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Need to know what is this scat from. I raise chickens and this scat has been found in there pen. Whatever this is it has killed 9 birds in one night. And I found this scat in the pen. Please help. The first picture was found this morning in yard. Second in chickens pen.

Bay County FL Posted 3 days ago

pork tenderloin

I marinated the pork tenderloin git in olive oil and spices . I want to freeze it once cooked. What internal temperature should I cook it? After defrosting, what is the best way and how long do I cook it?

Orange County FL food safety cooking temperatures internal cooking temperature thermometer food cooking pork Posted 5 days ago

Red cocoon

A friend found a reddish cocoon on a Christmas tree

Manatee County FL Posted 7 days ago

Fusarium wilt

I have several queen palms affected by fusarium wilt. I am considering replacing them with king palms. Are king palms also susceptible to this wilt?

Manatee County FL palm trees Posted 14 days ago


Found this cocoon knocked down after watering plants in South Florida. Would like to identify if possible. I attached to cotton and brick on house to try and save. It’s about 1 1/2 to 2 inches in length

Broward County FL Posted 21 days ago

Avocado with black spots

      • Started from seed indoors.After 2yrs planted outdoors. Growing well with new growth til recently. leaves covered with black spots.What do I use?

      Polk County Florida avocado tree avocados Posted 26 days ago

      My two blueberry plants died all of a sudden

      I had two fairly young blueberry plants (approaching 1 year old) and while my soil is not good here in Miami, FL (.7-.8); they've been flourishing and growing just fine until one week ago when the leaves dried up and the plants just died! It LOOKED like I hadn't watered it the entire year but I had watered it every day (only skipping a day once in a while) - but keep in mind it's VERY hot here in S. Florida. And I wasn't flooding them or anything. They had good drainage and seemed to be fine, until next thing I know the leaves dried up and the plants died. Any ideas what might have gone wrong?

      Miami-Dade County Florida Posted about 1 month ago

      Think spider bite

      Woke up with lump and redness on the side of my boob. I thought mabe it was a boil from sweating so bad the day before. Day before I had cleaned my front yard cut the grass cleaned out all the trees that line the one side of my house. Cleaned up piles of wood and got all the Halloween decorations out of the garage. When I showed it to a friend she said it looked like a spider bite. Looking back they day I cleaned the yard. After shower I tried laying on the couch my whole body hurt. I said to my husband I didn't think I was that out of shape I never hurt so bad before. I could get comfortable. I even tried laying on the floor. Next day I still hurt. Know today day 3 I am just so tired. I can't seem to find a bite that looks like mine. Any help or insight is appreciated. Will it go away on it own or do I have to see doctor

      Santa Rosa County Florida Posted about 1 month ago

      Spider inside my home

      Hello/ my name is Adriana and I am a little freaked out!, I saw 2 spiders the same day inside my home, both at walls of different rooms, one was smaller and the other one was like 2.5 ‘ or 3...different looking ones and i got scare because I have a Fobia for spiders.i know we have the ones that have long skinny legs and they do not harm at all but this ones were different...I live in the north part of Miami and wondering if you can help me knowing if this spider will do harm to humans?....or if I found 2 there is eggs or a mother one?, I took a pic and zoom but I don’t know if with this pic been not to clear can tell you anything...what do you think

      Miami-Dade County Florida Posted about 1 month ago


      I live in dade county Florida I can't control the weeds in my st Augustine palmetto turfgrass , can you give me some advice please

      Miami-Dade County Florida lawns and turf Posted about 1 month ago