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growth under tail

she has this large groth [started the size of a small golf ball]

it doesn't seem to bother her but flaps up and down during workouts.

It's about 9 months since first noticed.


Maricopa County Arizona Posted about 22 hours ago

What is the carbon footprint of a horse?

I looked at the response to the question on what is the carbon footprint of a horse. It goes on to saw how it’s less than cattle and why. And then it ends by saying it’s less than an automobile. The response doesn’t say what the carbon footprint of a car is. It doesn’t saw the carbon footprint of a horse. It doesn’t compare the footprint between a car and cattle even. Is there an actual measurement for a horse, car, and cow?

McHenry County Illinois Posted 15 days ago

Eating disorder

I have a horse that will lay down and roll approximately 5 to 10 minutes after he has started to eat. After he rolls back and forth he will lay their for a few minutes ,gets up and finishes eating. Sometimes he passes gas. He does this after each feeding. He eats a grass-alfalfa mix. Without xrays do u have any suggestions. could enteroliths cause this? Thank you.

Kern County California Posted about 1 month ago

coastal hay

My pony was tested and is alergic to bermuda grass! Is this the same as coastal bermuda hay?

Lee County North Carolina Posted about 1 month ago

breyer customizing

how can you remove a breyer mane that is lying flat on the horses neck?

Tompkins County New York Posted about 1 month ago

Horse pasture clover

I have a little more than an acre of max q grass it gets invested by clover An my horse has cushings An can’t have clover I have tried 24d An got desperate enough to use roundup in heavy spots but it kills the grass An it comes up next to the bald spots what can I use to kill out the clover an save what grass I have left I live in Jarales new mexico

Valencia County New Mexico Posted about 1 month ago

getting the mare in the mood

In race horses a stallion is sometimes put in a stall next to the mare to 'get her in the mood' for breeding. the mare is then taken to the stallion that is to do the work.
What is the name of the 'preparation stallion'?

Palm Beach County Florida reproduction breeding horse Posted about 1 month ago

Use of Bosals in 4-h shows

My niece is showing her horse. He is 18 years old & has always been ridden in a bosal, but since the Iowa 4-h guidelines don't allow bosals to be used in shows at his age, we now must either get him to use a bit or not show him in the performance classes. Is it really worth taking him out of the bosal, which he listens to & respects? I feel that forcing horses to use a bit when they respond better without them, is unfair to the horse & the 4-h exhibitor. Especially if forcing a bit makes the horse unsafe or less comfortable. We will try to find a bit that will work for him, but is there anything that can be done now or in the future to change this rule? Thank you

Wright County Iowa Posted about 1 month ago

Perfect pond plus fertilizer

Is it o k for Horses to drink water from a pond that is fertilized with perfect pond plus

Butler County Alabama Posted 3 months ago

I need next step

My horse is 20 plus years. She is not urinating much or defecating much. She is on a diet of senior sweet pellet feed, mixed with fresh dried timothy hay

added to the diet, Her abdomen is not hard. Thoughts?

Middlesex County Massachusetts horses Posted 3 months ago