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groundhog spotted under my deck

I spotted a groundhog on my wood deck on March 27. It scurried underneath when I approached. My deck is approximately 10' x 15', and extends from the first floor of our house, about 14" above ground level, with only soil underneath. I live in a suburban neighborhood, with approximately 1/2 acre back lot, mostly lawn. I've read that groundhogs' burrowing behavior can cause damage to decks. I don't see any evidence of burrowing around the edges of the deck. How can I determine whether the groundhog is burrowing under the deck? If it is, do I need to eradicate the animal? If so, please recommend methods for removing or exterminating.

Macomb County MI groundhog removal Posted almost 2 years ago

local song birds

I live in the Byron Center Mi area and my neighbors and I have all noticed we have had no birds in the area for 3 weeks. All of us have feeders which attract sparrows, cardinals, chickadees, finches, nuthatches and others and have had absolutely no birds at our feeders for about 3 weeks. In taking a walk through the woods in the neighborhood and approaching all the shrub, bush, and other areas where they are usually in the thousands, there are none. I'm concerned and wondered if you have any insight? I'm getting very puzzled.

Kent County MI bird migration Posted about 2 years ago

19th century farm cistern

I have what I believe to be a cistern associated with the farm that existed on my property long ago. It is about five feet across and six feet deep, lined with limestone. in the bottom, there appears to be an input from drain tiles, and an output line to the original home on the property. I would like to fill this in, but I am concerned about blocking flow on the inputs and/or making a sink hole as there is an output. Is there anyone that can provide some guidance? My township engineer, just said that it is on your property, you can do whatever you want.

Wayne County MI zoning and land use regulation Posted over 2 years ago

bald eagles

Is this a bald eagle feather??

OH birds Posted over 4 years ago

White flowering plant

Looking for the name of this plant in Sedona AZ

Maricopa County AZ natural resources integrated pest management wildflowers and native plants plant identification Posted about 5 years ago

What is this strange growth in the dirt?

At first I thought I had ground bees, but I never see a bee near one. They are growing in my raised garden bed. They are nestled in the dirt. No green on them. They start closed, eventually opening to reveal small black seeds. Are they helpful or harmful to my garden? If harmful, is there an organic solution other than pulling them out? (They do seem to have a small root structure.)

Sacramento County California natural resources mushrooms mushroom identification Posted over 5 years ago


will blue bonnets grow in the Tulsa Oklahoma area?

Tulsa County Oklahoma wildflowers and native plants horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials Posted over 5 years ago

What kind of mushroom is this?

This was found in Saint Charles County, Missouri in a bed of mulch. Any ideas?

St. Charles County Missouri mushrooms mushroom identification horticulture Posted over 5 years ago

Wild Pink bluebonnets

How rare aré wild pink bluebonnets? I have a Ranch in the picachos mountáins in north eastern México. This year we had our best ever floweriing of bluebonnets. Last week by chance I stopped my ATV right next to a pink bluebonnet plant..., I did not know they existed. Can you tell me moré about pink bluebonnets

Outside United States natural resources wildflowers and native plants Posted almost 6 years ago

Indigenous milkweed source for Richmond, VA

I'd like to plant some milkweed to attract Monarch butterflies this summer. I can't find a good source here. Do you know of one? Or do you know of a mail order source?

Henrico County Virginia wildflowers and native plants butterflies milkweed monarch butterflies horticulture Posted almost 6 years ago