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How much dead leaves can you put around a tree?

How much dead leaves can you put around a tree?

Harrison County MS mulch Posted 2 months ago

Construction have harmed magnolia

I live on the Mississippi gulf coast. My house has been constructed in the last 8-10 months. There is an old magnolia whose leaves are much lighter than another in the yard and are browning/dropping rapidly. It is within a few feet of the new house and inches from the New driveway. Can I save this tree?

Harrison County MS Posted 5 months ago

What is this

I have this bug mostly come out when it rains I’m in a brick house seal good but I see them in the master bathroom an kitchen counter

Hinds County MS Posted 8 months ago

What type and is it poisonness

??? What type of spider is this? What are the effects of being bitten

MS Posted almost 2 years ago

Need a name

What is the name of this bush?

DeSoto County MS Posted over 2 years ago

What is it

I saw a spider and it had a yellow domed shape back about the size of a penny. On the top of the back it had a blue hexagon or octagon shaped pattern. The legs were yellow too but they were very small and thin. I have never seen anything else like it. Especially not a spider like that is Mississippi.

Please,I need to know the name!!!!!!!

Newton County Mississippi Posted about 3 years ago

What kind of spider is this?

I have had two or three people say this is a wolf spider and some say brown recluse, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mississippi Posted over 3 years ago

Oak Tree Hard Balls

I have attached a pic of the balls i am refering to. No wasp can put its butt in these balls. They only fall in autumn. What are they and what type of oak do i have? Definetly a MALE tree. ;-))
The size is 1/4 of a penny

Adams County Mississippi Posted over 5 years ago

Beetle Baffle

Have you considered installing the Beetle Baffle on hives to keep the small hive beetle out of the hive?

Oktibbeha County Mississippi entomology commercial beekeeping Posted over 5 years ago