species x. cultivar or G. sp. x. cultivar)

For reference to a species that is in a SUBGENUS, if form were
Genus subgenus species
it would be ambiguous with form Genus species subspecies.
The reference form that I do read
Subgenus species
is ambiguous with form Genus species.
And even when a reader happens to know in a given case
that Subgenus species is intended, she is left lacking of the genus.

Above, I wrote logically, correctly, carefully, and thoroughly;
so, if an expert does not understand, then please forward the question to
another expert who will be diligent.

Outside United States biology taxonomy nomenclature Posted over 3 years ago

Could that be a meteorite?

It was found on the beach between white pebbles. It is slightly magnetic.

Outside United States science education science meteorite Posted over 3 years ago

Mineral and rock identification

Hi and thanks for this service. Is this obsidian? I found it near Jackson , MS.

Harrison County Mississippi geology Posted over 3 years ago

Wouldn't a blackhole be non-directional?

In depictions of blackholes, they are always shown as being on a plane, like the surface of water that is being pulled down a drain. But space is three-dimensional, wouldn't a blackhole pull from all directions to some center point?
Although, now that I think about it, if you had two ships coming at each other, but with a blackhole between them they would both report that the classic drain/funell look was facing them. That no matter what "direction" you looked at a blackhole from, its mouth would always "appear" to be in front of you? So the classic depictions of them could still be visually true, but are misleading - leaving out info in favor of an easy to visualize image?

Jefferson County Washington science astronomy Posted almost 4 years ago

Which feels colder, exosphere, thermosphere or mesosphere?

I know the coldest temperatures on Earth are found in the mesosphere. I also understand the highest temperatures are in the thermosphere. However, I've learned that it is the friction of the elements/molecules that create heat. Since their are very few ele/mol in the thermosphere I understand how it can feel cold. Does this mean that the exosphere, thermosphere and mesosphere would all feel equally cold - on the skin? - in the body? Would the thermosphere cook us like a microwave?

Dauphin County Pennsylvania science meteorology atmospheric science Posted almost 4 years ago

Question about the Toplitzsee in Austria

I've learned on a documentary that Lake Toplitz in Austria has no oxygen below 20 meters. I've scoured the Internet and have confirmed this is true but have not found the answer I've been looking for. So I ask: What does that mean? That below 20 meters it's just a lake of hydrogen? As in H2 without the O? If that's the case wouldn't the hydrogen turn into a gas?

Dauphin County Pennsylvania science water Posted about 4 years ago

How do Tea-Bags change the color of eggs when Boiled?

How is it that the tea bags give the eggshell a different color when the egg and the teabag are boiled together.

Orange County California science Posted about 4 years ago


It’s a phenomenon called sonoluminescence. Sonoluminescence is a physical occurrence by which sound turns into light. Scientists have been trying for 70 years to explain it, but have had no success. No one has managed to explain how a bubble of air in water can focus sound to cause light, but it happens.
This was the explanation on a post on FB. I cant understand that no one knows this- If it is someone that can answer me in a easy to understand way, will I be a very happy girl. I cant stop thinking about that the thing here is not explainable--- my question to the post was like this: Can it be that the light travels faster than the sound in the water. We do know it happens a bang when a jet breaks the speed of sound...... Is this about opposite, That it creates light instead?

Outside United States science Posted about 4 years ago

Neurobiology Question

Draw an IV plot for a presynaptic voltage dependent Calcium Channel. Explain its shape and where it crosses zero current axis.

Suffolk County Massachusetts science Posted over 4 years ago