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IRS tax treatment of MALPF sale in Maryland.

Please point me sources to read on the Federal income tax treatment of MALPF easement sale including the Internal Revenue Code section. Thank you.

Kent County Maryland Posted 34 minutes ago

tree trimming question---Autumn Glory Maple

Hello there- I have trimmed my Maple Tree as it has grown. I know I need to trim some of the smaller branches BUT i want to know if I should remove 2 big branches to help the tree grow. I have attached 2 photos with markings of what I am thinking. I have marked a 3rd branch coming out of the middle that I also think I should remove (it is small). The tree is about 10 years old. I live in North East, Maryland. Thanks in advance.

Cecil County Maryland Posted 1 day ago

Arborist consultation

Is there an arborist available to evaluate trees on a quarter acre residential property? Thank you. Bob Mikkelsen

Howard County Maryland Posted 1 day ago

Norwood Maple Trees

I have a few Maple Trees, I was wondering if there is a market for them? I would like someone to come cut them down and use the wood. Thanks, BB

Carroll County Maryland Posted 1 day ago

Exotic Seed

Thelma is my name i want to find out if you have exotic seeds in large scale like the Eucalyptus and Pine that can grow well in Nigeria (West Africa)?

Prince George's County Maryland Posted 2 days ago

Oak tree damage

A very large oak tree in our yard has several holes at the base of one side of the trunk. We would like to have an arborist access the situation. Arborists listed online seem to be tree removal experts. We would want to treat it or have it treated. Can you recommend someone who we can contact to help us save the tree? Carole Colavito

Anne Arundel County Maryland Posted 2 days ago

Trees and Landscaping

We have just renovated our home on Rolling Road in Salisbury and are redoing our landscaping. Is there someone from your staff who could advise us, make a visit to our home, etc. to help us with making suggestions? Thank you. Karen Verbeke

Wicomico County Maryland Posted 2 days ago

My Poinsettia

I bought a RED poinsettia almost 2 1/2 years ago and keep it in a sunny room. The red leaves soon dropped after Christmas of 2015 but, gradually, new leaves started to form, new growth. And recently, many (1/3) of the leaves started turning WHITE (and it's NOT fungus; these are the traditional leaves, only they're white). Any ideas what has happened to my wonderful poinsettia? Normally, I would have thrown it out -- mulch -- two years ago, but it has had a rebirth of sorts..... in a different color! Thanks!!!

Howard County Maryland Posted 3 days ago

Blown up moss and bare spots; what do I do?

We live in a wooded area. Early this week after picking up branches and debris I needed to blow leaves. Not only did I blow the leaves but I blew up the moss layer in several spots. It just came tight up. Now I have a patchey looking backyard. What should I do? It would take a Trojan effort to blow up all the moss. Raking doesn't remove it.I guess the force of the blower is what did it.

Howard County Maryland lawns and turf moss in wooded area Posted 4 days ago

When to transplant and direct sow cool crops

Hello, I have lettuce, radish and some other cool weather plants that I want to transplant or direct see for spring. Is there a time in March to do this (March 20th) or should I wait until the night temperatures are above mid 30s. I have floating row covers.

Howard County Maryland vegetables plant care planting schedule Posted 4 days ago