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Saga Palm Yellowing

I live in Texas, and I did cover my Saga palm for the freezes, but I still have Yellow leaves, is Feb to early to cut it back?

Collin County TX horticulture Posted 7 days ago

Harvest season for Holiday Avocados

My question is simple.
What is the harvest season for Holiday Avocados?

Orange County CA Posted 8 days ago

Small pearls

Hi...I have had my string of pearls for about 8 months. The new growth on the plant has produced Ed really small beads unlike the older parts of the plant. As the strings have lengthened the pearls have not increased in size. What would be causing this? The strands also feel a little tacky I look forward to your advice Kind regards Colleen

MP Posted 10 days ago

Coral Maple tree trunk growth?

I just noticed that my Coral Maple has an area where the bark "popped off" I am thinking it is because if accelerated trunk growth. The outer trunk underneath bark is also split vertically about 6-8" revealing an inner lighter toned bark. Is this a concern or just a stage?

New Castle County DE Posted 10 days ago

Indoor potted lemon tree

Hi. My name is mike. So the last 5 months or so my potted lemon tree has been losing its leaves. I recently discovered citrus scale and cleaned the entire tree of them. Here are a few pictures of what the leaves look like. Can you help with what's going on please? Thanks

Outagamie County WI lemon trees lemon tree Posted 11 days ago

japanese maple

Japanese maple beautiful every year, beautiful shape , but no leaves at very top every year. Looks like deak twigs at very top.

Hamilton County Illinois Posted 12 days ago

Leyland Cypress trees

I have 5 Leyland Cypress trees and one on the end is almost completely brown. The one next to it has brown on it. Had someone from Wayne's lawn to come out and he said could be root rot. What can I do to save my trees?

Alabama Posted 17 days ago

Is ajuga, pidgeonberry or frogfruit poisonous to dogs?

I am looking for ground cover safe for little dogs to run through. Specifically interested in knowing about frogfruit or ajuga. Can you tell me if these are safe?

Also interested in planting pidgeonberry.

Thank you.

Llano County Texas Posted 19 days ago

Droopy blooms

Is there something wrong if my amaryllis’ blooms are facing downward?

Kings County New York amaryllis Posted 23 days ago

lowering soil ph

does adding fruit like persimmons or tomatoes or meat spoiled in refrigerator help acidify soil ph?

San Bernardino County California soil Posted 30 days ago