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Why isn't the Appaloosa listed in the horse badges for the have you ridden?

Richland County Ohio 4-h Posted 6 days ago

New York County New York Posted about 1 month ago

free breyer horse for 14 year old

i have shadow box reeves that i got for christmas many years ago.

Bedford County Virginia Posted 2 months ago

Horse Boarding

Hi, I was wondering if you had a recommended number of animal units (horses) for the following geographic location 2N 11E 11 2200, just off of Huskey Road. Thanks! Riley Marcus

Wasco County Oregon horses livestock Posted 3 months ago

Livestock-Safe Windbreak for a Shady Area

I am trying to find a plant that will grow tall and thick enough to use as a wind break in a shady area. It needs to be safe for livestock, dogs, & cats; and hopefully, beneficial to birds and bees. Even better if it is safe but unpalatable to horses, donkeys, and goats. Low-maintenance, drought-resistant, and fast-growing. Does this wonder plant exist?

Parker County Texas Posted 3 months ago

Horses and fertilizer???

We just fertilized our pasture and only got a light shower or two. We can see some fertilizer, is it safe to put horses on it?

Alabama Posted 3 months ago

Horse ticks

Hello, I have a problem with my horses always having ticks on them. I have tried dusting them and also pour on repellant, neither has prevented all the ticks but I was wondering what the best thing to use for them is? I am located in southern Ok.

Murray County Oklahoma Posted 3 months ago

HUS Saddle Colour

Hi, I would like to know if the colour of your saddle will effect the over all judges preference? Is it ok to use a black jump saddle in high end shows vs a brown jump saddle? Does this matter at all?
Thank you

Outside United States Posted 3 months ago

pregnant cows

When is it safe to put pregnant cows on a newly fertilized field?

Sullivan County Tennessee Posted 4 months ago

equine fecal counts

Can you tell me where I can take equine fecal matter to obtain an egg count? Also what the cost would be? Thank you

New Castle County Delaware horses equine horse Posted 4 months ago