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Scat identification

I think this is racoons scat but could it be fox or skunk?

Monmouth County New Jersey Posted 4 days ago

Dead wood rats

Hello, We're in South Benton County and have a wood rat population on our property. In the last 2 weeks, we've found 4 dead wood rats. There are no apparent signs of physical damage or evidence of any struggle. We do have a neighbor that shares a fence with us about 200 ft from our house who also had some wood rat issues. Both of us have dogs, so we don't use poison as rodent control. What signs could we look for to get an idea of the cause of death? We're concerned for the safety of our pets if they eat a poisoned rat carcass.

Benton County Oregon wildlife damage management pest control Posted about 1 month ago

Keeping Deer off Young Fruit Trees

Hi I live in a rural area and I'm looking for any natural way to repel deer or conceal the tree from their noses until it has a chance to root. They've destroyed or rendered ineffective every type of non-permanent barrier we've ever erected. Short of a 6' chain link fence is there any way to fool those crafty creatures?

Lake County California wildlife damage management deer deer resistant plants Posted 2 months ago

Racoon problem

I have a racoon that has decided to make a nest in my attic that is inaccessible so the racoon can not be removed. An animal control company has suggested to let the animal leave on its own and then fix the roof. I forgot to mention that the racoon dug and or chewed through my roof. But will not the animal return the following year to raise another litter so I will have the same problem again. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Berrien County Michigan wildlife damage management raccoons Posted 4 months ago

Dead bird

Finding dead pigeons and other birds in our yard as the last couple of days I believe either our neighbor next door or someone else killingthese birds Getting tired of seeing my dog finding these all over our yard Please help us if u can immediately I don’t want my dog and or cats dead because of this

Multnomah County Oregon birds Posted 4 months ago

Inground Protection for New Apple Tree

I am going to plant several new apple trees in my small orchard. Please let me know how to protect the roots from voles, etc. I was thinking of the inground wire cages but did not know if that would restrict root growth and expansion. Thank you.

Lane County Oregon fruit trees Posted 4 months ago


How can I prevent rabbits from chewing on my car wires?

Johnson County Wyoming Posted 4 months ago

exterminate ground squirles

I live in La Pine and have an extreme ground squirrel problem. How do I exterminate them.

Deschutes County Oregon Posted 4 months ago

elk trouble

what kind of bush can I plant that Elk wont destroy

Clatsop County Oregon wildlife damage management deer resistant plants elk Posted 4 months ago

How to protect paper birch tree seedlings from deer

We have a 40 acre parcel located @ 25 minutes north of Grand Rapids. The property has a diverse mixture of red/white pines, balsam, aspen, silver maple, and birch. There is a stand of birch that has several very large mature trees, but, we are concerned that due to deer consuming all the seedlings that we will ultimately lose them all. Is there anything that we can do to protect the birch seedlings? Thank you, Desiree

Itasca County Minnesota wildlife damage management forestry deer resistant plants Posted 6 months ago