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i searched everywhere and could NOT find this thing

I dont know what this is and it would be EXTREMELY helpful to help identify this.

Queens County New York insect identification Posted about 13 hours ago


Hello, We have an 80-100 ft county easement on our property that we are responsible for maintaining. It has been eroding over time and continues to get steeper and steeper. When we bough the house 10 years ago, the previous owner had juniper and english ivy planted along it as a ground over. Thistle and other weeds took over and killed all of the plants. Weeds continally blow across the street from the county property. We got rid of everything and planted grass. It is steep to the point that it is dangerous for my husband to push mow and I fear that he is going to lose his foot everytime he mows it. We routinely ask the county for help and they give us endless reasons as to why they can´t/won´t do anything. I was advised to reach out to you by a local nursery and am hoping you can help. Thank you so much in advance for your assistance.

Frederick County Maryland Posted about 15 hours ago

grass cutting and Covid 19 ??

Is it safe to go outside while grass is being cut in my community? Will it "stir up" Covid 19? If not ,how long should I wait to go outside? Thanks!! Stay safe

Baltimore County Maryland Posted about 17 hours ago

Not spinach

Where can I send a picture of the plant I want identified by post office.

Charles County Maryland Posted about 17 hours ago

Pennsylvania Sedge

I am trying to grow this Pennsylvania Sedge on a dry shady hill in my back yard. The hill leads from my house to a flat area that has large trees. The hill doesn't collect leaves that would normally collect around the plants in the woods. It was originally planted with fescue but the grass is slowly dying because of the shade and lack of water. It was suggested that I try Pennsylvania Sedge. The few plugs that I planted 2 years ago haven't thrived as I hoped. I would like to know if I need to fertilize them with a something like hollytone to give them a little nitrogen and lower the pH. The soil is clay.

Fairfax County Virginia lawns and turf Posted about 17 hours ago

Fungus on magnolia trees. Help pleade

What to do about fungus on my magnolia trees? Nothing around them for 10’. Not growing well. Looks diseased. I love magnolias and would not want to cut them down but they do need help. They are 24 years old.

Jefferson Davis Parish Louisiana trees and shrubs Posted 1 day ago

Flowering Kwanzan Cherry Trees

I have a kwanzan cherry that I sat out 4 years ago that has yet to bloom at all. The sapling is about 9-10 ft. tall and has lots of leaves, but no blooms ever as of yet. Is there something I can do to encourage blooming? Or a problem that is preventing it?

Pender County North Carolina trees and shrubs Posted 1 day ago

Straw needed

Where can I buy bales of straw for a straw bale garden, near 21005?

Harford County Maryland Posted 2 days ago

Mandevillas ready for outside

I brought two beautiful Mandevillas inside in October. One struggled and eventually died. The other did okay until recently and is now looking straggly. Is it okay to take them back outside. I only remember frost a few times this winter and very little “freezing” weather. Some nights last week were cold. If I do take them outside soon, should I try to cover them with plastic at night. Thanks very much.

District of Columbia County District of Columbia houseplants plant care flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials Posted 3 days ago

Black Knot on Oklahoma Redbud Trunk

My redbud was planted about 18 months ago. It had a great showing it's first spring, but this spring, only half the canopy bloomed. There is a black knot on the trunk that is oozing. Canker keeps popping up as a possible issue, but wanted to get another opinion. Thanks!

Collin County Texas trees and shrubs Posted 3 days ago