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What is this?

I found this in my child's car seat stuck on the styrofoam! I pulled it off and my dog tried to chew it up! Anybody know what it is?

Adair County Missouri Posted 8 months ago

'Mother' bacteria growing in herbal vinegar

I am trying to infuse lavender flowers in vinegar for my cleaning products but 'mother' culture (slime) keeps growing and blocking up my spray bottles. Any tips on how to stop this culture?

Outside United States lavender Posted 10 months ago

Wetland creation

I am interested in turning a soggy area of my property into a permanent wetland for wildlife habitat. The area already has a boisterous community of frogs which has been attracting herons and I would like to encourage them and other animals to stay. My property had originally been a marshland before large-scale drainage for agriculture took place at the turn of the last century. I would like to restore at least this one fragment back to its original state. I'm looking for information on how to establish and maintain a healthy wetland community.

Midland County Michigan pond design construction wildlife habitat ponds attracting wildlife wetlands Posted 11 months ago

What is this and can it be hazardous to my health?

So at my workplace I just noticed some orange fungus like plantation under the recently removed problem waste container. My working spot has been very close to this for months. Can this be hazardous to my health?

New York Posted over 1 year ago

What is the environmental risk of living in a house close to the freeway?

Hi there- We are considering putting an offer in on a house that is very close to the freeway. The exact location: 13016 SW 64th Ave Portland, Oregon 97219 We have two young children (4.5 and a one-year old). We are less concerned about the noise, and more concerned about the increase of health issues due to pollution from the freeway. Can you provide any input on this topic? I know the public health department has done a great deal of research into environmental pollutants and its effects on health. Thank you!

Multnomah County Oregon environment human health air quality management Posted almost 2 years ago

Right to harvest rainwater - Williamson County, TX

I noticed that the city of Round Rock allows water harvesting. We do have a Round Rock address but we're not in their city limits. We are in their ETJ area. Our HOA does not allow harvesting. Are there any laws or regulations that permit harvesting in the state or county. Do you have any recommendations to change this policy? Help ! Thanks.

Williamson County Texas rainwater harvesting rain gardens horticulture Posted over 3 years ago

safe household cleaners for septic systems

What household cleaners are best to be used where septic systems are used to minimize potential impact on our septic system. Specific examples are cleaners for toilets, bathroom & kitchen sinks, We realize that we should use only minimum amounts but some amounts will enter the septic system.
What about dishwasher and clothes washer soaps detergents?
Should we use only biodegradable products? No bleach? No ammonia? Are Simple Green products (biodegradable, non toxic) safe to use that will have minimal impact on the septic system???
It will be helpful if you can recommend some specific "brand names" if possible. I mention Simple Green but are there others?
Thank you.

Williamson County Texas environment housing Posted over 6 years ago

Compostagem Acelerada

I would like information about composting, especially primary sludge composting of sewage treatment. Do you have any information to post about this type of composting?

Houston County Texas environment composting Posted over 6 years ago

Rain Water Harvesting in Rain Barrels from gutters and Air Conditioner

I would like to purchase rain barrels and I would like to go somewhere to learn and ask questions about how to hook everything up and how to hook up to the air conditioner also to harvest rainwater and airconditioner condensation.

Thank you.

Williamson County Texas environment Posted almost 7 years ago

Disposal of Treated Wood

We recently demolished an old pier. It was built with poles treated with creosote and treated lumber. I would like to know how to safely dispose of this wood.

Limestone County Texas environment engineering Posted about 7 years ago