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Please help

What is this? And how do I get rid of it? We live in West Texas out in the country, this stuff has taken over everywhere spread like carpet and basically killed what grass we did have, it sticks to everything much worse than the normal grass burrs, gets in the house and the little barbs hurt like the dickens, poor dog has a terrible time getting around even watched a roadrunner go across a patch of it poor little guy didn't know what had gotten a hold of him.

Motley County Texas Posted about 19 hours ago

Avocado tree

We have a huge avocado tree in our yard in Southern California, which has hundreds of fruit. However, they are the same size as 6 months ago...not growing larger. What could the problem be?

Orange County California avocados Posted 4 days ago

Red Dirt House Pad

I have a new construction home being built. I will have to get the red dirt, from the the left over pad construction, ready for grass, seed/turf. How do I prepare the red dirt/clay for seed/turf, etc. This picture is
showing southeast corner of construction, which is about a six foot high slope, from slab corner, to old sand. This is mostly a sandy pasture in smith county Tx. This corner has the highest elevation. The southwest corner goes back to normal elevation. The south, and east sides will be where most of the dirt work will have to take place. Thank you for your help.

Smith County Texas lawns and turf Posted 5 days ago

Can tomato plants get too hot?

I am growing tomatoes in Garden Patch Grow Boxes. If I have the boxes on concrete close to the house where heat reflects off the base and the adjacent wall, am I going to get the plants and fruits too hot

Pickens County South Carolina growing tomatoes Posted 7 days ago

Shady porch pots

Cannot grow a plants needing direct sun from my open veranda in full shade. What annuals/perennials do you recommend? Any herbs? Thanks so much!

Sussex County Delaware shade gardening Posted 7 days ago

planting last year's pots

Do you recommend dumping all the soil and filling with fresh? I add organic fertilizer, slow-release but how about perlite, too? Thanks!

Sussex County Delaware container gardening Posted 7 days ago

when is the best time to prune a plum tree?

when is the best time to prune a plum tree?

San Luis Obispo County California pruning Posted 7 days ago

Donkey ear plant bloom

My Donkey Ear plant got buds in mid November. The buds have still not opened. What am doing wrong? Picture attached

Travis County Texas donkey ear plant Posted 7 days ago

spruce disease needles

Hey Team!

i bought for Christmas a young Blue Spruce and these days i notice that some of the needles are changing color and fell off the tree.
the inside of the tree is still healthy as i can see.
what is this, and what can i do ?

thank you!

Outside United States spruce diseases Posted 7 days ago

Soil ph

I had my soil tested by Texas A&M for a vegetable garden. They gave me recommendations for fertilizing but not for the high ph. My ph reading was 7.8 with 6.5 being the Critical level. Should I make any corrections for the ph level and if so what is recommendations.

Tarrant County Texas soil ph Posted 7 days ago