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Need a mentor to coach me on corn farming techniques

Good morning,

My name is Henry and I am a Texas A&M Alumni. This year I have taken a challenge to produce corn and increase food security for a village in Cameroon, Africa . Corn farming there has been with hand for generations, and yields are not high enough to feed farmers and their families.
Thus, I organized a farm in that village and I equipped the farm with machinery and farming tools to get boost production and make an impact. I am really struggling to produce as planned, mostly because I have no field experience growing corn in a mechanized fashion. I need someone with farming experienced who can coach me for time to time and i can talk to discuss about farming methods and others.

Thank you for your time and I am looking forward to connect with someone who can help with this



Harris County Texas Posted about 4 years ago

Where can I buy these herbicides to test on my corn field

Good morning,
I am new farmer and I would like to test these herbicides on different section of my corn farm for pre-post emergence weed control
- Amarzon
- Diflexx.
If you have experience with other pre-post emergence herbicides please feel free to recommend them.
Thank you

Harris County Texas Posted about 4 years ago

Ag barn flooring material

What is generally required or desire as a flooring material for Ag barn arenas (select fill, sand, grass, or combination of these)? And what thickness does the material general have to be (4", 6", 8")?

Harris County Texas Posted about 4 years ago

Horse safe ant killer

Which fire ant treatments are safe for use on my horse pasture?

Harris County Texas Posted over 4 years ago

Animal droppings on my lawn

Almost every morning I notice animal droppings on my lawn, around the same area, between the garage and the fence we share with our neighbors. They are of a dark Color, almost black. Also, a couple of times now, I would see a heap of dead grass, in the middle of the backyard, covering droppings which are lighter in color!! As if the animal wanted to cover its dropping!! We have a rather large backyard, with only 2 trees and some shrubs on the side. We have no pets and neither any of our surrounding neighbors. There are a lot of squirrels in our subdivision, and man made lakes. Please help me identify these droppings. So far I have not seen any damage to the lawn, just the annoying sight of the droppings!! Thank you for your help.

Harris County Texas Posted almost 5 years ago

Garden Snake?

So i was in my backyard when I noticed this little snake and i took a quick pic and I would like more information about it.

Harris County Texas reptiles herpetology Posted about 5 years ago

Weed Control

I have 26 acres that I raise cattle on. I have a problem with Nutsedge. What can I use to control this weed while still be safe to use around cattle. It is literally taking over my field.

Harris County Texas Posted about 5 years ago

Contaminated Horse Feed

Hey is there anyway to test horses feed if it's contaminated? It's making my horses sick and choke whenever they eat it and they've never had this issue before. Opened a new bag and they all got sick within 5 mins of eating it.

Harris County Texas horses horse health horse nutrition Posted over 5 years ago

Where I can get a few seeds of naturally colored cotton?

I've heard of naturally colored cotton. It was green, blue, and a rusty red color. Do you know where I can get a few seeds? I just want a couple of each. I live in a subdivision in Tomball, Texas, and have a small garden across the back fence.

Harris County Texas cotton lrk Posted almost 6 years ago

Weed Control on 13 acres

We have an onslaught of weeds ;since the rains became common. Some of these weeds are growing up
to 3-4 feet with thorns and some to 6-8 feet near the pond area. Our concern is weed control without polluting the land and water . Will you suggest how or where to go for evaluation and help on this terrible problem, thank you Mrs. Darnell Garcia

Harris County Texas weed issues pastures and forages Posted over 6 years ago