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Microscopic insect help

Any idea what this could be? I am plagued by it. All images are magnified to the best of my app. I think these are different stages of same critter.

Bexar County Texas Posted 7 days ago

Can you identify this caterpillar

I recently made an ecosphere and collected soil,plants and water from a nearby pond. I found this caterpillar moving along the bottom of the glass and was wondering if you could identify it? It seems to be aquatic but I’m not sure.

Carroll County Georgia wildlife Posted 8 days ago

caterpillars on broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts

I have broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts growing / overwintering in a greenhouse. The leaves are being destroyed by caterpillars; photos are attached. I've seen one bright green caterpillar under a piece of wood just outside the greenhouse and a brownish one on the cauliflower, but didn't get photos of either. I've seen a mature praying mantis on one of the broccoli plants but it doesn't seem to be eating enough caterpillars to reduce the damage. So....1) should I leave it be? Can the plants produce despite the damage? Will the life cycle be broken when the caterpillars mature but the moths can't leave the greenhouse to mate? 2) should I use a product like bt? I don't want to harm the mantis - would bt kill them too? Thanks!

Hood River County Oregon Posted 11 days ago

No new plants

No however we have had garden veggies cleaned in sink. I used drain cleaner server also times? Baby cluster flies? They are still persisting help

Outside United States Posted 19 days ago

What kind of bug is this??

Does anyone know what kind of bug this is? I woke up from a dead sleep because it was crawling on my head, wasn’t anymore anywhere, just want to make sure it’s not lice or bed bugs

Baldwin County Alabama Posted 19 days ago

Spider identification

Hi there, can someone please confirm what spider this is?

Outside United States spider identification Posted 21 days ago

Never seen spider

Came across this spider. When it saw us it played dead immediately.
Any suggestions?
It's a pretty tall spider with spikes all over it.
Like the legs are very long and beefy. It was just hiding the rest when it played dead.

Josephine County Oregon Posted 25 days ago

My pink toe won't eat!

I got my pink toe from a pet store on march everything seems ok she never made much webs always just a lilttle and she was eating fine on may she molt and after that she refuse to eat or make webs its been 5 months since the last time she eat she does move around and i think she drink water but she's gettting very skinny i put some crickets but i take them out after a week if she won't eat them i have tried super worm but she won't eat them i have tried to make more hiding spot but it seems like anything work please help!

Erie County Pennsylvania Posted 26 days ago

What are these bugs?

Hello! I have recently stumbled upon a group of these dead bugs and they keep coming back in clumps whenever I clean the area. For the life of me, I cannot figure out what these bugs are! I live in Southern California and hope that piece of information helps. I have attached some photos to aid with the identification of these bugs, thank you!

Orange County California Posted 28 days ago

Can anyone identify this bug??

Hi everyone! I’ve been living in my new apartment here in TX for about 3 months now. It is a new construction (Like I am the first tenant to ever live in this room and they are still building parts of it!). I live on the 3rd floor, and I usually keep my house at 68-70 degrees. About a month ago I started seeing little bugs crawling on my walls. They don’t bite (I don’t think) and I usually only see them at night and only in my room mostly on the walls that are next to my bed, but that is also because I am at school during the day. I’m not sure if they are bed bugs or what they are! I just sprayed some bug repellent all over my room, so I hope it takes care of it. The pictures I am going to put aren’t the greatest, but I hope that someone might be able to identify them! At first I thought they were book lice but I’m not sure anymore. Thank you so much in advance!

Harris County Texas insect identification Posted about 1 month ago