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Grain Finishing beef in the lot

I read your post about grain finishing with your cattle having access to the pasture, but what does the progression look like when the cattle are in the pens. Do you have the same weekly progression for your grain at a 2 lb increase per week, and what does the hay plan look like? Do you start the first week with full access to hay and then how do you scale down their hay poundage? thank you for any insight...

NM Posted 15 days ago

calculate rumin degradable protein

how can I calculate rumin degradable protein ?

OUTSIDEUS beef cattle Posted 4 months ago

Angus heifer finishing

I am considering getting a pair of feeder angus heifers, they were born in March of 2018 and now weigh roughly 600-640, I just sent on a pair of steers that finished at 1575. I’m wondering how far behind these heifers will finish out at compared to steers?

Medina County OH Posted 4 months ago

Finishing Steers - Black Angus

I read a post about finishing some heifers ( and it was said that they could grow about 2-3 lbs per day. I have a similar scenario, except with black angus steers. I understand steers grow faster than heifers, but I was was not sure by how much more. I bought three black angus steers on May 1 at an average weight of 723 lbs and I would like to finish them by Dec 1. We have a lush green pasture and plenty of water. Some I will finish with grain (although not sure what is recommended). What weight could I get them to by then and how fast could I anticipate them to grow per day?

NV Posted 11 months ago

beef cow poisoned

Hello, we have a steer who ate some of an english laurel plant that our neighbors had tossed over the fence. For the first 24 hrs, he was a bit shaky and not acting right at all. By yesterday, Monday, he seems to be doing well, walking well, and both eating and drinking. The laurel plants, we read, are highly poisonous with cyanide. He is scheduled for slaughter probably the first part of September, a little over four months from now. Our question: should we be at all concerned about the safety of the meat?

Clackamas County OR Posted about 1 year ago

scours in baby calves

I buy baby calves at the stockyards and feed them milk replacer 3 times a day for 10 weeks. I am having a problem with scours. The vet says they have nothing that will help me. An old farmer told me to make a tea out of blackberry root. It does help. My problem is I will need this in January when the ground is froze. How would you preserve these roots? Freezing them, drying them, or making the tea and then canning it with a few roots in the jar? If you have any suggestions for scours I would love to hear them.

Somerset County Pennsylvania calf and heifer management scours calf diarrhea Posted about 1 year ago

Free Martin looking like she is going to calf

We have a freemartin, looks like she is going to calf, what should we do or expect?

Ringgold County Iowa calving Posted over 1 year ago

Feeding calf

Feeding only milk and grain how much grain is required to get a cross need bottle calf to 500lb?

Genesee County Michigan beef cattle nutrition Posted over 1 year ago

cattle restraint question

What is a lo tech way to restrain a tame but not halter-broke highland cow for veterinary exam of mouth/throat? We are considering use of welded cattle panels to form a "chute" but are worried that anchoring them to wooden posts will not hold an unhappy cow. Thanks.

Washington County Vermont beef cattle Posted over 1 year ago

rumensin and bovitec mixed ? Toxic?

Can rumensin and bovitec be mixed n fed to cattle as well as pregnant cattle

Fillmore County Minnesota Posted over 2 years ago