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lawn mole problem

What is the best way to eradicate moles this time of the year in a new turf lawn? I have a new turf lawn and the moles are pushing it up by moving around just under the new turf. They do not make mole hills because the turf has some kind of plastic mesh in it that seems to stop them, but there are soft spots in large areas throughout the lawn where they are moving around (surfing, I call it). I am concerned that the turf rooting process may be compromised because of this and I have been rolling the lawn often to push it back down. I have several mole traps that work very well but the ground is too soft to use them now and I wouldn't want to cut through the turf to install them anyway.
Are common dry pesticides effective this time of year? Would they harm the new turf? Is their some kind of poison that can be injected in the soil to kill the moles? PLEASE HELP!!!

Marion County Oregon wildlife damage management Posted 4 months ago

Vole problems

I have a big problem with Voles. I live near grass seed fields near Aumsville, and every year as soon as the grass seed is harvested I have an infestation of voles. Eating all my garden produce and eating the roots of my fruit trees and blue berries. How do I get Zinc Phosphate? I was reading https://extension.oregonstate.edu/pests-diseases/nuisance-wildlife/getting-hit-high-low-options-managing-bird-vole-damage I see the part: "There is currently an in-burrow Oregon SLN for registered zinc phosphide products, but this is not an option for organic growers. " I need to find a better way to manage voles. Everyday my cats and dog leave many dead ones on my front yard and they eat them. I have hawks that eat them also. But I still loose too much produce and get tired of the tunnels all over my lawn and flower beds. Thank you.

Marion County Oregon pesticides voles Posted 6 months ago

Where are my finches, this is September?

We have had finches all year round for several years, this year September 2020, they are gone. I have clean feeder socks and the area is some what free from predators....we really miss them, any answers for us?

New York County New York Posted 6 months ago

Squirrels in Garden

I live in Queens in NYC. This is my first time growing a garden in our new home. I have squirrels eating everything in our garden. They are eating the corn, tomatoes (even though they are green), unripened squash. I have tried various natural repellents, commercial ones as well as ones you can make yourself. I was wondering if you have any tips on how to keep squirrels out of the garden, without harming the squirrels.

New York County New York wildlife damage management gardening squirrels Posted 7 months ago

Keeping chipmunks from raspberries

I live near Sisters. Chipmunks are prolific here. I have kept them from my vegetable garden by using hard ware cloth over/under raised beds, and keeping the property as unattractive to them as possible. However, my attempts to grow raspberries is frustrating. I'd really like to expand my raspberry growing area, but Chipmunks consume the berries.....Do you have any suggestions for prohibiting them out of the berries - other than building a (very expensive) hardware cloth covered structure? Your expert advice appreciated.

Deschutes County Oregon Posted 7 months ago

Squirrels making a huge sticky mess eating pinecones

So every day there is a huge area of pine cone debris eaten off of the actual cones in my driveway. There are also the cob like remains of the the consumed cone by the half dozen or so. I don't mind squirrels in the area but this sticky residue from their feasting is all over.

They must go up very high in this adjoining tree. Question, any deterrent I can put down in the area, or on tree itself to move them elsewhere? Or even feed them something more appealing, like those corn ears in markets sold for squirrel good?

Oswego County New York wildlife damage management squirrels trees Posted 7 months ago

Birds in House

Last week I noticed this whole in my overhang. I don’t believe it connects to my attic, but I’ve seen a nuthatch coming in and out. I haven’t seen the bird bring any nesting material with him/her. What is the best way to take care of it and repair the hole? Do I wait until winter? I appreciate any help you can provide. Best, Matt

Hennepin County Minnesota birds Posted 7 months ago

Deter Rodents, Possums, Armadillos

What is the best way to stop Armadillos, Opossums and/or rodents from burrowing under house slab?

Martin County Florida wildlife damage management wildlife Posted 7 months ago

Please identify. Central AZ. Never seen it before and I'm pretty sure no...

Please identify. Central AZ. Never seen it before and I'm pretty sure no bears in this area.
Thank you.

Maricopa County Arizona Posted 8 months ago

samplings girdled

What could be stripping the bark from young maple trees (about 4" diameter)? It starts between 6' and 8' above ground and goes for several feet. The location is in a natural area behind my house, at 187th and Baseline, Aloha/Beaverton (97003). The area above the stripping is yellowing and dying. Squirrel? Porcupine?

Multnomah County Oregon wildlife damage management forestry debarking Posted 8 months ago