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What is this?

I bought new potting mix after ETA white spore or fungi is growing. Is it harmful to my vegetables and herbs?

Palm Beach County Florida Posted 24 days ago


On floridas southwest coast beach we have Sea grapes as a tall hedge with railroad tie fence behind them suddenly producing smelly lumpy mass appearing in the sandy soil and at base of sea grapes and 1 railroad tie. Any idea what this is and how to remove it? Thank you

Sarasota County Florida Posted about 1 month ago

Pest in arangula

Insect damages the leaf

Nassau County Florida vegetable pests arugula Posted 2 months ago

Moldy seashell landscape

Why is my entire back yard of seashells turning black n moldy?

Hillsborough County Florida Posted 3 months ago

Care for really old wisteria

We have a 'free form' wisteria in one corner of our yard. It is probably as old as the house, 105 years old. It has grown into the trees. As I have been pruning it, the plant seems to be dieing back. Under the current cane is a large amount of old growth. Should that be removed? Even some of what looks like the big main root cane is breaking off. Trying to keep this beauty alive and thriving. Thank you.

Suwannee County Florida wisteria Posted 3 months ago

Will mushrooms absorb fluoride from the soil?

I'd like to start growing shiitakes and other edible mushrooms. I read online that used coffee grounds are a good medium to grow on. My concern is the added fluoride in city water used to brew the coffee. I have read that mushrooms can absorb heavy metals, fluoride isn't a metal but i still don't want to consume it.

Hillsborough County Florida Posted 3 months ago

Electric pressure canner

Hello! Just wondering if the Extension has any input or evaluations for this Presto electric pressure canner. I’d love to get one, but want to be sure it’s approved by appropriate sources since it seems too good to be true. Here’s a link to it. Thank you! Holly Jablonski

Volusia County Florida Posted 4 months ago

New Basil plant ?

Only a couple weeks old ? Heat of summer in south florida. (August) Past plants have faired well in same location/pot. Any suggestions ...

Indian River County Florida vegetable gardening Posted 4 months ago

Random Spider

We live in central Florida, and we saw this spider and can’t figure out what kind it is

Hillsborough County Florida spiders orbweaver possible neoscona sp Posted 4 months ago

What it's doing this?

I found a few of my leaves looking like this. Patterned holes. I looked closer I don't see any caterpillars or mites and I've never seen this pattern before. Any ideas?

Brevard County Florida Posted 4 months ago