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Bee Keeping

I'm interested in learning about Bee Keeping. Will you have any classes in the future? Ellen Crenson

Baltimore County MD Posted about 3 hours ago

Bugs in moss of carnivorous plants

How can I safely kill insects that have nested in the moss without hurting the pitcher plants. What is the best way to keep them inside for the winter? Also, what kind of pitcher plants are the 2 types here?

Baltimore MD Posted about 15 hours ago

Do hanging cucumbers grow longer and thinner

One year, I planted cucumbers to grow on the ground but they climbed up into a bush and ended up growing as hanging fruit. They came In Longer and the thinner than what I had expected for ground growth. So, do hanging or vertical cucumbers get stretched out by gravity or do they grow about the same as in the ground. Thanks

District of Columbia County DC vegetables plant care Posted 4 days ago

Identify this one!?

Found in elizabethton, Tennessee. I kinda like it, the designs are really cool and I decided to keep him so he wouldn’t die off this winter. I’ve held him and he doesn’t seem to have the need to attack, but I’d like to know what he is.

Sullivan County TN insect identification Posted 5 days ago

Can someone help with my azalea bonsai tree

I just got this azalea bonsai sent to me a few weeks ago from a family member after my dad passed away. She ordered it from 1800 flowers. It came pretty much looking just like this. I just want to know if I’m doing what I need to do. Does it look healthy? The trunk is a bit darker looking at the bottom, am I over or maybe under watering it (I didn’t water this since yesterday)? Do I need to prune anything and if so can you explain what I need to prune. I am completely new to the plant world and since I got this as a gift from my fathers death, I do NOT want this dying on me. If it matters, it is October 13th and I live in Pennsylvania. I also have no clue what I’m going to do with it in the winter as I have no garage or greenhouse to put it in. I’ve been bringing it inside the house and setting on kitchen counter overnight when the temp drops below 49 degrees outside and then bringing it back out early afternoon. Please give me every and any advice you have. Please experts only!

Lancaster County PA trees and shrubs Posted 5 days ago


I live in Baltimore City. And recently I've been wanting to grow Georgia collard greens what is the latest date I want to start collard greens. From seed to ground in Baltimore City?

Baltimore Maryland Posted 7 days ago

What type of spider ?

I would love to know the name of this spider, is it poisonous? I live in South Carolina.

Florence County South Carolina insect identification Posted 7 days ago

Mysterious Bark Damage

Tulip Poplar has several spots on trunk where bark appears to be torn away. Could squirrels be the culprit? My inquiry is to determine if u have seen this phenomena. Pics attached.

District of Columbia County District of Columbia trees Posted 9 days ago

Nest in tree

Just noticed this giant nest at the end of a dogwood tree branch. Is this a yellow jacket nest??

Chester County Pennsylvania insect issues Posted 11 days ago

Can you please tell me what lawn weed this is

Best way to rid my lawn of this? Weed B Gon doesn’t seem to work on it. Thanks, Jerry Zaras

Kent County Delaware lawns and turf weeds Posted 11 days ago