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Does anyone know what this is?

This was in my 15 yr olds ear. He slept on the floor for a sleepover last night and woke up so something buzzing ( he thought ) in his ear. He then didn’t feel it or hear it for a while so he assumed it didn’t go in. Well he was on a run and he heard it moving in his ear. So i used warm water and it came out.

York County South Carolina Posted 3 days ago

I'm unsure what this is exactly

I've been unable to find out what exactly this is.
Maybe an Orb Weaver?

Oklahoma Posted 3 days ago


I found this bug and have no idea what it could be. Can anyone help.

Chester County Pennsylvania Posted 6 days ago

Unknown parasite or mite

I have a garden out in the backyard. I bought some cow manure compost from Walmart. About three weeks later I noticed these white things coming out of my skin, also I see these little black dots that come out of my skin as well. I went to a dermatologist in which looked at me like I was crazy and on drugs. I believe I'm dealing with more than one thing. Some of them look like hair in which moves through the skin and also bites. Weeks of having this hair like mites I noticed these little black specks coming out of my feet legs and arms. I did notice that I had in which they look like little tiny worms in my stool. I have no clue what I'm dealing with and also am afraid to see a doctor because I do not want someone to look at me like I am crazy. I do notice that when I am at work they tend to come out more often because I am working in the heat. I have pictures if that might help. Also I do know that when I lay in a bathtub with epsom salt and tea tree oil these things do not like it in which they do come out of the skin. It's almost like I am detoxing the body. The white things that do come out of the skin look like lint. I did do some research and came across something called dust bunnies I do feel like I have those in the house as well. Can someone tell me what I am dealing with?

Galveston County Texas Posted 12 days ago

Spider catching trick.

When trying to catch a house spider (in the UK), I've found that if I tread firmly or stamp on the floor near (not on) the spider, it will freeze and not move for long enough for me to get a glass and card. If the spider is running, this trick doesn't work - it simply runs faster.

So is the freezing a defence mechanism or some other strategy?

Thank you, David

Outside United States spiders Posted 13 days ago

What is this spider?

Could someone tell me what this spider is please? It is in my daughters bedroom in Sydney, Australia and she is freaking out.

Outside United States Posted 17 days ago

Insect House

I am thinking of building an insect house. I live at about 5000 feet, just east of Palisade. My property is mostly juniper trees and sage brush. With 10 acres of non-landscaped area, is an insect house worthwhile? Are there any insects that would benefit from a house? I have 3 apricot trees, but am more interested in helping the insects generally, and not just attracting pollinators to my trees.

Mesa County Colorado Posted 21 days ago

Ask about Black widow spider

Hello Sir i want to ask you about Black widow spider i found it in my home Its colour is full black and red abdomen. Sir can you tell me about it. is it costly spider or not can it make valuable money for me ? i checked it clearly This is Black widow its confirm. please help me and tell me about it

Outside United States Posted 23 days ago

What is this used for?

Found in thrift store. Heavy perhaps silver. Stamped with 3938 on bottom. Can’t find any info on it online. Can you help identify?

Barnstable County Massachusetts Posted 28 days ago

Identify this bug

Small black bug with hard shell, less than half the size of your pinky fingernail. They jump and fly. I have hundreds on the back porch screen at night and on the roof of the porch, attracted to light. Made their way inside and I killed 50+ on the ceiling and window sills.

Kane County Illinois Posted 30 days ago