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What species

I bought some crickets from my local pet store and found this little one amongst them. I am trying to identify it. It is currently about 20mm in legspan and has had a moult already. Please can anyone help as I’m not too keen on having a potentially venomous spider as a pet.

OUTSIDEUS Posted 1 day ago

Cherry tree maggots

I live across the field from the extension office in Jville. I have about ten trees varying varieties of cherries. I know the neighbor has several very large and old trees. Upon talking to her this spring she said she had problems with little maggots in her cherries which also has occurred this year. I did not have the problem last year but was aware this year to that issue. I picked cherries early on several of the varieties but did not see a problem but then on the latter season varieties they are decimated by little worms. First is this a large problem in this area? Second should this thing be a concern for crops everywhere in the area? And third what can be done? I did look at youtube videos which suggest that any spraying that can be done is for commercial crops because the chemicals are very strong. If so what can be done such as traps or do you have programs to ascertain assess and mitigate such issues. This is really something that I sense is a huge problem for the backyard orchardist. Thank you. I did pick all cherries and destroy the crop to make sure they do not overwinter or whatever they do after they hatch. David Traugott 5413266126

Jackson County OR Posted 6 days ago

Molting tarántula

Hi, I have a Mexican red knee who is in molting process, last week her enclosure fall from the table and I saw some of tarantula’s blood coming out of her leg, I went online and I found that It’s helpful to put cooking flower on it. I did it and she was good. Yesterday she started molting process in a very weird position, not on her back. She was molting upstanding. I left her alone and when I come back today she’s looking really weird and haven’t fully molt yet. She seems stuck on her skeleton. Should I help her ? If so, what do I do? I’m really sorry about it, she’s looking like a truck run over her

Westchester County NY Posted 6 days ago

small flying black butterfly type wings only live a short time and dies less...

small flying black butterfly type wings only live a short time and dies less than 1/8 inck in size

Amherst County VA Posted 7 days ago

Ugly beast

Anyone know what this is? Not something I've ever run into at home before

Suffolk County NY Posted 12 days ago

Potential for spread of symphylans between farms

Hello, How would you rate the risk of spreading symphylans from one farm to another via soiled boots or tools? Low risk, medium, high, or unknown? A gardener friend said they tested and identified symphylans in their garden. I'm so concerned about the risk of unknowingly transferring the symphylans to my farm that I no longer want to do any garden work at the infected garden site. Am i over-reacting or reasonable or...? Thanks! -Emily

Tillamook County Oregon small farms symphylans Posted 18 days ago

fruit flies attacking ripening fruit

Help! my pie cherries are a loss, I just discovered my beautiful strawberries are bags of juice too and now ripening blueberries show signs of piercing/softening. I can't spray without harming pollinators for the staggered blossoming of my berries. I have one trap but heard they don't like rotting fruit like normal fruit flies so normal lure won't work. is there any treatment for them that will not harm me by eating it or harm my pollinators? Can I use fresh juice of some kind? add anything? what is best placement? thanks! Maureen

Lane County Oregon Posted 20 days ago

Spider ID

This tiny spider was on our deck. It was at most 1 cm long. Ontario, Canada

Outside United States spider identification Posted 20 days ago

What bug is this?

I have noticed a few of these bugs before but I came home from a weeklong trip and I now see approximately 100 concentrated next to my front window and door. They are pure black on the back with a lighter color on the stomach. They have wings that are barely noticeable. I live in Utah county. Please let me know what type of bug this is!!!!

Utah County Utah Posted 21 days ago

Hard little black bugs in bedroom

Hi. For years I have found the occasional small hard shelled black bug in my bedroom. Usually in my bed. Over the years I’ve had 3 different mattress, 2 different headboards, different pillows and blankets, and lived in 3 different houses, so I can’t find any connections there. I’ve also had my bed placed near a window, and opposite a window. I live in southern Alberta, Canada, and usually find them in spring and summer, but occasionally winter. Sorry, I have no picture. Help! And thanks.

Outside United States Posted 22 days ago