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Shelby County chinquapin nut variety?

I have read lots of information but am confused as to what variety tree would we have been eating the nuts from Shelby County in the 1960's. I want to plant some.

Shelby County TX Posted 3 days ago

Meyer Lemon Tree leaf yellowing

Hello- I purchased a new meyer lemon tree early this summer and brought it indoors a few months ago for the winter. It currently has maybe 15 or so ripening lemons. I keep it in a 4 season room near several windows and also have a florescent lamp over it that I keep on about 12 hr per day. It Is planted in a fairly porous potting mix and it frequently feels dry on the surface . I’ve been concerned about overwatering in cool weather so I water thoroughly just once per week. I fertilized once in late summer with a fertilizer recommended for lemon trees. Now in December, I’ve just noticed a bit of yellowing on a few leaves. I’m wondering if this is anything that I should be concerned with & if I need to take any corrective action. I’ve included a few photos of the yellowing leaves as well as the underside of the leaves which have a slight brown discoloration corresponding to the yellow portion on the leaf surface. The brown doesn’t seem to be raised like an insect though. Thank you for your help!

Ingham County MI Posted 3 days ago

New water line

I am installing a sprinkler system on about 2400 square feet I was going to use my main water supply and a added holding tank but the town wants a separate water line just for the sprinkler system Do I need a backflow device on that new line

Westchester County NY Posted 4 days ago

Help! What’s happening to my plumeria tree

Hello, Can you help with my gardening questions? I live in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I’m very new to gardening as I have my first house ever. I’ve planted plumeria trees in my front yard/ garden. The leaves are browning on the ends. There is no rust or anything on the underside. I have also noticed that the leaves on my mother in laws tongue is also browning in my back garden. I have no idea how to help these plants but I don’t want them to die. What do I do?

OUTSIDEUS horticulture Posted 5 days ago

Red potatoes

Do red potatoes container Solanine?

GA Posted 13 days ago

Pomagranate not ripening

I have a good size tree that bears alot of fruit but the fruit is not ripening. The pomagranates do not ripen they stay a light color and the seeds inside are flavorless and pale pink. The tree gets full sun. What am I doing wrong?

Sacramento County California pomegranate Posted 14 days ago

How to grow lrage onion by using fertilizer

Here are the some comments which i have from web please suggest the same.

<a href="">;Visit Here</a>

Blackford County Indiana Posted 16 days ago

Kumquat 2yrs old

My kumquat plant is 2yrs old , n planted on the ground full sun,it flowers but didn’t fruit.lts not sheltered.

Outside United States kumquat tree Posted 21 days ago

Monkey puzzle tree

Monkey puzzle tree branches are turning brown ,we are in West Yorkshire United kingdom,the tree is 20 years old

Outside United States monkey puzzle tree Posted 21 days ago

Snow Fountain Cherry Tree

I have this a 6 -7' Snow Fountain Cherry tree planted this Spring that did not do that well. There were a few yellowing leaves during the summer/fall, but mostly partially curled up leaves were noted. I could not figure out if this was due to too little or too much water, or some other issue. It is irrigated 3 times per week with an underground irrigation system (lawn not mister))Can you help me with this? I would greatly appreciate your opinion. Thank You! Don

Ocean County New Jersey Posted 22 days ago