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Insect identification

What are these worm like creatures on my parsley

St. Mary's County Maryland Posted less than a minute ago

Worm identity

Tan coloured about 1/2 inch diameter and 2 inches long. Located in southern Saskatchewan Canada

Outside United States insect identification Posted 2 days ago

possible murder hornet?

We found several of these on our property.. They are very aggressive and we had to kill them. They were resistant to spray. The only thing we came up with was Murder Hornets. First we only found 1, then last night we found several.. Its very concerning to us.

Cumberland County Pennsylvania Posted 2 days ago

Fire reseeding in coast redwoods

Recently we have had some wildfires in coast redwood groves. Will the coast redwood "fire reseed"? If it does, is it a common or routine method of reproduction? Does this contrast in any way with the giant redwood species? --Thanks ahead of time.

Sonoma County California trees and shrubs Posted 4 days ago

Will Virginia Creeper kill a tree if it’s only on the trunk?

I have a Virginia Creeper that I cut back to the ground every spring and then allow to grow up the trunk (for the most part) during the summer. The tree is a 70’ pinion pine of some variety. Will allowing the creeper to do this each year harm the tree?

Utah County Utah trees and shrubs Posted 4 days ago

egg like structure in soil

I found several golf-ball white structures in my soil with many holes in it, I think that this must be some kind of insect? any idea what they are?

Fulton County Georgia lawns and turf insect issues fungus Posted 4 days ago

Effect on Vegetable gardens by forest fires polutants

I live in central oregon and our air quality for the last few days has been the worst in the nation. I am wondering if this has contaminated my beans, squash and tomoates.

Jefferson County Oregon wildfire vegetable gardening Posted 4 days ago

Lilacs dying in Wisconsin.

On rides about the country, nearly all of the lilacs look like they are dying. This started early in the spring. What is happening?

Vernon County Wisconsin Posted 4 days ago

Water Barh Canned Salsa

I followed an approved recipe for salsa. The recipe estimated a,yield of 6 pints. I doubled the recipe but wound up with 21 pints. I dobled all of the ingredients including fresh lime juice and vinegars. Because I ended up with so many more pints, should I be concerned with the avidity level?

Carroll County Maryland Posted 5 days ago

What kind of plant is this?

I saw this plant at the Necedah Nature Reserve today, and no one I know can name it. Can you tell what kind of plant this is?

Monroe County Wisconsin plant identification Posted 5 days ago