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Yellow leaves My. Laurel

I've had this My. Laurel in my yard for 20 yrs. The leaves are turning yellow.
Help. It is big.

Williamson County Texas Posted about 1 hour ago

Tips for sick plants

Howdy there . I have a section of garden that was planted over top of 3/4 crushed old cement . I had put about 8 inches of soil over the gravel before planting . every year I added soil enrichment … ie sea soil … mushroom manure . After a couple of years the plants ...mostly perennial plants started to have a burning of all the bottom leaves as well as black spot on my flox... I guessed that possibly the lime was the culprit...I tried to pick out rocks that I saw popping up. I have decided that after ten years with most of the plants not really living a happy life . I am transplanting them to other areas of the yard with more suitable soil. Now my question is . If I take the plants out , I am essentially moving the sick soil along with the plants . It is middle of August and they are pretty much at the tale end of their beauty . I had thought of getting a bucket of tepid water with some root stimulator added and rinsing the dirt off ….not all but most … before I place them in their new spot... adding a wee bit of bone meal to the new hole ...watering thoroughly…how does this sound ? I am worried about shocking them whilst doing this … I don't want to lose them . Help ! Best regards from Bernadette Greater Vancouver BC Canada

Outside United States transplanting perennials Posted about 4 hours ago

pruning vine crops

With all of the rain we have been receiving in Minnesota, my vine crops (squash, cantaloupe and cucumbers) are overtaking everything in my small garden. Will it hurt or kill the vines if I cut them back to curb their growth? They all have fruit/vegetables set on the vines.

Chippewa County Minnesota Posted about 10 hours ago

Tall spikes

My lawn has a great many spiky tall grass growing all over. I mow one day and within 3days it’s back. The tall stalk has sticky seed like things on top. What is this and how do I get rid of it?

Gregg County Texas Posted 1 day ago

Black rot in grapes

Which is the best fungicide to use to prevent black rot?

Middlesex County Massachusetts Posted 4 days ago

Elephant leaves destroyed

what is eating them . How do fix it

Broward County Florida Posted 4 days ago

Elephant leaves destroyed

My elephant leaves are being eaten small plants down to the root how do I stop it

Broward County Florida Posted 4 days ago

Arborvitae danger

Daughter bought home. Three arborvitae planted on corner of lot are very large. The bottom branches blocks view of street when leaving driveway. Also block view of street for motorists turning on to street Is it ok to trim up several feet to open view?

Milwaukee County Wisconsin arborvitae Posted 5 days ago


My clams come back every year but turn brown about now no leaves are green no spots just dead leaves?

Sussex County New Jersey Posted 5 days ago

Aspen Tree Problem

Half of my aspen tree seems to be drying up. The one next to it looks much better. Any ideas what is going on?

Larimer County Colorado Posted 5 days ago