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What is this bug?

What is this worm/fly? Are they harmful to specific crops? Do they overwinter in the soil? What’s the best pest management? Thanks!

Jackson County OR Posted 6 days ago

Nest? Bees? Hornets?

What do i do? In my bakyard and i have small dogs.

Harris County TX Posted 8 days ago

Rose hair tarantula

Hi.. I have my tarantula now for 8 years now, it has shed its skin only once. About 3 months ago it was upside down, so I thought it was shedding, but almost a week later and no shedding. I moved him back on his/ her legs and ever since it just wont eat, dont move at all, I'm not sure why it doesn't move so I put her/ him on a shallow dish where it can drink water at least. Please help us.

Tarrant County TX Posted 11 days ago

Black spider with white spot

Could someone help me identify this spider? It was found on my porch in Greenville SC

Greenville County SC Posted 15 days ago

Help identifying possible beneficial mites

I would love help to identify a mite. I have pictures taken with an active eye microscope camera attachment.

Cochise County AZ Posted 19 days ago


I have this spider that was in my room about 2 years . I finally caught it up and I plan on keeping it safe like I have been for a month now but I can't find any information on it . Please help ? ! I live in southern California if that helps .

California Posted 20 days ago

Spider type

Could someone identify what kind of spider this might be and if it's any kind of threat to my family.

Hall County Georgia Posted 21 days ago

Anyone know what type of spider this is?

Anyone know what type of spider this is? Saw it while washing our truck and a car wash.

Tarrant County Texas Posted 24 days ago

Goliath Bird Eater lost a leg

Hi, I’m not sure who to ask. I have a GBE Tarantula and she pulled off a leg. She is spraying clear fluid from her wound and keeps going in circles. I am very concerned for her well being. I know the regene their legs when they molt, But I have had her a year and she hasn’t molted yet? What do I do for my poor baby?

El Paso County Texas Posted 26 days ago

Identify this spider

Can you identify this spider? Had two under a piece of furniture in the house. They have some sort of marking on their backs. I wish I had of thought to measure it. (Missouri)

Clark County Missouri Posted 28 days ago