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Brown recluse?

Is this a brown recluse or wolf spider?

New Haven County Connecticut spiders Posted about 7 hours ago

depth of hole to plant pawpaw seedlings

how big hole is needed to plant a year old pawpaw tree? Thanks

New Castle County Delaware trees and shrubs Posted 1 day ago

Sickly clematis leaves

My clematis started blooming in the spring and looked healthy. After the blooms died the leaves started fading to a light green and yellowish color and getting spots on them.

Craighead County Arkansas horticulture Posted 2 days ago

Dutch Elm Diease

Hi, In my neighborhood we have several old Elm trees. What are our choices for DED treatment? Our trees do not have DED, I want to give them a boost to ward off and keep healthy. What are the different chemical, different treatment cycles? These are city owned trees, located between the curb and sidewalk

Baltimore Maryland Posted 2 days ago

Spring weed identification

Hello, Hello. Please help me to identify this pesky spreading weed that takes over several areas of my turf grass. If you are able to identify, what herbicide is needed to kill it without harming existing turf? Thank you.

Union County North Carolina lawns and turf Posted 2 days ago

Poultry inoculations for backyard flock

I would like to inoculate my newly-hatched pea chicks (there are five) against marek's disease and New Castle disease. I am feeding them medicated (with amprolium) chicken start and grow for preventing coccidiosis. The peahen and chicks are in the coop with my small flock of chickens (five laying hens and rooster), and I plan to get a few more pullets, which may or may not be inoculated. Where can I get inoculations locally without having to buy 1000 doses at once? I realize its not the best idea to keep my pair of peacocks with the chickens (I don't have enough room to keep them separately), but they seem to get along just fine. What might I do to prevent diseases, I understand that peafowl are more susceptible to certain poultry diseases than chickens? Are there any other diseases I need to worry about that I can prevent with inoculations? Anything else I should consider?

Howard County Maryland poultry Posted 2 days ago

will cardboard sheet mulching attract termites?

I read that termite bait was used with cardboard dipped in borax and water solution, will this be ego friendly if painted solution over cardboard before mulching. Or since is now a bare lawn, is a barrier necessary?And how thick of a layer mulch is sufficient for a bare lawn. It used to be a thatched st. augustine, but it had gnats and was killing other plants, I decide to start over.

Los Angeles County California lawns and turf Posted 3 days ago

Black eye susan

Something is eating all of the leaves off the plant 1by1! Idont know what? It appears to be an insect cause at first, you see signs of little holes before all the leaves disappear down to the stem! I cant see any bugs though? What can I do to stop this before I dont have any plants left!!!! Last year, I had a whole yard full of them! Now I barely have any!!!! Plz help!!! I Luv my plants!!!

Monroe County New York Posted 3 days ago

Ilex glabra leaves turned black and dropped in one day

A newly planted Ilex glabra died in one day. It was fine on Sunday and then on Monday the inner leaves turned black. The outer leaves stayed green but all fell off the black ones are still attached to the stems. I have kept them watered

Delaware Posted 4 days ago

my development's water smells like sulfur and gives rashes

my mother, Cynthia M. Balentine and i are residents of 13100 Millhaven Place, apt. L, Germantown, MD (Riverstone Condominiums), and the tap water here smells sulfurous and gives us short lived rashes after using it to shower. she has a host of auto-immune disorders, and we’d be very interested in whether you all can suggest any entity that subsidizes water testing. WSSC says it’s up to the condo association, and Summit Management says it's WSSC's responsibility. i would very much like to determine whether there are serious health issues. any information or recommendations would be appreciated.

Montgomery County Maryland Posted 4 days ago