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Turkey hens sitting on eggs

I had 2 juvenile hens sent for my tom. After a few weeks, the royal palm began sitting on her nest of seven eggs. Then, one morning 2 days later, 8 eggs, now 9 eggs. I am not sure if it is the other hen sneaking in and laying an egg (slightly less speckling) but the situation is that I need to leave door open so the royal palm can come and go on pasture. I have a box right next to royal palm's nest for the slate but no action there....I started marking the eggs and hope hatching doesn't linger forever, but this hen is a pretty good sitter.....any ideas of what to do? thanks!

Kauai County HI poultry Posted about 1 hour ago


Could u identify this I found n my closet?

Etowah County AL insect identification Posted 1 day ago

What type of bug is this? Help !

Help, what type of bug is this? Ant, termite or bed bug?IMG_0724.JPG. IMG_0996.PNGIMG_0996.PNG

Hinds County MS Posted 2 days ago


I noticed that my beloved Photos is now being affected by some white looking stuff. It has been planted for a while, and fertilize with miracle grow. However, it doesn't seem to be growing lovely. Any suggestions please? Thank you kindly.

Chatham County GA houseplants Posted 5 days ago


How much ppm chlorine is safe in water nutrition solution of hydroponics system with cocopeat media?

WA hydroponics Posted 8 days ago

Switching to Weck Jars

I am switching from Ball/Kerr Jars to Weck Mold jars which can handle the contents freezing without the glass breaking. My pantry is unheated and if someone closes the door in winter - I frequently lose a few jars. I pressure can everything because I don't trust water-bath methods. I am on Backbone Mountain at 2,650' per Google maps. A YouTube video said to process everything 5 minutes longer because of the thickness of the Weck jars. However, I am concerned that my elevation might change that figure. Also, I don't know if that figure was for water-bath canning or pressure canning. So I need to know what changes I need to do to my present recipes because of the switch in jars. And I need a more better source of information than YouTube for this.

Garrett County Maryland home food preservation Posted 9 days ago

Shares of stock!

I would like to know we have found we stumbled upon and old share of common stock that was dated in 1951 August 18th 1951 from Grayson County 4-H club Association in Kentucky one share how much is it worth now if anything?

Grayson County Kentucky Posted 15 days ago

Overwintering blueberry bushes and rosemary

Hello! Apologies for lumping two items together, but they're in a similar situation and I'm hoping this is a simple answer. I have two blueberry bushes and one rosemary bush/plant, each in their own large pot. Rosemary is well established and healthy. Blueberries are making a comeback from being panted in the wrong place initially. I have moved them to a semi sheltered location, out of the direct wind, and where they still get good sun. The three pots are clustered together and wrapped in burlap sacks in one big bundle, with leaves stuffed all around and in between the pots. My question is, do I need to cover the plants themselves, or will they be OK over the winter like this? If so, what should I use? Wouldn't covering them restrict air, light and rain water? Thanks!

District of Columbia County District of Columbia fruit herbs plant care Posted 15 days ago

Corn Seed Wanted

I'm a graduate student in the art department and my work is centered around different aspects of growing up on a farm in Iowa. I'm in the market for some corn seed, so I'm here to ask where I could get some around these parts.

Prince George's County Maryland Posted 16 days ago

Biting me and my dog

They bite and are in yard and home very tiny but agressive. The wrap in thread and fall from ceiling at night. Starts around 4pm till 530am they go for our nose ears and mouth ankle and hands. And in hair

St. Louis Missouri entomology Posted 16 days ago