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Green, yellow and red peppers

Are green, yellow and red peppers the same variety at different stages of ripeness or different varieties?

Polk County FL Posted 5 days ago

Animal scat near house.

Please identify this scat that is near my house also it is close to water.

Lee County FL wildlife scat id scat identification Posted 9 days ago


I store white rice in an air tight container. I transfered some today & saw brown dust in the bottom of the container. No, it is not bugs, alive or dead. Just dust. what is it & can I eat the rice? Thank you for your time

Palm Beach County FL Posted 13 days ago

what wrong with my mango tree

my mango tree produced mango two years ago, since then it blossom and then loses it ,the leaves turn brown and then it dying ? it still start out with green leaves, looks like it start the blossoming , then the leaves turn rusty and fall off.WHAT HAS GONE WRONG?

St. Lucie County FL Posted 17 days ago

Large Norfolk Pine trunk splitting

Need help! My beautiful Norfolk pine has developed splits in the lower trunk and is oozing white sap from multiple sites. I suspect a neighbor might be slowly poisoning it. We are beachside in central Florida.What can I do??

Volusia County FL Posted about 1 month ago

Inside to outside

I have the same problem, my 10 year old money tree inside is top heavy and wants to fall over. If I plant it outside, will it just die from shock? It was a gift and I don't want to lose it.
Thank you.

Bay County Florida Posted about 1 month ago

Blooming in January

Central Florida winters can confuse fruit trees. Both my mango and avocado trees are blooming as it has been rainy, warm & sunny. It can and most likely will get colder. It can freeze or frost in the next couple of months. Do I leave the buds or cut them off? Will they bloom again in the spring?

Orange County Florida fruit trees Posted about 1 month ago

pork tenderloin

I marinated the pork tenderloin git in olive oil and spices . I want to freeze it once cooked. What internal temperature should I cook it? After defrosting, what is the best way and how long do I cook it?

Orange County Florida food safety cooking temperatures internal cooking temperature thermometer food cooking pork Posted 3 months ago

Red cocoon

A friend found a reddish cocoon on a Christmas tree

Manatee County Florida Posted 3 months ago

Fusarium wilt

I have several queen palms affected by fusarium wilt. I am considering replacing them with king palms. Are king palms also susceptible to this wilt?

Manatee County Florida palm trees Posted 3 months ago