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Sever seizure

My pigs have sever seizure with foaming and epileptic signs what can be the cause and how can this be treated

Outside United States pig shaking Posted 10 months ago

Black circles

We have a red hog that is one year old and a Duroc he weighs about 700 lbs. He is a pet and roams the property freely. On his skin he has developed black a little crusty circles to this date he has 4 of them 2 of them on his side and the other 2 back on his rear. We were bathing him and actually saw worms inside one of the circles it was like they were popping in and out which was distressing him. We do worm periodically with ivermectin and when we saw this immediately wormed him again but they are still there and seem to be growing. What is this and how do we treat it Thank You

Oregon Posted over 1 year ago

Lactating sows

Is it good to give a lactatiƱg sow an iron Injection

Colorado swine Posted about 2 years ago

lactating sow

can you worm a lactating sow and what can you use

Fremont County Wyoming Posted over 2 years ago

Mixed company in the barn yard

I have 3 goats, 1-whether and 2 does, 2 mini donkeys, 1-gelding and a jenny. and a pot-bellied pig. They each have a stall but mix during the day. Most of the time they get along but the goats butt the pig sometimes, the donkeys occassionally bite at each other and the pig will charge the donkeys if too close to his food. They all get lots of love and touching from me and sometimes I think they are all jealous at times. Is it OK to have them together?.What is normal behavior...is some aggression normal? Also how can I be more involved wirh OSU and small farms. Thank you!

Jackson County Oregon companion animals animal behavior and welfare issues livestock Posted about 3 years ago

setting up a 2 pig sty

how big of a sty would be appropriate for 2 pigs and what would be the best type of enclosure.

Broadwater County Montana swine pigs Posted about 4 years ago

Farrowing Guilts

What causes guilts to eat there piglets while they are having them?

Colorado swine Posted over 4 years ago

Premature delivery

Almost all of our sows are giving dead piglets , what can be the possible reasons and how to resolve it.

Outside United States swine swine reproduction Posted over 4 years ago

transporting pregnant sows

how late in gestion can i transport my pregnant sows

Dane County Wisconsin swine swine health pigs Posted almost 5 years ago

lactation feed ad lib

Is it a good idea to feed lactating sows in the farrowing house ad libitum?

Outside United States swine Posted over 5 years ago