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Raining black stuff from branches no smell from oak tree

All of the sudden my tree started raining black stuff look like bird poop at first but no birds in tree and it continued like rain we are ar a loss

It has stopped for now so about 20 mins of black rain from tree

Sonoma County CA trees and shrubs Posted 3 days ago

Nest growing in an evergreen

I saw this growth or nest on the tree branch of an evergreen, never seen it before. Any ideas?

Wake County NC trees and shrubs Posted 5 days ago

This looks unknown to me

From the past one week this thing has been roaming in my house. I would love to know about this thing since it looks like alien and I'm not familiar with insects..

OUTSIDEUS entomology insect identification Posted 6 days ago

Horses and Black Walnut SMOKE

Is smoke from burning black walnut wood toxic to horses? I know shavings can cause laminitis, but is smoke from burning black walnut firewood hazardous to horses? My horses walk-in stalls and paddocks are about 60 feet south from a wood stove stack for a shop that burns 24/7 in fall/winter/spring. We burn a mix of woods, so black walnut is only a portion. And luckily the weather has been crazy so the wind hasn’t been from the north continuously. I want to be sure it won’t cause issues for them.7

Johnson County MO horses poisonous plants Posted 7 days ago

How to block weeds in between raised beds

I have about 10 raised beds and have used "weed fabric" on the grass in between the beds. Over time, debris and weeds have started growing like crazy on top of the fabric or along the edges of my garden fence. It is difficult to "weed wack" them since I have watermelon vines and sweet potato vines growing along the ground. I'm not sure what other people use in between their raised beds to minimize weeds. I heard some use wood chips (like the big ones used for playgrounds) but I wasn't sure if that attracted termites, roaches or mice. I heard some use rocks or pine needles (though I don't know where to get pine needles). Is there a solution to this problem?

Howard County MD weed control vegetable Posted 8 days ago

does anyone insemanate dairy cows in aa county

does anyone inseminate cattle in aa county

Anne Arundel County Maryland Posted 8 days ago

Young Blue Spruce Losing Needles

I think it may have sat in standing water to long? (The pot it was shipped in.) Can it come back from this damage after I transplanted to a bigger pot with better spoil and water ?

Oklahoma County Oklahoma trees and shrubs Posted 9 days ago

Carpenter ant flies

What do carpenter ant flies look like? Are they dangerous to house structures? If we have them, what can we do to stop them? We would prefer non chemical means?

Loudoun County Virginia insect issues Posted 10 days ago

Wilting celosia

These lovely flowers were planted about 3 weeks ago. They have since grown a little and survived some hot days. They have been planted in good soil, been given liquid fertiliser twice and watered on hot days (in the evening when it’s cool). But now one of them is wilting and dying and I think another is soon to follow. Can I please get some advice on what to do to help them recover and keep the beautiful flowers. Thanks heaps.

Outside United States horticulture Posted 13 days ago

White oak struck by lightning- what do I do?

In early August, the white oak in our backyard was struck by lightning. Now we are trying to figure out if it's still alive or if it needs to be removed. We've gotten 4 opinions from arborists - 2 think it is dead and should come down, 2 think it is alive and can stay up. We'd love to keep the tree, but it's large enough (and close to the house), that if it is dead, it would pose a serious safety hazard. We'd like an objective opinion on what to do. Thanks!

Montgomery County Maryland lightning tree possible hazard Posted 17 days ago