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Regular sickness is becoming a concern!

My girlfriend's two youngest, the youngest just turned 1year April 30th and the other child is 3. They attend daycare 3-4 days a week. The daycare has a five star review on Facebook, I don't personally know anything about the center or it's employee's. I realize kids are magnets for germs, and spread germs and sicknesses but these two girls are literally sick at least once a month, sometimes twice. We're really starting to get concerned. I was wondering what actions we should take to check the cleanliness of the center, how they clean, how often, cleaners used, etc. This center is in Kentucky by the way. Im Not out to smear the centers name or anything, just a concerned parent, plus all of these doctors doctors visits and medication are hurting our pockets. Any advice is welcome, and thank you!

Mercer County KY Posted about 1 year ago

Helping my child go potty

I was recently told that it was against the law to assist my daughter in the daycare bathroom. Is this true?

Sonoma County CA Posted about 1 year ago

Thrive by Five

Is Thrive by Five still an active and available program?

Do you have other/additional money matter/programs for older children?

How do I get this curriculum?

Wake County NC Posted about 1 year ago

Cleaning cots

What is the best method for cleaning cots in a preschool setting? Should I use bleach/water solution or commercial disinfectant wipes.

Ocean County NJ cleaning Posted over 1 year ago

Children are taking in pollution from the 25 years ice cream van

Hi my name is Basharath Hussain I live on Dennis rd. I have Concerns regarding HEALTH N SAFETY of 5 to 11 years children.the Ice cream is so old and he always comes 1 hours b4 and leave the ingine running for 2 hours. My concerns are the children are inhaling these fumes I believe this ice cream van is more then 20 years old. In later in life they health will be an issue PLEASE HELP ME TO SAVE THESE CHILDREN LIFES. MY TEL NO IS 07392349882. KIND REGARDS BASHARATH HUSSAIN 56 DENNIS RD BHAM B12 8BJ

OUTSIDEUS Posted over 1 year ago

My daughter is 8 years old she was diagnosed with ADHD. She will be attending...

My daughter is 8 years old she was diagnosed with ADHD. She will be attending a daycare center every other Saturday and Sunday only. Only 4 times a month. The daycare center is asking for her IEP. Do I have to provide it? The provider won't accept her if I don't submit the IEP. I offered the treatment plan but the director wouldn't accept it.

Monroe County Pennsylvania Posted over 1 year ago

Benefits of learning Centers

I am looking for a research base article that will support my assignment for the benefits of center base learning. I like the article, but I need to find out if this is a research base article. If so who conducted it, and where?
Thank you,

Dallas County Texas Posted over 1 year ago

How do i create a aftercare program for students with a disability after they leave a educational pr

Feed back on how to develop an effective aftercare program to yrack student for a year after they leave primary school.

Outside United States early childhood special needs and disabilities youth education afterschool programs early childhood education opening an afterschool program Posted almost 2 years ago

Struggling with making friends

My five year old granddaughter is struggling with the constant upheaval of Military life. My son-in-law is a career military man and my granddaughter is beginning to shut down emotionally when it comes to making friends. She says she doesn’t want to make new friends because she always has to say goodbye. I was wondering if there are any books and/or I could buy for her that address this? Thank you

Albany County New York Posted almost 2 years ago

Age appropriate

when would it be age appropriate for a child to draw what is being discussed.
If we are talking about water and sand, when would it be appropriate to ask them to draw a picture of a beach/water and sand and expect them to. Of three children aged 4/5 in my group today, 1 drew a picture of water and one drew a rainbow and one drew grass with smiley faces.

Kings County New York Posted almost 2 years ago