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Help with this but please!

I found this little guy in the bathroom today (with maybe his brother and sister) I only noticed because of their movements, they didn't like they water as far as I saw and they can't fly but I'm not sure if they can jump. I'm a little bit afraid because something bite my legs and my roommate too ( I live in residence for students) and the last two days I saw how in all the kitchens in the residence the people of maintenance were cleaning, like they never cleaned before

Outside United States insect identification Posted about 4 hours ago

Problems with my nectarines - Central Valley - California

1st year nectarine bore fruit. All fruit was either cracked or had black marks on the bottom. It was a small crop - 10 - 15 fruit. what is the problem. I try not to spray but if that's what it takes then I guess I need to. Please also suggest spray if necessary. Thanks for your expertise. Pictures attached.

Merced County California fruit trees Posted about 4 hours ago

Harvesting of trees from our lot

I have about 1/2 acre of trees that I would like to see if a sawmill would be interested in harvesting. Mostly poplar, cherry, hickory and a couple of oaks. The have gotten so big, we hardly have any sun in the back yard for a garden.

Frederick County Maryland forestry Posted about 6 hours ago

Giant Thuja

Our Giant Thujas are starting to turn red. What is wrong and how do we rectify it?

Douglas County Colorado trees and shrubs Posted about 9 hours ago

Looking for ID on planter volunteer

This sprouted up in a planter. Stem seems to be getting woody. No idea what it is
I live in mojave desert zone 8b. Can you identify? It is growing rapidly straight up. No branching. Thank you!

San Bernardino County California plant identification Posted about 21 hours ago

The demise of my zucchini plants

For the past 3-4 years I was unable to grow zucchini as the vine borers always got there ahead of me. This year I injected the stems, near the ground, with BT and voila, I have zucchini. I thought I was out of the woods when I went to pick last night and found caved in soft rotten fruit. One plant still had a good zucchini which I picked and ate. The skin was particularly hard, but the fruit was fine. I looked around the plant for insects and I noticed some of the leaves had pale spots. I immediately thought of powdery mildew. The plant with the intact fruit had some spotted leaves and some that were not spotted suspect that this is not related to what is happening to the fruit. This morning I looked again and noticed a few black and yellow spotted beetles. They flew away so fast that I could not get a photo. Everything I have read suggests such beetles attack leaves and stalks. I am wondering what could have destroyed the fruit. I am also thinking I need to pull these plants quickly, bag them up and get rid of them. Your suggestions are appreciated. PS I am including photos of the damaged fruit, the entire plant and one phot of the healthy zucchini that I picked.

Baltimore Maryland Posted 1 day ago

What is this on my gardenia?

What is this on my gardenia? This isnt my pic but is exactly what I am seeing on my plant. I tried spraying it with neem oil but now it has lost most of its leaves. Is this a mite, fungus or something else? Not sure what to do at this point or even if its possible to save at this point.

Houston County Texas horticulture Posted 2 days ago

Bed bug or book lice?

The past couple months my dog has been getting bit. I suspected fleas but haven't done anything about it. I got bit a couple weeks ago and recently found a couple bugs on the window sill in my kitchen and grabbed one. Could this be identified?

thanks in advance

Bronx County New York insect identification Posted 2 days ago


I have thousands of little brown redist ball 1/8 inch or smaller falls from oak trees what are they, and how to get rid of them?

Anderson County South Carolina trees and shrubs Posted 2 days ago

Online course

Hello, I’ve been watching your videos on YouTube and find them very helpful. Do you have an online agriculture/agronomy course available? Can I use my GI Bill to pay for it?

Jefferson County Kentucky Posted 2 days ago