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Drooping elephant ear plants

Hi, I put my elephant ear plants out this morning during new flooring. It was under an umbrella for protection under the sun. Now they're totally drooping. Help

Dallas County Texas Posted about 1 hour ago

Elephant ears and grasshopper problem

Grasshoppers attack my elephant ears at the end of every summer here in Dallas Texas. What can I do to protect them.

Dallas County Texas Posted about 4 hours ago

Wilted leaves on my fog tree

Hi, I have a fig tree that until 2 days ago, seemed very strong and healthy. However, it seems that suddenly the leaves are wilted and dropping.
It has a drip system, so I don’t believe the problem has to do with not getting enough water.

San Diego County California Posted about 6 hours ago

Bruised young dogwood cherokee

This tree arrived with 2 large bruises on the trunk and many more on the branches. After 3 weeks the leaves are still drooping and the yellowing leaves fall off during watering. Is this tree going to survive?

New York County New York Posted about 13 hours ago

Acer Palmatum Dissectum pruning

I planted a small Acer sapling over thirty years ago that has grown into the most beautiful tree, however although it's less than 5 feet tall, it is too wide, hence I'd like to reduce its girth. Could you please advise me of the best way to do this?

Outside United States Posted about 14 hours ago

Japanese maple half brown

I need help! I planted this $350 Jap Maple earlier this year and half of it turned brown last week! Can you advise?? I would appreciate any help.

Greenville County South Carolina Posted 2 days ago

Any assistance in identifying this grassy weed would be very helpful.

These are pretty robust. Broadleaf weed killer no effect. Have used Roundup on individual plants, but in some areas they are very close and forming a new turf. Have taken samples to several local nurseries and lawn control companies, but no consistent identification.

Aiken County South Carolina Posted 3 days ago

How can I save my rose bush

early spring the bushes were green and covered with buds and bloomed. I noticed the leaves has tiny while spots. I think it had aphids and there was a white fly. I sprayed with cooking oil and dish soap water mix. some leaves are curling and a few tan spots. No buds are setting. I bought a spray but had to wait to use it because of the first treatment with oil. it has been about three weeks now. They don't look healthy. Can I save them and will pruning help or hurt. This is my first experience with roses. I am a hover gardner Thanks Ila Smith

Beaver County Utah Posted 4 days ago


Hi I live in Ma, every summer my rhododendrons are covered in aphids !?! I use neem oil spray each leave and try to keep on it . Even after they bloom the new growth always is infested with bugs .. so I prune the new growth because I don’t want to take the chance of making the bugs worse !! So on top of the aphids problem I never get the Bush to grow ?? Could you recommend anything to help me with this ongoing issue, thank you

Plymouth County Massachusetts Posted 5 days ago

Widely split Hawthorne trunk

My Hawthorne started splitting 6 years ago. It is continuing to the of 3 parts in opposite directions with a gap of at least one foot between each of them. Some have holes that I can see through, and the splitting going higher and higher each year.

Should this tree be taken down as soon as possible or will it survive for another 5 years? I live in Ottawa Ontario. Winter is getting warmer and snow isn't all melted until mid April.

New York Posted 5 days ago