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Networking Issue Home computers

Since update to Windows 10 unable to Network Home Computer to Laptop. Home Computer does not "see" Laptop. I am using IP address of home computer so lap top can see it. Can't seem to recreate that process of using IP address from home computer to lap top. Home Group is not working. I have pinged the lap from the home computer. Both OS are W10

Robertson County TN computer literacy technology network literacy Posted over 4 years ago

Want to Improve Typing Speed

Hi, I have been using computers for about 10 years now and have good typing speed of around 30-35 words per minute. However I want to improve my speed to around 45 word per minute in next 2-3 months. I do not use 10 fingers while typing yet i am able to type well. But since i want to improve my speed, so want to ask the expert, should i start using 10 fingers? I will have to start from zero if I start using ten fingers now. So my question is should i start everything from zero again or continue using limited fingers and try to improve my speed? or is it like one can not improve speed without using all fingers.

OUTSIDEUS computer literacy Posted over 4 years ago

Can a processor be the cause of a blown Ic or capacitor on the motherboard?

I have two processors an athlon 2 and a phenom 2. My motherboard stopped working once and i was told that it was cause of the phenom processor which made me buy a second hand athlon. I still have my phenom and the motherboard is back from RMA. Can i risk running the phenom 2 on it? Is it even possible for a processor to blow up an ic or a capacitor?

OUTSIDEUS computer literacy Posted over 4 years ago

MAC address blocked clients

i blocked two mac address on my tp link wr841n factory os router then i upgraded to dd wrt. now the two blocked clients are not able to use internet, others can use it. AND in new dd wrt os they are not showing blocked so that i can unblock them.
i cleared my nvram and also did a hard reset but still same problem. please help

computer literacy computer security Posted over 4 years ago

Adware ( ADClick)

I downloaded some file called ''keygen'' to get a code key for a game and ever since I get Ads from ADClick on my desktop. how can I stop this??

OUTSIDEUS computer literacy computer security Posted almost 5 years ago

save a web page

hi there
I am working for a company and we have plenty of online courses
I would like to save these online courses to study in my free time, but it in not possible i think the web sites are flash based and i am not able to save the website like other websites. every course has a exam at the end and when you finish the exam website connects to your account and get your mark to their data base.
any suggestion ?

Alabama computer literacy Posted about 5 years ago

best Specialty for Creat/Design online language learning

What is the best Specialty(in universities) that gives best experience for Creating/Designing/managing online language learning school(website)?


Outside United States computer literacy science education information technology web development web design computer programing Posted over 5 years ago

I tried to powerwash a managed samsung 303 chromebook. Now I cant access without an admin password.

I tried to powerwash a managed samsung 303 chromebook. Now I cant access and dont have password.

What are my options to get it working?

Outside United States computer literacy computer security Posted almost 6 years ago

Analysing 2 recursive calls

Hello, Its difficult for me to analyse recursion flow when 2 recursive calls, Ex: Mergesort(low,mid) MergeSort(mid+1, high) I can analyse mergesort but if i had to write my own program using such recursive call, in what case we use 2 recursive calls as above? I understand call(n-1);call(n-1) in tower of hanoi.. but difficult with mergesort

Outside United States technology Posted almost 6 years ago

Need help with programming

I want a script/program to automatically select a value in a cell in excel and perform certain functions in my web based oracle application that i use in my office. Thanks.

Pennsylvania computer excel Posted over 6 years ago