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Lilac Blight

My lilac bushes have blight. My local extension office in Missouri suggested copper sulfate as per your article on "How to recognize, treat and avoid lilac bacterial blight". I found Copper Sulfate Smart Crystals but I can't find a mixing, dosing, treatment regimen for my bushes that I can understand. Any recommendations on how I can safely measure, mix and apply the copper sulfate to treat the blight and frequency of application? Thank you in advance.

St. Francois County Missouri Posted about 12 hours ago

crop pest

cultural methods of pest control in stored grains

Outside United States Posted 2 days ago


Can anyone please help me identify what plant these are?

Outside United States Posted 4 days ago

Elephant ear new leaves are brown and shriveled

My elephant ear had a bad case of spider mites and due to a lack of access to miticide I used a very diluted mixture of dish soap and water to get rid of them. I had to apply twice but the mites are gone. That was over the winter when the house was dry. Now most of the new leaves that are sprouting are brown and dead. I did put some fertilizer slow release sticks in the pot about a month ago. But strangely my plant also has a blossom on it. Is my plant ok? Is it just using all it's energy for the bloom or could something else be the matter? Thanks!

Posted 5 days ago

High Phosphorus and Calcium

I just got my soil test back and my Phosphorus and Calcium levels are excessive (P=406 and Ca=6093). I am hoping to group tomatoes and peppers and I'm wonder what I should or shouldn't add to my soil to be ready to plant. Should I skip planting tomatoes and peppers and plant a different crop to help the soil reduce these high numbers?

Charleston County South Carolina Posted 7 days ago

Late spraying nectarine trees

What can I spray on our nectarine trees now that they are blooming. What is the best over the counter spray and sticker to use. HELP.

Douglas County Washington Posted 7 days ago

Truck damage

I have a Shumard Oak that we transplanted due to water in the first area. The truck appears to be flacking away and the truck is not withstanding the wind we have in north Texas. Is it going to die?

Denton County Texas Posted 8 days ago


I have a dichronda lawn, what can I use to kill crap grass that is coming under the fence and trying to take over my dichondra? Thank you for any help you can give me.

Sacramento County California lawns and turf Posted 11 days ago

More about Chinquapins

We are in central Texas, about 30 miles NW of Austin, on the edge of the Edward's Plateau, with very alkaline soil. Will edible Chinquapins work here? I have a chinquapin Oak that has done well, but I would like to try the edible nut.

Travis County Texas Posted 13 days ago

Weeds Overtaking Shrubbery and Lawn

I have a weed that has spread all over my shrubbery, flower beds and yard. I’ve noticed it taking over my neighbors yards as well. I need to know what it is and how I can get rid of it.

Gaston County North Carolina Posted 13 days ago