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The Financial Security For All Community of Practice (FSA CoP) is a community of Cooperative Extension family economics professionals who provide research-based information about personal finance topics to help people manage their money wisely and improve their lives.

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Questions asked to this group

apartment move- in

I'm wanting to move into an apartment. Birth certificate is lost; having trouble obtaining duplicate. Assistant manager says, you can have a self- affidavit. Don't know anything about it, don't know if it needs to be signed, notarized etc.

Cumberland County North Carolina Posted 1 day ago

Why are they deducting w/sui

I thought unemployment funds were already taken out of my check under my federal and or state tax deductions. Why is it taken out again under post tax deductions?

Sussex County Delaware Posted 2 days ago

regarding a 1970 loan

Is it possible to get a copy or verification of a loan that my widowed-mother got through the FHA back in 1969 or 1970? She got a loan of 14 to 15 thousand dollars to build her house after my father passed away. (1966) My mother passed away in 2015; my brother and I sold her house last year. For capital gains tax purposes, we need verification of how much the loan was back then. We found no paperwork about the loan in her things. Because I procrastinated collecting what we'd be needing at this tax time, I will be filing for extension if necessary. Getting this information will help us tremendously, and I appreciate anything, if possible, you can do. Sincerely, Donna J Tillery Manuel

Linn County Oregon Posted 29 days ago

Can I buy a house

I help to move my brother from Puerto Rico because of Maria devastation, he own a home there finance by farmers home, he's not planning to go there for the moment, can he buy another house and not be in any kind of problems?

Hampden County Massachusetts Posted 4 months ago

Spouse Inheriting IRA

My husband died in June of this year (2017). When he died, he was 70 years and 8 months old at death. No RMDs have been taken. I plan to roll over the existing IRA from Fidelity to my individual IRA at another company. I am age 63. Since I am treating the IRA as my own, am I still required to take RMDs now or wait until I am age 70 1/2?

Orange County California Posted 5 months ago

Deductions from pay roll check

How do i go about finding how much is supposed to come out of my pay check for taxes?

Oneida County Wisconsin Posted 6 months ago

If i invest on Mutual Funds iwill get My returns?

If i invest on Mutual Funds iwill get My returns?

Outside United States Posted 8 months ago

Outside United States Posted 9 months ago


Can a family member's Primary Care Physician charge me for completing FMLA paperwork for that family member currently under their care?

Palm Beach County Florida Posted 9 months ago

RMD Withdrawal

My bank doesn't know how to handle a RMD withdrawal, can you tell me what forms I need so I can tell bank . I was asked to bring a copy of my last years withdrawl, but I can't find it.

Anne Arundel County Maryland Posted 9 months ago