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Transferring pumpkin plants


I found sprouts inside my pumpkins in November and decided to plant them to see if I can grow them further as an experiment. As a result I have 5 giant plants covering my windows, three of which are carrying growing pumpkins already. The weather is warm enough outside, but I'm not sure if my plants will survive the sudden transfer to outdoors. The temperature inside is always between 17°C and 21°C, while outside it's around 20°C and cools down to around 8°C. Should I wait a while longer? I'd just leave them indoors but my space is getting cramped.

Thank you!

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Outside United States Posted about 5 hours ago

Is this Garden Sage

The image attached, was collected from a plant and was found to be solitary. The markings over it seems to be black rather than orange. Is it a garden sage or some other insect?

Outside United States Posted 1 day ago

I woud like to ask about pineapple fruit

I observed some ripen fruits after opening there were fruitlet core rot in the pulp. What is the causal factor in this regard unsightly look quality? Any preventive measure to control the said infestation or infection from the fruit?

Outside United States Posted 1 day ago

Green Norfolk pine losing needles

My norfolk pine is very green but the needles are falling off if I touch them. Why and what can I do?

Lake County Ohio Posted 2 days ago

Disease or mites??

Not sure why my plant is looking down and droppy. There are slowly brown patches opening up on the leaves, not sure what I can do to solve the problem ??

Outside United States houseplants Posted 3 days ago

My tiny tree from my childhood home is turning brown

I grew this little guy from a sprouted acorn that I found in my parents' lawn just before they sold the house that was my childhood home. There was another that didn't make it and I'm worried this one won't either. The first had leaves that slowly turned brown from bottom to top until they all fell off. This one lasted another year and now it seems to be doing the same. Is there any hope? How can I save this poor tree, if at all?

San Luis Obispo County California Posted 6 days ago

Non-baring fruit trees

I have four trees and they are 1 apple, 2 pear, and a peach. I need help because the apple has always been flowering but it goes right before the first frost. And the pear has never gave any it does flower at the right time but it just dies it never gave any fruit. The peach is pretty good but it only gives us 1 or 2 peaches but they are all ways very small. We do not do any thing like fertilizer.we live out in the country so we don't use fertilizer on our lawn. What do we do?

Arkansas Posted 6 days ago


How do we get rid of windflowers that have spread all over the back yard?

Boone County Missouri Posted 7 days ago

Spacing of shrubs

Thanks for response.camellia,pieris,azelias,hebe,hocherias,capenios,, 13 ft high.1 at5 ft.2 at2ft.1 mugo pine,1 colarado,1 not sure.various hellebores.acid soil where appropriate.

Outside United States Posted 7 days ago

What kind of bugs are these on my daffoxils?

Picked about 50 or more of the bugs off my daffodils today. I thought they were Japanese bettles.

Lancaster County Virginia Posted 7 days ago