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Poplar tree leaves (Columnar variety)

Is there an acid component in the leaves of this type of poplar tree? The reason for the question: a cut limb from the tree (in leaf) was left, for a number of days, on a small area of our lawn. We noticed that the grass was damaged - patchy, didn't grow afterwards, It's taken quite a few seasons to regain the lawn to health (over seeding etc.) We live in Lethbridge AB Canada

OUTSIDEUS trees and shrubs Posted 1 day ago

Fig tree with shoots and strange trunk

I just moved into a new home a month ago that has this beautiful fig tree. I have a couple questions. My first one is that when I moved in there were no shoots growing from the bottom of the tree, however, over the past month they have shoot out tenfold, and it appears that they had cut them prior to according to the way it looked when we first moved in. I believe we should snap them off at the base if we are going to remove them, but is this something that I should do or will this just add to the fruit we can harvest and make a cool Bush/tree? I am guessing that the tree will grow much better if I snap them off. My second question is that it appears to be missing part of its bark on one side of the tree. Not sure if this is an early injury that the tree has recovered from or if it was/is some sort of disease. Is there something that I need to do further to protect the trunk if this is an issue? Also, should I thin some of the branches inside or just leave it be, And what are the typical seasons for pruning? Thanks in advance!

Maricopa County AZ Posted 2 days ago

What grass to to Grow in NM at 6500 Ft Elevation


We just moved to NM (Cimarron) were we are at about 6500 ft in elevation. Our back yard is half shade and half sun. We also have two dogs and three kids. I am looking for a grass type that will do well with the dry but also wet of monsoon season and handle foot traffic. The dust that is being brought into the house in unimaginable. Any suggestions would be great!

Colfax County NM Posted 3 days ago

Desert willow new growth of leaves are tiny

All branches were showing the new growth of leaves as very small and clustered together. Took a sample to our local plant nursery. They could not tell us what it exactly but suggested we cut back all affected branches. The picture shows how it grew back. How do we treat this. It is now affecting our sage shrubs the same way.

El Paso County TX Posted 3 days ago

dirt loooks ashy.

My 4x4 raised garden has been in use for 5 years. Just now Oct. 2019 started to turn the soil over to add new garden soil because the old soil had fallen a couple of inches. When I turned the soil over the dirt looks like ash. It was a grayish white. Is this bad? what should I do?

Maricopa County AZ soil Posted 4 days ago

Will this plant come up next year?

I am going to transplant Brazilian Joyweed from a basket to the ground. Will it come up next year? Thanks

Lorain County Ohio Posted 4 days ago

Tiny "holes" in oak leaves

We have two mature oak trees, one in the front and the other in the back of our house. They both have small spots that look almost like perforations in the leaves - they appear to be randomly placed, not centered on any veins. These are not true holes, there is a thin membrane left, but held up to the light those spots look like "skeleton leaves". I've tried hunting through google to figure out what is wrong, but haven't seen a similar image. Both trees do not have any noticeable defoliation. The "holes" appear all over the trees. I've attached photos of a leaf from one of the trees - front, back and held up to the light. If you can help me identify the problem I would be very grateful!

Collin County Texas Posted 10 days ago

Persimmon trees are not flowering or producing fruit

I have around 14 to 16 persimmon trees on my property that are not flowering or producing any fruit. They are in my woods and are older then i am. I dont know what kind of persimmon trees they are. I know we are in a drought this year but the ones that are close to my driveway have never produced any fruit or flowered for many years now. I have even cut the wild grape vines off of them so they wont get choked out. Some of these trees are easy to get to if they need fertilized or watered. But i have others that are harder to get to. I dont believe they where ever planted. I believe that they have just growed on this property. My grandparents never told me if they planted them or not. But im wandering what i can do if anything to get them to start producing flowers and fruit. They seam to be good hardy trees with no damage or any kind of rot in them. They are around 30 feet tall and i can just wrap my arms around them. If that helps on figuring out how old they are. Even in the years we dont have a drought i have not seen any fruit on them. But i do have a few that is farther down the hill that are in the holler that has some fruit on them even though we are in this drought but not a lot of fruit. Thanks

Jackson County West Virginia Posted 13 days ago

What is this vine

We would like to know what this vine is. Picture is attached, but does not show the flower which is yellow.

Volusia County Florida Posted 13 days ago

Best Organic Fertilizers

Hi there, I’ve been gardening since summer and had pretty decent success with my summer plants, but I’ve had my fall garden about 3 weeks now and only half of it has budded. I was hoping to get some advice on gardening, out door in California in the fall. I was also wondering if there are any fertilizers that are organic that can help plants in the beginning stages. I’m currently growing things like spinach, lettuce, kale, and annual flowers. Please help:)

Tulare County California vegetable gardening Posted 16 days ago