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super tiny white swarming insects

Been living in same home since 1973. In the last month have noticed these very small white insects swarming around my back wooden gate. They are not termites. Can you please advise? Residents is located in orlando, fl. They look like super tiny white flies. Never had this before. Recently placed 45 bags of top soil from Lowe's, bagged in Georgia. Possible source?

Orange County FL insect identification Posted almost 4 years ago

Orlando Tangelo Tree

I have an Orlando Tangelo tree that is around 5' tall that has pale green leaves and wilted length wise with black spots on them. Can you help me understand what this tree needs to survive a healthier life?

I attached some pictures.

Randall Thompson


Polk County FL fruit trees Posted almost 4 years ago

can reveille be used in fl.

i live in palm coast fl which is half way between daytona and st augustine. is reveille ok for my area and is it weed resistend? name of a dealer in this area? thank you tony.

Flagler County FL Posted almost 4 years ago

Weird Weed

Does anyone know what this weed is? It is taking over the yard and the center is black and stains whatever it touches. When you walk around them in jeans, it looks like ink on your pant legs. Very course stem. Thanks

Baker County FL weed issues horticulture Posted almost 4 years ago

What plant is this?

This plant has been growing in my yard. Not sure what it is. Also only this year it produced little white flowers that smelled so good.

Lee County FL Posted almost 4 years ago

Is this an Elm

This is growing right next to another tree. If its an elm I'll move it somewhere where it can grow better. If it's some kind of weed I'll remove it and dispose of it. If you could identify the tree behind it I'd appreciate it.

Volusia County Florida Posted almost 4 years ago

What is this plant / tree

What is it? Just started flowering. Thanks.

Pinellas County Florida Posted about 4 years ago

What plant is this

Its a vine that is taking over my hedges

Broward County Florida weed identification vines Posted about 4 years ago

hummingbirds, why same location in tree?

For many days I have been seeing RTs descend to the flowers
out of the maple, then return into it
(always at same height in maple)
Sometimes I see one RT, sometimes more.

Perhaps second brood of eggs now (July 3, Central FL) ?

Do juveniles follow mother around for a time,
including when there are new eggs to tend?

Seminole County Florida hummingbirds Posted about 4 years ago

Which tree is it?

It remember me to a Cumquat, but it has some differences.
It is in Spain.

Outside United States fruit trees plant identification Posted over 4 years ago