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This group focuses on environmental stewardship topics related to animal agriculture (which is a nice way of saying we talk about manure a lot). We have a monthly newsletter or you can find us on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.  We have experts representing nearly every state ready to assist you with your question.

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Questions asked to this group

Struvite From Human Waste?

Hello! I ran across this site while doing some research on soil.

My question is the following:

Is it possible to make struvite from human waste? I've ran a cross the process of making struvite from livestock manure but I wanted to know if that process could be duplicated with human waste instead. Thank you!

Johnson County Kansas Posted over 1 year ago

Livestock gas emissions

Do horses emit greenhouse gases? How much per individual compared to cows?

Horry County South Carolina Posted about 2 years ago

Farrowing pigs and chickens

With the whole bio security issue can farrowing pigs / piglets and chickens live in the same barn through the winter safely together or is there a possibility of One getting ill?

Dane County Wisconsin poultry swine health chickens Posted over 2 years ago

CERCLA and EPCRA Reporting Requirements

I am teaching a course in Agriculture Waste Management at South Dakota State University and the 52 students want to know:

  1. What is the latest reporting requirements for CERCLA AND EPCRA?
  2. What size of livestock or poultry operation is required to report?
  3. How is the report submitted (to whom and how often)?
  4. What reporting form is to be used?
  5. What is the best spreadsheet estimator for ammonia and hydrogen sulfide from a livestock or poultry operation?

Codington County South Dakota Posted about 3 years ago

Application of feedlot manure to certified organic farmland

We have a 35 acre tract of farmland that we just got certified. Can I apply feedlot manure to the field from a feedlot that is NOT ORGANIC?

Also can I make compost that will be applied to the field with manure that does not come from an organic operation. Can you recommend any reference material or educational material that would help me learn about the do's and don'ts of organic crop growth and management?

Rio Grande County Colorado Posted about 3 years ago


We are a mexican company located in a place named as La Laguna in the states of Durango and Coahuila.

We finished the construction of an AD in Mexico one year ago, we desgined it and we built it. We installed a 2 MW Cummins power genset and we are almost ready to start producing electricity. However, this week the content of Methane reduced from 58%to only 34% and Hydrogen Sulfide grew from 50 ppm to 3,352 ppm.

In order to clean the gas from the Hydrogen Sulfide we use an AWITE oxygen system. This system injects air in the AD to produce the oxidation of the Hydrogen Sulfide. But now we have 9.03% of O2, we never had this ammount of O2 in the gas composition.

Please visit the following link to know what we built. We will process 500 tons of fresh cow manure per day. We built 14 tanks of 1,500 m3 each one.



Outside United States Posted over 3 years ago

Aerated Static Pile Horse Manure Composting

What are the average carbon or nitrogen content of horse manure and also used/urine-soaked pelleted bedding? With a desired 20:1 up to 40:1 of C:N ratio I would need to know to assure quality composting.

Champaign County Illinois composting Posted over 3 years ago

Liquid manure testing equipment for K ( Potassium )

Dear Madam, Dear Sir, We find it somehow difficult to source test equipment which can be used to test Potassium level according methods GB- 11904-89 in liquid manure. We can test Total N and Ammonium Nitrogen, P, PH in our lab in liquid manure but not K and would need this data to have the most important elements tested in our liquid manure as well in our liquid coming out from the biodigestor -would be grateful if you could provide us some reputable suppliers for this test equipment which we will need in our china farms operations to establish nutrient value for liquid manure application to land / crops .

Outside United States Posted over 3 years ago

Pig Hoop House Groundwater Management

Hi, my name is Niki Harris and I am with California Heritage Farms in Siskiyou County. We have a pastured hog operation and are moving into an open aired hoop house system, directly on the ground (no concrete slabs), where we will house about 650 pigs in four different hoops (max carrying capacity at any given time) with access to outdoors. We will do this on two different properties that are about 3 miles apart from one another. We will use deep straw bedding and compost the manure.

Given that we are within a mile from a river I would like to write a detailed groundwater management plan to ensure that our operation will not be disturbing river habitat beyond an acceptable measure for California compliance. I have spoken with our river trust Executive Director and NCRS representative and they are supportive of the project.

I am wondering if you have any example groundwater management sample plans that you could share? Or parallel plans. Thank you!

Siskiyou County California Posted almost 4 years ago

Dewatering the Pigs black liquid

I found this article in Internet:
and I want to ask You to help me in my problem.
Can we use this process of dewatering for the Pigs black liquid? Have You any information what type and kind of Geotextile useable for thereto?
I am Executive Director of the agricultural company (122 000 pigs), located in Russian Far East, Spassk-Dalniy city.

Outside United States Posted about 4 years ago