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ant colony removal

I have a side of my house I'm going to cover with mulch and ground cover. I discovered an ant colony that is about 2' wide and 6' long at the surface. These are the small pavement ants. They are approximately 6-8' from the home and I haven't seen any inside. If they're not harming anything, I will just leave them alone. If you recommend their removal, what is the most effect method. Thank you for your assistance! Luke

Larimer County CO Posted 4 months ago

Tiny ant invasion

Tiny ants invasion in the house

San Luis Obispo County CA Posted 5 months ago

Carpenter ants?

Hello, are these carpenter ants? They are about 1/4” - 1/3” long, aggressive/ biting, and I found them outside on my deck around rotting wood, and these pictures were taken on my wood siding near the ground. Thanks! Rebecca

Multnomah County OR insect issues ants insect identification Posted 5 months ago

Ants eating potato plant?

Besides poisons from the store and cinnamon what can I use to repel ants? I just seen a post on this forum asking why ants are eating their potato plants and the answer or said that it might be the answer after aphids. The ants in the previous post that I'm referring to were black ants, my ants are red ants I do believe that they are fire ants and they have devoured and killed my potato plants. I would like to grow more potatoes next year do you know of any natural home remedy to kill ants?

Tulare County CA Posted 5 months ago

Thatching ants

I live in the rural Redland area. There is a recently developinr mound of what appears to be thatching ants in my goat pasture. I want to ensure the colony does not encroach into my landscaped areas. I doubt posting the area will be terribly effective. Recommendations for extermination would be appreciated. Thank you

Clackamas County OR Posted 7 months ago

Ants on apple tree.

We have three apple trees on our property and one is crawling with small black ants. What can be done?

Clatsop County Oregon insect issues ants Posted 8 months ago

winged ant swarm in my bathroom

I live in Salem, and have killed a total of approximately 200 winged, very dark brown or black ants (very defined waist; definitely not termites!) in my bathroom on Thursday, April 19th, and on Friday, April 20th, 2018. These winged ants are approximately 3/16" or 5 mm long. On both days, the swarms occurred in the early afternoon, ending by about 2 pm. I am partially disabled and have been unable to identify their point of entry. The ants seemed in a hurry, and gravitating toward the window and skylight, but would fall rather easily. I was surprised to find that I could detect NO odor whatsoever upon crushing them. Do you have an entomologist who can help me identify whether these might possibly be carpenter ants, or any other species of particular concern? I do have a specimen saved in alcohol, and a few others which died naturally on my windowsill. Thank you!

Marion County Oregon insect identification Posted 8 months ago

Carpenter Ants

I have carpenter ants in several trees on my property. Visible signs - large weeping areas, wood pecker holes, chip piles, and trees splitting. When I cut one that has split I get piles of ants. How can I kill them/stop them from spreading to other trees? What are my options? 1 acre wooded area.

Cecil County Maryland ants trees tree Posted about 1 year ago

carpenter ants

I am renovating a small cabin. During demolition of the interior, I found many carpenter ants living in the wall space. Is it sufficient to just clean up the interior, or should I fumigate with an insecticide as well? I plan to remove all drywall and interior walls and replace the insulation.

Benton County Oregon home ipm wood products carpenter ants Posted over 1 year ago

outdoor ants

We have numerous ant hills and ants in our newly ( this last Spring) made flower beds. Our soil is sandy. We have mulch on the beds. The ants are small and light colored.Everyday there appears to be more. It is unsightly as the hills are quite large. Do we need to exterminate them ? Will they cause problems ? Will they try to enter the house ? If we want to exterminate them what is the best "natural" method ?

Kent County Delaware ants ant Posted over 2 years ago