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Our 33month old, extremely bright granddaughter is not prohibited by her parents from opening up our refrigerator and rifling through it looking for food she likes. They would like us to simply put the food she likes in an accessible spot in the refrigerator where she can easily reach it and that will minimize her search. They don’t like anyone disciplining her, but rather just explain to her what is a good way to find the food or else help her locate it. Meanwhile, the food she was served and likes is on her plate at her seat getting cold. Our daughter in law states that this is the way she was raised and this is how she’ll raise her daughter. This is driving us crazy! What do you suggest?

Rockland County New York Posted over 2 years ago

optimal car seat arrangement, 6 kids in car

I take 6 kids to school as part of a school run, in Doha, Qatar. The kids are aged 11, 10, 9, 5, 5 and 3. I drive a Mitsubishi Pajero. What is the safest arrangement of the kids? We have several high backed boosters, several booster cushions and a Bubblebum (narrower than booster cushion). 3 high backed booster seats do not fit in the middle row of the car, nor do 2 high backed boosters plus a booster cushion. So my question is this... Is it better to have two high back boosters (3 & 5 year olds) on each side of the middle row, plus one 5 year old in between them on the Bubblebum (which has a strap to connect to the seat belt above the child's shoulder). Or better to have the second 5 year old in the front seat in a high backed booster? Or better to have the second 5 year old in the back row in a high backed booster (which would not be supported up the whole of its height, as the back row seats are not very high). I look forward to your reply.

Outside United States Posted over 4 years ago

Breastfeeding Past Age 1

I couldn't find a "contact us" that wasn't for question answering, so I apologize for not asking a question. I just received the 13-14 month Just in Time Parenting Newsletter. I have found this is a great resource for myself and the families I work with in Early Intervention. I was not happy to see the section about weaning from the bottle or breast included in this month's newsletter. While I agree with beginning to wean from a bottle to a cup, I cannot agree with telling parents it is time to begin thinking about weaning from the breast. The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding until AT LEAST 2 years of age because toddlers continue to receive benefits from their mothers' breast milk far beyond age 1. Many studies actually say that the natural age of weaning could be anywhere between 4 and 6 years of age. While I feel it is acceptable to discuss something that parents may thinking about doing, please be mindful of your language and include some information about breastfeeding through toddler-hood. Thanks!

Champaign County Ohio Posted over 4 years ago

Feeling forced and stuck

Hi there. Unable to find work in my own country, I decided to look for work in South Korea. I don't like being here (its my 3rd time here) but I really need the money. The problem is that I had to leave my 2 daughters behind with my parents. I am a single parent and am financially responsible for my daughters, my parents and my brother. When I looked around me and saw just how everyone was struggling financially I knew I had to make the move. However, I don't know how I'm going to survive this. I'll be gone for a stretch of 1 year at a time and then will only see them for 2 weeks after that year. Already the youngest (she'll be 2 soon) is behaving differently and angry all the time from what I've been told. The other one is taking off sick from school which she would never usually do and has been begging me to take her out of school and wants to move to Korea to be with me. That is not an option as I just don't have the money to bring them here and I also wouldn't want to have them in a strange country where foreigners don't seem to have many rights. If anything happened to me while they were here, they'd have nobody to turn to. I cannot explain how miserable, sad, lonely, worried, etc I am. All I seem to do is cry. I don't even want to look at pictures of my babies because it actually makes me feel physical pain. I know we need the money but I am so torn. I try to keep busy but they are constantly on my mind. What should I do? I feel like either way I'm a bad mother. If I go back to them I'll be a broke mother who cannot provide for them. If I stay I'll be an absent mother to a large extent.

Outside United States family caregiving Posted over 4 years ago


While married I was raped. We didn't report. I found out I was pregnant. Was going to terminate. My husband at the time asked me not to. Said we would raise the baby no one has to know. We're divorced now. He said she's not his responsibility. I was never served divorce papers so I was not at court to tell my side. So he does nothing for her. Can I go back to court and make him responsible for her?

Essex County New Jersey legal topics early childhood Posted almost 5 years ago

looking for consultative experts on early childhood programs for seasonal and migrant farmworkers

Are there survey data and research available on the status of young children in seasonal and migrant camps, as well as family and parent engagement programs? I'm trying to develop a multi-platform, digital and non-digital set of resources, references and easy-to-access tips through a partnership with the Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network in Brooklyn, NY, Highlights Magazine, and the National Latino Children's Institute.

New York early childhood parent engagement migrant education Posted almost 5 years ago

mother express 0 Not Respect Way today they can provi 0 Not Respect to the day care provider

What I can do On this situation This mother she's in military and she used a fucking word to myself on my daycare provider i'm really sad and upset please give me an advice thanks

Virginia parenting Posted about 5 years ago

Picky Eater

Hello! How do I get my little one (2 years old) to try new foods (especially veggies)? It seems like he has an issue with different textures ... we try to give him new foods and he usually rejects them and then my husband and I get discouraged. I know we shouldn't take it personally but I feel like we end up giving him the same foods over and over again. Any tricks to get this guy to eat a variety of things?

Thanks for your help and time!! I love your website - it's a wonderful resource.


Franklin County Ohio parenting child development Posted about 5 years ago

Intergenerational Activities at an Adult Day Health Center

Hi, We are members of a non-profit, MOMS Club of Taunton, MA, We often partner with a local Adult Day Health Center, Bethany House for intergenerational programming. Many times, we lack ideas for activities that would work for toddlers (mostly ages 1-4) and those at Bethany House that range in abilities. So, we do not get together as much as we would like. I looked at one of the downloads you have online, but I'm not sure the activities listed would work very well given the age of our toddlers. We would appreciate any ideas you may have. Thanks so much in advance! Vanea, Sunshine Coordinator MOMS Club of Taunton, MA

Bristol County Massachusetts infants and toddlers intergenerational Posted over 5 years ago

Sanitizing using bleach for baby play things and room

Ratio for solutions of water and bleach for children's play

Baltimore Maryland parenting child care Posted over 5 years ago