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removing dried latex paint from clothing

Hello. Is there any way to remove dried latex paint from a black 95% polyester / 5% elastante article of clothing?

Washington County OR textile care Posted almost 3 years ago

How to cleanse a back brush?

If I were to buy a plastic bristle back brush with a plastic handle, how would I cleanse it? Could I use it for years if I keep it clean? If the best cleansing method for a back brush like this would be Clorox, what dilution strength would I use? Would using a spritzer spray and then rinsing it work, or would I need to soak the bristle head? I know that in the kitchen of a church space we used to rent, the dishes were washed by hand, and the health dept. required only a tiny bit of Clorox in the dishpan -- like a tablespoon???

Multnomah County OR household cleaning Posted over 4 years ago

tennis shoes soaked with tiki fuel

I had a gallon of tiki torch fuel in back of my car. It got a hole punctured in it and it soaked into one of my 160$ tennis shoes.....can I save them?

IN Posted about 5 years ago

color transfer

I'm in the furniture business and have a customer we sold a purple velvet sofa to. After 5 years the purple color is rubbing off onto their clothing. We have sprayed fabric protector on a cushion hoping it would seal it but the color is still rubbing off onto a white towel. The customer told us they had covered the sofa with a sheet for 5 years before removing it, then discovered the color rubbing off.

Merced County CA textile care family and consumer sciences fabric Posted about 5 years ago

How can I get rid of a weird smell in the washing machine?

Hi, There is a weird smell in my washing machine. I used to think there was a dead mouse stuck in a pipe or something. Now my clothes come out smelling of garlic. My detergent is scent-free. What type of repair do I call for a problem like this? Thank you!

Cook County IL textile care home repairs front page Posted over 5 years ago


I need help buying a replacement serger, I have a Janome 4-thread now. I want to spend around $800. The different brands are confusing, go with the name or the price or the reputation? Thanks Louise Dianto

Volusia County Florida textile care Posted over 5 years ago

Homemade Laundry Soap

Some colleagues teach money saving homemde laundry soap recipes for limited income audiences because laundry detergent can be expensive for large families. It consists of 1 bar of ivory soap, 1/2 cup washing soda, 1/2 cup borax power and water. I have called several washing machine companies and no one is on board who can answer my question. I would assume this product would not be good for a washer designed specifically for (he) high efficiency detergents........... but would it be harmless on washers that aren't designed for he detergents? Thanks so much for your help! Barbara Hughes

Seminole County Florida textile care textiles Posted over 6 years ago

Looking for "Peggy Janes," a type of clothing

Hello--I was reading a book published in 1922. The young heroine found a trunk full of clothes, including three pairs of Peggy Janes (which would have made her Aunt Edie shriek with laughter). I cannot find any references to an article of clothing called a Peggy Jane. Can anyone help? Thank you very much.

Harris County Texas textile care Posted over 6 years ago

How do I launder jeans that had gasoline spilled on them?

What can help clean and remove odor from jeans that have had gas spilled on them?

Ramsey County Minnesota textile care front page Posted over 6 years ago

How to remove aphid honeydew on a finished piece of wood furniture? I don't...

How to remove aphid honeydew on a finished piece of wood furniture? I don't want to hurt the finish.

Ventura County California textile care insect issues clean-up and recovery Posted over 6 years ago