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Can u tell me what type of spider this is. And if it's poisonous

San Luis Obispo County California Posted 2 days ago

Small winged bugs on kitchen window and sill


I am located in Los Angeles County. Since yesterday, I've been finding these small winged bugs on my kitchen window and sill. There's also a few on my sliding glass door on the same wall. I should note that it's been really warm the last two days. Does anybody know what they are and how to get rid of them?

Thank you.

Los Angeles County California Posted 8 days ago

What kind of bug is this?

Just moved into a new house and have seen two of these.

Scott County Iowa Posted 9 days ago

Would you use BTI ?

Your state/county has such beautiful Eagle nests and my heart is breaking watching them suffer this year from the black fly and gnat infestation. Would Iowa consider using BTI to help with this in the future? It seems to be safe according to the EPA and something has to be done to help the wildlife. Many states and Canada are using it. Please help them. Thank You, Terri Cole

Dane County Wisconsin Posted 11 days ago

Tiny black dead flies on windowsill in family room

How do I stop them they are mostly all dead and I clean them up and hours later more dead ones. What are they and how do I get rid of them

Erie County New York Posted 13 days ago

hi my mexican red knee has been on his back for 34 hours now do you think he...

hi my mexican red knee has been on his back for 34 hours now do you think he is stuck in a molt or would he off died he last shed beginning off february

Outside United States Posted 15 days ago

grubs, vegetables, bees, insecticides

I have several vegetable gardens and I have found grubs ~ hundreds in a 2x2 area in an area very close to my gardens.
I also have Bees, 2 hives.

I need to kill the grubs.... digging them all up in that area is doable, but a formidable task.
I want to use something in all my gardens areas (multiple) that surround the grub area.
Thought for a moment about Sevin, but it's bad for my bees....
Also have chickens and rabbits that eat the foliage, but I can deter that problem if necessary.

I am at a loss here.

Valencia County New Mexico Posted 15 days ago

What kinda of water dwelling bug is this

What kinda big is this lol

Beaufort County North Carolina Posted 18 days ago

Can you tell me what this bug is

I found two of these on my bed comforter tonight.

Texas Posted 19 days ago

What is this bug and how do I get rid of it

I found several of these bugs in my house, and I wasnt concerned at first but im beginning to see them more frequently.. are they harmful? How do I get rid of them?

Seneca County Ohio Posted 25 days ago