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Is it disease in my magnolia

Hi My Teddy Bear Magnolias leaves are doing this! Can I save my trees! There is 6 affected next to each other. 3 others are fine. I’m in Western Australia

Outside United States Posted about 1 hour ago

String of pearls, unhealthy?

My string of pearls plant was growing awesomely! It was a Lucius green and contiuous babies were growing. Now it’s gone a dark green coulour, the pearls are somewhat squishy, and have all changed into a triangle shape. The end of the string with the babies growing has turned purple! Help.

Outside United States Posted 1 day ago

Dried beans in Mexico or Chile

Do they use more insecticides in the growing of dried beans than we do here in America. Do they have the same kind of regulations that we have here in let’s say California?

San Bernardino County California Posted 2 days ago

Brown spots spreading on my epy’s Leaves?

Hello, I inherited a large 10 year old Night Queen 3 years ago and have grown plants from the cuttings however they have developed brown spots on the leaves and around the edges on some of the leaves. I have followed the advice on watering, light, soil etc. Also tried putting cinnamon on the affected leaves but to no avail. Should I be cutting off the affected leaves or just leave them alone? The plant is very healthy apart from the little brown spots.

Los Angeles County California cacti Posted 2 days ago

Peach Tree Curly Leaf

How do you use Neem oil on peach tree for curly leaf. when do you spray it and are there detailed quantity of Neem oil to use and anything else to include with it for spraying. I have an organic garden want to keep it that way. Please help me.

Tehama County California Posted 4 days ago

Hybrid cottonwood

I have a young cottonwood, bought from a nursery as a hybrid cottonless tree. Planted 4 years ago. Noticed this year that leaves on one quarter of the tree are much larger. Tree is healthy and thriving otherwise.
What is causing this? Will it become an issue?

Sandoval County New Mexico trees and shrubs Posted 4 days ago

Dying grass

My family and I just transferred to Fort Polk, LA in Oct 2017, the grass was dead, I put fertilizer and grass seeds for shady areas. It did grow, however it died and looks exactly the it looked when we got here. Also in the front yard it seems spotty as you can see via my picture. I did agitate the ground before laying the above items. Please help me, I forgot to tell you that I am new at this.

Vernon Parish Louisiana lawns and turf lawn maintenance Posted 5 days ago

Snail Identification

I have a tiny mystery multiplying in a pot of moss I'd like to discuss. Back in May I started growing carnivorous plants, and on a couple of occasions I found tiny black snails in the pots. I saved them and gave them a moss pot, looked them up, and found something similar (the Otway from Victoria Australia) that was carnivorous, which made some sense to me as these guys were hanging out with plants that catch bugs. I've maintained their care and their numbers have grown to about 10 to 12 at least. I've found individual babies a couple of times in the moss pot, so small they fit on the head of a pin! I haven't seen any get larger than 1/4" or about 6 mm. I've tried giving them grapes, fresh sphagnum, etc., but they never touch the plant material, even in their pot. They will latch onto freeze dried blood worms 5x their size, and enjoy freeze dried dapnia as well. I've also got a culture of Springtails living in the pot, so I imagine their carcasses are available for the snails. Does anyone know what they actually are? I should mention, many carnivorous plants come from places like Australia, South America, Africa, etc.

snails Posted 6 days ago

The fruit of a Chinese pistachio tree

So much fruit it's pulling all the branches down,some to the ground. I'm afraid the might split down middle.What can I do to save my tree?

Williamson County Texas Posted 9 days ago

I have a yellow oleannder. It's been more than a month I have shifted it from...

I have a yellow oleannder. It's been more than a month I have shifted it from one pot to another since then it is not flowering and like in a dying condition. pls help.

Allen County Indiana trees and shrubs Posted 11 days ago