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sweetcorn issue


Please find the attachment.
This is a sweetcorn
New shoots are emerging from the base as well as from corn ear.
What could be the reason ? How can we fix this ?

Outside United States field crops corn sweet corn Posted over 4 years ago

No Corn?

Why did my corn not produce any ears of corn? Was planted on March 27. It grew nice big tall stalks but made very few ears of corn. I planted nine 30' rows of variety G90 sweet corn in a block pattern. Have grown it several years and this is the first year i have had this problem. Out of the nine rows i got about 30 small ears of corn. Any ideas? Thanks.

Grayson County Texas Posted over 4 years ago

Morado Corn

I planted morado corn on the 6th of May. I got about 32 stocks that are now 10 to 12 ft tall as expected, fully tasseled, but not even one ear of corn. The morado corn is grown in Peru where my wife and daughters live for awhile longer and this was my practice year. What did I do wrong? I did everything I would do for my sweet corn and I had a bumper sweet corn crop. They're all tall and thick and green and lush and look like corn trees. Maybe their growing season is so long I need to start them in starter beds in mid April?

Isanti County Minnesota Posted over 4 years ago

Sweet Corn

Some critter destroyed my row of sweet corn. Ate the corn while it was still on the stalk. Chewed on every cob. Can a squirrel do that ? How can I get rid of them ?

Anoka County Minnesota Posted over 4 years ago

Corn ear worms

All the information I've been able to find about controlling these pests is to spray the silk of the cob with either insecticidal soap or mineral oil as soon as the silk appears. I've been doing that but with very poor results. I get and ear worm in about nine out of ten ears. I can't believe folks that grow large fields of corn go out and spray every ear yet somehow they get good ears with no worms. So my question is "What do they do to control the ear worm"? . It's my understanding that the worm drops to the ground and remains there for the winter then hatches out as a fly that flies up and lays and egg in the silk which hatches into a worm which goes into the ear. And around and around it goes. So if all that is true, can I treat the soil with something to stop the cycle? Thanking you in advance for any help you can send along. Dick Wright

Polk County Georgia Posted almost 5 years ago

Type of corn?

I'm watching Bizarre Foods, and Andrew is at the Minnesota State Fair. He is eating roasted corn that resembles corn I remember from my childhood (approximately 58 to 59 years ago). It is my life longer than corn we have here in North Carolina. Have you any idea what type this corn may be? Thank you so much.

Mitchell County North Carolina corn home food preservation Posted almost 5 years ago

Challenger Sweet Corn Seeds


Where can I get challenger seeds? Do these needs to be planted at 20,000 per acre for good yield?

Arkansas corn Posted almost 5 years ago

corn plant question

Hello, I'm trying to figure out what to do to help my ailing corn plant. He blossomed this winter and about 8 years ago but I fear he's not getting enough sun now and possibly too tall? I'm not sure what to do for him now. The soil was wet on his feet but I've not watered him thoroughly so the soil is better now. I'd really appreciate your guidance! Please see two attached photos of the same plant.

Illinois field crops corn Posted almost 5 years ago

grain production/ acre

Any ideas of what corn production/acre to expect on 85-110 ac. of bottom land.

Hampshire County West Virginia corn Posted about 5 years ago

Super Sweet Corn Seed

Which super sweet corn seed do you guys recommend? What is the average yield per acre?

Outside United States Posted about 5 years ago