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No pine cones this year

Hello my Deodara is massive and started several summers ago with one lonely cone. Last year it was loaded with them all along the top several layers. This summer?? Not one why what’s it’s telling me?? Thanx . . Joe in Jersey

Burlington County New Jersey forestry Posted about 1 month ago

Who's helping sawmills, lumbermen & loggers?

There's so much in the news about how the farmers are being hurt by both the economic/trade restrictions and mother nature, but there is NOTHING about the devastation that our hardwood industries are suffering. Emerald Ash Bore, Oak Wilt, Beech Bark disease.. to name just a few. Who's giving money or tax breaks to the numerous sawmills, lumber companies & loggers? Please, help bring this situation to the national level. Federal subsidies and tax breaks are needed!!! Generation owned sawmills are closing down because of the sanctions between Canada/USA and the elimination of some species of hardwoods. PLEASE HELP!

Charlevoix County Michigan lumber lumber industry Posted 3 months ago

Ponderosa pine tree issues

Good day. I planted three ponderosa pine trees in the fall of 2015. This year will be third summer when I have them. They have many dry needles. One tree dropped all needles but last year. I attached few pictures of them. Could you please take a look on them and give me answer what should I do to grow them properly. Thank you very much Alex

Outside United States Posted 4 months ago

Age of Juniper

My new house has a 40 ft juniper with the main trunk of about 16 in circumference . Can anyone tell me how to tell how old it is?

Santa Barbara County California trees and shrubs Posted 10 months ago

White Pine Broken Branches

Recently a White Pine lost 5 branches, ranging from 1 1/2" to 3" in diameter. We just had a heavy wet snow. The branches all look as if they have been sawed halfway through, and the rest is broken/split. My landscaper thinks that White Pines naturally break that way and the weight of the snow brought them down. 5 branches, and all looking as if they are sawed halfway through? They didn't hang over a property line, but are in the backyard. I have attached a few pictures. Please let me know what you think.

Nassau County New York Posted 10 months ago

trees dying

I have fir trees in my yard I planed over 20 years ago. I think they are dying. Is their a way I could send you a picture and you could tell me what to do?

Linn County Oregon forestry trees and shrubs Posted 11 months ago

Who can tell me the species name for Merant mahogany?

Can anyone tell me the species name for a wood that is called Merant mahogany? Our shipment is stuck in customs and they are asking for the species name.

Greenville County South Carolina Posted 11 months ago

Forest sugar dispensary?

I was referred to you by our Pinchot Gifford's Ranger Station's botonist who was stumped on the matter: I was out and about in the woods picking huckleberries and noticed a clear shiny sticky substance on the leaves of some of the huckleberries...and also some on the needles of the tree nearby. . . I think it was either Pacific Silver or Grand Fir. In both cases I noticed this sticky substance, one of those trees was near the huckleberries. I don't think huckleberries have anything to do with it...but that's the fauna I was focused on. I tasted it and it was pure glucose. Delicious. Nature's own sugar dispensary. Can you tell me what this phenomenon is and if it's species specific and seasonally specific? Is it a bug related thing? Thanks, Leif

Klickitat County Washington Posted about 1 year ago

Land rehabilitation

We moved here from Arizona and own a 6 acre property 4 miles up the Alsea river from Waldport. Part of the property is flat and we mow the grass. The hilly portions were covered with blackberry bushes , ferns and other bushes. I am in the process of cutting down the scrub. We would like to have short grass type ground cover that will not need to be mowed , too steep of slope. How do we keep the blackberry and ferns from growing back? What do you recommend in keeping the shrubs down and what would be a good ground cover? Thank You. Dennis Knapwurst 602-980-7530.

Lincoln County Oregon weeds small farms Posted about 1 year ago

Yellow fir

Yes I live in Arbuckle ca and I have a very old yellow for ( I beliee it is) anyways I think my tree has been poisoned. It looks like the branches are burned and it has sore like on the base of the rree8 also I noticed some slash marks on it. When I water it the water has a hazy gloss over the top. Who or how can I get someone too help me with tgis? I don' have the money to get a complete check up on it. Please help I love my tree.

Colusa County California Posted over 1 year ago