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new move winter concerns

My family and I just moved to Montana From eastern Washington and we have 19 head of horses and I am trying to learn the needs and requirements to maintain a healthy herd in this entirely new environment for us all. I have never dealt with snow more than 4 inches, is there resources that I can check into that can help me keep my horses healthy. I have 6 old horses that we turned all but 2 out to pasture and they are doing fine with most the horses so far but my really old ones are not on pasture and have more needs for their well being however since I'm new to pasturing my herd I need some guidance on what to be on the lookout for and what might be best to do for my herd in this mountain environment.

Lake County Montana Posted 4 months ago

Feeding a Cushings horse

I have a 32 year old Arabian mare with Cushing disease and ringbone in one foot. Is it ok to feed alfalfa hay to her? She is on orchard grass not and not on pasture. She has a large corral.

Los Angeles County California Posted 5 months ago

horses in confined areas.

A individual has several horses confined in small sections of his yard. little, if any grass, hay? does Arkansas have a minimum footage for a horse, without or little grass be kept in..Please help

Lafayette County Arkansas Posted 7 months ago


Hi, is it safe to geld in late august, pony will be 16month of age, also is that age a little to late


Outside United States Posted 7 months ago


What are 3 things you should look for in muscling?

Crawford County Ohio Posted 8 months ago

Feeding fresh corn

Can horses be fed field corn, still on the cob? The corn is too tough for use by humans.

Montgomery County Texas Posted 9 months ago


Describe the behaviour of a horse under terminology that relates to equine behaviour?

Outside United States Posted 9 months ago

The foals slaughtered by BIG PHARMA

What are you folks doing against the TORTURE PERPETRATED AGAINST HORSES for production of the cancer causing drug ....premarin?

Riverside County California Posted 9 months ago

Horse suddenly sluggish, slightly dragging hind hooves, and just a lil off balance.

Woke up this morning to my horse slightly dragging her hind hooves and just a lil off balance. She was fine last night . We left her in pasture due to nice weather but she just seems sluggish. She is 4 yrs old and literally healthy as a horse.. any ideas before call a vet?

Newberry County South Carolina Posted 9 months ago

Girth size

Hi, I have a good almost new Tuffy girth which is 80cm (that's 30" US) and a good almost new horse with a heart girth measurement of 197cm (that's 38" US) actually it comes out at about 7 1/2" difference on conversion so 3 3/4" short either side. Acceptable or too short, what do you think? I Kind regards from France, Tony.

Outside United States Posted 10 months ago