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Diet for an Athlete in training

I've been trying to correct my diet and approach to nutrition as a whole to improve the results from my training and Aesthetic and through reading and talking with some a relative who is a dietician, I've been looking into changing to a more plant-based lifestyle. Would this change have a negative effect and or even a more positive effect on my training regimen and how my body would respond to the physical training? Any information would be appreciated. Thank you!

Prince George's County Maryland Posted almost 2 years ago

B-lactoglobulin Wheat and Soya Bean Intolerance


Recently I was diagnosed with a wheat, Soya Bean, and B-lactoglobulin Intolerance. I often am bloated with gas after eating different kinds of diary but some foods as well. In today's society, what are the foods I would need to avoid having these intolerances? I am assuming diary or any lactose foods would be out of the question but as far as wheat or Soya Bean it appears that most foods have these ingredients even trace amount? How can a person eat but also avoid consuming these three ingredients? It's very difficult when I enjoy cheese, diary, cereal etc. I have tried the Lactaid brand or Lactaid tablets but not much success. I also started a pre, pro, and postbiotic tablet daily that seems to help alot but I don't want to be causing damage to my digestive tract if I am consuming any of these 3 ingredients. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated and helpful. Thank you.


Westchester County New York Posted almost 2 years ago

Online grocery ordering and nutrition

are there any resources for me to make more knowledgeable decisions about food and nutrition with on-line grocery ordering -- are there apps or other resources I can use when ordering that will give me information about the best foods to order and how to prepare them?

New York Posted over 2 years ago

Nutritional guidance for veganism

My family would appreciate nutritional guidance for veganism.
(1)(a) general guidance for adults (male and female) and
(b) also specifically for pre-natal and lactating women and
(c) also and weaning infants.
(2) We are aware that nutritional supplementation will be required: what supplementation is recommended and in what quantity per day?
(3) We have read conflicting information that "vegan" supplements (specifically, Vitamin D, and DHA/EPA omegas) - it seems they are marketed as "vegan" but are constituted from animal sources - while we understand that true veganism may be an impossibility, and are willing to supplement with these, we would like to know if there are truly "vegan" sources for all the supplements?
(4) What is the best way to avoid high cholesterol through veganism: one of us has developed high cholesterol despite a long-term practice of veganism.
(5) Finally, we have completed higher education, and feel competent to request references to textbooks used at CSU's introductory classes to nutrition for further technical self-instruction, or a reference to any free or low-cost online classes or resources CSU offers in nutrition.
Thank you.

Mesa County Colorado human nutrition Posted over 3 years ago

Fat soluble vitamins


I've read your article at; as I've been looking for an answer to the question: How does one flush the excess fat soluble vitamin from the body? Is there a natural substance, such as olive oil, that would carry the excess out of the body quicker?

Thanks for your time,


Harford County Maryland human nutrition human health Posted about 4 years ago

Will dried lemon powder trigger acid reflux?

Due to acid reflux, I cannot have anything with lemon juice. If I cook with lemon powder, would it be less of a trigger? In other words, does it have the same acid content?

Los Angeles County California human nutrition cooking Posted over 4 years ago

Fatty acid profile

send me Standard methods for the examination of fatty acid profile using Liquid Chromatograpy and gas chromatography.

Outside United States human nutrition human health Posted about 5 years ago

effect of sugary syrup eating on human

if a person eat sugary syrup then what happens on that persons body

Outside United States human nutrition nutrition Posted about 5 years ago

Vitamins and minerals

What is the current thought on the need to take vitamins and minerals on a daily basis?

Sonoma County California human nutrition human health Posted about 5 years ago

cooking new potatoes

I have potato plants that are beginning to turn brown & fall over. There is a fairly good crop of red & white potatoes 1"-2" in diameter. Please give advice on cooking.


Albert Sanders

Bexar County Texas human nutrition fruits and vegetables Posted over 5 years ago