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digging dog

How do you stop a dog from digging in flower beds?

Austin County TX companion animals horticulture Posted almost 5 years ago

Stump Grinding

I had some stumps in my yard ground out. What do I need to put in place of stumps and how long must I wait to replant trees in the same spot.

Austin County TX trees and shrubs horticulture Posted over 5 years ago

Pins and Needles

I barely touched this plant and my fingers starting stinging intensely. No blisters, no itching. But hours later, fingers still feel like pins and needles.

Main plant stem and leaf stems have tiny hairs sticking out. Plant was about a foot tall. Appeared to have seed like or flower like clusters coming off of main stalk.

Any idea what this plant might be?

Austin County TX plant identification horticulture Posted over 5 years ago

Soil improvement

In my vegetable garden I have sandy loam top soil, which leans more to the sandy side. Below that from a few inches to a foot depending on the place, the soil is mostly clay. I have put a lot of amendments into the soil over the last few years including mulch, grass clippings, etc., to improve the amount of organic matter. I have also planted legume cover crops each year such as clovers. I also till the crops back into the soil. In no time it as if the soil was never improved. It appears and feels much the same as if I had never done anything. What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions for more permanent improvement?

Austin County TX gardening horticulture soil and fertility issues Posted over 5 years ago

Peach Tree Varity

Is there a reason that the Sam Houston tree has been dropped from the list of trees for our area? (Austin County). Just reviewing the current publication. We have had the Sam Houston for years with no problems. Just wondering why it has fallen off the list.

Austin County TX trees and shrubs horticulture Posted almost 6 years ago

Need help on identifying what is happening to our st. Augustine!

We need major league help in identifying what is causing our St. Augustine to slowly thin out / die in several key areas of our lawn. We had the local county extension agent come out and he basically said it could be a multitude of maybe 5 different issues however had no solid answer on what was the main issue as well as a cure or preventative program. We re-sodded last Fall on top of new replaced top soil only to see the same issue appear again. Is there somebody we can contact that can come out and look / identify exactly what is going on so we can hopefully take remedial steps? We are in Austin County just outside of Sealy and do not know who can help us! We have spent major dollars on sodding and then treating with the Scott's anti fungal however the lawn is not responding to the fungus hence can not tell if it is grubs, a virus, too much / not enough sun, etc! Thank you!

Austin County Texas lawns and turf horticulture Posted about 6 years ago

Cherry trees for zone 9

Is there any cherry trees that will grow and produce in Sealy Tx?

Austin County Texas trees and shrubs fruits and vegetables horticulture Posted about 6 years ago

How can grass burrs in yard be prevented I don't know the formal name for...

How can grass burrs in yard be prevented I don't know the formal name for this Weed, please help--- thx

Austin County Texas lawns and turf horticulture Posted about 6 years ago

Austin County garden planting calendar

Is there a planting calendar for gardens in Austin County? What garden vegetables grow best in Austin County?

Austin County Texas gardening horticulture Posted over 6 years ago

Bluebonnet control in warm season pastures

We have a field of KR bluestem that has suffered due to recent drought conditions. The field has always had some bluebonnets but with the recent thinning of the KR, the bluebonnets have increased and are covering a large extent of the pasture, greater than 50% ground cover in some areas. Should control of them be considered by spraying during the rossette stage to aid in the KR to naturally reseed and improve?

Austin County Texas field crops pastures and forages Posted over 6 years ago