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Tests strips

Is there any tests strips to check for botulism in your canned food before you ingest it.

Virginia Posted 2 days ago

Re-canning from A #10 can

Is it possible to re-can from a #10 can of sausage gravy into pints canning jars?

Lorain County Ohio home food preservation Posted 3 days ago

rubber ring

my rubber ring has chewed looking marks all around it after canning 2 batches of chicken seal was replaced this year should i just replace the ring and what have I done wrong. 10 lbs for 90min well 10-12 lbs

Madison County Indiana Posted 5 days ago

Forgot to add lemon juice

Hello, I remembered that I didn’t add lemon juice to my canned salsa. It has been 36 hours since processing. Is it safe to add the lemon juice and reprocess. All jars were sealed and popped accordingly when I opened them

Jefferson County Colorado Posted 7 days ago

Forgot the vinegar in my salsa

I forgot to put the vinegar in my salsa and I have hot water canned them. They are sealing are the ok to eat.

Champaign County Ohio Posted 9 days ago

Unsealed jars

Jars boiled over...1" headspace, clean rims. Do I need to screw rims real tight? Is it possible to process too long? Tomato/veg sauce pints 50 min. I've had success in the past. Not new at this

Lackawanna County Pennsylvania Posted 14 days ago

Tomato chili sauce

I made some tomato base chili sauce and after processing air bubbles formed on top of the sauce in the jar. Is this safe to eat?

Sarasota County Florida home food preservation canning home canning troubleshooting canning problems Posted 18 days ago

Cold Packed Tomatoes

Although I have been canning for a few years now, yesterday I cold packed for the first time. I canned chopped tomatoes in pint jars, adding both salt and lemon juice to each jar. I filled the jars to the top with the tomatoes, sealed and hot water bathed for 40 minutes. The tomatoes settled in the jar and did not produce enough juice to cover them and left about an inch of space between the top of the tomatoes and the lid. All jars sealed. Should these be safe for storing to be used at a later date?

Erie County New York Posted 20 days ago

Green beans processed in a pressure cooker instead of a pressure canner

I canned my garden green and yellow beans using a pressure cooker fot 20 mins. before I realized that a pressure cooker/canner should be used instead. The canned jars all look good after a month and a half but I am unsure if they are safe . I also canned my peas for 40 mins. In the pressure cooker . Can I reprocess them in the new pressure cooker/canner I bought or should I boil the contents before consuming or toss them all. I have around 20 pints.

Outside United States canning pressure canning Posted 25 days ago

Dill pickle bath

Dill pickle bath do you have to use a pressure cooker for the bath or can you use a large pot and boil them in that

Suffolk County New York Posted 27 days ago