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Canning beet relish with stevia

Can I can my beet relish with beet relish with stevia and will it change the taste?

Wise County Virginia Posted about 19 hours ago

Limp pickles

If a women on her mensural period takes a pickle from the jar with her fingers, is it true that the whole jar of pickles will turn soft.

California pickles Posted 3 days ago

Bad Strawberries

Picked strawberries around 11:45am today and left them in a bag in the car. I got home several hours later and noticed that they were soft, mushy and it looked swollen and spoiled. Since i picked it earlier from the tree itself, is it safe to eat? I was planning to store them in the freezer and use it to make smoothies since they kinda gross to eat.

New York County New York Posted 19 days ago

underbaked cakes and too sweet cakes

can day old underbaked angelfood cake be saved

Queens County New York Posted 3 months ago

Is maple syrup mold harmful?

I’ve heard that the mold that sometimes grows on the surface of maple syrup isn’t harmful, and that one can simply pour the syrup through a coffee filter to remove it. Other people say that you should throw out the syrup and buy a fresh bottle. Which is right, and if filtering works are there any other steps one should take to slow the reappearance of mold? Would heating the syrup to a certain temperature help? Should we store our syrup in the refrigerator?

Baltimore County Maryland Posted 4 months ago

Cowboy candy

Can I use stevia for sugar in canning cowboy candy jalapenos. I eat keto and I just love cowboy candy. It calls for 6 cups of sugar. If it would work would you be able to tell me how much stevia to use? Thank you so very much Yvonne

Mercer County Ohio food preparation Posted 5 months ago

Refrigerate Cream Cheese Cookies?

I made cream cream cheese cookies, it has a graham cracker crust like cookie with a dimple in it and then filled with a filling containing cream chees, egg yoke, vanilla, and sugar and then baked. The only information I could that seemed relevant was in regards to a recipe where the cream cheese was in the cookie itself, not in a almost gelatin like filling. I'm not sure if these need to be refrigerated. I would like to ship some to a relative but I'm not if that's a good idea.

Cass County Missouri Posted 7 months ago

Home canned meat

How long will home canned meats last in the pantry

Maricopa County Arizona Posted 7 months ago

Bugs in flour

Used flour in pantry to bake cookies, when we got to the bottom of the container of flour it was full of small bugs. Are the cookies that we baked edible?

Erie County New York Posted 8 months ago

Cooking a turkey at high altitude in a electric roaster oven

How long would I cook and a 19 pounds turkey in a roaster oven when I live at 7500 feet elevation

Fremont County Colorado Posted 8 months ago