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Questions asked to this group

Oystershell scale on aspen trees

Aspen tree trunks and branches have what appears to be oystershell scale (looked on internet to ID). The trees are in our yard as ornamentals, are about 8 years old and up to 25' tall. What is the best control method at this time of year? The trees are just barely starting to bud at this time. Can send pictures if necessary.

Goshen County Wyoming Posted 4 days ago

Albany County Shrubs

Do you have a list of reliable shrubs for Laramie?

Albany County Wyoming Posted 6 days ago

Aspen tree leaves turning black

I have 3 Aspen trees in containers that I got from a nursery to plant in my yard. They had already leafed out . I had to leave town for a couple of days and left them in a dark garage. When I got back home I noticed that some of the leaves on all three trees had turned black and were curling . Would leaving these trees in the dark for two days cause this . They haven’t been exposed to frost .

Wyoming Posted 6 days ago

New Mexico weed identification

I am curious to know what kind of weed this is growing in cattle trails in western New Mexico at 7000' altitude. It's tough - survives being stomped on by cattle daily. I admire it and wonder what it is. (photo attached) I have not found a good weed ID site online -- if there is one I would like to know the link. Thanks!

Edited to add photos, one showing how flat it and all of the plants of this kind I've seen are. The other shows it about to bloom, photo taken about two weeks after the first one. I'll keep an eye on the flower buds.

Catron County New Mexico weed identification rangeland plant identification Posted 9 days ago

Extension agents circulating erroneous hemp information

UW extension agents are circulating bad info on hemp, because they have no hemp knowledge themselves. I would be absolutely delighted to talk to your "hemp expert", because the actions of the UW Extension office are harming my business and I'm considering a Cease and Desist. Matt Rankin Owner Wyoming Hemp Seed Company. LLC Saratoga, Wyoming

Carbon County Wyoming Posted 24 days ago

Organic mineral feed

Can a boiled solution of dry mineral rich leaves with a few drops of acetic acid, be used as a mineral feed for seedling grown in a peat + perlite mix? It is microbe free and organic. Required NPK can be given by chemical sources in a controlled manner.

Outside United States fertilizer Posted about 1 month ago

Elder Financial Exploitation

Is financial exploitation of a senior citizen a criminal or civil matter? What are the primary determining factors? What is the best way to find a lawyer to review Elder Financial Exploitation?

Park County Wyoming legal issues Posted about 1 month ago

2 years of seedlings being stunted

The last couple of years the pepper and tomato seedlings for the garden have got to the cotyledon stage or one real leaf and stunted with no growth but they don't die.They barely grow when transplanted outdoors.I'm using t-5 florescent lights, how close should they be.Can a blast of cold air from leaving the door open cause this?I have a large indoor garden in the winter and have been fighting fungus knats the last few years, do they damage seedlings? The root growth in 2"x2" cells looks white but like a spider web and after 2 months the soil in the cell mostly just falls off of what little roots that are there when transplanting.I use seed starters with a water reservoir and a capillary mat.I use tobacco. Can Mosaic Virus stunt seedlings but not kill them?
Thanks for your thoughts on this,

Natrona County Wyoming tomato care damping off transplanting seedlings tomato cold tolerance tomato seedlings self watering container system tobacco mosaic virus Posted 2 months ago

cattle operating cost

Im looking for a study done on the cow/calf operating cost for western Nebraska/Wyoming area. It covered the cost to run pairs year-round and was forecast for the 2019 year. It might have been tied to a western regional report that was presented at a cattle man gathering down in Winnemucca NV back in January. Thank you in advance Paul

Wyoming Posted 3 months ago

When to start seeds

When to start vegetable and flower seeds in la r Jamie county

Laramie County Wyoming Posted 3 months ago