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Cracking my figure skin

From 3 days I notice my hand figure skin has been cracking . & I feel so uncomfortable it is very rough to touch like that its bleeding any time . I just want to know why this happen ? Is I'm going vitamin deficiency or sometime else ? Every night I use regular lotion or veslin bt nothing happen

Outside United States Posted 7 months ago

Solutions to Antibiotic Resistance

My understanding of the role of antibiotics is to kill or prevent reproduction of bacteria that are susceptible to the killing/sterilizing mechanism of the antibiotic. Resistance stems from the survival of bacteria that has encountered a specific antibiotic or has been passed genetic information from other bacteria that has encountered said antibiotic. If, in essence, survival of the fittest bacteria is causing antibiotic resistance, has anyone tried enhancing the survivability of bacteria with less harmful characteristics? Would selecting for harmlessness to humans (or animals), which eliminates the use of antibiotics and therefore bacteria death, be effective in reducing resistance and harmful bacterial health effects? Just curious.

Clark County Nevada Posted almost 2 years ago

Deer Stone saved my Grandfathers life.

Why is this so hard to believe? My Grandfather was bitten by a rattle snake when my Mother was a young women. He went out to the wood pile to get wood for their cook stove. While there he was bitten by a rattle snake on the arm. My Grandmother had a "Deer Stone" her Mother had given her. Her Mother was married to "Old Bill Williams", a famous Mountain Man. My Grandmother applied the stone to the bitten area, then bound it with a cloth. The next morning, my Grandmother removed the bandage and stone. Then placing the stone in a basin of water, my Mother said the stone released a "Green Foam". My Grandfater was quite ill of course, but he servived. My Great grandmother was of the Ute tribe. I wish I had that same stone.

Yuma County Arizona Posted over 3 years ago

Covered California vs. MediCal

Hello there, I currently have health insurance through Covered California with subsidies; it's a pretty good PPO plan with Blue Shield. Now I got a letter, stating that I might qualify for MediCal and I'm wondering what the differences are. Is this more restricted than what I currently have? (like an HMO) For instance, when I signed up for CoveredCa I was told to get a PPO plan, otherwise it would become a headache, as a lot of doctors reject Obama Care. I'm aware that MediCal is free but at the same token, I want to make sure that I somewhat get the same kind of coverage. I read that there are different MediCal plans (?) Don't really understand the system. If I could get some pointers, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Los Angeles County California health insurance medicaid Posted over 3 years ago

Human/bagworm contact

Can a bagworm actually live inside the human body. I acquired morgellons disease this past october. I think i got it from messing with a tree that has bagworm on it,im almost positive. What falls from my body appears to look like dead flat bagworms with silk string attached

Posted almost 4 years ago

physical reaction from a neutral stimulus that had been conditioned to you by yourself

classical conditioning proves that a neutral stimulus can cause a physical reaction, but that is only when it is done to someone who is not aware of the "unreal connection" beween the neutral stimulus to the unconditioned stimulus(the object or thing that causes the physical reaction), is it possible to create a physical reaction in your own body by sensing the neutral stimulus(that you yourself created with full awareness) which appeared everytime when the unconditioned stimulus caused physical reaction in your body. This does not have to be only as a result of a conditioning, my question is in general whether it is caused by EMOTIONAL MEMORY or anything else that might trigger a physical reaction by a neutral stimulus, For example : if i am getting scared repeatedly for a very long time and at the moment of my frighten or scare I will pull out of my pocket an object with a strong smell and sniff it, will my body react the same or similar when i will smell the object in a calm enviorment(i am not getting scared nor fearing anything). according to that example , my main question of the physical reaction is the release of adrenaline and cause of stress by the smell of the object

Outside United States Posted almost 4 years ago

health and exercise

why must i execersize and workout? what will happen if i dont, what pros and cons of visiting the gym and excersing???

Outside United States human health Posted almost 5 years ago

Foot cramps after

I get cramps in my feet and legs after eating rice, potato chips and grapes.its worse when I lay down or sit/drive..
I've gone to the Dr.,blood tests were fine .I can eat a candy bar, tortilla chips,Cheerios, bananas, no problems.

Cook County Illinois human health Posted almost 5 years ago

High School Athletes and Creatine

I am looking for resources to educate high school students on healthy ways to build muscle without using supplements such as Creatine.

Jackson County Indiana human health Posted almost 5 years ago

Glucose transfer to fetus

How is Glucose transfered from mothers blood to a fetus?

Outside United States human health Posted almost 5 years ago