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Questions asked to this group

Tulips in Wy

Do tulips do well in WY? Will they come back each year? How much soil preparation do I need to do prior to planting? Also

Albany County Wyoming Posted 4 days ago

Controlling Plum Weevils

I lost most of the plums from my tree this year to Plum weevils. What can I do to stop them and keep them from spreading to my new peach tree?

Fremont County Wyoming Posted 12 days ago

Can anyone help identify this bug please?

Hi there

I have been getting these in the bathroom over the past couple of weeks. I am not sure if they are coming from the drain (I keep the bath plugged now) or elsewhere

They are around 5mm and they are less in number but still a couple here and there

Any help would be much appreciated


Outside United States insect identification Posted 14 days ago

Can you suggest a productive pole bean for Casper

I grew scarlet runner beans this year that flowered and reached up to the gutter of the house but not one bean on the plants.I was hoping some cool weather might help but the coming freeze
is going to kill them.
Do you know of some varieties of runner beans or pole beans that produce in Casper? Some of the winter squash is going to get picked early. Will they ripen off the vine and be tasty.Thanks

Natrona County Wyoming days to maturity vegetable gardening short season vegetables cold climate vegetable gardening Posted 19 days ago

Insect question

I am wondering what type of insect is making these sand pits (conical sand traps (?) ranging from 1 cm to 2.5) under my elm trees and is it a problem? I wasn’t able to upload a photo - link inactive

Natrona County Wyoming antlions Posted 26 days ago

Best grass for yards with tight soils

What specie or "type" of grasses are suitable for the casper area? Soils are tight and we are looking to do this once and accomplish this task. Thanks much!

Natrona County Wyoming recommended turfgrass species turfgrass selection Posted 29 days ago


Can you advise the best herbicide to get rid of thistles in our pastures and where would be best place to purchase it?

Niobrara County Wyoming Posted about 1 month ago

Scat ID

Could you identify this scat? There were no other ones around it, I would say it was maybe 3x5, oval in shape. Reminded me of a miniature brown braided challah bread. Thanks!

Teton County Wyoming Posted about 1 month ago

soil pathogens and home gardening

I have soil pathogens in my garden and compost which affect tomatoes, beans, peas, potatoes. The turnips have root maggots but that seems to be a separate problem. I am unsuccessfully (so far) trying to solarize my compost. Is there a way to find out what is happening with my soil?

Teton County Wyoming Posted about 1 month ago

Strange advice....

Why did the extension "expert" give recipes for Jerusalem artichokes, when the original poster's question was very clearly for artichoke hearts. Artichokes are flower buds, not tubers, and are completely unrelated to Jerusalem artichokes.

Laclede County Missouri Posted about 1 month ago