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What type of spider is this?

Found in my living room wondering what kind of spider this is? In Alberta.

Posted about 1 hour ago

Help please tiny black/brown bugs

Recently I started seeing these small bugs flying around I thought it was gnats or something cuz it’s only in the kitchen area. Then I started gettin bites on me from them. They look like flea bites but I have no animals nor have I ever seen a flea fly and I’ve nevwr known a gnat to bite anyone either. Please help I noticed my son got bites on his leg from them as well now and I need to act now So it doesn’t get worse. Thank you

Jackson County Indiana Posted 4 days ago

Very strange

Found this in my grandmothers attic

Cuyahoga County Ohio Posted 7 days ago

Cocoon identification

Can you tell me what type of cocoon this is? It moved when we touched it.

Horry County South Carolina Posted 7 days ago

Need bug identification

I hope that you can identify the bug in the attachment and tell us how to rid them from our house. Thank you.

Cook County Illinois Posted 12 days ago

What kind of spider is this?

What kind of spider is this?

Columbus County North Carolina Posted 15 days ago

Please ID this guy

Looks like 2 part body, stripes, very long antenna, 6 legs, black butt. Possibly wings. Midwest location.

St. Charles County Missouri Posted 17 days ago

Bugs in my kitchen

I have been getting these very tiny bugs on the counter tops in my kitchen. I have recently found some inside my cabinets.
Thank you for any help you can provide.

Texas Posted 28 days ago

Red fly-like Bug

Can someone identify this bug for me? I found some out side of my car and now some inside. At First I thought it was some kind of spider but it looks more like a fly up close. Are they dangerous?

St. Lucie County Florida Posted 30 days ago


My baby been lying on her back since early last night her legs are out but shel still ontop of her and legs not moving

Outside United States Posted about 1 month ago