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horses behaviour

hi there my name is casey,
i have 2 horses and my oldest mare has been acting really strange of late.

my 3 year old mare Bonnie recently hurt herself and the oldest mare Lizzy has been acting very protective. well its been about a week and she has settled down but when they are put together in the same paddock Lizzy will nudge, lick and make a low nicker or Winnie towards Bonnie. i was just wanting to know if there was any other reason as to why she was doing this or if it was just Lizzy being protective still.

OUTSIDEUS Posted 2 months ago

(Too) Easy Keepers

I have two Missouri Fox Trotters, one a 15 year old gelding and a 16 year old mare. Both are turned out on a 10 acre pasture. The grass is a poor mix of bahalia and other southern grasses. Both horses tend to be fat and cresty-necked. My vet told me to stop any commercial feeds and to do nothing to improve the pasture. During the winter I feed a Bermuda hay square bale (1 bale for 3 horses - the third is a 25 year old paint). The Fox trotters still stay pretty fat and I would like to get some weight off, but am still concerned about proper nutrition, especially during the winter months. I don’t ride anymore and it has gotten so hot during our summer months that groundwork has become torture for us all. Any suggestions?

Simpson County MS Posted 2 months ago

My Cushing Syndrome horse.

How will pergolide affect my horse?

Crawford County PA horses veterinary cushings Posted 2 months ago


  1. Why is the sheep more susceptible to blackleg more than goat?
  2. Why does the equine poultry, dog and cats appear to be naturall resistant to blackleg?
  3. Why is it that the healthy young catle under 6-24 months is much more affected by blackleg?
  4. How does big farms manage blackleg if there is an outbreak in there area?

OUTSIDEUS Posted 3 months ago

Live soybean plants for horses?

I board my horse next to a soybean field And was walking him by the field and he reached over and grabbed a couple of plants and found them very delicious. Is there any toxicity to this live plant without the soybean pods for horses?

Lancaster County PA Posted 3 months ago

Ranch horse Judge

Hello we are looking for a ranch horse and reining judge for a show Sep 22nd. In Durango. I know it's short notice but our scheduled judge cancelled on us..
Thank you very much for your time.
Kerri Holden

Montrose County Colorado Posted 4 months ago

sore withoutboots

my driving pony has had laminitis and has recovered well. He has been diagnosed with cushions desease, he is on a I/2 tablet of present per day.,he is sound with boots on but very sore on concret . My barefoot trimmer see him every six week and there is quite a laminitis wedge and some white line separation. I put his boots on during the day and off at night. Am i doing the right thing. should i leave the boots off so the feet can adapt or continue to put them on. He became this sore after the last trim , two weeks ago. A ny help or suggetion
suggestion would be appreciated jo

Outside United States horses lameness Posted 4 months ago


is there a place for my 9 yr old daughter to ride a horse for her birthday party?

Riverside County California Posted 4 months ago

Historic horse colors

What historic colors did lippizaans come in?

Essex County Massachusetts Posted 5 months ago

Mini mare breeding

I have a miniature mare that I would like to breed. She was pasture bred before. I have been teasing her with the stallion and she has been showing signs of estrus now since June! I have been trying to breed her (when it hasn't been too hot) since then, however, she seems very receptive until he tries to mount her and then she starts trying to kick him. She is winking and turning her butt towards him and squealing when I tease her and then, when he gets into the paddock, starts kicking and squirting with her butt towards him. She has allowed him to mount her but squeals and tries to get away when he gets in her. She just seems in season all the time but doesn't let him stay inside unless I hold her. What do you think?

Posted 5 months ago