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I know in stocks 1 means buy, 2 means hold, and 3 means sell. Im a newbie to the stock market. But today on my cron and aurora cannibus stocks it showed a 4 by the little bell in red. What does the 4 mean. Thank you for your help.

Lee County FL Posted 9 days ago


On my original return i put direct deposit. I filed an admendment return and the irs said it will be in my account

LA Posted 6 months ago

those who have worked less than 40 quarters

those who have worked for less than 40 quarters are they entitled to any benefits after the age of 65 or more

CA Posted 7 months ago

L-9 tax return requirements

My mother in law passed away in 2011. She was in her 90's and had not worked for years prior to that. She worked as a waitress with very low income. Her son as the executor of the estate and also a Class A beneficiary is asked to include her last tax filed form with an L-9 form for a waiver on inheritance tax. Not sure how to get that information after more than 10 years. Is there a limitation on how many years back that you have to provide that information?

Middlesex County NJ Posted 7 months ago

debts left by deceased spouse

Is a surviving spouse responsible for the debts of her deceased spouse if the debts are only on his name.

Alachua County FL Posted 7 months ago

Length of time to keep My 2016-2017 Monthly Prescription Drug Summary.

How long do I keep my 2016-2017 Monthly Prescription Drug Summary ( Medicare/Medicaid)?

Douglas County Georgia Posted 8 months ago


I'm happy that I'm getting my refund but on line say they will mail it but win I check it it say direct deposit witch one is it.I did a amended on my return but the first one had a direct deposit number on it but my amended didn't.

Escambia County Alabama Posted 8 months ago

Social Security institutions

Are social security institutions a financial or non financial organizations?

Outside United States Posted 8 months ago

FICA after retirement

Will FICA tax be taken out of my income once I retire and do not have a paying job?

McKinley County New Mexico Posted 9 months ago

Financial records after death

Both of my parents have been deceased for over a year. There was not much excess at the time; the cash from their savings account was divided between the 5 children. How long do I need to keep bank records and bills receipts?

LaSalle County Illinois Posted 9 months ago