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Spider in my window

Can someone help me identify this spider? I think it's a brown widow spider but I'm not sure please help me. It's upside down in the picture. It's brown.

Nueces County Texas Posted about 2 years ago

Nodules on Live Oak trees.

I have Nodules on two of my young live oak trees. It seems to be killing my tree. The leaves are drying up on the ends and working in to the petiole. It may not even the Nodules causing the leaf death. What is this and how can I treat it?

Nueces County Texas Posted over 2 years ago

Mesquite tree split

I have a big mesquite tree splitting down middle Can it be saved

Nueces County Texas Posted over 3 years ago

Black ant infestation in organic raised bed

Hi! I've been ready to plant my spring vegetable seeds for a couple of weeks, but upon investigation of my cleared organic raised bed, I found an infestation of black ants. In trying to dig anyways, I get eaten up! I've tried various remedies found online (Borax mixed with jam, then dry cornmeal, then boiling water poured numerous times over the bed) with no lasting luck. Any suggestions to effectively eradicate the ants, while avoiding the introduction of poisonous chemicals into the soil?

Nueces County Texas Posted over 3 years ago

The Thing

I live in Corpus Christi. "The Thing" shown in the attached photos appeared on my gardenia bush in June 2014. I showed the pictures to a guy at Turner's Nursery and he said it was some kind of plant cancer and to get rid of it. I didn't. The leaves on The Thing all eventually turned brown and then it disappeared a couple of weeks ago. A day or so later it appeared on my neighbor's porch and stayed there for about a day and disappeared again. My neighbor saw it move and said it stuck its head out and pulled its body up to its head. Sounded to me like some kind of slug or snail. It kind of shivered when you touched it. Do you know what it is?

Nueces County Texas horticulture Posted almost 4 years ago

pets and plants

Our new puppy wants to chew on ivy and calladiums and Christmas cactus. Are these plants poison or toxic for dogs?

Nueces County Texas companion animals plant toxicity horticulture Posted about 4 years ago

Novice landscaper

I live on North Padre Island as a transplant from Minnesota. I've taken leaves to local green houses to ask what is going on with my Asian Jasmine, Lemon Trees, and anything else I have problems with. Once I follow their suggestions for months, I see no progress is resolving the issues. Is there a Master Gardener willing to visit my yard and give me advice. I really need to understand South Texas Landscaping since my skills come from Minnesota! Thanks for your consideration.

Nueces County Texas master gardener program horticulture Posted about 4 years ago


While preparing my 2x4 foot planter boxes for spring, I found and identified 3 wireworms buried in the soil mix. The boxes are 10 inches deep, but the soil depth is only about 7 inches at this time. Because of health issues, I did not use the boxes at all last year. Should I dump the soil and start over, or is there a way to save the mix? It is made from several kinds of bagged compost with perlite, peat moss, and a commercial potting mix. The first year I had flea beetles (a first for me). Now this is the fourth year, and another first, these wireworms. Is there a poison I can use before I plant?

Nueces County Texas texas compost wireworm soil and fertility issues Posted over 4 years ago

Chile pequin plant

I have a Chile pequin plant in my back yard that is higher than my 6' fence. Some of the branches are sagging and need to be prune. What is the best way to prune the sagging branches so that new branch come out and not be as high and not lose my plant?

Nueces County Texas horticulture Posted over 4 years ago

Pruning Bougainvillea

When is it safe to prune a bougainvillea bush?

Nueces County Texas horticulture Posted almost 5 years ago