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Scat identity

What animal do I have in my back yard. I live in a mountainous area in silver city NM. My back yard is fenced in but last night my small dog was going nuts. She has a small doggy door with two flaps. I inspected this morning and found two scats on the small rock wall just outside my back door. I’ve enclosed a couple of photos.

Grant County New Mexico Posted 10 months ago


If a cottonwood tree has slim flux will the saplings also have the disease?

Otero County New Mexico Posted over 3 years ago

rabbitbrush look alike?

Good Afternoon,

I am in the process of attempting to ID what looks like rabbit-brush but has larger ovate leaves not the oblong leaves that are one of the defining characteristics of the Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus. Do you have any suggestions as to what this look alike is?

Thank you,

Benina Cerno

Bernalillo County New Mexico plant identification Posted over 3 years ago

bugs and other problems on cherry trees

Bugs and other issues are afflicting my two cherry trees (black tartarian and utah giant); I need help knowing how to address this issue.

On both trees, the bark is peeled away in places and the cambium (or deeper) layer is exposed. Both trees also have evidence of bugs. During the summer I applied some treatments of liquid Sevin. I am not sure whether it made a difference. At this point, I am wanting to learn how to heal the trees. Should I wrap them? apply more pesticide? something else?

I've had the trees in the ground for about 4 years; last year they produced less than a dozen cherries total, most of which the birds ate. They grow *very* slowly, some years seemingly not at all. Both trees have western sun exposure and get a lot of mid-day and afternoon sun. There is a wooden fence immediately to their East. The trees are on a drip system and get plenty of water. The roots are protected by a thick layer of western red cedar mulch. I have peach and plum trees on either side of the cherries and they show no signs of problems or bugs.

Would really appreciate some advice. I am afraid I am going to lose these trees.

Bernalillo County New Mexico insect issues fruit trees horticulture Posted almost 4 years ago

Blue Spruce

Our Blue Spruce-"Fat Albert" has needles on the inside of the tree that are turning brown. I believe it has received enough water, next to lawn that is on sprinklers. Could it be a lack of potassium?

Bernalillo County New Mexico trees and shrubs Posted almost 4 years ago


can you please give me a good recipe for making pavlova at 7,200 ft. I have read several recipes and they all are different.

many thanks...jean

Santa Fe County New Mexico high altitude food preparation Posted almost 4 years ago

fruit trees in the valley in albuquerque

I am wanting to grow an espalier of fruit trees to surround my garden area.
Can I plant this late in fall?
What does well in Albuquerque's N Valley? (I've been thinking apple, pear, plum, pomegranite, cherry, fig)

Bernalillo County New Mexico fruit trees Posted almost 4 years ago

Can I plant from this part of ash tree?

Found this under an ash tree, and I am wondering if I can use it for planting to grow my own tree?

Bernalillo County New Mexico forestry trees and shrubs Posted almost 4 years ago

Grass at 8500 feet

I would like to plant grass at 8500 feet. Traffic is light - a small dog and an elk or deer every so often. What do you recommend?

Lincoln County New Mexico lawns and turf Posted about 4 years ago

Blue gramma

We live in the Cedar Crest area and due to great monsoon rains this year have a great seed crop. How can you tell when the seeds have matured? Don't want to mow until they are mature

New Mexico seeds horticulture Posted about 4 years ago