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Deceased Spouse Debt

I came across the MSU article titled "Are you responsible for the debt of your deceased spouse?" I noticed it was published in 2013. My spouse has a terminal disease and we live in MI. We talked about getting a divorce so the surviving spouse wouldn't be stuck with the huge medical bills that are piling up. A couple that we knew, who are mutual friends, did this very thing in order to save a family business from being held liable for the resulting bills. I have a couple of questions. 1. Is the law still in effect? 2. Would I be responsible for the medical bills? (treatments are being done in Indiana/we live in MI) Thanks for any help.

Cass County Michigan financial crisis death of spouse Posted about 1 year ago

Unsafe Home

Is there any group that helps make repairs to a 76 year old person's home that is in bad condition?

Floyd County Georgia Posted almost 2 years ago

Becoming an official caregiver for my mother

My 83-year-old mother now lives with my husband and I. A couple of years ago I quit my job of 15 years to care for her. She was recovering from her second total knee replacement surgery on the same knee and had complications. It has now become difficult for us to make ends meet on my husband's government job income alone. I need to go back to work to finance some of the costs of taking care of my mother. She only receives a few hundred dollars a month from social security benefits. On a given week she has anywhere from 3 to 7 health-related appointments and often has an appointment every day of the week. Someone informed me that she may qualify to have me become her caregiver officially and I may get financial assistance to do so. If we can make that happen I may be able to continue caring for her. The "salary" would help finance the cost of driving her to the many appointments and buying her health-related items not covered by her insurance. She receives both Medical (Medicaid?) and Medicare. I'd like to know how she/we can apply. I've tried looking for information but am overwhelmed. Any assistance we can get will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Los Angeles County California Posted about 2 years ago

In home childcare

I would like to know how to apply for a home health aide for young children ages 6 yrs and 3 yr old. Also how can I find support groups in Staten island.

New York County New York Posted about 2 years ago

Personal and Respite Care

i wanted to know if any branch of the military paid for respite and personal care services and if so how do i get family member signed up

Lowndes County Mississippi military families resources militaryfamilies respite care personal care Posted about 2 years ago

How tobecaretaking for my sister 66 yrs old she has heart failure just had stints put in both legs c

My sis is 66 yrs i move her me for since 2008 her health has gotten worse i work to make ends meet how do i can get get help to be her caretaker i take time off from work for her surgery and any needs dr appts etc.. help

Hamilton County Tennessee Posted over 2 years ago

Alcohol urinalisis for probayion

I consumed 2 cans of Miller with my lunch on Jan 24 On Jan 25 I have a mandatory urine test for probation my p.o.called and said I tested positive for alcohol how is that possible

Adams County Colorado Posted over 2 years ago

False positive

I just tested positive at work for amphetamine s. I take caffeine pills, omeprazole,rantitine, and goodies powders. All four are in excess. But thats it. No illegal anything. How the hell is this possible?!!! Please help

McMinn County Tennessee Posted over 3 years ago


Does Georgia allow for parents of disabled minor children to be paid for caring for their child? If so, how can I contact the correct agency & ask the correct questions to get the funding?

Forsyth County Georgia Posted almost 4 years ago

False positive on drug test

My girlfriend recently was trying to adopt her grandchildren. Part of the process was drug testing.Her urinalysis showed positive for methamphetamine. She does not use meth and to her knowledge she hasn't been anywhere that she could have been exposed.She asked for a gc/ms validation test but family services refused. Her own lawyer would not mention false positives in court . He told her there is absolutely nothing that will cause a false positive for meth. Everything I have read says different.I hope you can answer this question about false positives. Thank you

St. Francois County Missouri family caregiving Posted over 4 years ago