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Mystery Plant

What is the name of the pictured plant please?

Marion County FL Posted 2 days ago

New growth curl

I have a house plant that was on the interior with low lighting until I noticed this weird growth. I moved it into a sunny room hoping it would release the curled section. After 1 week. Little results. What caused this?

NV houseplants Posted 8 days ago

Life in one square meter of soil

Can you point me to a reference that estimates the total populations of soil organisms in one square meter of soil (garden, agricultural, forest...anything). Thanks for letting me know. Steve Katona

Hancock County ME Posted 15 days ago

Upsidedown garden disaster

Hello. I gave upsidedown garden a try this past summer and it was a disaster. My Beefsteaks were the size of cherry tomatoes. I only got one greenbean per plant (2 plants). One bell pepper on a bush plant. Everything was so small. I used Miracle Grown garden soil. Help. Loren

San Diego County CA vegetable gardening Posted 18 days ago

soft dahlia tubers

Hi, ."
I recently dug up my dahlias and had washed the dirt off and put them in crates to dry out for a few days. Within those few days the tubers became soft and "squishy." Not mushy, just pliable. Are they ok?

Whatcom County WA dahlias Posted 19 days ago

Pittosporum leaves black and sticky

Hi I live in Australia (southern states, Melbourne) and have been growing three pittosporum trees in my wee back yard for 4 years to create a screen. However the leaves have started going horribly black and speckly, some yellowing too (see photos). The decking under the leaves is also speckled with a very sticky substance that looks like dripping sap or something. The soil is shallow and pretty heavy clay, and they get a fair amount of sunlight most of the day, maybe 6 hours. Can you please help me understand what this is and if these trees are redeemable or have they had it!? :-(

Outside United States trees and shrubs Posted 19 days ago


What we thought may have been a lime tree, appears to be an orange tree. Is it possible to tell what kind so we know if the fruit is edible? How can you tell if the fruit is ripe for picking? They just started changing to an orange color. The skin is also very thick.

Brazoria County Texas citrus plant identification Posted 19 days ago

My string of pearl is changing colour ??

Hello ,
My string of pearl has started turning a brown / purple colour ? The buds are not squishy , they remain hard . I believe it has good draining soil and the pot has a hole in the bottom . The sting of pearl is quite long approx 800mm to 1m .

Thank you

Outside United States succulents Posted 20 days ago

Hazelnut pruning

Dear OSU Me and my friend started our own plantation of filberts this year. Aprox around 2ha in size. We are form Serbia which is a small country in Europe. So far I have managed to acquire a lot of information about growing filberts from your website and generally from the Oregon state filbert related websites, since Oregon is the place of filberts obviously in the US. The thing about growing filberts in the US is that you usually form them as trees. Since this is not common in Europe, I was wondering about if you could provide me with an instruction how do you prune your filberts so they form as trees? I know the general story, but what would really help me is a step by step instruction for after planting, 1st year, second year , third year…etc. What to prune? What to leave ? Why? And so on… Also , here are some of the filberts we have. Some are typical bush type and some are grafted on to Corylus colurna types. Best regards

Outside United States hazelnuts or filberts Posted 21 days ago

Watering pecan tree

How often and how much water should be applied to tree

El Paso County Texas Posted 21 days ago