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Cherry worm

Last few years I have been noticed there is worms in my cherry fruits. Can you please answer why it’s happening? How can I get rid off it?

Outside United States cherries Posted about 17 hours ago

Browning bermuda

Laid Bermuda sod in May. Sod did great in following weeks. Plenty of rain. Now it's June and temps of 95 in NC. I irrigate regularly. Sod is fading to whitish brownish in one corner. Not seeing it anywhere else. Is this disease or just heat stress. Help!

Moore County North Carolina lawns and turf bermudagrass horticulture Posted about 18 hours ago

Can annuals be divided?

I have several Calibrachoa to plant in a container but the plants are a bit big for the space. Can I cut them down the middle, to halve, to make them smaller to plant and place where needed in the pot? Thanks

Westchester County New York annual plants Posted about 20 hours ago

Hydrangea with light green leaves

I have a Hydrangea in part sun that has light green leaves and isn’t growing very much. I planted it about 3 years ago and seem to remember buying it because of the light green leaves. However, I can’t find any hydrangeas with this characteristic. Is there such a Hydrangea or does mine have a nitrogen deficiency?

Cook County Illinois Posted 3 days ago

New shoots on the trunk

Hi We have just acquired an old apple tree along with our new home. There are lots of shoots starting to grow from a foot of the bottom of the trunk. Can we remove them? Thanks Sue G

Outside United States apple trees Posted 3 days ago

Drip irrigation line hole spits out water several feet

I have a red drip line irrigation system. I was recently doing yard work and accidentally cut into the drip line without realizing it. I cut out the bad part and repaired it with a coupler. Which is working great. However the hole next to the coupler now spits out water whenever the water is turned on. The water literally spits upwards several feet. I want to say three. The hole looks just like all the others in the line. Yet the other holes do not sprout out water like this one does. It did not do this before the repair. I'm confused on how to fix it. I'm concerned that if I plug it up in some way that the hole next down the line will have the same issue. How do I fix this problem?

Posted 3 days ago

Indigo Rose

How big will they be when ripe?

Riverside County California Posted 4 days ago

my Crimson Spire Oak tree, in Albuquerque NM.

My Crimson Spire Oak tree, over night it seems, it started turning yellow, and looks pretty sick. Please tell me what is wrong. We give it plenty of water every 7 or 8 days.

Bernalillo County New Mexico trees and shrubs Posted 4 days ago

greenhouse plantation

my cucumber vines are deformating

Wisconsin Posted 4 days ago

Elephant plants

My elephant plant that's inside leaves are a stems are growing are growing with leaves but they're not opening I did started off outside but leaves was burning so I bought it inside and put it in the corner the other leave dye door and now new ones are growing but they not opening

Harris County Texas Posted 6 days ago