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Saying mango tree one year old

What can I do about it

Outside United States Posted about 1 month ago

Tomatoe Plant Leaves Problems

My tomatoe plants that I am growing indoors are getting sick and I don't know what went wrong and what needs to be done to safe these plants. First 2 pictures are of a tomatoes that are growing on a windowsill. The leaves started wilting down and yellowing. They feel thin and dry to touch. I was watering consistently, fertilized with fish & kelp fertilizer with molasses. Last picture is of a tomato plant that is also grown indoors under skylight, but outside house and there is no heating. Leaves on bottom sections start getting limp and die. Please help me to identify what is wrong and how this can be fixed

San Francisco County California tomatoes Posted about 1 month ago

Beverly HIlls Apple tree availability?

Where. Can I buy a Beverly Hills Apple tree?

Los Angeles County California Posted about 1 month ago

Growing Elderberries

Is it possible to grow elderberries in Lincoln county specifically in Tea,SD? If yes, do they require any special requirements? I am looking to beautify my business, encourage local wildlife, and harvest the elderberries. Thanks! Tom Rentschler

Lincoln County South Dakota berries Posted about 1 month ago

Lemon tree issue

Hello I live in Toronto and have my lemon trees in pots. Inside during the winter and outside for the rest of the year. This year when I brought the plants in - one of them immediately lost 40% of the leaves . Now months later the leaves have edge browning - and the tips are curling . On another plant some leaves are yellow. I have had these for 5 years - all care is the same. Thank you

Outside United States Posted about 1 month ago

Variegated Ficus Triangularis

I have a variegated ficus triangularis. It's a really young plant that I purchased two months ago. Today, I noticed that one of the leaves is severely curling (pictured below). I'm not sure what could be wrong. Any ideas?

Gwinnett County Georgia Posted about 1 month ago

Stalk growing from elephant ears

I left my elephant ear bulbs in the ground from last year and now I'm seeing these stalks should i cut them down. Or should i pull them out of the ground and store in a cool place. Thank you.

Kings County New York elephant ears overwintering elephant ears Posted about 1 month ago

Monstera leaves turning white

I got this monstera where their leaves turning white nit in a variegated way, one of the got a brown spot in the middle of the white spot. I just wanna make sure it's not spider mites bites. Can you help please? Many thanks, Paula.

Outside United States Posted about 1 month ago

What's growing on this tree?

Unsure if it's some type of fungus or insect eggs. These are white but I've also seen black. They're all in clusters and seem to have black hairs.

Washington Posted about 1 month ago

Desert Willow 9B

I recently planted some baby trees a desert willow and a blue palo verde I am in Phoenix. The palo verde has lost all leaves but branches and trunk still look healthy and green the desert willow has also lost all leaves but the branches look like they are beginning to die they are turning an orange/ yellow color. My first thought was that I was overwatering so I have let the ground dry up and I have loosened the dirt around the base of the trees to try to improve drainage. How can I save these trees? Specifically the desert willow but am looking for tips for both trees so that they are able to thrive. These trees were free through a local SRP shade tree program but I would hate to loose them. Thanks for any help!

Maricopa County Arizona trees Posted about 1 month ago