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Carpenter Ants

I have carpenter ants in several trees on my property. Visible signs - large weeping areas, wood pecker holes, chip piles, and trees splitting. When I cut one that has split I get piles of ants. How can I kill them/stop them from spreading to other trees? What are my options? 1 acre wooded area.

Cecil County Maryland ants trees tree Posted 4 months ago

carpenter ants

I am renovating a small cabin. During demolition of the interior, I found many carpenter ants living in the wall space. Is it sufficient to just clean up the interior, or should I fumigate with an insecticide as well? I plan to remove all drywall and interior walls and replace the insulation.

Benton County Oregon home ipm wood products carpenter ants Posted 6 months ago

outdoor ants

We have numerous ant hills and ants in our newly ( this last Spring) made flower beds. Our soil is sandy. We have mulch on the beds. The ants are small and light colored.Everyday there appears to be more. It is unsightly as the hills are quite large. Do we need to exterminate them ? Will they cause problems ? Will they try to enter the house ? If we want to exterminate them what is the best "natural" method ?

Kent County Delaware ants ant Posted over 1 year ago

Kill ants

Get rid of ants. Tiny black ones

Cape May County New Jersey ants Posted over 1 year ago

Fire ants

What can I use that kills fire ants that want hurt pets?

Grant Parish Louisiana fire ants Posted over 1 year ago

Red fire ants

While I was weeding by my stone walkway I noticed red fire ants and then by my ornamental flower garden all the leaves are being eaten so I sprayed with orthro& flower garden.weeding my vegetable garden I saw red ants by the wood border& flowers How do I treat these areas? I already use the pesticide and don't want to continue with that but they are all over eating the leaves off of my flowers and vegetables what can I do?

Otsego County New York fire ants Posted over 1 year ago

fire ants in the compost

The last time I went to put some plant scraps in my compost bin, everything in it was completely composted! It looked like beautiful fine black soil. I looked closer: it was a huge ant mound, teeming with ants.

I want to use the compost, but I don't want to transfer hoards of fire ants to my garden beds. How can I get rid of the fire ants without ruining the compost?

Also, how can I keep fire ants out of my compost bin?

Thank you for you help with these questions.


Upshur County Texas fire ants Posted over 2 years ago


Hello,I acquired a load of dry cow manure about 1 month ago. which I discovered small fire ants in same.I treated it with Amdro fire ant killer and covered the pile.My question is,which by the way I asked the manufacturer this same question but have not recieved an answer.So I hope you can help me.How long does it take for the Amdro to become safe to use in my veggie garden/I'm hoping to use the manure in the spring.

Chatham County North Carolina fire ants pastures and forages gardening horticulture Posted over 2 years ago

Fire ants!

How do I keep fire ants from eating my plants and vegetables. I've purchased different types of pesticides and placed it directly to their mounds but they just move and now they've discovered my plants. Specifically, they're eating the blossoms off of my lavender plant. Is there anything I can do to protect the plants I have now and future plants I plan on bringing in?

Contra Costa County California fire ants Posted over 2 years ago

How do I deal with ants?

I have black ants everywhere in a garden bed that I want to plant some organic greenbean seeds. Do I need to get rid of the ants before I plant the seeds? If so , how? Or can the co-exist together? Are they detrimental to the garden?

King County Washington Posted over 2 years ago