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Need to know what is this scat from. I raise chickens and this scat has been found in there pen. Whatever this is it has killed 9 birds in one night. And I found this scat in the pen. Please help. The first picture was found this morning in yard. Second in chickens pen.

Bay County FL wildlife damage management Posted about 1 month ago

increased vole and gopher populations

Can you address this from a SW Oregon stand point? https://ask.extension.org/questions/606969 We're fairly certain we have both voles and gophers, and in recent years way way more than ever before. We don't have a lawn - we are in forested rural, but their numbers have increased a lot; fearing not much we can do, but thought I'd ask. Thank you

Washington County OR wildlife damage management gophers voles Posted about 1 month ago

Gopher Control

We live by the South Umpqua River and our garden and lawns are well-irrigated. Consequently, we are forever fighting Townsend's pocket gopher. We have tried trapping them and poisoning them but never seem to make much headway. As the proverbial saying goes, you beat them down in one place and their mound pops right back up in another area. Can you please recommend a particular poison that has been tested to be most effective. Thanks, Sherrie Wieland

Douglas County OR Posted 3 months ago


Not bear... plenty of bear scat in my yard... large cougar is suppose to be in neighborhood or perhaps coyote or wolf, both also in neighborhood... large pile

Baker County OR Posted 3 months ago

Scat pic

Hi, just wondering if you think this is bear scat... (I did a little googling and that’s my guess) Also, wish I had laid down a quarter or something for size reference — the scat was human shaped and large.

Sacramento County CA wildlife Posted 4 months ago

Elusive Moles

This is my first flower garden. The soil is fantastic, at least the moles think so. The flowers like the soil, as well, until the mole tunnels under them. Then they up and die. We had 2 mole companies out here and they cannot catch any. What am I to do?? Thank you so much.

Multnomah County Oregon moles Posted 4 months ago

String of raised dirt piles

These dirt mounds have popped up quickly in my front yard. What are they and what should I do?

Deschutes County Oregon Posted 4 months ago

Mystery scat

I found this in the woods in Nova Scotia, on a walking trail. It makes me worry that it is from a bear something dangerous. The straw beside it is the length of my iPhone 6s. It was August 10

Outside United States wildlife Posted 4 months ago

Scat identification

I think this is racoons scat but could it be fox or skunk?

Monmouth County New Jersey Posted 5 months ago


Why are so many skunks running around my neighborhood? Is there anything I can do to get rid of them? One sprayed my dog in broad daylight in my yard!

Kentucky wildlife damage management wildlife skunks Posted 5 months ago