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Improve taste of Microgreens

Hello OSU! I was wondering if there was a way to increase the flavor an intensity of microgreens (sunflower, radish, pea, kale, etc). Is there a simple wasy to increase the Brix level even though they have such a small growing span (7-11 days)? Are there organic amendments i could add to the soil or possibly foliar spray with? (molasses, potassium boost) Thank you for the help! Kind regards, Karl

San Francisco County CA specialty crops growing microgreens Posted over 1 year ago

Ammonium phosphate and organic gardening

Hello. A copious amount of ammonium phosphate was introduced into my organic garden. Does this mean that my garden is no longer organic?

San Bernardino County CA organic gardening Posted over 2 years ago

Harvest of voluntary Dandelion or eradication

Hello, we have a family farm in southeastern MN that will become certified 06/01/2017. We have an abundance of volunteer dandelions and as we are only in our third year of alfalfa as crop and soil regeneration the understanding is our soil still needs adjustment. Our question to you is will the dandelion issue correct itself the more we balance the soil or as our question posed do we harvest or are they worthy of harvest? If harvest is not advised is there a competitive plant that we might use that would be managed easily and could help with soil building. Our understanding is that the dandelion is growing either to sequester calcium or because there is the lack of calcium, which in turn allows the dandelion its right in the regeneration to balance. Could use some help if you have a moment. Thanks Chris Harris christophereharr@gmail.com

Winona County MN organic farming soil fertility dandelions organic weed control Posted almost 3 years ago

What is this thing on my farm?

I am completely novice to organic farming. However, I am reading books and growing citrus plants using only fertilizers and pesticides made from natural sources like cow dung, vermicompost, neem etc. (No commercial or non-commercial chemical based products). In the last couple of day since watering, I am noticing this thing on the soil. Please see attached. Thanks for advising.

OUTSIDEUS Posted about 3 years ago

How do cash rent/acre compare between organic and nonorganic acres for corn,...

How do cash rent/acre compare between organic and nonorganic acres for corn, soybean and wheat production? My Missouri extension agents don't know since organic crop production is still pretty limited in Central Missouri.

Audrain County MO organic farming land rental cropland leasing row crops Posted over 3 years ago

Seed Saving

Hi, I am wondering if there is a simple guide/handout out there on the basics of seed saving for beginners. I am in the process of starting a seed library at my college and I am looking for resources to provide to our students, faculty, and staff. I have gone through several websites as well as books and other resources, and while these all have great information in them, I was hoping to find something more straightforward for those who have never gardened before.

Knox County Tennessee seeds horticulture Posted over 3 years ago

effectiveness of organic fertilizer (poultry manure) on the shelf life of parsley plant

I want to carry out a research on the subject above, I am a student at NRDC here in Zambia who is interested in parsley production . The most of the Farmers in Zambia don't the cultural practices that are involved in producing parsley and I to be helped with information of my research your assistant will be highly appreciated my email is kanyembo93@gmail.com

Outside United States fertilizer herbs commercial horticulture organic fertilizer parsley horticulture Posted over 3 years ago

Large organic dairy

Hi. I would like to know if there is any large scale organic dairy farm. Understanding as large as over 400 cows. Best regards

Outside United States dairy cattle organic production Posted almost 4 years ago

I have reveiwed the USDA's National List of Approved Organic Substances, but...

I have reveiwed the USDA's National List of Approved Organic Substances, but I am looking for a list of approved vendors/ suppliers of organic pesticides/ herbicides. Can you please provide me with this resource or an individual or website that can? If possible, it would also be greatly appreciated if someone could inform me of the most commonly used/ popular organic pesticide/ herbicide brands. Thank you!

Franklin County Ohio organic organic inputs organic pest management Posted about 4 years ago

My husband and I are starting a small organic fruit and vegetable and...

My husband and I are starting a small organic fruit and vegetable and honeybee farm and are looking into any types of grants that might be available for this type of operation. Any information or pointers would be very appreciated!

Preble County Ohio organic production organic farming Posted about 4 years ago