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Canning date jam ???

ME food safety home food preservation Posted 12 days ago

frozen pumpkin- can i eat it?

My pumpkin just froze. It is now very soft. Is it o.k. to cook it & freeze it for further use?

Chenango County NY food safety Posted 2 months ago

canning pickled beets

I make pickled beets with equal parts water and vinegar. Every recipe for canning them calls for more vinegar. Can I can them in a pressure canner with equal parts? If so, how long at what pressure? If not, and I use the extra vinegar with water bath and dilute them after opening will that successfully mellow the beets? Is it possible that equal parts will safely acidify the beets?

Baltimore County MD Posted 2 months ago

Using Elk Hooves in bone broth

I make a bone broth once a week and have read you should use feet and hooves in the broth for the added collagen. Even though we always buy our animals from local farms the butcher's around here do not save the hooves. I've read in other parts of the world the feet and hooves are used in certain dishes. Recent;y my husband went on an Elk hunt and he brought home 16 Elk hooves from camp for us to use in our broth. Any thoughts on this? I can only find a few websites that promote the use of hooves in broth. I don't want it to taste like glue :( Thank you, Darcy

Multnomah County OR home food preparation Posted 3 months ago

Pressure canned apples

All my jars of pressure canned apples leaked causing 1/2 the jar to be empty
Can i keep them this way, are they safe to use?

New York County NY Posted 3 months ago

Home garden tomatoes. pressure canned.

Hi, My question would Pressure canned tomatoes from my garden in 2014 be safe to eat. The look perfectly good in the jars. Not sure if i should toss them out or eat them.

Massachusetts Posted 3 months ago

Lost pressure

I have a graniteware 20 quart pressure canner and have been using it for 3 years. This is the first year I've used it this much. I was canning acorn squash in qrts it had 10 minutes left to go and the weight started to slow with its jiggling. The gas stove was still on but it stopped jiggling after about 7 minutes. I have no idea what went wrong and if the squash will be edible after it all cools down. Please advise.

Brown County Wisconsin Posted 3 months ago

Acre peas

For about 4 years I canned white acre peas without any problems. For the 2 years prior when I can them their seals have come undone. What could be happening? I have lost a bit of money and time in this process.

Columbia County Florida Posted 3 months ago

Spaghetti sauce

Mom and I have canned this recipe for years always in a pressure canned. Is there any reason it could not be just processed in a water bath?

Buchanan County Iowa Posted 4 months ago

Adding bacon to habanero jelly

Can you add bacon to habanero jelly and process safely

Franklin County New York Posted 4 months ago