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Questions asked to this group

raspberry cultivation

My Heritage raspberries are not doing well and I would like help determining what the problem is. My understanding is these are everbearing and should produce two crops, one on last year's canes and one on this year's canes. Last year's canes this year did not leaf out and I do not expect to get any berries from them. In addition, in years past, the current year's canes produce berries but they have never ripened.

I think the location is not giving the plants sufficient light for the fall crop to ripen but am not sure what's going on with last year's canes. Because available light in the fall is greatly reduced due to adjacent trees. I'm thinking of relocating some plants. When would be the best time of year to do this?

Albany County Wyoming Posted 1 day ago

Greenhouse tomato plants in bad shape

The first two pictures are of plants grown from cuttings, and are third-generation tomato plants. The bottom halves of the plants (grown indoors over the winter here in Cheyenne Wyoming) appear to be healthy, and even have normal green fruit on them, though I did notice a few leaves are yellow. The top half of the plants (most of this growth has taken place out in the greenhouse since they were transplanted in the first week of June) are spindly, tall, and ALL the leaves are curled upward. There also appear to be a “normal” amount of flowers, but they too are curled. The last picture is from a cherry tomato plant I started from a seed this spring, and the top leaves on this plant curl so dramatically they seem to form little balls instead of leaves at all. I have a second cherry tomato plant that has been healthy overall, but today I noticed some leaves barely curling on one side of the plant. Some material I’ve found online point to herbicide drift, but we haven’t used anything like this in the backyard at all - nowhere near the greenhouse. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer!

Laramie County Wyoming Posted 4 days ago

Ponderosa's turning yellow

I have a tree row that most of the ponderosa's are having branches turning yellow. The needles seem to be yellowing from the outside in. Th conservation district said it's needle miner, so I went to a local store and they told me to spray with "high yield 38 plus" I've done this for a month but the trees still seem to be getting worse. They are on a drip system, each tree gets about 2-3 gallons of water every other day.

Laramie County Wyoming Posted 6 days ago

What plant is this

Its a weed on my property just wondering what it is

Sublette County Wyoming Posted 9 days ago

flying ants

We have a lot of flying ants in our house. There are a couple of places on high shelves with debris, ant parts, etc. under damaged sheetrock ceiling. should we call an exterminator? I have been trying borax and honey traps. I don't like to use pesticides.

Wyoming Posted 10 days ago

Bell pepper spot id

I was wondering if this is a bacterial infection on my bell pepper, it is pretty much on every leaf? The plant is in my green house. I currently have an aphid infestation and have been using a mixture of water, dawn soap, and canola oil to tame the aphids. Thanks in advance.

Uinta County Wyoming Posted 14 days ago

tree planting

We are having a tree removed and the stump ground out. Can we plant a new tree in the same spot? Thanks.

Laramie County Wyoming Posted 19 days ago

Cropland Values and Rent for Big Horn County

Could you provide us with crop land values and rents for Big Horn county Wyoming? Also do you have any crop budgets for Big Horn county?

Big Horn County Wyoming Posted 21 days ago

trees that don't produce suckers

Is there a tree I can plant in Cheyenne that does not produce suckers?

Laramie County Wyoming Posted 21 days ago

sick apple tree

pale weak leaves, small in size. one side (SW) has very little to no leaves. started last year and has worsened. species is Sweet Sixteen about 8 years old. generally good producer.

Carbon County Wyoming Posted 22 days ago