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Flea eggs inhuman skin

I, unfortunately, have a flea problem and they seem to like me! It’s likely caused by my three dogs and cat finding them in the yard. Actually, the carpeted rooms in this rental is believed to have been infested with dormant fleas everywhere! I don’t get bites anymore although a couple years ago. I was covered in bites. NOW, I think fleas might be burrowing but more than that, I think there are eggs and even occasional larvae under my skin Is this possible?

Outside United States Posted 1 day ago


What are tiny black small bugs that fly attracted to water stay near light and house hold spraying don't kill them

Baltimore Maryland insect identification Posted 4 days ago

Hornet nest

I read your 2013 post on hornet nest (very informative). Do empty nests eventually fall off the tree or remain?

Howard County Maryland wasps beneficial insects and pollinators Posted 7 days ago

Lawn Mold?

I found this in my yard today, it's about 6" in diameter, there are two smaller ones a foot or so from this one. What is this? and how should I deal with it??

Middlesex County New Jersey lawns and turf Posted 15 days ago


Will neems oil deter knutes or geckos?

Tuscaloosa County Alabama pest control Posted 15 days ago

Deer damage

I have a Bloodgood Japanese maple that is about 7 feet tall newly planted. I noticed yesterday that deer have been rubbing their antlers on it, which has stripped some of the bark off. I have encased the damaged areas in 4”plastic drainage pipe, which should protect it moving forward, but is there anything I can do to treat the damaged part of the bark? I don’t think there is any girdling, but the scraping is heavy on one or two branches.

Albemarle County Virginia trees and shrubs Posted 18 days ago

Please identify

What is this tiny black insect in my bedroom floor. I saw a dozen. They also jump! Please help!

Outside United States Posted 20 days ago

Caterpillar identification

A friend found this in Brunswick, MD. Can you please identify?

Frederick County Maryland insect identification Posted 20 days ago

Lilac leaves didn't fall.

My Lilac bushes haven't lost their leaves yet. We had a snowfall last week and the bushes still have their leaves on. Same with forsythia, berry bushes, and cherry tree. No frost in Sept/Oct till this snow at the end of Oct is my suspicion as to why, but my question is:
What will happen to the bushes if the leaves stay on into winter? Will the branches all break down?

Outside United States trees and shrubs Posted 21 days ago

Is My Tree Dying?

Is My tree Dying? The bark has been Peeling for at least month.I’d really like to know if I should cut it down or keep it up.

Scott County Kentucky trees and shrubs Posted 22 days ago