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Map@Syst is a community of practice devoted to the outreach and education for geospatial technologies and their application to today's world. The Map@Syst community provides information on using geospatial technologies and how geospatial technologies are making a difference in peoples’ lives. Map@Syst is responsible for the Geospatial Technology resource area within eXtension.

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GPS use in a cemetery

I would like to survey our cemetery for Grave Marker GPS coordinates at a minimum. Additionally, I would like to develop boundaries for the various graveyard lots, generally measuring 16'x 20' but with considerable variations in certain areas. A GPS unit accuracy of 3-5 meters probably isn't much better than Google Earth map. What would you suggest for a device with better accuracy but not reaching surveyor grade accuracy. For tombstones, I'd probably settle for 2' - 3' , but for lot corners I'd like to get within 1' if I could. I'm looking at handheld devices but am willing to look at more sophisticated devices, perhaps even a base station system. The cemetery has approximately 800 occupied graves. Thank you.

Iowa County IA Posted 9 months ago

Magellan Explorist 610 compatability with DNR garmin

I've previously used DNR GPS to download and manipulate waypoint information from a Garmin GPS, I now have a Magellan explorist 610 and would like to similarly manipulate GPS data but DNR garmin doesn't locate my new GPS, do I need an extension or do I have to use a different program. Even Google appears to have trouble with the Magellan.
Not sure maybe I have the settings wrong, just don't know and would prefer not to have to download another GPS program. Hoping you can advise, cheers Janet from Australia

gps gnss dnrgps Posted almost 2 years ago

vegetation spectral signature

Are there public databases of vegetation spectral signature by species?
like corn, or wheat or sugar cane or something like that.

OUTSIDEUS horticulture Posted almost 2 years ago

Unsupervised classification

Identify situations in which unsupervised classification is used.

OUTSIDEUS Posted over 2 years ago

placing a geographic location on Google Earth

What is the procedure for getting a placemark show on Google Earth when anybody opens the application and types in the unique name of the placemark?
I can create a placemark on a computer and navigate to it when I type the name in the search field. But when I enter the same unique name on Google Earth on a different computer, "we do not understand this location" is returned.

Does Google need to be contacted to put a location on the map?

VA Posted over 2 years ago

This is a test.

It is only a test

Rockingham County New Hampshire Posted about 3 years ago

Waypoints on goggle earth for weed control

We have a 500 acre goat operation located near Lowell, OR. The terrain is on the SW side of a large butte with pasture, Oak savannah and mixed forest. We have False Brome and have been trying to eradicate/control. We need help on figuring out how we can use our I phones and Goggle Earth to mark locations (waypoints), share with others on the ranch. I have researched various apps, searched the web but have not found much that really works. Do you have any information, resources or ideas that could help us? Thanks

Lane County Oregon technology gps Posted about 4 years ago

Which bands or channels these NOAA AVHRR satellite images involve?

This two satellite images from NOAA AVHRR (attached with the question), but frankly do not know which bands or channels exactly both images represent?! could you please tell me the band or channel that involved?

Outside United States Posted about 4 years ago

Can you open an mpk in ArcOnline?

I don't have ArcGIS on my computer

Massachusetts Posted over 4 years ago

How spectral signature in remote sensing changes with wavelength in case of water?

How spectral signature in remote sensing changes with wavelength in case of water?

Outside United States geospatial technology remote sensing Posted almost 5 years ago