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It is recommended that you don't plant sainfoin on fields with a high water table. Specific for sainfoin, what is considered a high water table (in feet below the surface)? Thanks

WY Posted 11 days ago

Help identify

Can u help me identify please

WY rock identification fossil Posted about 1 month ago

What have I found here?

Greetings, I found this rock specimen on a 8,000 foot elevation mountain near Midwest, Wyoming. These rocks of all sizes were everywhere. It appears that this is lava on the top with limestone under the lava. I would like to explain what this is and how it developed to my grand daughter. Thank you for your time, Gene Anderson

WY geology Posted 2 months ago

How can I tell if my aspen is dead?

Last year in November we moved into this new house with 8 aspen trees in the front yard. 2 were dead and cut down and left with these 6. Now at the beginning of October our landlord believes the tree is dead and we must have it cut down. She is thinking we didn’t water enough and that’s why the tree died on us. We’re not experts and we’re new to Colorado so we’re not sure if her assessment is right. How can we tell if the tree is dead and how can we determine what cause the death. Can poor deep-root watering be the cause of death over the spring and summer months? The tree seems like the other trees except with a lot less leaves and all dried. We would like to know if they’re dried because of fall or because it’s dead.

Arapahoe County CO Posted 3 months ago

pharshall flume

Where do I find a table to read a parshall flume with a 4 foot throat

Ravalli County MT Posted 3 months ago

Fall planting of Northern Catalpa

Just wanting to know when, in the next few weeks, I can plant a catalpa tree.


Natrona County Wyoming tree planting fall planting Posted 5 months ago

Grasshoppers in my garden and pastures

Grasshoppers are defoliating my garden and pastures. This has been an ongoing problem on my ranch for many years. I am looking for help with long term control. I have heard about Semaspore and Nolo Bait being used for biological control, but I can't find a supplier. I also read about destroying the grasshopper's egg beds, but don't know how to identify the location of the egg beds. Any help you can supply would be appreciated!

Park County Wyoming Posted 5 months ago

Apple Variety

My parents on the Heart Mountain Project between Powell and Cody, Wyoming raised an orchard in the 1950s with an apple tree. Apples were crisp, tart and used mostly for pies (some applesauce, some cider). They started falling off the tree in August. I need help to identify the apple variety.

Park County Wyoming Posted 5 months ago

My bird cherry tree

One of the branches of my bird cherry is dead but I am not sure what killed it Can you help

Campbell County Wyoming Posted 5 months ago

evergreen is brown almost, mostly on the top, and working its way down?

Colorado blue spruce I believe they are, I have 2 right next to each other, they are over 10 years old, one is turning brown from the top down to the bottom? I don't seem to see any bugs, and my other tree seems green as green?

Wyoming Posted 5 months ago