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dairy cattle india Posted 6 months ago

Dairy Farm Establishment.

I need assistance to establish a dairy farm.Please let me know how much money i should invest?. Please give some case studies of dairy farm who were successful .I am planning to install farm in Kothagudam(village in Kammam in India).

Indiana dairy cattle Posted 8 months ago


Dear Expert,
I am a Dairy Consultant in Zimbabwe and recently my one client has, I believe SARA, in his young dairy calves.
Briefly, the rearing program is as follows:
1) Colostrum is fed immediately after birth, plus dipping the navel with tincture of iodine. Colostrum tests indicate colostrum is of high quality,
2) A balance calf starter is fed from day 1 along with fresh milk,
3) After day 5 approximately the calves are moved to a rearing area where they are fed milk and ad lib calf starter plus water,
4) Weaning takes place at 65 days of age.
Recently it has been observed that calves are eating soil from ant heaps in the paddocks and loose manure is fairly common???
A worm challenge is currently being verified, however, I feel the problem is SARA.
The calf starter formulation is based on soya bean meal, corn by-products such as germ meal and corn bran and cotton hulls as the main effective fibre minerals and vitamins.
5) The soil eating and loose manure continues after weaning for about a month or so.
If in your opinion SARA is the cause, monensin is available and can you please recommend an inclusion rate in the starter meal...or what other strategy can I use to rectify the problem..sodium bicarb????

Outside United States dairy cattle dairy herd health Posted over 1 year ago

Dairy cow auctions

Where can I get a list of all the Dairy Cow sale barns in Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas Louisiana and Oklahoma?

White County Arkansas dairy cattle marketing Posted about 2 years ago

DeLLeVal Cream Seperator

I have a DeLeVal Cream Seperator #618 that still works and all the pieces are there. It would be great for someone starting out milking and do not have the money for extensive milkers. How do I go about reaching someone that might be interested in this. It is in very good shape. I grew up on a farm and we used this for the seperating of milk and cream for 9 cows Would love to sell this to someone that is starting out and in need of this. Thank you for your help Barbara Emmons 214-908-3856

Collin County Texas dairy cattle Posted about 2 years ago

what is the cost per cow/day to cool dairy cows with efficient direct drive...

what is the cost per cow/day to cool dairy cows with efficient direct drive fans in electric $$

Tuscarawas County Ohio dairy cattle farm management Posted over 2 years ago


Do dairy cows bleed during heat cycle

Grainger County Tennessee dairy cattle breeding and genetics Posted almost 3 years ago

Uso de drogas en ganado lechero

Cual son los efectos de la fenilbutazone en el ganado lechero?

Outside United States dairy cattle dairy production spanish Posted about 3 years ago

types of nutrients

what types of nutrients are found in south african feeds such as proteins/oil-plant by products,fish meal,sunflower oil cake,soya oil cake,cotton oil cake?

Outside United States dairy cattle nutrition of milking and dry cows nutrient management dairy feeding Posted over 3 years ago


Why must you mislead those who actually invest their time into reading these articles? I just read one about how Pasteurized milk is healthier and has more benefits. In reality, if farmers maintained a healthy grass-fed diet for the cow, there would be no need for Pasteurization. The process of heating the milk only does damage to the nutritional benefits of the raw milk. For instance, the bodies of people who are lactose-intolerant are incapable of producing an enzyme which is meant to break down the lactose. Heating the raw milk up, which already has this enzyme in it, is killing the enzyme. Also, the true reason the government requires milk to be Pasteurized is to create a longer shelf-life for stores. Most cows are fed grains and their bodies do not appreciate it. Raw milk digests easier and is excellent for muscular growth. You will never find a case where a grass-fed cow has produced any milk or beef that made anyone sick. I have been raw grass-fed beef for years and it has not negatively affected me, nor will it affect anyone negatively. If cows are getting sick and yielding bad product due to their horrible diet, then I would advise people to stay completely away from all dairy.

Greene County Ohio nutrition of milking and dry cows dairy Posted over 3 years ago