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Overgrown bushes

Need cutting most all way—-can this be done now—-November 21?{

Montgomery County Maryland trees and shrubs Posted about 1 year ago

Can you identify this plant?

We bought the property last fall and now that it is spring, these are cropping up in an area in our backyard

Montgomery County Maryland Posted almost 2 years ago

how much newspaper for no till?

Hi, I just read this article and wonder how many sheets of newspaper to use? I plan to put a few inches of leaf mulch on top of the newpapers. thanks!

Montgomery County Maryland Posted about 2 years ago

plants coming up too early

I live in Maryland. It is very warm here, which probably won't last. My daylilies have started to sprout. They are not due to bloom until midJune. If it gets cold again and/or snows, will they make it.

Montgomery County Maryland Posted almost 3 years ago

What is the snake in my basement?

Hello, I found this little guy in my basement and was hoping someone could help identify the species. It was about 4-6 inches long and I let it go in a dry rocky area next to a creek on a 65 degree sunny day so I'm hoping it makes it! Thanks!

Montgomery County Maryland Posted about 3 years ago

Need for 4-H Volunteers from Montgomery County to assist at a cat show

On September 24 & 25 the Free State Feline Fanciers will be holding cat shows both days at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds and are in need of assistance from 4-H volunteers to sanitize cat cages after each cat has been evaluated by the judges. Please contact Claire Dubit at 410-913-3207 (email address not available) to provide her with direct contact information for the Montgomery County 4-H Branch. I tried to call the Derwood, MD office & no one answered the phone. Thank youfor your attention to this request. Iris Katz

Montgomery County Maryland Posted over 3 years ago

Mulching bulbs and azaleas with Pin oak leaves

Is it a good idea to use Pin Oak leaves to mulch spring bulbs? Or Azaleas? Shall I add other mulch on top of the leaves in the spring?

Montgomery County Maryland mulch Posted about 4 years ago

What is the maximum pH that can safely be used with silk fabric? I know that...

What is the maximum pH that can safely be used with silk fabric? I know that common household bleach is too strong and will damage the fabric. We have tried pH of 9 and it seems to be ok. We are dyeing the fabric with plants and know that privet with alkalai will give orange prints but don't know how alkalai to make the dye bath. We'd be grateful for any information you can give us.

Looking on the internet I see that around 11-12 is used for degumming (eliminating the sericin) but I don't know if that is ok if there is no sericin on the silk, and don't know how long it can sit in that high a pH. The dyeing process takes about 1 hour so we are looking for the maximum pH the silk (either silk chiffon or silk paj/habotai--if that makes any difference) will sit in the dye bath.

Montgomery County Maryland textile care Posted over 6 years ago