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Garden near outdoor yard light

Is an outdoor yard light a problem for a garden, meaning this is on at night and the garden has no complete darkness?

Platte County Wyoming Posted 6 days ago

Aspen trees turning brown

I have several groves of quaking aspens around my house. They grow naturally and have been here since before we bought the property several years ago. They were just starting to leaf out and turn green this spring when this happened. The leaves have all turned brown except at the very tops of the trees and it has affected all of the trees within about five hundred feet. This has only happened within the last 24 hours or so, as they were all bright green and healthy two days ago. What is going on and is there anything I can do for the trees?

Wyoming Posted 12 days ago

Getting rid of cheat grass

Our plan is to spray it soon and seed later with crested wheat. Is our timing too late for spraying and planting? We will be using a smaller tow-behind sprayer and a smaller tow behind broadcast spreader. Most areas are around the buildings and edges of fields. We have seedheads on the cheat grass but most of it’s green maybe due to all the rain. Two areas also have some kochia growing and getting rid of that is another plus.

Platte County Wyoming Posted 15 days ago

Crabapple varieties to cross pollinate with a Haralred apple tree

I live near Afton, Wyoming and just planted a Haralred apple tree. I want to plant a crabapple tree that will cross pollinate, blooming at the same time as the Haralred. We are in growing zone 3. From what I’ve read, white flowering crabapples are best, however the ones available locally Dolgo and Spring Snow, bloom too early. Can you recommend a crabapple tree that will survive at this climate and bloom at the same time as my Haralred?

Lincoln County Wyoming Posted 18 days ago

Lilac curling leaf

Is the typical leaf curling from wind drift due to 2-4-D also possible if too much nitrogen based fertilizer is used on lilacs? I'm worried that it might have "burned" the lilac. But my father has assured me that the spray he used did not contain 24-D although I am skeptical.

Park County Wyoming Posted about 1 month ago

Getting Rid of Rabbits

Is there a way to get rid of rabbits in the yard? If not, how can I deter them from consuming our lawn and all of my flowers?

Laramie County Wyoming Posted about 1 month ago

Is this sunscald?

Is this sunscald or something else on my tomato seedlings? I started them from seed indoors on a window sill. I thought id acclimated them well enough to direct sun and cooler nights but found this after theyd been in the sun all day. This was perhaps the longest theyd been in direct sun since moving outdoors. I used sterile potting mix and it seems to have affected all of the 4 kinds i planted. San marzano, a regular paste tomato, cherry and a slicer. Any help that you could provide would be great. Thanks for what you do! Mike

Virginia Posted about 1 month ago


What trees and shrubs grow fastest in Buffalo.

Johnson County Wyoming Posted about 1 month ago

Spring lawn Fertilization

I live in Cheyenne Wyoming, my lawn is a tuff turf mix of primarily fescue and kentucky bluegrass. I can't find a solid answer if spring fertilization is required, and if so what should the nutrient ratio be? Everything I see says if you do perform a spring fertilizing, then it should be LATE spring application due to the new spring grass focusing on root development. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Laramie County Wyoming Posted about 1 month ago

Oystershell scale on aspen trees

Aspen tree trunks and branches have what appears to be oystershell scale (looked on internet to ID). The trees are in our yard as ornamentals, are about 8 years old and up to 25' tall. What is the best control method at this time of year? The trees are just barely starting to bud at this time. Can send pictures if necessary.

Goshen County Wyoming Posted 2 months ago