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Ten yr old Desert Museum Palo Verde dying?

I have two ten yr old DM palo verde trees planted in my front landscape. One of them has lost a lot of it's leaves leaving it sort of scruffy looking. Small, sparse leaf cover, the other tree looks full and normal. Now the green of the tree trunks themselves in that tree seem to have a yellow cast which is noticeable because the second tree 40 or 50 feet away is still normal in color. I used a treatment for root borers recommended by the local nursery but the tree seems no better, maybe worse. I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.

Pinal County AZ Posted 1 day ago

Sad Aloe

Hello, everybody. I am in desperate need of help.

I actually live in Huntington, but this web page would not let me ask the question then due to no agents available to help.

This past summer, I bought my first aloe vera and potted it. It did amazing.. it bloomed twice before bringing in it for the winter.

Well, the mother had 3 aloe pups... and we may have waited too long to propagate it... because the mother aloe was so root bound and the leaves were turning and dying..

They all were repotted.. with succulent soil and gravel, so it was much better than the soil the mother had to begin with, because it was just regular dirt for flowers outside..

Anyways, I brought one of the pups to my apartment in hope to find it better sunlight. The sunlight at my mother's was not adequate. The mother got taken to my boyfriend's, because he has a great window for lots of sun light.. and I thought maybe that would help it.

The pup I have now looks like a full grown plant, and it seemed healthy until a few days after I brought it over. All the leaves are drooped down, bad brown spots on it.. like mushy.. and some leaves are turning brown... most of all the tips are brown and wilted, too. The plant still has a lot of green, but in the center of the plant, it is as if the fat, green leaves are going to fall off any second if breathed on. One of the healthy leaves did fall off.. but around the center of where the main part of the leaves is, at the bottom it seems to be some purple goo that the plant is producing. Is that normal?

I thought about taking this pup over to my boyfriend's too, to get the sun light that it does not have here yet. I want to try to save it before I lose it...

But other then sunlight, I'm not sure what is wrong. It is not root bound or rotted because it was just replanted. It is not over watered or eveunderwater.

WV aloe vera Posted 2 days ago


I bought a house and there are for (trees or very large shrubs? With dark green leaves and purple under the leaves. I was told they were Clerodendrums. They have been wonderful until the weather got into the 40s and 50s and now (even though it is in the 70s they still look horrible. They stated losing leaves, some of the leaves would crinkle up brownnon tge edges and tip. There seem to be sides ofvthem that have lost branches or something. It IS flowering. I’ve included a picture of normal leaves and flower, the newly bare side of one of them, and a picture of what the leaves are doing. I have four big ones and would hate to lose them all. I may not be correct on the type of tree/Bush so let me know...but this was the closest I’ve been able to find online. Thanks!

Lee County FL Posted 9 days ago

Island trees on Mahone Bay ,Nova Scotia

There are these (photos) that grew on the end of an island in Mahone Bay ,NS. These have disappeared since around 1930. These trees grew only here ,as no other photo's of the species shown here have been found that looked like these. All I have are these photo's going back till 1860- I would love for you to take a guess as to what these were. This has been part of a mystery for 230 years! The trees were a signboard or signal to ships arriving from the Atlantic and looking for landfall inside the bay. There are no leaves or close pictures that have been found, no bark or roots either. The trees look very much like Acacia's to me. Other people think they maybe conifers or oaks- pictures from 1890- 1920- You can see the evergreens starting to grow at the base as time went on- I have more pictures.

ME Posted 10 days ago

Seed Storage

Hello! First of all I love love love your website and all your posts on Facebook. I have a question about seed storage. Many of the online catalogs and some of the package you get at big box stores have way too many seeds for my garden. What is your recommendation on storing them from year to year? Currently I keep them in a dry cool dark closet, but I have heard that you could also freeze them. Thank you so much for your time!

Maury County TN seed saving Posted 10 days ago

Life span of Lavender Plants

Do lavender plants die after about 10 years?

Washington County Utah lavender Posted 11 days ago

tomato and pepper seedling problems...

I have had trouble the last two years starting tomatoes and peppers. They germinate fine and get their first true leaves but shortly after the true leaves become darker, shrivel and curl up tight. They don't die but the seedling seems stunted and never recovers. When I have potted them up they never put on better leaves and don't develop strong root systems. It happens with new, old and my own saved seeds...Thank you.

Washington County Maine Posted 12 days ago

Maggots in Garden bed

Are the meggots harmfull in vegygarden bed and how to get rid off the

Outside United States garden pests vegetable gardening Posted 12 days ago

Planting around a grave

This is a graveyard in South Asia. My goal is to grow plants in the rather bare areas. I have a lot of potted plants at home that I can use here but I'm confused as to how to use them intelligently. Stuff like the right colour scheme, the right companions, the right combination, the right location, the right distance etc. Plants that I have include tea roses, climbing rose, rose trees, sweet williams, pinks, marigolds, daffodils, stocks, oleanders. Trees already planted include a chinar and 2 mulberry trees that I believe need to removed and planted further away. Currently in the process of building a pergola over the spot for 2 grape vines gifted to me and amending the soil all around to a good dept. How should I go about the design and layout properly? Note: the graves face South and im located in hardiness zone 9. Its 18ft by 13 ft from barrier to barrier. We have a tube well near by so watering isn't an issue.

Outside United States landscape design Posted 12 days ago

What is this?

I wondered if someone could tell me what this is? I presume it’s a weed. I keep an eye on my lawn and garden because one of my dogs is very skin sensitive and gets itchy from certain grasses. I’m located west of the range in Northen NSW, Australia.

Outside United States Posted 19 days ago