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green beans turned reddish brown

My green beans turned reddish brown at the cut ends as well. Is there a way to prevent this when canning?


Outside United States home food preservation Posted 3 days ago

Sour pickles

I'm curious to know if you can make sour pickles in a crock and have them be safe or is another method recommended??

Maine Posted 5 days ago

Bubbles/air in canned tomatoes

Canned tomatoes in their juice. Added 2 tablespoons lemon juice and 1/8 teaspoon salt to each jar. Removed bubbles before sealing. Hot water bath processed for 1 hour 25 minutes as per ball blue book. All lids sealed. Why do some of the jars have bubbles. Are the jars safe ? I can’t bring the jars to the extension as I work during your hours. Appreciate this forum. Thanks.

Erie County New York Posted 8 days ago

Separated applesauce

I have another question about the separated applesauce. I don't have a microwave, but now I am thinking that you could also make the sauce by baking it? And perhaps adding less water if you make it in the stovetop?

Sonoma County California Posted 12 days ago

Forgot to add vinegar to my salsa

I've seen a few questions and and answers about when you forget to add vinegar or another acid to your salsa you are canning - which is totally what I did with one batch of 7 quarts. I'm wondering if you've cooked it a certain way, or have certain ingredients, botulinum won't grow. My salsa includes green peppers, banana peppers, onions, zucchini, black olives (from a can), black beans (from a can), corn, tomatoes (from a can), and half a large container of Mrs. Wages medium salsa seasoning. All goes into an 8 quart slow cooker on high for 6-8 hours. Lids get heated and salsa put into quart jars, lids and tops screwed on. Then immediately into a boiling water bath - 25min for quarts and 15min for pints. Good seals on all. This was on 8-12-19. Are you basically screwed lol regardless or how its prepared or what goes in and should dump it all out? Or can I save it?

Cerro Gordo County Iowa home food preservation Posted 14 days ago

canning tomatoes

why do I have clear liquid in the bottom of my tomato jars when done canning?

Oneida County New York Posted 17 days ago

Steam canner questions

Hello, I follow you guys on fb and am hoping you might be able to clarify a couple of things with the multi-use steam canner, specifically for using the steam function. I know the recipes must be high acid, follow approved times, etc. 1) the box says it fits 8 pints but I can easily get 10-11 on the included rack, can I do that or do I have to stick to only 8 jars? 2) there is enough headroom to triple stack 4 oz jars or double stack 8 oz ones, would that be allowed? Thank you so much!

Sarasota County Florida food preparation Posted about 1 month ago

Freezer door found open

My husband discovered our freezer door cracked open last night. It appears that an extension cord running past it to our camper was tugged and pulled the door open. It has been days since we were in the freezer so no way of knowing exactly when this happened. The freezer is in our garage and we are in full summer weather over here. 90ish. When he discovered what happened, he checked the contents (a fresh side of beef and a little pork) and found most of it still frozen. The ice build up on the top (older freezer, not frost free had some ice build up since the last defrost) had melted and the bottom half of 4 packages of ground beef had thawed and those 4 had began to bleed out and onto a row of ground pork below it. I did not get to examine the contents until it had all refroze but he insists that he dug around and everything else was still frozen and only the bottom half of those packages had thawed. Are we safe to throw those 4 packages out and keep the rest?

Spokane County Washington Posted about 1 month ago

Canning beet relish with stevia

Can I can my beet relish with beet relish with stevia and will it change the taste?

Wise County Virginia Posted about 1 month ago

Limp pickles

If a women on her mensural period takes a pickle from the jar with her fingers, is it true that the whole jar of pickles will turn soft.

California pickles Posted 2 months ago