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Questions asked to this group

Worming horses

Are there any published guidelines for worming horses in the southeast? Which wormers to use spring/fall based on fecal egg counts? Which wormers are recommended regardless due to worms that don’t tend to show up in samples (I think I’ve read tapeworms are one)? I’m generally confused about the transmission of worms. I’ve read to only harrow pastures on the hottest summer days. But then I’ve also read that worms don’t survive the heat well period, so is dragging necessary or helpful then? I would happily read and study any document that would help me better grasp the situation. I have not been able to find one.

Chowan County North Carolina horses horse parasites Posted 10 days ago

Horsemanship Pattern AQHA

When western horsemanship pattern asks for a TROT - Are you allowed to post to the trot

Outside United States Posted 11 days ago

forage feeding by feed value

I have a commercial Alfalfa business providing small square bale alfalfa/alfalfa grass mix hay to several horse owners. I was wondering if their is someone I can talk to about making recommendations on feeding rate based on the quality of the forage I am providing? For example, based on a sample analysis how much hay with a RFV of 150 would I need to feed a 1200 lb horse getting limited exercise verses hay with a 190 RFV.

Jasper County Iowa Posted 14 days ago

Should old Fleece be replaced on and old saddle?

I have an older Circle Y trail saddle. It has very old fleece under it that is coming off. Should I replace it with new shearling/fleece or use a good pad?

Orange County California Posted about 1 month ago

Western riding lessons

My granddaughter is very interested in returning to the sport of horse riding. Who might be an option to offer lessons?

Salt Lake County Utah horses Posted about 1 month ago

Pasture Land

I am in the process of trying to create pasture land for my horses in Taylors, SC. The land has been recently graded. I am trying to figure out the best way to prep the land and what is the best grass seed to plant in my area to create a lush pasture for the horses.

Greenville County South Carolina Posted about 1 month ago

Pigeon fever

hello my 4 year old mare is getting over pigeon fever. I have 2 questions. 1- how long before I Can take her off the property? 2- I have a 2 year old filly on the same property that isn't showing any symptoms. How long should I keep an eye on her before I can give her the clear to move her off the property?

Wasatch County Utah Posted about 1 month ago

Open sores on horses tongue

Last year at this time our Morgan horse developed open sores on his tongue. The vet gave him antibiotics and it cleared up. She'd never seen anything like this before. Today I noticed he's a foaming a little at the mouth and drinking a lot of water (like he's trying to swish something out of his mouth.) This is how it started last year. Even though it was painful, he continued eating. NOTHING stops him from eating. The pasture is eaten down and he'll eat Silver Maple leaves, walnut leaves and Empress tree leaves, we try to keep the leaves all swept away, but we don't get all of them. In researching tree toxicity, tongue ulcers don't turn up in the symptoms. We live outside of Seattle. We'll be moving him to another pasture, but there are ground blackberries there. Do you have any ideas as to what is causing this? I'm not having any success finding a likely reason on line. Our other horse does not, thankfully, experience this. I do have photos if interested. Thank you very much, Anna (for our Teddy.)

King County Washington Posted about 1 month ago

Crab apple toxicity for horses

We have two close to the barn. They are fruitless but I have one guy who seems to like sampling anything he can. Should I yank it?
Thank you!

Flathead County Montana horses Posted 3 months ago

What breed

Hi I would like to know what breed this horse is

Jackson County Illinois Posted 4 months ago