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Reduced Yield 2020 season

I live in Leonardtown. This year, my peach and apricot yield was greatly reduced over last year and what yield there was further reduced due to shedding in late May/early June (down to 5 peaches, last year was average yield - 10#). My father lives in central Maryland and reported same with his peach. Trying to decide if this was due to environmental (mild winter, low rainfall) or inaction on my part (inadequate fertilization, watering, poor pruning) or normal variability. Thoughts? Sprayed per VA schedule. On other hand, bumper apple crop for off year.

St. Mary's County Maryland Posted about 10 hours ago

Apple tree leaves disappearing

I have two apple trees, one I planted this year, the second was a few years ago. Both of them had nice leaves at the beginning of the spring, but now the leaves are thinning out. Any suggestions?

Calvert County Maryland Posted about 13 hours ago

Tomato lesion

I am enclosing 2 pictures of my tomato plant. it suddenly developed a slimy lesion on the main stalk and the stalk(which was hollow) died from the lesion to the top. The pictures show the same lesion on the remaining stem (I cut off the main one). the plant is in a rose bed - not with other tomato plants. It has been regularly watered and fertilized and I have not used any chemical sprays around it.

Harford County Maryland Posted about 13 hours ago

Is the native Pink Fuzzybean edible?

I have read that the cultivar Strophostyles helvola was used by indigenous peoples, however I have not seen any research on the native Strophostyles umbellata. I am curious if the Strophostyles umbellata / Pink Fuzzybean contains any toxins and if it is edible?

Maryland Posted about 17 hours ago

Butterflies Missing

In past summers I have seen dozens of butterflies in my flower gardens. This year only Zebra swallowtails (not one other swallowtail) and a few sulpher butterflies and skippers are all that I have seen. I live acres from my neighbors and have not done any spraying of pesticiides or fungicides. Is there some reason I missing as the season changes have been normal from prior years?

Calvert County Maryland butterflies beneficial insects and pollinators Posted about 18 hours ago

Anthurium leaf deformities

I live in Cairns, Australia. This anthurium of mine keeps putting out deformed leaves like this that never really grow or thrive. What could be causing this?

Outside United States houseplants Posted 1 day ago

How to save community garden pole beans and zucchini to benefit the whole garden!

These are from another community gardener, not me. She has severe damage to the leaves on both her pole beans and her zucchini. She has used soap and water sprays and hot pepper sprays to no avail. Is this an insect-borne illness? What remedies should she ty. is this a larger concern to our community garden?

District of Columbia County District of Columbia vegetables abiotic issues Posted 2 days ago

What is causing discoloration of pepper leaves?

I purchased two sets of three pepper plants online from a gardening & seed company. In one three-pack, the leaves of the peppers were distinctly yellowed and had some holes, not just lower leaves or upper leaves, but thoughout the plants, which are seedlings. Two were Jalapeño and one was Boss Man. Looks like maybe bacterial leaf spot? Or could it be blight in earliest stages? Or something else? Depending on the cause, would I then do: discard the plants to avoid introducing a pathogen into my small garden. OR calm down, remove all affected leaves and go ahead and plant. Something else?

How about the other three-pack of peppers? The leaves were less discolored, but still had splotches of yellow.

District of Columbia County District of Columbia vegetables abiotic issues Posted 3 days ago

What are these white specks on my tomato plant's leaves?

Can you help me identify what these white specks are on my tomato plants, and if it is something harmful to the plant, how to treat it? Earlier today, I noticed small white specks on the surface of one of my tomato plants. They're a little bit difficult to see in the picture, but they appear to be kind of oblong and sitting on the surface of the leaf (i.e. not a discoloration of the leaf itself). Some of them look almost fuzzy. Based on some googling I suspect they may be spider mites, but I'm not sure. I've ordered some neem oil to make a spray with water and soap, as it seems this is unlikely to hurt the plants, but I'm not sure it's the right fix. The internet also suggests rinsing the plant's leaves off with a hose, but I am an apartment dweller growing some plants on my balcony, and all I have is a watering can - no hose setup. Any guidance is appreciated! (The specks are difficult to see in the photo until you zoom in)

District of Columbia County District of Columbia vegetables aphids pest insects and mites Posted 3 days ago

When To Fertilize Christmas Cacti and What Fertilizer to Use

Hello Cooperative Extension Service Expert, After following the advice of an expert at this service--keeping the plant in the same place and in the same position with no artificial light at night--my Christmas cactus started to bloom this month. The blooms are few, but this may be because the plant needs fertilizer and will eventually need to be transplanted. I would like to know the following: What type of fertilizer to give the plant and how often What type of potting soil to use--would one formulated for cacti be the best one to use? Thank you for your assistance with this. Best regards, Germaine Timmermans

Hawaii houseplants Posted 3 days ago