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Black swirls?

These clumps made from thin black lines swirled into circles or clumps on my plants. It's spreading everywhere. Looks like poop lines? Been spraying with neem oil for weeks already...there are less but they still appear everyday.

Miami-Dade County FL Posted about 7 hours ago

CATALPA Leaves curling

Leaves curlingI have inspected my leaves find holes but the new new new baby leaves curl up in a little balls and I can’t get inside to see what’s going on but when I finally do I don’t see anything in there causing all the baby leaves to curl it has slow the growth of my tree which I really really really really really love

Hillsborough County FL Posted 5 days ago

Onion allergy

Is onion necessary in zucchini relish? Can another vegetable be substituted such as cucumber, carrot or sweet bell pepper?

Hernando County FL Posted 5 days ago


I have oakleaf and 2 small size hydrangeas. Can I trim Oakleaf in August. My other hydrangeas have never flowered. They are all extremely healthy but no matter what I do, never flower. I am cutting them way back this year and see what happens. I feed them each spring too.

Miami-Dade County FL hydrangeas Posted 9 days ago

tomatoes in florida

the large corporate tomato farms in south Florida have two growing seasons for tomatoes ...........and they take a two month break in the summer because of the heat. my question: while planting in the spring season yields a crop before the summer heat i able to maintain (keep) the same 'mature' indeterminate plants for another crop in the fall when the temperatures are right. (understanding, of course, that there'll be no setting of fruit in the extreme temperatures of the summer.)

Sumter County FL Posted 16 days ago

Egg sac (I think?) in plant

Came home from vacation to find this in plant on porch.

Alachua County Florida Posted 26 days ago

pineapple plants

I moved into a place which have a few pineapple plants with pineapples on them. One or two are leaning over almost touching the ground. Is this normal?

Pasco County Florida Posted 27 days ago

Why did my jars lose liquid

I tried canning for the first time yesterday. I had collards from my garden. I flavored them with smoked turkey so I had them process for ninety minutes. After waiting for the pot to release pressure, I took them out to find the jars had leaked out almost half of their liquid into the pot. I put the jars on the cooling board and all of them sealed, but are they safe to eat? What could have caused this (I know the jars had the proper head space and I tightened the lids adequately...I think)???? I don't want to throw them out, but I don't know if them losing that much liquid has compromised their safety.

Polk County Florida home food preservation canning pressure canning home canning troubleshooting liquid loss during canning canning greens Posted 29 days ago

A Fl. Invasive weed

I have been fighting (with Roundup) a grassy weed that is called "nibblewill" or"torpedo grass". Any other treatments available? The "torpedo" has now begun an assault on my beds. Thankyou for any insight you may have.

Hillsborough County Florida Posted about 1 month ago

What kind of spider is this

Found the spider in my bedroom was wondering if you knew what kind of spider it was

Broward County Florida Posted about 1 month ago