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Hi wuestion

Same rule for state of Florida?? We are also going to start having dinners at our church I was just wondering it’s a rule applies to Florida State three dinners per year thank you

Hillsborough County Florida Posted 11 days ago

Bugs everywhere

Can you tell me what these are

Okaloosa County Florida Posted 12 days ago

Spots dying in my lawn .

I have numourose of spots where my lawn is dying .it looks like a cottony like saw dust in the spots were my lawn is dead . What is this and how do I treat it .

St. Johns County Florida Posted 24 days ago

Why are my pears rotting on the tree

Why are my pears rotting on the tree

Gulf County Florida Posted about 1 month ago

Found solid white bugs on top of another bug.Not sure if they was hatching or if the white bugs was

We inherited my grandmother's old house.My sister and I both moved in.The house set up for a long period of time and had gotten infested with different bugs.The house is a work 8 progress altogether.It had leaking ceilingd, rotten floors, ect....On the front porch we have some windows that was broken we wrapped them with plastic for now.I went out to smoke and seen several solid white bugs on top of a brown roach bugg.Ive never seen a white bug befor can anyone help me identify and should I be concerned with them being harmful

Walton County Florida Posted about 1 month ago

Is this a wolf spider

Is this a wolf spider, I can't tell, I've seen a few of them around the house in window corners, but I just want to be sure, I know the pictures aren't clear, but that's the best I can get, also I think a saw a brown recluse in a window corner as well, as long as I don't bother it, it won't bother me, right? And do they leave there webs at all?

Hillsborough County Florida Posted about 1 month ago


What type of spider is this ?

Florida Posted about 1 month ago


Any idea what kind of spider this is? And is it poisonous/lethal?

Lake County Florida spiders spider identification spider Posted 4 months ago

My river birch is not producing leaves

I love my tree and the first 3 year it was full of big and fluffy looking and the last 2 years it has not been producing any leaves st all and if it does they are miniature little leaves with little red lines on the outside of them.
The only thing we can think of is it has root rot?
The soil is always wet back there in that area of the yard
We moved the irrigation system 4 feet passed the tree just for that reason..
Maybe you could help.
Here are some pictures and this is the size of the leaves now. They do not get any bigger like they use to. Any advice because I do not nit want to lose her!!!

Okaloosa County Florida Posted 5 months ago

Meteorite or meteor'wrong?

I have found these rocks! Not sure what they are!?!

Citrus County Florida Posted 5 months ago