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So most of the year I can sit out front and watch crows fly westbound down my street always carrying a stone in their beaks. What are they building and would I ever be able to find it? I’m so curious about them

Pinellas County Florida wildlife Posted 2 months ago

gardening in central florida

I moved to lake county 8 1/2 years ago. I was a gardener in Indiana until then. I am 77 years old. to my question: I need a schedule on when to plant a vegetable garden, which ones to plant when. I would appreciate any information you can provide.

Lake County Florida vegetable gardening Posted 2 months ago

What type

What type of spider is this ? Found it under clothes

Orange County Florida spiders identification spider Posted 2 months ago

Centipede grass

How can I overseed a ryegrass grass with centipede grass in spring? I am from Florida and I believe the ryegrass I planted this winter is cold season. I planted this grass and didn't know about the difference and types of grasses. Thanks

Polk County Florida Posted 2 months ago

What is this bug?

I’ve had these tiny bugs pop up on my walls and in bedding. They have wings and bite. Cannot t find anything that fits this description but pictures make it look like a flour beetle. These are in my bedroom, nowhere near kitchen or food.

Volusia County Florida Posted 3 months ago

Pupa found, can anyone ID it

We believe it to be a moth pupa. Palm beach county in the garden. About 4 inches long . Does anyone know what kind. Thank you

Palm Beach County Florida Posted 3 months ago

Kumquat fruit damage

Help please,
I live in Florida panhandle and have a nagami kumquat tree
FULL of fruit but I believe damage was done from sea salt from hurricane Sally...
my outer rind is brown in places and now the fruit is white mush??

Okaloosa County Florida Posted 3 months ago

What is this?

I bought new potting mix after ETA white spore or fungi is growing. Is it harmful to my vegetables and herbs?

Palm Beach County Florida Posted 4 months ago


On floridas southwest coast beach we have Sea grapes as a tall hedge with railroad tie fence behind them suddenly producing smelly lumpy mass appearing in the sandy soil and at base of sea grapes and 1 railroad tie. Any idea what this is and how to remove it? Thank you

Sarasota County Florida Posted 4 months ago

Pest in arangula

Insect damages the leaf

Nassau County Florida vegetable pests arugula Posted 5 months ago