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Wax myrtle mouse ear new grouth turns yellow then stem dies back 30g drip iragation I have grown t

This is a problem mouse ear New growth turns yellow then stem die back P.H 6.5 sprayed with fungicide 3 times to no avail

Posted about 20 hours ago

Shrub recommendation for Portland, Oregon

I am a master gardener and live in Houston, Texas, however, this question is on behalf of my sister-in-law who lives in Portland, Oregon. She has asked me if I could give her some recommendations for new shrubs for two planters one on either side of her garage that would be slow growing, evergreen, low maintenance, would tend not to grow wider than her planter pots, and could be maintained as a low shrub. Her planter pots are northeast facing, about 3' high and about 2' wide and would need to be easily maintained below 5' light fixtures.

Harris County Texas shrubs Posted about 23 hours ago


Please bear with me. I am trying to get some help with erosion on my property. It is only about 4.2 acres in Clover. The terrain is hilly and I have small to medium craters running down hill to my home, past it and through the back yard. If I am in the wrong dept. please advise. Also, wanted to know if you still offer on site evaluation. I will see if I can get some aerial shots to send. Thank You...Ellen

York County South Carolina Posted 4 days ago

oak leaf as mulch

i want to prepare an area for a spring garden. I was going to spread newspaper out over the ground and cover with some sort of compost or mulch for the winter. then add soil amendments in the spring before planting. I have an abundance of oak leaves and maple leaves from trees in my back yard, will they work well as the mulch on the newspaper.?

Solano County California soil mulch Posted 10 days ago

Brown & Curled Ficus Leaves

What is causing my focus tree leaves to form like this? One is in a pot and two are in the ground.

San Diego County California houseplants Posted 12 days ago

Downy mildew on cheddar cauliflower

Hello, I was wondering if cheddar cauliflower was susceptible to downy mildew? Since the leaves are not tied up around cheddar cauliflower while its growing, can the downy mildew spores still transfer to the head and infect it? I know white cauliflower is susceptible to downy mildew and the leaves are tied up during growth. Does the leaf tying difference between white and orange cauliflower have any effect on the spread of the disease? Thank you

Outside United States downy mildew powdery mildew Posted 13 days ago


Can you tell me what is wrong with my plant? It has new growth, but then the tips of the leaves turn brown. Is it salvageable? Thank you, Gina

Douglas County Colorado houseplants Posted 14 days ago

Hen of the woods?

These are growing on a fallen down rotting Oak. Are these Hen of the Woods?

McHenry County Illinois Posted 14 days ago

Kukulcania hibernalis

We live in central Tx. I love spiders, have at various times kept as many as 27 tarantulas. Now however, I have only the K hibernalis that live on/in the kitchen ceiling. The sexual dimporphism fascinates me, but one of the things that I have not heen able to figure out is - where do the males go to hang out when they are not out chasing the girls? The females seem to each have a "territory" ( about 12 -18" apart), and I have not seen any evidence that the males are being eaten. I do buy crickets and feed the girls sometimes, & I have caught a few of the males & kept them in cages for a short time - I have NEVER seen one of the males eat anthing! Do they eat? Also, given the males physical resemblance to L. reclusa, is there anything to worry about in that regard? My husband thinks I am completely nuts with regard to the spider thing! I have absolutely NO IDEA what is meant by the "file" thing. I am doing this on my cell phone.

Travis County Texas Posted 16 days ago

Proper mulching of trees

How to remove volcanoes from trees, especially when there is girding?

New London County Connecticut trees and shrubs Posted 16 days ago