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elk trouble

what kind of bush can I plant that Elk wont destroy

Clatsop County Oregon Posted 4 days ago

How to protect paper birch tree seedlings from deer

We have a 40 acre parcel located @ 25 minutes north of Grand Rapids. The property has a diverse mixture of red/white pines, balsam, aspen, silver maple, and birch. There is a stand of birch that has several very large mature trees, but, we are concerned that due to deer consuming all the seedlings that we will ultimately lose them all. Is there anything that we can do to protect the birch seedlings? Thank you, Desiree

Itasca County Minnesota wildlife damage management forestry deer resistant plants Posted 2 months ago

I cannot find an effective way to exterminate voles

The foundation around my house is full of vole holes and voles. I see them scurrying around and have tried everything from environmentally friendly to products with brodifacoum. Currently I have 3 plastic power drill cases with 3 inch holes drilled in each end. I have Tom Cat all season bait chunks with brodifacoum . The chunks I secure with a screw. I fill them every week with three chunks each. I have been doing this for 6 weeks and every week the containers are empty. I bought the 4 lb. pail and have gone though half of it. The product is either ineffective or I have a record population of voles. Any suggestions welcome! Thanks

Onondaga County New York Posted 4 months ago

Unknown creature killing livestocks only for it's blood

from the last couple of months,many villagers from different area around Manipur ,reported that they found their livestocks being killed and murdered with their body were slit opened ,the organs were out and its blood were all sucked up..puncture marks were also there on the dead bodies..here are some of its foot prints..some people also reported that they have encountered the creature and they described the creature was the size of a small boy,smooth head,big bright yes,long arms and hairy,and can hop and jump over a long distance...people who saw beleived that it was not look like any other ordinary animal.

New York Posted 5 months ago

Scat identification

I was hoping to get this scar on our property identified. It is a wooded property out in the country in Howell and my boots are size 12 for reference. I assume coyote, but was hoping for some confirmation. Thank you in advance!

Livingston County Michigan wildlife scat identification Posted 5 months ago

Nutria in the Garden

How can I get rid of a family of Nutria living under my house and eating/destroying my garden. They need to go Help

Linn County Oregon Posted 5 months ago

Squirrels and fruit trees

How can I protect my fruit from squirrels. Netting the trees is not practical.

Oregon wildlife damage management squirrels Posted 5 months ago

Due animal poisons become non-toxic after being metabolized?

We frequently hear about secondary poisoning when a scavenger eats an animal that's been killed by poison. Is the secondary poisoning caused by surplus poison within the dead animal (assuming there is undigested poison that remains) or is the poison, which actually killed the dead animal, still lethal for other animals which may consume it as they scavenge the dead animal's organs? I imagine the answer may be yes, in that there's most likely always surplus or unmetabolized poison which remains in the dead animal. In chemistry we frequently see that a compound's radical is delivered to a reaction and enters into the reaction which changes its properties, however, that's not the case for a catalyst which emerges unchanged from the expedited reaction it has caused.

Los Angeles County California wildlife Posted 6 months ago

Mud nest ?

What kind of insect ? Or bird..made this nest..Its about a small fist size. Looks like mud. If you get a close up there is somthing inside..Thanks for your help

Llano County Texas wildlife damage management insect issues insects insect identification Posted 7 months ago

something is eating my tomatoes

About 2 weeks ago, I noticed that the tomatoes that were ripening had small bites - about the size of a dime. they were high up on the plants so I doubt that it is from a rabbit or squirrel. the bites are too small for a deer and I have the plants covered with a deer net. as times goes on, they are being eaten every day (probably at night) even the green ones. I am assuming they are from birds. What do you think? Any ideas on how to prevent the tomatoes from being eaten?

Dakota County Minnesota wildlife damage management horticulture tomatoes Posted 7 months ago