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Preventing & treatment of chinch bug infestation

I would like a resource which gives information about conditions that result in chinch bug infestation Treatment of chinch bug infestation

Nueces County Texas Posted about 4 years ago

Sheep Shearing and Basic Animal Care Services

I am new to the whole adventure of raising sheep--I currently have 2 lambs (1 female Barbados Black belly; and 1 Welsh Mountain male) and am looking for someone who could teach me the "ropes" of basic shearing, hoof trimming, and overall sheep care. I live in the Bluntzer area, and have not been able to find anyone local that advertises such services.

Are there any travelling vets or experts who can make a house call?

Nueces County Texas Posted about 4 years ago

What is this?

Found this sitting on my driveway, still alive, in south Texas. Any idea what it is?

Nueces County Texas Posted about 4 years ago


I'm taking my Tx General Standards Examination test . And I need copy's of TDA Agricultural and SPCS Laws and Regulations books... Please can you help me get the right information/ my name is Jesus

Nueces County Texas Posted over 4 years ago

backyard poultry

how do i find out what geese, ducks or chickens are allowed in my area?

Nueces County Texas poultry community planning and zoning Posted about 5 years ago

Using harvested triticale seeds

We are through grazing and it looks like we will have a great seed crop. We were wondering if we could harvest and store the seed for next year? Will it breed true since it is self pollinating or will we have some plants that look like rye or wheat as a result of genetic segregation?

Nueces County Texas pastures and grazing pastures and forages Posted over 5 years ago

problem with ants

Hi I will like to know about how can I get rid of this kind of ants...I have try many things but they always came back or just appear on the other side of garden. They are eating my plants I haven't been able to have a decent garden because of them. They are also eating my potted plants..please help!!

Nueces County Texas integrated pest management Posted over 5 years ago

What crop is this

Just west of the Corpus Christi, TX airport is a crop in full bloom. It is a beautiful yellow. What crop is this?

Nueces County Texas field crops Posted over 5 years ago

Does sawdust harm St. Augustine grass?

I have cut down an ash tree. Will the sawdust produced by the cutting harm my St. Augustine grass?

Nueces County Texas lawns and turf dja horticulture Posted about 6 years ago

What is the web on my oak tree?

What is the web covering my oak tree? (See photos.)

Nueces County Texas integrated pest management trees and shrubs insect issues dja horticulture Posted about 6 years ago