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Questions asked to this group

When do I put my Mason Bee house back out?

When do I put my mason be houses back out. I had it out throughout the summer and put it into the garage during the winter. When should I put it back in its spot is there a specific date in spring? Or weather to watch for?

Natrona County Wyoming Posted 13 days ago

Pressure Cooker Testing

I was given a huge pressure cooker for canning but I am wondering if there is a location that I can get it tested to make sure it's in good shape? Also, are there resources that help find parts such as the interior rings?

Laramie County Wyoming Posted about 1 month ago

Bug identifying

Comes out at daytime and night It is in guest house

Washakie County Wyoming Posted about 1 month ago


Do you think my idea to stop bumble bee extinction could be useful? My solution will be to make a bee farm but not a normal bee farm a bee farm that is underground. The beehives will be underground and all the beehives will be separate so if there is a queen bee the bees won’t end up fighting or killing each other. I thought I would try this because it would probably be helpful to the bumblebee population. The only flaw would probably be that underground it is cool and damp so I am not sure if the bees would be able to live that good. But I do have a solution for that I am going to install very small heaters that release heat every 20 minutes so it does not get too hot and not too cold. I’m also not sure about the heater because bees don’t like that much heat and they also don’t like to less heat so that could also be another flaw to my invention or innovation. Below are some questions I want to ask you
do bees need sunlight to stay alive?
If you were to have an underground beehive how big would it have to be?
Can bees live separately?
how do bees find there way back to their hive?
Where would you put an underground beehive?
If you have an underground beehive how would you sell it?
Why don't bumble bees like warmer climates?
What type of lowers do bumblebees like?

Wyoming Posted about 1 month ago

Riparian shrubby plant id

Ran across this small tree in a boggy area along the Popo Agie River near Lander, WY. Aspen, cottonwoods, alders, Cornus sericea, Typha and numerous Salix spp. share the area. Could you help me identify this tree/shrub? One of its distinguishing features is its rough scaly bark. Sorry for the poor photos.

Fremont County Wyoming Posted about 1 month ago

preemie calf care

Hello. We live on an Oregon high desert ranch. We have a three day old preemie calf we saved from the birds. It's slightly gurglie but not too bad yet. We warmed him up with a bath then warm bottles then tubed all very little liquid and he bellowed off and on and encouraged us in our careful handling of him. Question is can he get too warm in our industrious caring for him? HIs mouth was cold but has warmed up. We are worried he's not completely formed and could be doing something wrong.

Grant County Oregon livestock Posted about 1 month ago

Beef Cattle Herd Improvements

What courses would you recommend to improve my understanding and knowledge of how to run a cow calf operation to improve calf weights, finish and yields?

Wyoming beef cattle Posted 2 months ago


It is recommended that you don't plant sainfoin on fields with a high water table. Specific for sainfoin, what is considered a high water table (in feet below the surface)? Thanks

Wyoming Posted 3 months ago

Help identify

Can u help me identify please

Wyoming rock identification fossil Posted 5 months ago

What have I found here?

Greetings, I found this rock specimen on a 8,000 foot elevation mountain near Midwest, Wyoming. These rocks of all sizes were everywhere. It appears that this is lava on the top with limestone under the lava. I would like to explain what this is and how it developed to my grand daughter. Thank you for your time, Gene Anderson

Wyoming geology Posted 5 months ago