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Little bug on my blanket

I’m on a road trip and my dog got ride of fleas a few weeks ago and I saw a very little black dot on my blanket and I didn’t know if it was a bug so I poked it and it jumped away, I don’t know if it was a flea, are there any other possibilities? And I haven’t seen any others in the car or around the house.

Illinois insect identification dogs Posted about 6 hours ago

Wild mint

What type of wild mint is this?

Mathews County Virginia plant identification Posted 3 days ago

Plant palette

Is it possible to have someone from the organization take a look at our community and determine a plant palette. That is a list of plants-small trees, shrubs and perennials that would in our environment in sun and shade settings. If you do not do this, can you suggest any agency that might be able to help us this this? Judy Reed, President National Park Seminary Master Association Silver Spring Maryland

Montgomery County Maryland Posted 5 days ago

plants found in my garden

new to me, what are they? Most appreciative. And, my crocosmia lucifer, which have been prolific in the past, quickly shriveled and became brown. The brutal summer, tho I had been watering? thank you, Gail

Montgomery County Maryland flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials Posted 5 days ago

Do bush beans need a pollinator?

Over the past several years, I have experienced severe infestation of Mexican bean beetles in my community garden plot. This year I was thinking of using a light-weight row cover to protect my bush bean plants. I expect there won't be many pollinators in that closed environment. Will the plants still produce beans? thank you

Montgomery County Maryland vegetables plant care row cover for bush beans Posted 5 days ago

Rhododendron and lilac

What is killing my rhododendron and lilac bushed. Suddenly they are all dying. They have been watered.

Talbot County Maryland shrubs Posted 5 days ago

rogue squash?

Last year I had spaghetti squash, butternut squash and cantaloupe in my garden. This year many squash vines appeared and I thought they were volunteer butternut squash plants. As the fruit started to ripen I then thought they were spaghetti squash. But when I cooked one last night it was neither, a lot of water, white, very little flesh, no taste. What is it? I am a Master Gardener and would like to share the information with my group. Thank you

Harford County Maryland vegetables abiotic issues Posted 6 days ago

What is the best plan for managing mosquitoes at our apartment landscape?

I live at the Westchester Apartments in NW Washington. We would like to implement an IPM program for managing mosquitoes on our campus. Do you have a description of an IPM program for mosquitoes we could consider? Thank you.

District of Columbia County District of Columbia mosquitoes pest control pest insects and mites Posted 6 days ago

Trees and bush in front yard are dying...

Hi there, I have two dogwood trees in my front yard that have always thrived. our front yard faces south and gets a lot of sun. One of the trees has a large holy bush next to it. The holy bush has completely died, and the dogwood's leaves are starting to die. My other dogwood has several branches that never produced leaves this spring and the ones that do have leaves look sad. What could be going on?

Howard County Maryland branch dieback dogwood tree Posted 6 days ago

Tomato plant leaves turning brown

Figure some type of disease, is there a treatment or cure. Happens every year. I have cell phone pictures that I could text.

Frederick County Maryland vegetables Posted 6 days ago