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Tree Stump Removal

Hi, I have a tree in my yard that had part fallen and been cut down. The tree stump is still deeply rooted in the ground and I want to remove it. I have been browsing Google for options and found a whole bunch of options on https://theyardandgarden.com/how-to-kill-a-tree-stump/ all of which look feasible and I get what they are recommending. Epsom salts, Burning the stump, Chemical stump remover, Copper nails...okay that's all fine

But the more I read, the more confused I am getting. Feedback and comments saying this method does not work etc. To remove a large stump looks like a lengthy process (up to 1 year they say) and a lot of hard work. Is there a single method that is certain to work so I am not waiting for a year to find out nothing has happened? Any advice from someone with real-world experience would be appreciated so I know the method I use actually works

Thank you in advance

Laramie County Wyoming Posted 4 months ago

Heating and Lighting for Greenhouse

Hi! Our school was able to get a 16 x 40 hoop house/greenhouse through the Farm to Fork grant program. We would like to extend the growing season by adding heaters and some lights. (Due to the location of the greenhouse, some light is blocked.) We were wondering if you had any recommendations for either. We are looking at solar panels or natural gas options, as well as electric to run them. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Park County Wyoming Posted 4 months ago

wood ashes

is our soil too alkaline to add wood ashes to our raised beds

Sweetwater County Wyoming Posted 4 months ago

Raised garden beds

Is it safe to use cinder blocks for a raised garden bed and still consume the vegetables that you grow in the bed?

Laramie County Wyoming Posted 5 months ago


I moved to Wyoming a few years ago and am still getting used to some differences, mostly bugs!! I came across this scorpion under my sink and have been reading up on them and their venom. I can't tell the difference between this scorpion and the deadly ones called 'bark' scorpions. How can I know which is which and how prevalent are they in Wyoming. Should I be concerned?

Park County Wyoming Posted 5 months ago

Pressure Canner

I purchased a pressure canner at an estate sale, but I am not sure if its works or not. Is there a place I can take it to have the seals and gauge checked.

Natrona County Wyoming Posted 5 months ago

Help with Soil and Perc Testing at Wild Horse Ranch

Hello, I am a Realtor here in Laramie. I am helping someone with the purchase of a tract of land in Wild Horse Ranch between Laramie and Centennial. They are needing to have perc and soil testing done and I don't seem to be able to find anyone to do this. Can you please help. Also I was told that maybe there is a website that shows soil information for each of the individual tracts of land in Wild Horse Ranch. Do you know where I might find that? Thank you, Kathy

Albany County Wyoming Posted 5 months ago

dryland pasture grasses

My son has 10 acres about 3 miles east to i25 and US 85. what grasses are recommended for the area. This acreage is dryland. Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated. Here is a list of what I have found for drought tolerant grasses. arizona fescue barley Big Bluegrass Bluebunch Wheatgrass Bottlebrush Squirreltail Buffalograss Cereal Rye Crested Wheatgrass Dahurian Wildrye Forage Chicory Big Bluestem Indian Ricegrass Little Bluestem Sandberg Bluegrass Siberian Wheatgrass Streambank Wheatgrass White Sweet Clover Yellow Sweet Clover

Laramie County Wyoming Posted 5 months ago

Poderosa pine browning central needles

Hello. I'm hoping you can help me with a ponderosa pine on my property. It is a mature pine established approximately 8 years now. It was planted at the same time as an adjacent ponderosa that looks healthy and does not have symptoms. I just noticed in the last few days needles toward the center of branches are browning and falling but the tips and the recent growth looks healthy. I'm hoping you can help me diagnose and treat.

Albany County Wyoming Posted 5 months ago

information on mature tree height.

I live in Moulton Loop Ranches, which is a sagebrush ecosystem located near the airport. We want to encourage property owners here to plant trees that have a mature height of 20 to 24 ft so mountain views will not be obstructed as these trees grow. Do you have information on tree species that are native to this area or at least compatible with this ecosystem? Thanks, Carol Schoner

Teton County Wyoming Posted 5 months ago