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Can you identify this plant...

This is growing in my backyard and I've no clue how or why in that spot which isn't a bad for the most part just such an odd spot to be. It has a big one then the next size down and then the tiny one...

Lake County Florida Posted about 13 hours ago


New zucchini not growing after ten weeks plants are only 10 inches high with little or no blooms. All male blooms. We see bees, we irrigate regularly. They are in raised beds, full sun. Should I pull them up and start again?

Leon County Florida Posted 4 days ago

What is this?

It flies and swarms and loves light. Doesn’t seem to bite. What is it

Marion County Florida Posted 14 days ago

Diazinon sprayed on tomato plants?

Is it safe for plants w afids etc,tomato plants w blooms and small tomato's on plant

Bay County Florida Posted 15 days ago

Plant Combo container garden

I planted 2 bush bean plants in the middle, 5 zinnias, and 2 hollyhocks in a 10inch tall x 9inch wide pot. Will this combo be okay? Or will it be too much with the bush bean plant? I found little white mold in soil of seedling containers of zinnias and hollyhocks and had to stick them with the bean pot because I ran out of soil to repot them. I have soil now and want to transplant the beans away from the flowers but I’m afraid of disrupting the roots digging them out of the middle of the pot.

Palm Beach County Florida Posted 16 days ago


i had one of these crawling on me so i took a shower as i laid on my bed i felt another one what is this ?!?! i also saw another one with clear wings

Hillsborough County Florida Posted 16 days ago

Is this bedbug

Is this a bedbug

Bay County Florida Posted 27 days ago

Grasshopper lubbers eating my garden

How do I get rid of them.

Seminole County Florida Posted 29 days ago

How to kill Lubber Grasshopper infestation


I have not recieved a response fro sunday May 10 th.
A preserve backs up to my backyard in Florida. For the past several years I have had a Lubber Grasshopper infestation. The past 2 years I have diligently and almost daily have sprayed contact insecticide using a hand held air pump sprayer.This has become a tedious and exhaustive task. The internet has varied information on how to effectively eradicate this infestation.

I have read several articles with positive responses using NOLO bait. I am aware Nolo is more effective during the nymph stages, however what I am now seeing are adults. As of today I do not have an infestation, yet. I am spraying 5 or so a day . I was informed NOLO is slow to colonize and should be used along with contact sprays for the first 2 years while the NOLO is colonizing. Also ,to avoid Nolo being washed away during rain, it was suggested to put NOLO bait in 6 inch sections of PVC plastic tubes. Is this correct ? Does dish detergent mixed in water in a pump sprayer effective or should I use a contact insecticide? Would you offer your thoughts please?

St. Lucie County Florida Posted 29 days ago

Avocado Tree in distress

Good Afternoon, I have an avocado tree that stands about 20 feet tall. It has not produced yet and was hand grown from a seed. Lately the leaves have started to develop brown spots on all leaves and I have noticed an unusual white formation on the leaves. I have attached several photos. Any idea to what is going on? I appreciate any help. Thank you. Sincerely, Vanessa

Charlotte County Florida avocado trees Posted about 1 month ago