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Questions asked to this group

about anthrax

Why anthrax also called wool sorter's disease?

NE anthrax Posted over 2 years ago

Earthquakes and rabbits

Where I live there are many earthquakes what id like to know if what precautions should I take if such thing were to happen

Riverside County CA earthquake Posted over 3 years ago

victims of drought

drought more than any other disaster chooses its victims Use examples to explain the meaning of this statement

OUTSIDEUS Posted over 3 years ago

Repairing roof rafters and ceiling joist

How do contractors repair or replace roof rafters and ceiling joist due to water damage

Harvey County KS Posted over 4 years ago

How to get fire smoke smell out of leather boots

How to get fire smoke smell out of leather boots

Mountrail County ND fire disaster recovery textiles leather Posted over 4 years ago

Developing a three county wide Community Organizations Active in Disaster

I would like to request any and all information that you can provide on helping me to develop a COAD that encompasses Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties. My name is Cheryl Stevens, and I am a Family Case Manager at Neighbors Of Watertown, Inc. I can be contacted by email at cheryl@neighborsofwatertown.com or by telephone: (315)782-8497 which is Neighbors Of Watertown, Inc. In advance, I thank you for any assistance and information you can provide.

Jefferson County New York Posted almost 5 years ago

how do we prevent floods

im doing an assignment and it asks me "how can people prevent a flood from occurring in the community". I really need to know in about a weeks time so i can answer this question correctly and i can get an 'A' on my report card THANKS

Outside United States science education flooding Posted about 5 years ago

Flood damage to home from golf course

We live in Riverhills Community in Little River, SC. The 8th green is above us and constantly sends water to our backyard when it rains. Since we moved here in May of 2015 we have been after the course to put in a berm as well as a ditch or French drain to contain their water. They attempted to fix the drain issue by putting in one drain but it drains a bit uphill and emptied out on the golf course grit which just filled in the drain with the first rain. With the past heavy rains we had water flowing in through the back wall of our home which was into three rooms. We were running two wet vacs, and at times of heavy flow, couldn't keep up with the flow into our home! The golf course hasn't responded to any of our calls, txts or videos of the three rivers off their course into our home. fTo add insult to injury on Tuesday morning they drained the sand traps on 8 which drained directly into our backyard once more! Then they were then able to open the course for play! Do we have any recourse for them to pay for these damages? The sheetrock, insulation and rugs have to be replaced as well as some of the contents which is already molding dispite our best efforts to dry it out. Is there a law in SC stating they are responsible for their water?

Horry County South Carolina floods housing disasters disaster recovery Posted over 5 years ago

Water assistance

Edwards Co/Rocksprings,Tx is fighting a 10-15,000 acre fire. Native animals are looking for water on our 265 ac. Is there any assistance from Texas A@M Extension Service for water troughs etc

Edwards County Texas disasters surviving wildfire texas Posted over 5 years ago

Will my sunflower plants recover from wind damage?

We have 14 acres of sunflower plants. From pictures, the sunflowers are down as if wind damaged. Will the sunflowers continue to grow normally?

Mercer County Kentucky sunflowers crop damage lrk Posted over 5 years ago