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With unfortunate regularity, flooding occurs in many locations. Ask your questions about flood preparedness, mitigation, response or recovery here.

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Questions asked to this group

Flood mitigation

I have read several of the articles on extension about this. None reference any studies about the benefits of elevating homes for flood mitigation. There has not been much national research on this topic despite the rising insurance costs of floodplain properties (highly subsidized by Amercian taxpayers) and the success of elevation programs in LA and NJ. I am looking to connect with someone who might be interested in conducting such a research study.

Winnebago County Wisconsin Posted over 1 year ago

Sump pump discharge exit...under water

Hi! I live in a home that is built into a small hill. So, when you walk in off the street and go to the back of the home, you are 12 feet above the ground. So, my house is considered a ranch with a walk out lower level. The sump pump discharges into a small creek behind the house. However, when we get several inches of rain, the creek becomes a small stream and the sump pump discharge exit is under water. While I know the system is designed to stop water from flowing backwards, how does the sump pump get rid of water if the exit is under water?

Franklin County Ohio Posted over 2 years ago

Potential problems

The exterior of a wood frame wall is sometimes sheeted with a (I don't know the name of the product), it's a 4' X 8' sheet, usually black or brown, but it's a fibeious material. I'm sure it absorbed water. This wall framing is then covered by siding or brick. How should this be treated with respect to restoration. Thanks

Knox County Tennessee floods flood restoration Posted about 3 years ago

about flood

sir how to do foundation treatment against flood.

Vigo County Indiana Posted over 3 years ago

what are the most suitable material for floor and walls of two story building

what are the most suitable material for floor and walls of two story building

South Carolina Posted over 4 years ago

Residential Sump Pump homeowner

Hello and thank God you're there. There are two questions I need to ask. First, should water be in the

'sump' when there is no water in the basement and hasn't been in a day? Recently, 2 days ago,we experienced flooding in my area. About 4 to 6 inches filled my basement. Second question, Should the pump sound as if it comes on when nothing (no flooding) has

gone on?

Wayne County Michigan floods Posted about 6 years ago

Post-Flood Mitigation in Crawlspace - Fiberglass Insulation

We live in Boulder and our vented crawlspace was flooded in the recent disaster. The flooding occurred when the water table rose. We waited, and the flooding receded when the water table lowered. We are using a commercial fan to exhaust air from the crawlspace in an attempt to dry it. We are on a very long waiting lists for help from remediation companies. In the meantime, should we remove the wet fiberglass insulation from the walls and ceiling of the crawlspace? Where can we learn more about whether the crawlspace should be insulated (once it dries out) and what type of insulation is appropriate. Thanks

Boulder County Colorado floods insulation and air sealing front page Posted about 7 years ago

Long term dyking of a river that floods twice evry year.

We are moving in to a place that has a seasonal river that floods twicw a year.Around this time during the heavy rains the area around the river floods. we are looking for the best way to stop this. Is it by building Nertherlands type dykes composed of sand, clay etc or can one use sandbags that stay in place for long? what has been used so far is stone found in the area to build gabions about waist height with wire mesh holding the aproximately foot long stones in place. The water rises to up to ten feet or more when there is heavy rainfall. Will greatly appreciate suggestions. Two years ago, a farm hand was swept away by a sudden rush by the river and died. There are aboutten houses adjacent to the river affected. The lat two years have been particularly bad.Thanks!

Outside United States floods prepare and reduce damage disaster preparedness Posted over 7 years ago