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Getting bit by little black dots on your skin and in your pores

I recently encountered a pest in my home do not know what it is it started when you were getting bit up when we were go to sleep at night we thought it was bedbugs or maybe they were small roaches or whatever we decided to fumigate at the house and do a deep cleaning of the home we fumigated and put poison down and thought the situation will go husband decided to clean the air vents because they looked like it had mold around the air vent in his daughter's room so he removed it I have pictures of the air vents there was mold all through the air vent and also these white egg looking bug looking things he puts pesticide on it and he cleaned the air vent with a Clorox and hot water solution spray that I made we thought everything will be okay. Needless to say it wasn't I immediately noticed black dots all over the mattress and the girls room I decided to get a lint roller to try to take them off some of them came off some of them didn't the ones I didn't come off I decided to try to pick off with my fingers but I noticed more that I picked the more deeper these little black dots would go into the mattress. So I proceeded to spray down the mattress with the Clorox hot water solution to see if I can get these dots off of it all I did was create lint balls all over the mattress I used the lint roller to take off the light walls and through them away I later noticed there was more black dots on the furniture on the floor some on the walls also my husband noticed there was like little strings coming down from the air vent which he cleaned like he said in his words little worm looking black strings. Later notice they were getting all over our clothes and all on our shoes and socks you proceeded to launder our laundry and hot water and dry on high to try to get this stuff off of us they created more light balls we decided to leave the house and stay somewhere else for the night we did not know that these black and white dots sometimes they were red were on our bodies as well and they bite so we decided to try to take them off they went into our pores in our skinwe used the lit roller or tape to try to remove these black dots from our pores in our skin that were biting us we've treated our bodies with epsom salt baths with tea tree oil with eucalyptus oil we've used this vapor rub on our noses and by our ears so they won't go into our noses or our ears but they still do they even get into your mouth how I know that is I was drinking my drink notice that I tasted funny I threw my drink away the liquid went down the drain and there was light balls in the sink I proceeded to go look in the mirror my tongue was all white I scraped my tongue against my teeth and I had cottony stuff in my mouth I spit it out I do not know how much I ingested of that drink I do not know what this stuff is and I don't think that we're crazy because other people are seeing it as well I have videos and I have pictures to prove of everything that we're going through pesticides does not kill it alcohol does not kill it Clorox does not kill it my house was clean before and I had to tear it up in order to put poison down and I don't know how to get rid of it so if anybody else is dealing with this please let me know something and how to get rid of this stuff and let me know what this is. And to be honest they are more active when they're biting at night which causes itching I have been to the hospital where they did not initially see me they just asked me questions and gave me prescription for scabies they did not draw blood they did not take a urine specimen all they did was tell me to take this treatment for scabies I have seen scabies before this is not scabies I do not have scabs all over me I do have bites I do not have rashes all over me anyways the prescriptions are not working so we have tried other methods to try to get these stuff off of us I'm happy to say that we are not as infested as we were before we have to buy brand new clothes I can only wear sandals because they get into your tennis shoes I put treatments in my hair of tea tree oil and coconut oil heated up about three times a week I use tree oil in my laundry and I wash all my laundry with hot water and dry on high two times I am washing everyday I'm cleaning up where I'm staying at everyday am I using the lint rollers to pick up whatever is coming off of us with what the person was saying in their article will in their question because they do not like extreme heat and they do not like extreme cold and they do come out of your pores they come out of your mouth they come out of your lips they come out of your eyelids they come out of your hair. And I know for a fact I'm not delusional because I am not the only one experiencing this my husband is as well we have pictures we have video of everything that we're going through so if anybody has any tips on how to take this stuff off and get rid of it needless to say I am moving out of that area well that house because I would never wish this on the worst enemy or anybody because it's bad and a lot of us don't have the answers for this I googled so many things I don't know what else to do I need some help we need help we have children and thank God they were not in the home and stuff came out

Harris County Texas Posted about 1 month ago

Is this a badly-constructed spider web?

Do spiders ever make a mistake or create really bad webs? Or is this some kind of strategic design? This very small (2x1 inch) web (I assume it’s a web - it’s summer spider season here in Sydney, Australia) appeared in the garden this morning. No sign of a spider, and I really can’t see how it will catch much in it.

Outside United States insect identification Posted about 1 month ago

Can someone else offer any advice I have some more pics taken from my...

Can someone else offer any advice I have some more pics taken from my microscope I have not heard back from anyone.

Clearwater County Idaho Posted about 1 month ago

Size vs tank

Is it bad to out a smaller T. In a larger tank? I have s 2.5 in. T. And want to move it into a 10 Gal. Tank.

Washington County Oregon Posted about 1 month ago

What are these bugs

They're tiny black and find them around food windowsills walking on my hands they have wings and are very tiny they're horrid my kids hate them they walk on us and while eating aswell

Outside United States Posted 2 months ago

Vole bait

What is the most effective poison/bait to eliminate voles in my yards?

Polk County Oregon Posted 2 months ago

Not a flour bettle but in the pantry.

These bugs are in the pantry and found mostly inside cereal boxes they have wings and fly but look nothing like what’s pictured.

Florida Posted 2 months ago

Help please spider like clear bugs on my plants

I keep finding these spider like pests on the stems of my plants it look as if they're causing rot on my stems I have no webbing but yellow speckling on my leaves. There are no bugs on either sides of my leaves though. They are only found in the bottom of my potted plants hanging around the drainage hole inside the pots. Inside the soil from top to bottom and as I mentioned also on rotted parts of plant stems I have grown in just water and just soil they do not look like spider mites the two spotted atleast. They are clear it seems like more than one species I have multiple pics. I have tried everything to identify them but they dont look anything like any pests online. I am a big big time plant an aroid collector with maybe a hundred different plants I'm desperate I dont want to lose any of my plants. Hope to get some help, thank you

Idaho County Idaho Posted 2 months ago


I have lots of flies in my house small and big. Not sure how they are getting in. How can I find the source of their entry? How can I get rid of them? I have found them dead in one of my window seal.

Lane County Oregon Posted 3 months ago

Need to identify BUG!

Find 1/4 inch black bugs with legs in my kitchen usually in a dark room when I turn on the light. They're hiding somewhere like behind a basket on a counter, emerge and very, very fast scoot away and tries to hide again. Slender but oval shaped. Seems all body, as opposed to head and body.

Bronx County New York Posted 3 months ago