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Entrepreneurs and Their Communities provides education and technical assistance to individuals interested in starting small businesses in rural communities and to communities interested in supporting entrepreneurship as one method of economic development. Our expertise covers business planning, marketing, eCommerce, financial management and business transfer. We also have specialists on our team who specialize in youth entrepreneurship.

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I was wondering the authors name to who wrote this article??

I am doing a paper for my college English class & I needed to cite one of your publications. The article, "Why is Entrepreneurship Important in Community and Economic Development. I need the author's name, please. Thank you.

Tammy Hollingsworth

Iredell County NC Posted about 2 years ago

Researching generational business transfer strategies

Our stock association foundation is looking into how to create ag business entry opportunities for young people who lack start up capital by pairing them with retirement age farmers and ranchers who do not have interested heirs. What various mechanisms and arrangements are available for this? How might Ag lenders play a role in facilitating transitions? What are the appropriate legal vehicles to protect the interests of all stakeholders? Any research or case studies (ever situation will tend to be unique, though there may be commonalities)? This is an increasingly important question that needs to be addressed nationwide. Thanks, Jim Thorpe

Guadalupe County NM Posted over 2 years ago

What is the difference between a marketing strategy and a corporate strategy

What is the difference between a marketing strategy and a corporate strategy

OUTSIDEUS Posted about 3 years ago


Please sir i want to know can authority exist without power?

OUTSIDEUS Posted about 3 years ago


Hello dear

I need to ask you about an my buisness model which i working now momentaly

There is an agent who is hire job for carpenters end welders end my duty is to manage this job with him,We start from march this year end i was rapresent my company from Serbia to import they experiences in Italy in shipyard,But now i wait for this agent end him always say to me end i see that him gives priority to another company.Him always make exuses i have now job,to much busy ok him is busy but i want to put this my company to work end to be nice manager end to have job for myself...Time go end go more than 4 months him always say i have priority with another company end in this case what to do what question give to him? His got colaboration with shipyard end i have need to put this my company through him but i see with him some brakes...End time go end go.....End him says in inital that shipyard have big need for company end for workers end now him change ,seem to me like cameleon ,people change i know that end like to manipulate i was hide that i feel also people

What to do in this case?

Thank you


OUTSIDEUS running a business business management and farm labor business human relations Posted about 4 years ago

S Corporations and cash rent operation

Can a S corporation use a cash rent agreement for operations?

Fountain County Indiana business financing Posted over 4 years ago

Authority and power

What are the diffrences between authority and power?

Virgin Islands of the U.S. political views writing language definition political economics Posted almost 5 years ago

Does a company owner have to work to receive a cheque?

If you start a business that has grown to be so successful that it runs well without the owner being around.. does the owner need to continue coming to work or doing any work to keep receiving a paycheck?

Outside United States entrepreneurship running a business Posted almost 5 years ago


Benefits of entrepreneurship to a country

Outside United States entrepreneurship Posted over 5 years ago

Entrepreneurial ecosystems

Does anyone have a framework for conducting assessment of a region's entrepreneurial ecosystem? I found a powerpoint by SRDC, which outlines a fairly comprehensive approach. I am looking for other, perhaps less comprehensive study designs, and therefore conducive to an intern completing an assessment within a 3-month period.

Outagamie County Wisconsin entrepreneurship growing a business ecosystem services Posted over 5 years ago