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Tarantula molting in water dish

Hi, my pink toe tarantula (about 2 years old) is molting in her water dish. She is flipped upside down. Was reading online- some said to suck the water out using turkey baster or use a paper towel. Others said to leave it alone and to never touch it when it’s molting (which yes I get). It’s been 3 days now. We have not touched her. She is not dead, she moves every once in awhile. I’m not sure what to do. Is this normal? Should we take the water out? Should we leave her alone? There is still some water in the dish.

PA Posted 7 days ago

Which tarantula species is it in the picture i have uploaded

Which tarantula species is it in the picture i have uploaded

OUTSIDEUS spider identification Posted 16 days ago

Is this a spider?

I found this outside my front door, does anyone know what it might be?

San Diego County CA Posted 19 days ago

What kind of spideris this one?

I live in Uruguay se have brown recluse, spitter, etc.

OUTSIDEUS spiders spider identification spiders of uruguay Posted 21 days ago

Black little insects

I have the same problem with very little insects only on my back widows and my patio door and I'm trying to vacuum it every morning I don't know what to do please help me find a way to get rid of all these insects . Thanks

AZ Posted 23 days ago

Bathroom bug maybe 1/2"

Can anyone tell me what this is? It was in my bathroom climbing up a wall. I'm guessing it's a juvenile of something because I have never seen anything like this before. 1/2" or so. Looks like 6 legs on each side so at least a total of 12. Thanks all!

Manatee County Florida Posted 24 days ago

"Box fleas"

I was wondering if someone could identify a particular bug for me. They are often called "box fleas" at my work. They come on pallets of boxes that we receive from a distributor. These bugs bite and leave small red bumps that cause itching. Just curious as to what they might be. I live in nova scotia, canada and we get these shipments from ontario.

Outside United States Posted 25 days ago

What spider is this

Can you tell me what spider is this and anything about it thank you

Outside United States Posted about 1 month ago

what kind of spider

Do you know what of spider species this is?

Livingston County Michigan Posted about 1 month ago

tropical rat mites

I have been dealing with what I believe are "tropical rat mites" in my home for over a year and half.
Unfortunately I have been unable to get them identified. This was caused by a rat dying under my manufactured home. Pest control people could not find the rat or nest due to excess insulation. I put up with the odor approximately two weeks. About a week after the odor was gone I began getting nasty bites all over my body, I assumed they were rat mites. I have had under the house sealed, had pest control spray inside and outside to no avail. I have fogged the inside with cedar oil three times to no avail. I am living in a travel trailer for three months in hopes of the mites just dying off. However I seem to have brought the mites with me. I need information how to get back in my house without taking them back with me.

Humboldt County California Posted about 1 month ago