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Questions asked to this group

Aspen pruning

I read in numerous places online that Aspens must be pruned when dormant. The local arborist insists he can safely do it now in August. I also have some Choke Cherry trees. What are the facts?

Teton County Wyoming Posted 4 days ago

oystershell scale on green ash

When does the Lepidosaphes ulmi (oystershell scale) female lay her eggs? I am getting ready to treat some green ash trees for oystershell scale and would like to know if it is too late because the female has already laid her eggs. I am going to use Dinotefuran in a soil drench.

Carbon County Wyoming Posted 4 days ago

Ash Tree Yellowing

This green ash has lost all it’s leafs and has witches broom type gree bud looking things all over the tree. The branches are pliable and it’s mid August. What is the recommended treatment options so that this tree doesn’t die?

Natrona County Wyoming Posted 4 days ago

Bumble bees

I have some bumble bees that have made it into an inaccessible area of my pop up tent trailer. Finding dead and almost dead bumble bees. Is there any way to encourage them to swarm the colony to another location?

Albany County Wyoming Posted 7 days ago

Plant question - Sedum rupestre (Reflexed Stonecrop)

Hello, I have a Sedum rupestre (Reflexed Stonecrop) plants. The interior of the plants appear to be dead while the outside is fine. Do you know why the interior is dead? Low watering? Overgrown?

Broomfield County Colorado Posted 10 days ago

Worms in Potatoes

Hello "Ask an Expert" again. Sending some pics of what look like meal worms feeding on "our" potatoes! Can you confirm the precise name of the worm, how it may have gotten in our garden (Planting potatoes in same location too many times? Worm eggs in the seed potatoes?), and any remedies to reduce their presence. Thanks Much

Sweetwater County Wyoming Posted 12 days ago

Cottonwood tree is got exposed roots that are all rotted kind of resembles a...

Cottonwood tree is got exposed roots that are all rotted kind of resembles a cow patty plus cankers in the tree

Laramie County Wyoming Posted 12 days ago

Cheyenne dogwood shrubs

4 of 10 shrubs are thin and have small underdeveloped leaves. Should I replace, I have sucker aspens coming up around them.

Laramie County Wyoming Posted 13 days ago

What is this

What kind of bug is this

Wyoming Posted 20 days ago

Canada Red Chokecherry diseases

I have 4 of these trees in my yard. Over the last few years i have noticed these black bulbous areas form on the branches. At first I thought they were from caterpillars. But this year having trimmed them off the tree it looks like it is sick.(2nd Pic) Also for the first time this year I have noticed the white spots on the branches. (1st pic)Please let me know what you think. We live 40 miles south of Jackson, Wyo. Our elevation is about 5,800 feeet. Thank You!

Lincoln County Wyoming Posted 29 days ago