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Cats under hood of car

How do you keep cats and squirrels from hiding under the hood of your car?

Furnas County Nebraska Posted 1 day ago

Deer scat?

Is this deer scat? Looks similar to the question above. Musta been a pretty big or Constipated deer? LOL Southern Manitoba area

Outside United States Posted 5 days ago

4 baby rabbits

hi, i have 4 baby rabbits huddled together in my planter. is this normal behavior for them? or should i be concerned for their safety? thank you,

New York Posted 11 days ago

moles in the vegetable garden

I live just outside Eugene on a small sheep farm and every year I battle a mole in my vegetable garden. I try to trap them with spring type traps and have been successful but it is lots of work getting them set just so. Don't want to use poison because of the other wildlife. Seems every year I start out without them but they seem to migrate to my garden just as the weather gets dryer. I haven't seen any evidence of them around our place during other times of the year. Of course they could be hiding in woods not far away. Question is is there anything to repel them from moving into my garden? Do the sonic repellants work? Any other suggestions?

Lane County Oregon moles moles and voles Posted 16 days ago

Bird ID

Hi, I don't know if this qualifies as something you do, but I am unable to identify this bird near my house. I have the Audubon app and it doesn't look like any bird that should be in Oregon in June. I have included a picture of the male and female. I'm not sure if you had a chance to look at my question yet, but after I submitted I think I figured out that it's a Bullock's Oriole? It was more yellow than I expected.

Marion County Oregon birds bird Posted 17 days ago


They last two years my garden has burrowing activity by a rodent . It eats my potatoes a d carrots it has a three inch diameter tunnels it evacuates dirt piles daily then plugs that hole. I have seen them pushing dirt out a hole twice but otherwise they are not seen. I got one picture that when enlarged show a large head the size of the burrow a d small eyes and ears. Looking it up it seems to be a gopher but the reference books I've consulted dont show them in my locale. South slope area of salem with jory hill clay for soil. Can you help me identify a d suggest controls?

Marion County Oregon Posted 17 days ago

squirrels vs walnuts

Is there anything I can use as a deterrent for squirrels taking the walnuts while they are still green? They will strip the trees of nuts before the shells have begun to harden.

Clackamas County Oregon Posted 18 days ago

bird nest in my water softener

I have a very cute bird nesting in my water softener which is outside. Therefore, the water softener is not working. I try to keep my yard as natural as possible (native plants and no pesticides) to attract wildlife. I don't want to disturb the bird and am fine with hard water. My husband wants to take the nest out and fix the softener. I have a two part question-if we leave things alone is it safe for us and the house and the bird? Would the bird be ok if we move nest? Thanks so much

Pasco County Florida wildlife damage management birds wildlife Posted 26 days ago

Eliminating California Ground Squirrels in my West Salem yard

I have been fighting with these rodents for 5 years. ODFW once told me to trap and do anything with them i wanted to, so I released them 10 miles into the country. Now a different ODFW says I can trap them, but not transport or release them anywhere. Neither can I shoot them with any pellet device. I have no dogs but the squirrels take shelter from neighbor dogs in my yard. Unfortunately, I have neighbors who insist on feeding them. My last (and only?) apparent option is to poison bait them using Phosphide poison in my live trap. HELP!! The adult squirrels are "migrating" to my yard from a large, open field across the street, which is inside city limits.

Polk County Oregon human-wildlife issues ground squirrel Posted about 1 month ago

Squirrel Home Invasion

We have a squirrel who has taken up residence between the floors of our house. She is nesting there and has babies. (We can hear her leave the house and when she's gone we continue to hear scratching noises in the area where she settles down at night). We have found her access to the house. It's about 15 feet off the ground just below a deck and not easy to get to. We hired a certified squirrel trapper and they set a cage trap and snap trap on the deck beams but the traps have not been successful. It is expensive to have them come out and re-try trapping at the squirrel's access point. Any suggestions on what to do next? If we close the access point when the squirrel is out of the house, will she try to gnaw her way back in? We realize the babies will die if we take that approach. What about waiting until they mature and leave the house? Will the mom and/or babies want to return? Thank you.

Multnomah County Oregon wildlife squirrels human wildlife issue Posted about 1 month ago