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What kind of plastic "paper" did you print the small invasive insect identification flipcards on?

I have a wonderful set of U of MD Extension flipcards showing 8 invasive insect species. Each card is quite small, about 2 x 4 inches or so, and each insect's info is printed front and back on a special plastic card. So the set of 8 cards is on a metal ring, and can be easily put in your pocket and used to identify insects in the field. I am wondering what kind of plastic card you used for the flipcards? Is it Terraslate polyester card for example? And if so what thickness? Perhaps 7 mm or 10 mm? I look forward to hearing what specification is for the card. I ask as I think these identification cards are a useful tool to have. PS I got my cards from Extension at your booth at the Smithsonian Gardens perhaps a couple of summers ago...I am an educator and am making a set of mammal flipcards for the preschool where I work. And I would like to print my cards onto the same plastic paper if I can (ie not laminated). This finish would be nice and robust for the children and adults I work with. Many thanks, look forward to hearing about the product...

Fairfax VA Posted about 12 hours ago

Home pest question--need expert referral

Hello, I have a farmhouse built in 1850 and it's all wood. I have some renovation starting soon and we think we have evidence of powder post beetles, as well as some old termite activity in another newer part of the house. I don't mind calling Orkin or something like that for termite treatment, but would like to know if there is an expert I could be referred to who could come out and look at the wood beams and determine if treatment is needed, and if so, perform that treatment. Thank you!

Howard County MD pest control insect identification powder post beetles wood boring insects pest insects and mites selecting pest control company Posted about 13 hours ago

orchid leaves disease

What do you suggest my orchid ?

OUTSIDEUS houseplants Posted 1 day ago

rfid tags

there was some questions raised last year from our vet? he said we needed our own RFID tags. the pigs we bought had RFID tags from the farm we bought them from? it was our understanding as long as they have the tags from the farm they originated from, they are clear so they can be traced back if there is a problem> Does each 4_H child need to get their own RFID tags associated with their farm? or is it fine like we have always done it??thank you for your time?

Caroline County MD Posted 2 days ago

Bradford Pears: No Berries This Winter (2017)

Thank You In Advance: Our two Bradford Pear trees have produced no berries this Winter (there are many such in the neighborhood, all with no berries). Normally, during the late Fall and Winter, the trees are loaded with berries: These berries are favored by Robins, and I have seen on one or two occasions Cedar Waxwings partake of the berries. This is a concern for me, as I know that the bee population has plummeted as has the insect population generally (at least in Germany this has occurred, research having show a 60% decline in the number of insects). Do you know why this berry deficit is occurring, Many Thanks, John Doyle

Charles County MD Posted 7 days ago

Monarch Butterfly Migration Speaker

Can you help me contact an authority on the monarch, who can describe the tracking/tagging process and perhaps bring specimens to our community-invited, September 4, 2018, meeting of The Chestertown Garden Club. As we are about to publish our 2018/2019 program guide this month, I'm interested in talking with perspective presenters as soon as possible. Thanks for any help that can be provided.

Kent County Maryland Posted 8 days ago

Stormwater Remediation/ Rain Garden Design

I just recently purchased my house and was searching the web for Stormwater Remediation designs. I then learned that Howard County offers a CleanScapes Program through their clean water howard initiative that will reimburse a portion of my project. I was hoping to use predominantly native plants (I have 2 non-invasive non-natives I was hoping to propagate from my moms garden).I had planned on doing most of the landscaping/planting myself mostly due to budgetary restraints, but was reaching out to see if you could point me in the direction of Master Gardeners and/or landscapers who have experience with this program and if so, how to get in contact with them. Additional Note: My one neighbor would also be willing to consider landscaping his area of our adjoining properties. I mention this as it might turn into a larger project with different constraints.

Howard County Maryland Posted 9 days ago

Farmer to Farmer Grant for Madagascar

Sirs, Madams, I am looking for the opportunities to partner with University of Maryland in the implementation of F2F program in Madagascar. I have two activities that I would like to promote: an integrated poultry, soybean and corn production and the intensification and diversification of SRI Rice Intensification System and off season vegetables. My name is Adele Rahelimihajandralambo. I graduated and received a MS in Agricultural Education/Extension from Montana State University Bozeman. Actually, I run a consultancy and trade business in Hanover Maryland

Anne Arundel County Maryland Posted 9 days ago

Public Elementary School help

Hello! I am a third grade teacher in pgcps system in Laurel, Md (Bond Mill Elementary). I have an after school horticulture club. I would love to have an agent come and meet with us. I would like my students to learn about what Cooperative Extension agents do and then I would like the agent to discuss best practice seed planting. As well as answering students questions on anything garden!

Prince George's County Maryland Posted 11 days ago

Identification of grass

I am wondering what this grass is— and if it is invasive.

Middlesex County Virginia phragmites Posted 12 days ago