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A lot of webs in my yard

Can you tell me what kind of spider this is and the best way to get rid of it from my backyard

Palm Beach County Florida Posted about 1 month ago

Rising sun redbud leaves destroyed by cutter bees

Hi. My newly planted redbud last year looked great and was thriving. It began to be eaten by cutter bees. After reading on line to just let it be the bees gradually ate all of the leaves. So I got insecticide and took care of getting rid of them. This worked. However now there are just a few leaves that are on the tree. Should I just wait for spring and hope that it will come back or is there something I can do?

Sarasota County Florida bees Posted about 1 month ago

Mystery Plant

What is the name of the pictured plant please?

Marion County Florida plant identification Posted 3 months ago

Killed this look a like

I killed this guy because we were being cautious. I just want to make sure it's not a brown recluse. I know it's a little smashed but can anyone tell what this is, we have a lot of them around

Palm Beach County Florida Posted 3 months ago

Sky pencil in Lakewood Ranch, FL

9 months ago, 3 sky pencils were planted by a landscape company. One recently looked so bad that I replaced it. now two are looking bad, including the newer one...browning leaves and dead leaves surrounding the base. Is the heat here too much for them? Am I watering too much?

Manatee County Florida Posted 4 months ago

Can exposure to commercial grade “Roundup” trigger lymphoma in cats and dogs?

Can exposure to commercial grade “Roundup” trigger lymphoma in cats and dogs?

Florida herbicides Posted 4 months ago

blue grey mold on rosebush

how do i trest it or what do I use to treat it with

Florida mold roses Posted 4 months ago

Duval County Florida Posted 4 months ago

Rescue the baby duck on my Ranch a couple of years ago I am his flock now and I would like to know w

I rescued a duck that was a little baby that came on the property my Ranch a couple of years back there were about 12 ducklings with their mother every couple of days the ducklings got fewer and fewer until one day there was just one little duckling that couldn't get out of the water his feathers were too wet I guess well now he's big I'm his flock from what I understand I thought I would be able to raise him and let him go at this beautiful pond in front of Baptist hospital here in Miami Florida where there are lots of other ducks he's very attached to me and I love him very much as well I am an animal person but it is very very difficult for me and he cannot be happy what I have to leave the house he's never in a cage unless I leave the house which fortunately I'm here most of the time but it's getting very hard and I want to know if there's anything I can do to get him used to the other ducks that he could have a better life even though I would probably miss him very much from what I've Been Told that it's too late I'm his flock now and he'll never adapt to other ducks and I'm praying somebody can tell me different please let me know at your earliest convenience my number is 305 776 6460 very best regards John T

Miami-Dade County Florida human-wildlife issues waterfowl imprinting Posted 4 months ago

I'm infested by wood mites?

What Ist the most affordable & g

Garaunnteed way to rid my self he of woodmites that originally tunneled in my finger (4ofthem). Static draws in dirt & debris in my skin. I cam realease them with psticides / premarithin but want them eradicated! My family says I'm hallucinating and want to take my children ??

Florida Posted 4 months ago