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Questions asked to this group

Feeding fresh corn

Can horses be fed field corn, still on the cob? The corn is too tough for use by humans.

Montgomery County Texas Posted 20 days ago


Describe the behaviour of a horse under terminology that relates to equine behaviour?

Outside United States Posted 25 days ago

The foals slaughtered by BIG PHARMA

What are you folks doing against the TORTURE PERPETRATED AGAINST HORSES for production of the cancer causing drug ....premarin?

Riverside County California Posted about 1 month ago

Horse suddenly sluggish, slightly dragging hind hooves, and just a lil off balance.

Woke up this morning to my horse slightly dragging her hind hooves and just a lil off balance. She was fine last night . We left her in pasture due to nice weather but she just seems sluggish. She is 4 yrs old and literally healthy as a horse.. any ideas before call a vet?

Newberry County South Carolina Posted about 1 month ago

Girth size

Hi, I have a good almost new Tuffy girth which is 80cm (that's 30" US) and a good almost new horse with a heart girth measurement of 197cm (that's 38" US) actually it comes out at about 7 1/2" difference on conversion so 3 3/4" short either side. Acceptable or too short, what do you think? I Kind regards from France, Tony.

Outside United States Posted about 1 month ago

Fresh cut hay

Is it ok to feed a Cushing's/IR horse freshly cut hay? The barn where I board just got some freshly cut hay. It is still green. It laid in the field for a few days though. I always soak the hay anyway. Can he eat this hay?
Thank you.

Mecklenburg County North Carolina Posted about 1 month ago

Feeding an older horse

I have 2 horses, one is an 18 year old mare and the other is a 8 year old gelding. The older horse is slightly under weight (5 on the scale?) and the younger horse is slightly over weight (6.5 on the scale?). What feed would be best for each of them? For further information, the older mare is my kids horse, so I don't want her too "hot". I seperate them currently for their grain (Nutrena regular (~1/2 to 1 lb morning and night) and Nutrena Senior (~3lbs morning and night), also the older mare is on a supplement. I think the Senior is making the older horse a little hotter than I would like. They are currently on about 1/2 grass and 1/2 grass hay. The 8 yr old is still on grain for two reasons, he was in training over winter and was getting about 6lbs a day, and then still on it to not be jealous of the older mare. I do not have enough pasture to full time grass them during the summer, and my next round hay bale is about 1/2 orchard grass 1/2 alfalfa. This will start in about 2-3 weeks after the current grass bale is finished (if of course it isn't moldy and needs to just be tossed.)

Iowa Posted about 1 month ago

grass seed

I want to overseed my horse pasture and would like to find a grass that is not as high in sugar content. I do not want to seed white clover as my horses do not seem to eat it. I have a pasture mix that has various seeds including alfafa. But I am wasting my money with alfafa in this area. Does bermuda grass grow in this area? Is kentucky blue grass lower in sugar? I fertilize my pastures at least once and sometimes twice a year. I have enough pasture that I do not have to feed hay until end of Oct. I also spray for weeds and alternate all of my pastures. I mow the 20+ acres almost every week, but, I know that if grass is left taller it does not have as much sugar in it, so do not over mow. I am mainly mowing for the weeds and that is why I have thought about overseeding. I disced and seeded my pastures a quite a few years ago and it is rocky enough that I do not want to do that again. I do have one horse that is laminitic (but every time it has been in winter and seems to happen when it is to cold to work him) I watch his weight very carefully, have nets on my bales etc.

St. Louis County Minnesota Posted 3 months ago

4 digit upper lip tattoo on mare horse

My mare horse 2329 tattooed on her upper lip how do I identify her. There are no letters are any other kinda Mark's with that tattoo. Can you help me please

Hardin County Texas Posted 3 months ago


Can you feed alfalfa pellets to a horse with cushings along with grass hay. I also feed LMF senior along with some rice pellets. I have only had the mare for 6 months but I noticed she isn’t shedding plus the hair is a little curly. I forgot to mention she is 14 yrs old

Jefferson County Oregon horse nutrition Posted 3 months ago