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maple leaves culing in and turning brown

My maple tree is old but the leaves arrived in the spring and were healthy. We have had much rain so I do not think it is because of drought. Noticed yesterday that more and more leaves are curling in and turning brown or black.

What to do

Outside United States Posted about 21 hours ago

I can’t figure out if an animal is scratching at my Meyer lemons or if it’s a...

I can’t figure out if an animal is scratching at my Meyer lemons or if it’s a disease of some sort. Anyone have an answer?

Palm Beach County Florida Posted 1 day ago

Bindweed control in Idaho

Are there sources of the bindweek control mite or moth in Idaho? Does anybody know of uses in Idaho of biological bindweed eradication or control. Our community garden is infested in a way that seems impossible to deal with.

Pat from Boise

Ada County Idaho Posted 1 day ago

My honeysuckle!

Please help me save my honeysuckle. It is not very old, about 3 weeks since I brought home from the nursery. Now it appears stressed. I have leaves curling under while some curl up (which is confusing). After inspection, I have noticed some tiny black specs on the underside of leaves. It has also stopped flowering and some drooping of leaves. They appear pin head size and are raised, I can rub them off. Not sure if they are fungus, insect eggs or something else. It is in partial sun because I thought it was stressed. I have been watering 2x per day as the nursery was, here in dry climate AZ.

Maricopa County Arizona Posted 2 days ago

To be or not to be truffle?

I found these growing on roots of my quaking Aspen. Could they be truffles?

Lewis and Clark County Montana Posted 2 days ago

Purple calla lily

I have a calla Lily it flowered last year, after it had stopped flowering I cut the dead blooms right down and when the leaves turned yellowish I cut them down to soil level and kept it dry indoors now I have lovely foliage but no flowers I was feeding it miracle grow ,is it too late to start feeding phostrogen all purpose food ,and will my lily flower this year.?thank you I live in the u k Shrewsbury

Outside United States Posted 3 days ago

Splitting bark and wilting leaves on cut leave Japanese maple

I purchased a great specimen of a cut leave maple and last year it did extremely well. In the fall last year I noticed that the bark was peeling and read that it be best to leave it to heal over. This year the leaves came out in a wet late spring and in looking at the tree leaves I noticed that they seemed wilted and not as brilliant as last year. What can I do to assist in this healing process?

Outside United States maple trees Posted 4 days ago

cutting lower branches .. dawn redwood

can my dawn redwoods have the lower branches cut back. they touch the ground and you can't see the beauty of the trunk and possible root balls.
thank you

Geauga County Ohio Posted 4 days ago

Why has Graham Thomas taken early retirement .?

I planted Lonicera Graham Thomas approx. 8 years ago alongside my garage wall and then trained it over a pergola. The result was stunning, rapid growth producing wonderful yellow blooms. I lightly pruned each season. Over the last couple of years the rate of growth has slowed and pruning has become unnecessary, flower production has considerably reduced and those that do appear do not have the same intensity of colour than previously. I have a Pyracantha growing about 6 foot away and the area is under planted with lavender. Any suggestions as to how I can motivate Graham .?

Outside United States horticulture Posted 5 days ago

Tomato Issues

I am having issues identifying the cause of the blemishes on my little tomatoes. Any help pointing me to a cure will be much appreciated.

Burlington County New Jersey tomatoes Posted 5 days ago