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where can i find pur pur wheat

I am eating a bread that they state are using pur pur wheat. It seems that this wheat type is fairly old and have a kind of purple color. I have search on the web during many times but can not really find out were it grown and in which countries it is used mainly. From where does it come etc.I have seen posts done in Polish bakery and currently I buy this bread as a premade bread in Thailand. The bread is made in a German bakery but they do not know anything about it. The very interesting thing for me is that when I eat this bread my blood sugar does not increase very much compared with a rye bread that I normally consider very good for exactly that purpose. I write as I which to have more knowledge as it looks to be well suitable for me. Do you have a specification about the content of this wheat such as Kcal per 100 gram. Thank for a prompt answer Nils Inge Åkesson

Outside United States Posted 10 months ago

Fumonisin contamination

Can corn be contaminated by fumonisin once it is in storage?

Outside United States Posted about 1 year ago

Availability of chickpea seed appropriate for growing on Chiloé Island, southern Chile

Hello. I have just looked at the Territorial Seed Company listing and cannot find chickpeas. Could you suggest a company that could export a small quanitity of chickpea seed? It would have to be a formally established enterprise in order to qualify for Chilean authorities permission. I shall attempt to get the idea implemented by an official agricultural research station here (INIA, Instituto Nacional de Investigación Agropecuaria, at Remehue, near Osorno). Given climate change, chickpeas could become a relevant crop for large garden rotations here. Thank you.

Outside United States Posted almost 2 years ago

Canola Oil Seed lack of oil

Seeds were stored in a silo 180' tall. All deliveries were checked for moisture before being put in the silo. The seeds were crushed for canola oil production but they did not produce oil. The seeds have gotten darker and will not produce oil now. They were loaded into the silo from January 2019 thru March. The silo was emptied after the discovery but no water entry was found and no wet spot in the seed either.

Any idea why the seeds appear to have heated or changed in the silo?

Marion County Oregon field crops storage facilities commodity warehouse storage Posted almost 2 years ago

Corn Beetle

One of my acres of corn was infested with a corn beetle. Pretty much lost the whole acre of corp in that particular plot. Corn and stalks cut down, but what can I do to ensure that this might not happen next year. The seed planted this year was a non-GMO seed, prior years was a hybrid seed.

Sherburne County Minnesota field crops agriculture field crop pest management field corn Posted over 3 years ago

Pesticides in Wheat farming

Are pesticides damaging to farm crops such as wheat?

Madison County Idaho field crops pesticides wheat Posted over 4 years ago

Winter Wheat

For optimal results what is the best time to sow winter wheat, and at how many pounds per acre (broadcast sowing).

Jones County Texas Posted over 4 years ago

No -till


I have some land outsidr of Buckholts Texas and will be starting a small farm there come the spring, what I am wondering is if no-till farming is good for that area or if traditional practices will work better. Also what would be a good ground cover plant for the area between plantings, clover maybe?
Thank you
Ryan Deeters

Milam County Texas Posted over 4 years ago

Is there a difference of alfalfa seeds to plant at high altitude ? If so, what is the best seed for

Eu tenho uma grande propriedade em La Paz / Bolívia e gostaria de saber a melhor semente de alfafa para plantar lá.

tranlated from Portuguese with google translate: I have a great property in La Paz / Bolivia and would like to know the best alfalfa seed to plant there.

Outside United States field crops alfalfa bolivia Posted over 4 years ago

Sunn hemp seed production

My question is this. How do I cultivate sunn hemp to produce seeds for replanting? I'm located in Paraguay. High fertility, well drained soils. High annual precipitation. Here's my plan, tell me if there are any obvious flaws. I'll seed 2.5ha sunn hemp (crotalaria juncea) 5kg/ha seeding rate in October right alongside 65ha soybeans. Then harvested in february following paraquat burndown. These harvested crotalaria seeds will transfer directly from the combine to the grain drill and planted at 15kg/ha for a green manure which will be terminated with a roller crimper after 60 days.

Outside United States field crops hemp hemp production paraguay Posted over 4 years ago