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In auditting what is the concept of Audit alarmThanks

In auditting what is the concept of Audit alarm

Alaska Posted 2 months ago

Proving an alias is NOT me

Many years ago an ins co i was not doing business with solicited me with a different version of my name. After that solicitation the name become connected to me as an alias. Ive tried to have it removed without any luck. Ive now (oct 2019) received a collection letter (for this alias) from a 10+ year old case with an $18,000. judgement against this alias. This is NOT my account. The judgement and account do not show in my credit history, however, the collection company is aggressively pursuing this. How do i prove that this is not my account (in spite of the alias connected to me?)

Worcester County Massachusetts Posted 11 months ago

203k loan

Where would I go to get a 203k loan for repairing my home?

Cumberland County New Jersey Posted about 1 year ago

203k loan

where would I go for a 203 k loan to repair my house

Cumberland County New Jersey Posted about 1 year ago

Still waiting

I have been waiting for my tax refund for 2017 and now they are say that they got till 9-2019 to respond i recieved my 2016 tax refund . and i recieved my 2018 tax fefund nothig has change but they are still holding on to my 2017 tax refund dont you think that is alittle stupid

Dallas County California Posted over 1 year ago


Can my RMD withdrawal be treated (tax wise), as long term capital gains since it has been in my account for decades? Treating the total amount as normal income does not seem to be fair taxation.

Oakland County Michigan Posted over 1 year ago

Earning limits while taking spousal benefits

I am 67 and taking spousal benefits. What is the earning limit if I continue to work?

Hillsborough County Florida Posted over 1 year ago

early drawing of socail security and still work

If I draw my social security at the age of 64.6 and still work, will my wifes income affect what I draw. I know that after17,000 every dollar of 2.00 dollars is taken. I just wanted to know if that only inclides my income or both my wifes and mine.

Shawnee County Kansas social security Posted over 1 year ago


I know in stocks 1 means buy, 2 means hold, and 3 means sell. Im a newbie to the stock market. But today on my cron and aurora cannibus stocks it showed a 4 by the little bell in red. What does the 4 mean. Thank you for your help.

Lee County Florida Posted over 1 year ago


On my original return i put direct deposit. I filed an admendment return and the irs said it will be in my account

Louisiana Posted about 2 years ago