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Cuting back shrub?

Hello, this shrub has grown very tall. If I cut it down to provide screening between my and my neighbor’s yard, will it harm the plant? When and how should this be done?

District of Columbia County DC Posted about 13 hours ago


Where do I find an abortist?

District of Columbia County DC trees Posted about 24 hours ago

What To Grow and Looking for Resources

Hi, I'm exploring starting a small farm in Maryland and am trying to get an idea of what can be grown and/or does well in this area. I think Maryland is in a very good climate for a variety of produce, but it would be really great to be able to get some insight into this. Also, this website has a wealth of information on it, but I was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of a few I could look at first for the same purpose. Thanks so much for your help!

Montgomery County MD Posted 1 day ago

Evergreens for shade

I am hoping you can help me, though I’m not sure that the plant I am looking for exists. I am beginning to think about spring, and am looking for large evergreen shrubs, or small evergreen trees, to plant at the edge of some deciduous woods (tulip poplars primarily). I am hoping for some winter color, and something that will screen a view of houses that can be seen in the distance at this time of year. It is the southern edge of the woods, but there are other mature trees in my yard, and my neighbor’s, that make for a fairly shady spot. I plan to try Rhododendron Maximum, but I would like some variety, as I believe Rhodos will take a long time to mature, and tend to be a bit leggy in lower light spots. I’m aiming for a more naturalized look, rather than a formal hedge, but would like plants that will provide a decent horizontal spread over time. I have considered dwarf cultivars of American Holly or Eastern Hemlock, though I believe the first is extremely slow growing in these conditions, and the latter, adversely effected by some pest. I’ve also heard that Southern Wax Myrtle will take some shade, but I’m guessing that isn’t so much the case here, at the northern extreme of its range. I always prefer to plant natives, but might make an exception if there is something noninvasive, that will adapt to these conditions better. Also, deer resistance would be a major bonus, though I am guessing that anything will need some sort of additional protection in my area. Thanks so much for your help. I have gotten lots of great advice from the md extension over the last few years, and really appreciate all you do. Cheers.

Baltimore MD Posted 2 days ago

Financial Counseler

Carroll County had a volunteer who provided us with free financial counseling and helped us get our budget and bill paying straightened out. Does Frederick have an equal? My son really needs help with this.

Frederick County MD Posted 6 days ago


Hello, I have a backyard flock of 11 hens and 1 rooster in the west Cockeysville area. I am suspicious that some may have some type of worm. There is some diarrhea, head shaking, lack of activity, etc. Is there a worming product that is somewhat safe and does not have a restriction on egg consumption? Thanks and take care, L Allan Hauptman

Baltimore County Maryland poultry Posted 6 days ago

meadow garden and cover crops

Hi, I'm working on removing english ivy and weeds from my yard, with the long term goal of a meadow garden. I'm trying to save time and money. I have planted winter rye as a cover crop to suppress weeds, while I grow native grasses and perennials to inter-plant (or just plant after i take down the cover crop). a 1. are there other cover crops i should consider (primarily for weed suppression, but also enriching my heavy clay soil--this is steep drainage and partial/full sun). 2. Is inter planting a good/bad idea? i know winter rye adds chemicals to the soil that inhibit other plant growth... so maybe this isn't the best choice? or i need to take it all down before planting grasses/perennials? 3. are there other easy to grow cover crops that could be left in place (perennial) as i slowly establish the meadow garden? 4. are there any books or publications that address this? 5. anything else a home gardener on a limited budget should consider when trying to do this? and--the winter rye is actually beautiul now, do i really need to take it down or can i let it remain in place? thanks--

Fairfax County Virginia wildflowers and native plants lawns and turf Posted 7 days ago

Planting bulbs while the weather has a brief warm spell

Hello, Wondering if I have a last opportunity to plant bulbs while the weather here is mild? Looks like through Friday 2/8. Are there certain bulbs you would recommend? Many thanks, Ellena

District of Columbia County District of Columbia bulbs plant care flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials Posted 9 days ago

Green stuff all over my plants

To:askamastergardener Details Slideshow Hi my name is Lourdes and I live in Pembroke Pines, FL, Broward County. For some time now my whole yard front and back has been invaded by this green stuff (is it moss??) all over. At first I thought it was due to the humidity caused by the rains during the summer season, but even when it stopped raining and the sun is really hot it doesn't go away. Is it killing my plants?? I see it on the trunk of my trees, on the trunk of the palms too, and on all the branches of my hedges. I have various types hedges, variegated arboricola, Gold-green dusted crotons, and others i don't know their names. But my arboricola is losing leaves and so are the others, They just don't seem as full as before even though we take care of them and fertilize them etc. Could this be the cause?? I decided to look at my neighbor's yard and he doesn't have this on his trees. I drove around my neighborhood and I didn't see it in other houses.

Broward County Florida lichens Posted 14 days ago

Selling A horse Trailer

Hello: How can I get the word out or Ad to sell my horse trailer to a 4H member who may reside in Charles County or PG county?

Prince George's County Maryland Posted 15 days ago