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Questions asked to this group

2 years of seedlings being stunted

The last couple of years the pepper and tomato seedlings for the garden have got to the cotyledon stage or one real leaf and stunted with no growth but they don't die.They barely grow when transplanted outdoors.I'm using t-5 florescent lights, how close should they be.Can a blast of cold air from leaving the door open cause this?I have a large indoor garden in the winter and have been fighting fungus knats the last few years, do they damage seedlings? The root growth in 2"x2" cells looks white but like a spider web and after 2 months the soil in the cell mostly just falls off of what little roots that are there when transplanting.I use seed starters with a water reservoir and a capillary mat.I use tobacco. Can Mosaic Virus stunt seedlings but not kill them?
Thanks for your thoughts on this,

Natrona County WY tomato care damping off transplanting seedlings tomato cold tolerance tomato seedlings self watering container system tobacco mosaic virus Posted 9 days ago

cattle operating cost

Im looking for a study done on the cow/calf operating cost for western Nebraska/Wyoming area. It covered the cost to run pairs year-round and was forecast for the 2019 year. It might have been tied to a western regional report that was presented at a cattle man gathering down in Winnemucca NV back in January. Thank you in advance Paul

WY Posted 17 days ago

When to start seeds

When to start vegetable and flower seeds in la r Jamie county

Laramie County WY Posted about 1 month ago

grass leasing costs

What is the usual grass leasing cost in Northeast Wyoming for cow/calf units and yearling units

Campbell County WY Posted 3 months ago

What kind of spider is this

So my friends roomate is letting and random spider live under her bed in her dorm room and i wanted to know if you have an idea

Park County WY Posted 4 months ago

Aspen branches dying

I have an aspen growing in an alleyway near our fence. Want to leave it since it attracts birds. There are several branches on which all the leaves have turned brown and are curling up. Other branches on the tree have leaves that are fine and have turned yellow. Also, on the bark there are black flecks about 1/2 in long. There are more of these on the side where the branches are dying. We have another aspen about 8 feet away, and it is fine. It has no dying branches and does not have these black specks.
I have attached three photos. One shows both the diseased branches among the "good" branches. Another is a closer pic of the brown curled leaves. The third is a pic of these black specks.
Can you tell me what is going on and what can be done. I do not want the other tree nearby to get diseased.
Thank you for your attention,
Elaine Tabacinski

Park County Wyoming Posted 4 months ago

white pine weevil

I need advice on preventing/treating white pine weevil. The dead tops of the trees have already been removed, but I want to prevent them next year. I have had weevil damage now for 3 years. I used 2 different local "tree/insect" contractors with out success. Should I do a treatment in the fall and spring? Thank you

Lincoln County Wyoming Posted 5 months ago

DDGs and Milk Replacer?

I am bottle-feeding a few bums. I was wondering if I can mix some DDGs with their milk replacer? If yes, is there a ration to which I should maintain?

Wyoming milk replacer Posted 5 months ago

internal temp bread

At sea level, I baked my bread to 205*. What is your advice for 5,000'? Thanks!

Wyoming Posted 5 months ago

baking bread at altitude

Hi! At 5,000'.
When I lived at sea level, instead of using bread flour, I followed King Arthur Flour's instruction: for each cup of regular flour, add 1 TBSP of gluten, voila, bread flour. This recipe calls for 4 cups of bread flour (so 1/4 gluten) and 2 tsp of gluten. What changes do you suggest for this ingredient at 5,000' elevation? Yours from Buffalo and Casper! Karen

Wyoming Posted 5 months ago