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Is this a good spot for my elephant ear?

Have this indoor and was wondering if this amount of light is okay/enough?

Outside United States Posted 1 day ago

Won't grow!

Hello, I have received two cuttings from a huge dragon fruit and they won't grow. I see plenty of roots. Both clippings keep trying to flower and the flowers die before maturity. What am I doing wrong?

Brevard County Florida Posted 2 days ago

My Banana tree is flowering . Can I cut it off? II have to dig it up soon for...

My Banana tree is flowering . Can I cut it off? II have to dig it up soon for winter . Will this llive or not.

Lincoln County Missouri Posted 2 days ago

Leaning elephant ear

My plant is old and has a long neck. It’s been outside all summer. Now the entire plant is at a 45 degree to the ground. What do I do? Is it natural to break off the neck? And save the tubers for next year?

Hardin County Kentucky Posted 2 days ago

3 foot wide planter box

Can I plant a green emerald In a steel planter box that is 2 feet high, 3 feet wide and open to the ground?

Utah County Utah Posted 3 days ago

Lilac fungus identification

Hi, My lilac is about 8-10 years old and just this year a white coating appeared covering the branches only and not the leaves. The leaves do not look healthy in that they are yellowish instead of green and seem to be dying early in the season. Is there any hope of saving this plant through spraying or should I just give up on it and dig it up before the fungus moves to other plantings?

Middlesex County Massachusetts master gardener program lilac bushes Posted 3 days ago

Yellow leaves on my new roses


I have just planted 2 roses and the leaves are going yellow - picture attached. They are well watered. Do you have any idea what might be wrong?

Outside United States roses Posted 5 days ago

What is this tree disease?

Anyone knows what is this and how it can be treated?

Outside United States Posted 6 days ago

Wooly Croton

Hi. I have been battling goat weed (wooly Croton) in my pastures since purchasing my property 5 years ago. At purchase, the pastures were infested with the plant. I have been spraying with 2-4-d amine in spring when the plants are small. This works well to kill the goatweed plants that are there at time of spraying. However, throughout the summer, any rain encourages a new crop of them to germinate and grow. Is there a pre-emergent herbicide that I can apply to my pastures that would help control this? If so, when is the best time of year to apply it?

Cass County Texas Posted 7 days ago

removing wisteria

it has gone wild. grows in complete darkness under my deck all the way around my house. it is in my lawn and garden as well. i have been pulling up shoots for a couple of years.

Bristol County Massachusetts Posted 7 days ago