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Douglas fir getting bare

I planted a Douglas fir (fairly certain that's the type of tree) ten plus years ago and the tree has lost many needles. I'd appreciate input on how to revive the tree. The tree is on a street named Chinaberry - it's clearly not a Chinaberry tree!

Frederick County Maryland Posted about 1 hour ago

Setting up Community Garden in Charles County

I am interested in setting up a community garden. There are 5 acres available off Bensville Rd. I'm thinking about combining a dog walking course around the outside, near the trees with the garden plots in the middle fenced to keep the deer out of it. I believe there is a well on the property that would have to improved. or I could use rain barrels and pump to a cistern. I calculated I could get 52,000 gallons a year from my house. Depending on the level of interest, I might rent part of the acreage for a horse pasture. I am interested in sustainable use of the land. Here are my questions 1) I don't see any community gardens listed on your website. Is this because there is no interest, or just none available? 2) I know the county runs dog parks, but is there a way I could charge for people to walk their dogs? 3) I searched for pasture rental for Charles co. I couldn't find any for single horses or for small acreage. Where could I find information on rates, and marketing.

Charles County Maryland Posted 1 day ago

urban 4-h clubs

Hello, my Name is Adele Macatee. I am a freshman at Cecil college. I am writing an essay in my college English class on problems within my community. I have chosen 4-h as the community that I am apart of, and for this essay I must research a problem within the 4-h community and state solutions to said problem. The problem that I chose was that there isn't enough agricultural science or 4-h opportunities available to youth within cities. I chose this because I figured they don't have all of the resources or land availability to do some of the activities or programs that we could do within Cecil county and other more rural areas. I myself am in a Cecil county based 4-h club and so I know the types of things that we do would be difficult to do in the cities. I was curious if you know of any places where I could find information on the lack of 4-h involvement within cities? if so feel free to respond back to me, thank you.

Cecil County Maryland Posted 4 days ago

does the extension have an Arthropod ID service

I have some samples that I need identified ... they are too small for the naked eye, hence no images to upload ... but I'm thinking they might either be fleas or bird mites that got blown into my home ... I also need advice on how best to get rid of an accidental infestation that occured in july(2017) ... I am considering two nonToxic nonChemical options but finding it dificult to pin down ... (1) thermal Heat @140°F or greater (2) an organic enzyme bioInsecticide

Montgomery County Maryland pest control insect or spider id pest insects and mites biting insect id Posted 4 days ago

Bantam Hens

I live in Clarksburg, MD.
Where can i buy bantam hens, prefer adults already laying. Pullets would be next choice. have a flock of5 hens and 1 rooster. Only 2 of the 5 are laying. Want to integrate new birds with a few of existing flock. don’t care about pure Breed but do want good layers and friendly birds . Want for home use of egg mainly. It may be best to get later in February.
A 4H kid might have some

Montgomery County Maryland Posted 5 days ago

Can you identify this weed?

This weed is quickly invading my lawn. Can you identify it and tell me how to get rid of it?

Loudoun County Virginia Posted 7 days ago

Goats on the loose nearby

Who can catch them (2) What to feed through the winter

Harford County Maryland wildlife miscellaneous goats Posted 8 days ago

Fig tree help in Hudson valley NY

I have two fig trees in pots still. One was propagated from a family tree a few years ago (no figs yet) and one I just bought from a Home Depot this October. I alway bring the one family tree indoors at this time of year after the leaves turn yellow and start to fall off. By January it usually has new leaves and grows nicely in the corner of our kitchen. Now I have both trees taking up the kitchen (need a better plan), but I was told that each tree is better off in a shed out doors. It would still be very cold in the shed but the tress would be protected from snow and rain / ice. Apparently its best for the tress to go completely dormant each winter? Im so afraid of trying this and causing them to die. What should I do? I can also put them in my attic. Cold and not much light but not sub freezing. My goal is to have them each be potted tress (larger pots eventually) and maybe learn how to propagate new trees from these .. I just don't know how to do that either; or the best time of year to try .. ugh so many questions on "how to" with these trees .. but thanks in advance

Rockland County New York Posted 8 days ago

Mapped courses with Montgomery college

Hi, I would like to talk to someone about the courses and majors which the university of Maryland has with the Montgomery college in both computer and mechanic science. Thanks Niloufar Ebadi

Montgomery County Maryland Posted 9 days ago

rat control with ContraPest

I've heard about dealing with rats by giving them birth control via ContraPest, a product from SenesTech. The sales rep says it's a controlled material and has to be applied by a licensed dealer. What's Maryland's stance on the product? I've got a farm with rats. I am against poison. My cats aren't effective. The stinking rodents are smart enough to outwit a dozen different trapping approaches, and sooner or later they'll discover where the house is - so far, we've been lucky.

Montgomery County Maryland Posted 11 days ago