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Commercially canned applesauce gone bad?

I had a few store bought cans of applesauce that had a "best used by" date of 09/2019. When I opened one of the cans, there was a thick, pink, mushy substance around part of the inside of the can, from the top to the bottom of the can. I opened the other two cans and they had the same thick, pink, mushy substance on one side of the inside of the cans
What is this substance? Is it mold? I wasn't sure if the applesauce had gone bad, so I put it in the garbage.

Utah County Utah Posted 3 months ago

pressure canning chicken soup

I'm new to pressure canning. My first attempt was chicken soup. I could the chicken soup and then tried to can it but it came out overcooked. The water looked dark brown. Do I need to put everything in the jars raw?

Can you suggest something to pressure can as a starting point? thanks so much

California Posted 3 months ago

Canning in oil

I canned dried sausage in salt and olive oil ten years ago. No mold or visible signs of deterioration. I recently opened a glass canning jar. Sausage looked and smelled the same way it did ten years ago. I tasted a very small piece. It tasted like it was fresh. Is this safe to eat.
thank you, Ron

Oswego County New York Posted 3 months ago

Cookies with cream cheese

I made no bake cookies woth cream cheese in them. Do they need to be refrigerated? They have not been baked

Oakland County Michigan Posted 4 months ago

Preserving Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

Hello, I am brewing cold brew coffee concentrate and would like to water bath can it to preserve it. Do you you know if this is safe to do? Also how will it effect the flavor and other general coffee attributes?

New York Posted 4 months ago

White spots

Is it safe to eat the fruit (nut) with these white spots?

Greenville County South Carolina Posted 4 months ago

Ph Levels, Using homemade recipes for canning

My question is about canning my own recipes. I know the Ph threshholds for water bath canning, high ph v. low ph and when to use a pressure canner, etc. I am havnig trouble finding the answer to my exact question, however.

Can I just test the Ph of my food (my own recipe) and use that to determine if it is safe for canning? I would think I could wait 24 hours after processing, once the food has sat at room temp. and do a test of the product? Follow-up Question: If a pressure canner is what is used for low acidic foods because of the higher processing temperature, couldn't I just always use a pressure canner to process homemade recipes?

All the information I have found states if the Ph is x than it is not safe for water bath canning, and also, "Always use a science-backed recipe for safe canning." My deductive reasoning is wondering then, if a pressure canner is used for recipes not safe for water bath canning, then why can't I use my pressure canner if there is any question of Ph or safety? And finally, if I must always use someone else's recipe so that it is tested and true ("science-backed"), then what is the point of preserving my own food?

Alameda County California Posted 4 months ago

Is i t to late to eat ham. It's been in frig since thanksgiving. rug since...

Is i t to late to eat ham. It's been in frig since thanksgiving. rug since thanksgiving.

Montgomery County Ohio Posted 4 months ago

Clear gel

Hi. I see clear gel can be used for fruit pie fillings. Can it also be used if making any canned recipe that I would like thicker? For example beef in red wine sauce or Thai sauce?

Also, do you test home canning recipes? If I have a favourite recipe I would like to have tested to be able to safely can?

Outside United States Posted 5 months ago

Pressure Canning Seal failures

Oh my. I have had way to many loads with more than 50% failure during the seal process. I have a caner in Arizona and a Caner in Alaska. When I pressure can using the same exact process in Alaska I have almost a 100% seal success rate. When I can in Arizona sometime half my jars dont seal. Help!! Is it my lids, is it my Caner, is it my heat source what on earth is happening and why such a difference

Pima County Arizona home food preservation Posted 6 months ago